Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates, one of the richest couples in the world, are divorcing after 27 years of marriage. Ben Tracy has more on what happens when billionaires divorce.

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100+ comentarios:

I can't help but to think this is a huge distraction for something bigger that's coming🤔
Melinda got tired of her husband just focusing on how to depopulate the planet.
They probably lived separate lives for the last decade!
Kristin Gallo
Kristin Gallo:
Quarantine got everyone on each other's nerves 🤣👍
Nikita Mons
Nikita Mons:
It's easy to walk away from a relationship and start a new. But sticking with it and working through the problems makes a relationship.
Stone Forest
Stone Forest:
I kind felt shocked to hear this...Melinda and Bill always appear together happily on TV or news media when they do charity works...i wish them best of luck!
Brendan Shepherd
Brendan Shepherd:
Funny how he said they’re “partners in crime”.
Earth Angel Heart
Earth Angel Heart:
They were beginning to look EXACTLY like each other.
Sunshine & Rose
Sunshine & Rose:
"We're partners in crime."
Frankie G
Frankie G:
not even billions of dollars could keep them together!! What happened to "no money no honey"??? 😂
Trae griffin
Trae griffin:
MGTOW he’s about to lose half his fortune 😬. Now she’ll be the 2nd richest woman in the world for.....
Resistance Publishing
Resistance Publishing:
“Partners in Crime” is right
Algorithms Manipulator
Algorithms Manipulator:
They decided to do The Great Reset starts from their family. 😂
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey:
Bill decided that Melinda wasn't enough man for him.
Eyes of a Messenger
Eyes of a Messenger:
Melinda: I can no longer live with this clone... 💩
Ritha S
Ritha S:
The Heavens have finally spoken. 💪🏽👌🏾👌🏾
meux meux meux
meux meux meux:
Maybe she learned or figured out there is something sinister in the gates agenda.
Mark Quick
Mark Quick:
"An announcement that seemed to come out of nowhere!" Really!🤔
George Smith
George Smith:
I feel like this is going to be one of those cases that really highlights why men should avoid marriage.
Albert Perez
Albert Perez:
That's a sad story. I wish that they spend their lives together
Bill to Melinda: "Honey, what's your favorite caliber?"
Andrew Shøvlin
Andrew Shøvlin:
By the end of this year we will have a book from Melinda titled: Yes it was MICRO and it was SOFT.
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar:
CryNsmile 7u
CryNsmile 7u:
Melinda Gates: Your money is mine!!! 💸💸

Aditya KP
Aditya KP:
Bill Gates: "We're partners in crime"
Me: *nervous sweating
Yo Goombah
Yo Goombah:
All because Bill will soon be transitioning to "Billie."
Lu Cho
Lu Cho:
*"if both of you....
To charity....


