Big Retailer Lists Nintendo Switch Pro! + Xbox Series X Preorders Are A NIGHTMARE!

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both went up for preorder today through various websites, and as you can guess things didn't go that great. And a major retailer is now putting up listings for a Nintendo Switch Pro, thus fanning the flames of a new Switch in 2021!


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RGT 85
RGT 85:
Did you manage to get an Xbox Series X or S? And yep, we are talking about the Switch Pro again! And yes, I apologize for the title on Friday. I'll do better! Enjoy the vid and your day!
Zack Cave
Zack Cave:
This Nintendo switch pro stuff is getting interesting
They rumor a Switch Pro in March every YEAR! And I believe it EVERY time. LETS. GO. 💯🔥
a small extended comment to the "Media Markt" section: actually Media Markt (and yes Markt means market in German) in one of the greates companies in Europe, when it comes to electronics, with its head office in Germany. The Media Markt in Poland is just one of the branches wich are distrubuted all along Europe. :)
Plinio Buzato
Plinio Buzato:
Awe RGT Recognizing his mistakes ❤️ and yes Media Market is big in several European countries, not only Poland
Alien Postcard
Alien Postcard:
I used to shop at media Markt when I was living in Germany. It's Europe's answer to Best Buy. They're super legit.
Everyone knew it was gonna be a nightmare.
All these pre orders issues make me glad im deciding to wait till late next year to get one lol all this hassle isnt worth it
It was a mistake. They listed it as Pro because it's the Switch with a better battery. End of story.
Got my series x through walmart as well. Checked out within 20 seconds.
Mr. Tarrasque
Mr. Tarrasque:
How can there be construction outside when you are litarly sitting in space
Jens Höglin
Jens Höglin:
Media Markt is actually a big german retail chain that is all over Europe
Chris Pagan
Chris Pagan:
It feels like that south park episode. I'm only letting five people pre-order next gen, and not you stan or kyle
Afro Thunderstorm
Afro Thunderstorm:
Im struggling hard with the PS5, think I'm going to wait for the hype to go down. And thank you for the update on the Switch Pro. You're the best. 👍
This channel is true fun never ends here
Brendan Campagna
Brendan Campagna:
Got an X in my cart at Target but every time I entered the pin for my Red Card, I got booted out. Ended up without for now. Hopefully won't be too long after launch to snag one.
If in-person shopping worked like online shopping: Walk in store, take things from other people's shopping carts, push others who are in line to pay, make your purchase.
Maggie R
Maggie R:
Hi RGT, a Polish fan-girl here :) Media Markt is not only in Poland - it's a big European player these days think it actually originated in Germany or somewhere German speaking - Markt is Market in German. And you are right, it is a reputable company.
Jordan Sheppard
Jordan Sheppard:
Love the ownership, apology. You are the man! Daily watcher here, that will continue!
Link TheSilentKnight
Link TheSilentKnight:
Xbox:*sold out*
Sony:wait what?
(That's what we call a bruh moment)
I'm lucky I came out alive trying to preorder my Series X
Oh but RGT I thought you said it was confirmed by Nintendo
It's Adventure Time
It's Adventure Time:
Looks more like they differentiate the regular switch from the switch lite by calling it pro.
Mike Prince
Mike Prince:
I snagged a X by going to GameStop this morning around 9, was 6th in line and they only had 6 to pre order 🍀
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier:
4:49 For Nintendo Fans. Welcome Guys
After waiting 3 hours on Best Buy’s website, I finally got it
Marshall Blakeman
Marshall Blakeman:
Damn it. Nintendo knows exactly how many people bought it switch, now there's a switch pro.
I just don't want to have to buy a new Switch already. I've only had mine for two years.
I just hope with the New Switch I’m able to reuse my same joy cons and docks 😔
KpopN AZN:
I was in the process of applying for All-Access via Walmart and it spit me back out saying all out-of-stock.
George Marsden
George Marsden:
I've got my series X pre-ordered and ready for me to sign up to all access and I've got my ps5 fully paid for.
Got mine through Walmart 💯💯
4:45 count on me with coverage from the Xbox series X and the Xbox series X 😂
Nintendad Nintenpup
Nintendad Nintenpup:
Man I really enjoy how humble you are! You vlogs always entertain me man! Good job! Keep up the work!
Advait jayanth no: 6
Advait jayanth no: 6:
Let's be honest when we watch these gaming news videos we just want to here everything about Nintendo and nothing else
Alan Baker
Alan Baker:
Xbox fans: I cannot believe microsoft dropping the ball with the pre order consoles