Money buy happiness?
Deify Samurai
Deify Samurai:
This Probably will be right up there with the most expensive divorce in history.
bethzaida sanabria
bethzaida sanabria:
His new wife will have age enough to be his granddaughter.
Money can't buy you love.
Well ol' Bill will finally be free to let his Microsoft go find and enter into some new strange spread open gates 😆
I was waiting for this shoe to drop, for three or more years.
Alejandro Ambrocio
Alejandro Ambrocio:
Money, money... I smell it
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
She didn't want Microsoft anymore. She wants Bighard.
Natz Ali
Natz Ali:
Distractions so they appear like every day people....
vicha janviriya
vicha janviriya:
No one see this coming. Soon we will learn what bring on this decision.
Billy Jo
Billy Jo:
Why not they want to break up the family in general.
They are trying to show the way
Because they are still partners in crime.
Shocking? 🤣
Nevermind Bill. You could always get the boffins at the farm-lab to grow you a big new set of beef curtains.
counting to potato
counting to potato:
Plot twist: they're the same person.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez:
They could care less about poeple as long as the check book is cushioned.
I can’t wait to see COVID crumble!!!!! This is STEP 1!!!!!
Soumitra Dasgupta
Soumitra Dasgupta:
Stunt Prophets - Partners in Crime ! Will need to grow after 27 years.....really funny 😆 eyeball generators...🙂🙏
asset protection from potential lawsuits over vaccine injuries and deaths.
Well....after the split and keeping 65BN is still not a bad day!!! Considering he already gave away $ what's another $65BN?!!!
Janet Feeney
Janet Feeney:
“Partners in crime”?
Come on Bill, you know you always wanted to trade up for a newer younger more exciting model, just like your bud Jeff Jeff Bezos.
Fix issue
Fix issue:
If there were no law of money settlement after marriage, then they were always be happily married ever.
Wait, so the monster who wants to depopulate the world has 3 kids?🤔
Luke Davis
Luke Davis:
Bill, you'll own nothing and be happy...🤣😆😂
H L:
Suspicious to me. I’m sure there’s a legal matter behind this. 🧐
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
Praying they reunite... in other news Jesus is Coming Back Soon! Please beleive,repent and trust in Him.
Andy T
Andy T:
Why can't people stay married? My Gosh, they've been together all of these years. It would seem like they could finish the finish line. Too many other priorities & not the relationship is what I expect.
do not try this at home I am a professional
do not try this at home I am a professional:
I think it was Moe Howard that asked the big question and that is are you happy or married
mando productions
mando productions:
ad the wife doesnt care she has lots of money to get another person to marry her
Antonio Babb
Antonio Babb:
0:52 Partners in crime
Very true statement
John Burrows
John Burrows:
Congratulations Melinda on your divorce from the Devil. Run run RUN away from that smirky face!
Imagine caring about celebrities on television
Marie Cameau
Marie Cameau:
What foundation destroy kids in Ghana and indiy
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin:
Bill & Melinda Please live together.
Number 1Dominator
Number 1Dominator:
Oh no I hope Melinda doesn't get Epsteined.
susan Foret
susan Foret:
Oh yes, shocking ! I am shocked, shocked I tell you. 😏. Maybe Bezos and Gates will get together. Hmmmm.
Gloria McFadden
Gloria McFadden:
Sad 😢 America's 🇺🇸 🌠 Apart we MUST Continue To work Together
jewel pree
jewel pree:
read somewhere how it's an asset protection strategy
Tyrone B
Tyrone B:
Bill will end up w/ JLo and Melinda will end up with a Gym teacher from Chippawa
Hurrah! Two (of a kind) become two of a kind.
NOTHING CHANGES they are still going to milk the foundation TOGETHER!
BLESS 'EM 🤢🤮🤬☠
CB Bees
CB Bees:
Couldn't have happened to a nicer couple.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson:
First, why does Yahoo have to say exactly the same thing in the article as the Twitter post from Bill and Melinda THAT THEY POSTED IN THEIR ARTICLE! Second, Bill Bill Bill. You got caught. With all that money couldn't you have been more discrete? Come on man! Didn't you learn anything from Robert Kraft?
Celso Barrios
Celso Barrios:
Soon in the News...Gates and Bezos announce their marriage!!🤔🤷‍♂️😉
Teresadianne roberts Roberts
Teresadianne roberts Roberts:
Hahaha how can they get divorced they are clones 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miles Away
Miles Away:
I hope they went on Tinder to see what’s out there in the 50’s/60’s dating pool.🤮🤮
Collectibles For You
Collectibles For You:
Tale as old as time. She married well 💰
John Grimes
John Grimes:
Bill said they're partners in crime. lol
Who imagined taking multiple group photos with a child trafficker could be detrimental to a marriage.
Junsu Yu
Junsu Yu:
빌게이츠도 이혼한거여?
He gave her a virus and then tried to sell her the cure.
༒༺Karan༻༒ v
༒༺Karan༻༒ v:
that's why evil bill not ok with the vaccine patent waiver, man needs some financial recovery after that.
Wilhelm Enns
Wilhelm Enns:
Maybe Bill finally had the guts to tell Melinda that he was gay. And done !!
Prince NS
Prince NS:
What does it profit to man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
The only thing shocking is how anyone could stay married to Dr. Evil...
Naveed 8
Naveed 8:
Bill gates went Ctrl + Alt + Del on his marriage
Cookie McBoingBoing
Cookie McBoingBoing:
I hope ol' Man Hands takes Bill to the cleaners. Don't you??
Mary R
Mary R:
Talking of making deal with the devil! Devil can't stand to see a human being is happy so that is the price 😊
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
Sad. They were role models marriages of wealthy people can last. Oh well. Lesson learned. 😂
keoni _
keoni _:
Obvious distraction! Something wicked this way comes...
Susannah Mazzotta
Susannah Mazzotta:
Still can’t believe what happened last night WILL_IAM_STONE didn’t just get me my husband’s log in details, he was also so friendly, efficient and honest
veins of Afrikan blood
veins of Afrikan blood:
🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🍾🍾🍾evil never wins and stay out of Africa ✊🏿✊🏿
Taylor Mefford
Taylor Mefford:
I'd divorce him too.
Deya Shalash
Deya Shalash:
It’s sad but kinda predictable after their Netflix show
Gabriela Baca
Gabriela Baca:
We are going to have 2 monsters, instead of one
Raghav Nigam
Raghav Nigam:
imagine how much money melinda will get ?
Random Compilations
Random Compilations:
My girlfriend found out I was cheating on her after she found all the letters I was hiding.

She was absolutely furious and said she’s never going to play scrabble with me ever again.

tom reid
tom reid:
One of em mustve ate their own spawn
R B:
Back on the market, who wants to rich now?😁
Narendra Lohar
Narendra Lohar:
Divorce at this age is shocking,
Leaving separate at this age is not true love that they had lived. Wish lived happy ahead separate ..
She’s gonna write a new book by next summer. Mark my words.
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce:
"4th richest Man in the world,..." not anymore!
Verna Harris
Verna Harris:
Don't do it.😥 This is so saddd.😥 Whyyyy?
Tomas SoyWeyvon
Tomas SoyWeyvon:
She no longer wants to be his partner in crime, that's understandable
Joe Nix
Joe Nix:
Thank God,
james pong
james pong:
This is his most liked video!!