Playstation fans: first time?
Got my Series X preorder on Amazon. I camped their sight, constantly refreshing, and then it happened and I instantly clicked it.
Shubhansh Jain
Shubhansh Jain:
Oh, please someone confirm if pro is coming out next year cos I plan to buy switch in a week 😩
The whole Bethesda thing doesn’t mess as much considering their last few games have been lackluster.
You owned up to your mistake which is more than most YouTubers do. Definitely earned more respect from me for it. Now let’s grow this channel even more....
✔️ One of the best tech channels right now!
Ricardo Tojeira
Ricardo Tojeira:
Media Markt is present in several EU countries, inclusive in my beautiful Portugal. By the way it got the best games promos.
Alt 075
Alt 075:
I got mine from microsoft website. I kept getting the error message. i kept refreshing and it popped up. I was sweating the entire process of ordering. But I got it. :)
Kevin Briones
Kevin Briones:
It took me over 3 hours but I've finally got the Series S.
Timothy Le
Timothy Le:
Super cool. I'm excited for a switch pro.
William Moore
William Moore:
I will get both once I can walk in a store and pick them up. And deathloop/ Ghostwire Tokyo are timed exclusives.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith:
Thank you for standing up like a man and knowing when your wrong. Respect rgt
Meatsweat 78
Meatsweat 78:
Best Buy preorders just went live and was able to score a Series S!!!
john harrington
john harrington:
This guy is humble as F! You have my respect and like good sir!
I definitely need an upgraded Switch from my launch day console...
I was 4th in line at my gamestop and I got their 2 and a 1/2 hours early got my console though thank god
Muhammad Noor
Muhammad Noor:
Your my favourite youtuber, your so damn underrated
Polish Prince
Polish Prince:
I Pre-Ordered the XBOX SERIES S at Wal-Mart Canada 🇨🇦
We will always love you RGT85! Keep up the great content!
Carlos Borja
Carlos Borja:
Loved the apology Shawn, great video!
Strick Nine
Strick Nine:
I managed to pre-ordered a Series S from the Microsoft store.
RGT really needs to make new cutouts of himself for the thumbnails.
Scatty Stormborn
Scatty Stormborn:
4:43 what about the Series S? Can we get updates on that, too?
Putting that accent to work 4:15 I got this on loop, this surprised me while listening to this video
Robby Monroe
Robby Monroe:
You have re-earned my sub. Thank you for addressing that Switch Pro issue.
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks:
Thank you man, you dont have to try to oversell info to get attention and respect, you already had it. Keep being the best You you can be.
atl 55
atl 55:
Only great men do apologize, and you are definitely one of them:) thank you for your videos, man!
Ethan Treadway
Ethan Treadway:
If the Switch Pro has improved features from the other Switch’s I’ll get it.
Ariel Moll
Ariel Moll:
RGT85 sure loves to use Balan Wonderland footage. And I allow it :D
Retro Tech Select
Retro Tech Select:
The writing was great on this video. Keep up the good work!
Waiting a year or two might be the best call.
I scored one through one of the GameStops in my area. The store I bought mine from got 8 X consoles and 2 S.
David C
David C:
I'll buy Switch Pro for sure!
I hope I can get it first before scalpers do...
Xavier Reyes
Xavier Reyes:
I was able to preorder my series X from microsoft, and the shock blue controller from Best buy.
Karl Henfrey
Karl Henfrey:
I managed to get my series X from amazon. But it took an hour off refreshing the page
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan:
I got the series X through Amazon a while ago from a direct link from Twitter
Zane Stoor
Zane Stoor:
I actually really appreciated the apology, and am looking forward to a Switch Pro whenever it comes out. I'll definitely be buying it
This morning I just said screw it, I’ll just sleep outside a GameStop for my Xbox and ps5
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson:
Thanks for the video!
Hypocrite Troll Bot
Hypocrite Troll Bot:
Thanks for the apology, really cool of you to own up to it. The title was really clickbaity so good of you to change it too. No harm done in the end as it was very useful information you gave.
Sherif Elnakhal
Sherif Elnakhal:
thanks for the apology RGT, that means a lot. enough for me to go back to the old video, delete my comments, and change it from a thumbs down to a thumbs up. it also won you another subscriber.
Chuck Burdunk
Chuck Burdunk:
I added the console to my Walmart cart right when it launched. I got to the place order screen within 15 seconds and it was sold out. A little fishy I might say.
I bought a switch pretty quickly after it came out. I loved it. But in all honesty there is alot Nintendo can improve on. Frame rate on some games should be better, the joycons are terrible both functionally and ergonomically.
I'm Bananas
I'm Bananas:
I'm going to laugh really hard if the "switch pro" is a new dock like one of those external gpu docks for pc that allows laptops to have gaming power.
So you would dock your switch/switch lite onto this new pro dock.
Rob H.
Rob H.:
Same as PS5 for me. By the time I got to the end of the checkout process, sold out.
I bought a switch with my own money a few weeks ago after spending almost a year convincing my parents. I hope I don't regret my decision after the switch pro comes out...
Everett Corder
Everett Corder:
I hope the Switch revision is like the New 3DS. That way I can keep my current Switch and still get all the new games.
Can you do some old and new indie switch reviews. Thank you
Shoutout to RGT 85 for the switch title explanation. Real one
I'm going to try to get a PS5 and Xbox this gen. I'll stick with my nintendo switch as well.
Michael Comer
Michael Comer:
Oh yeah I was second in line at my GameStop. I was able to secure a series X! I somehow managed to secure both consoles so I'm good to go 🤙
Dario Rivera
Dario Rivera:
If Microsoft releases a series s with a disc drive, I would buy it.
Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler:
Managed to get my series x from Best Buy. Let’s see if it actually shows up!
This generation has had a very rough start
Darius Hines
Darius Hines:
I managed to pre-order 2! One at gamestop, the other at target. Hopefully I can trade one for a ps5! 👀👀👀
Dwayne St john
Dwayne St john:
Your channel spawnwave and OJ's channel are my favorites
United Global Gaming
United Global Gaming:
Got my Series X pre ordered!!!
Nayyab Mughal
Nayyab Mughal:
well I have managed to pre order series x and series s, going to keep x and sell S.
Neander Meander
Neander Meander:
I’m on the fence about pre-ordering the Xbox and PS5. I want to play the newest games, but I might wait this one out. I still have plenty of games I need to play on the current gen.
Glad I'm not wanting one of these new consoles for awhile.
D. Linton
D. Linton:
I'll eventually get a Series S but I don't really need one yet.
i’m gonna be so mad if they release a switch pro though, istg 😤i’m hoping they don’t release one.
Thanks man i have more respect for you now than before. It takes a big man to admit something like this. I just subscribed
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston:
Can a Switch Pro run Crysis Remastered on more than 60 FPS? Let's talk about that.
Gamer XS
Gamer XS:
You rock RGT. Keep up the good work 😃