Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates, one of the richest couples in the world, are divorcing after 27 years of marriage. Ben Tracy has more on what happens when billionaires divorce.

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100+ comentarios:

I can't help but to think this is a huge distraction for something bigger that's coming🤔
Bill could save himself a ton of money by giving Melinda the Moderna vaccine.
Melinda got tired of her husband just focusing on how to depopulate the planet.
Jeffery Rose
Jeffery Rose:
They want to control the world but they can't even control their own homes
They probably lived separate lives for the last decade!
Stone Forest
Stone Forest:
I kind felt shocked to hear this...Melinda and Bill always appear together happily on TV or news media when they do charity works...i wish them best of luck!
Kristin Gallo
Kristin Gallo:
Quarantine got everyone on each other's nerves 🤣👍
Algorithms Manipulator
Algorithms Manipulator:
They decided to do The Great Reset starts from their family. 😂
Nikita Mons
Nikita Mons:
It's easy to walk away from a relationship and start a new. But sticking with it and working through the problems makes a relationship.
Ff Tg
Ff Tg:
and thats why gents, ALWAYS GET A PRENUP, no matter how much in love you think you are
Earth Angel Heart
Earth Angel Heart:
They were beginning to look EXACTLY like each other.
Andy T
Andy T:
Why can't people stay married? My Gosh, they've been together all of these years. It would seem like they could finish the finish line. Too many other priorities & not the relationship is what I expect.
Ritha S
Ritha S:
The Heavens have finally spoken. 💪🏽👌🏾👌🏾
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey:
Bill decided that Melinda wasn't enough man for him.
Mark Quick
Mark Quick:
"An announcement that seemed to come out of nowhere!" Really!🤔
Vittuperkele Saatana
Vittuperkele Saatana:
By the end of this year we will have a book from Melinda titled: Yes it was MICRO and it was SOFT.
Frankie G
Frankie G:
not even billions of dollars could keep them together!! What happened to "no money no honey"??? 😂
Trae griffin
Trae griffin:
MGTOW he’s about to lose half his fortune 😬. Now she’ll be the 2nd richest woman in the world for.....
George Smith
George Smith:
I feel like this is going to be one of those cases that really highlights why men should avoid marriage.
Natz Ali
Natz Ali:
Distractions so they appear like every day people....
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez:
This is just insane. How can people be in the comments saying stuff like “I wish them both well, this is such terrible news 😢”
I can’t wait to see COVID crumble!!!!! This is STEP 1!!!!!
Sonam Jordan
Sonam Jordan:
A kind and generous couple like them shouldn't deserve this.

Edit : why after 27 years together, omg 😮
Eyes of an Empath
Eyes of an Empath:
Melinda: I can no longer live with this clone... 💩
Resistance Publishing
Resistance Publishing:
“Partners in Crime” is right
Shocking? 🤣
Nevermind Bill. You could always get the boffins at the farm-lab to grow you a big new set of beef curtains.
Rose & Sunshine
Rose & Sunshine:
"We're partners in crime."
Money can't buy you love.
bethzaida sanabria
bethzaida sanabria:
His new wife will have age enough to be his granddaughter.
Yo Goombah
Yo Goombah:
All because Bill will soon be transitioning to "Billie."
Junsu Yu
Junsu Yu:
빌게이츠도 이혼한거여?
When rich ppl make too much money they do a scam divorce to lessen their taxes
Scott Hill
Scott Hill:
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
She didn't want Microsoft anymore. She wants Bighard.
meux meux meux
meux meux meux:
Maybe she learned or figured out there is something sinister in the gates agenda.
Albert Perez
Albert Perez:
That's a sad story. I wish that they spend their lives together
Deify Samurai
Deify Samurai:
This Probably will be right up there with the most expensive divorce in history.
I was waiting for this shoe to drop, for three or more years.
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar:
Tomato Ahmed
Tomato Ahmed:
That is so unexpected! They always looked happy together. Good luck to these people. They are good people. They donated so many of their hard earned money.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez:
They could care less about poeple as long as the check book is cushioned.
CryNsmile 7u
CryNsmile 7u:
Melinda Gates: Your money is mine!!! 💸💸

Brendan Shepherd
Brendan Shepherd:
Funny how he said they’re “partners in crime”.
S. Labouisse
S. Labouisse:
What, she was faking her vaccinations ? - lol
Hurrah! Two (of a kind) become two of a kind.
NOTHING CHANGES they are still going to milk the foundation TOGETHER!
BLESS 'EM 🤢🤮🤬☠
Friday night
Melinda - "Lets go out tonight Babe we need to go outside?"
Bill - "No Sweetie we need to complete world domination before we can go outside and then we have to wait until after everyone dies plus 30 more days to make sure the virus we let out dies. we are the only ones left plus those rotten old elite's. The rest of the elites didn't listen and also caught the virus"
Melinda - "I want a divorce!"
Antonio Dorifto
Antonio Dorifto:
0:52 Partners in crime
Very true statement
Narendra Lohar
Narendra Lohar:
Divorce at this age is shocking,
Leaving separate at this age is not true love that they had lived. Wish lived happy ahead separate ..
Soumitra Dasgupta
Soumitra Dasgupta:
Stunt Prophets - Partners in Crime ! Will need to grow after 27 years.....really funny 😆 eyeball generators...🙂🙏
Billy Jo
Billy Jo:
Why not they want to break up the family in general.
They are trying to show the way
Because they are still partners in crime.
vicha janviriya
vicha janviriya:
No one see this coming. Soon we will learn what bring on this decision.
Fix issue
Fix issue:
If there were no law of money settlement after marriage, then they were always be happily married ever.
Geocentric Truth
Geocentric Truth:
She is either tied down in bills dungeon.. or shes free and terrified trembling with every word she says.
sticker shock
sticker shock:
The news has to be embarrassing, and disappointing to those in the state of Washington and the Seattle area
Aditya KP
Aditya KP:
Bill Gates: "We're partners in crime"
Me: *nervous sweating
Well ol' Bill will finally be free to let his Microsoft go find and enter into some new strange spread open gates 😆
She’s gonna write a new book by next summer. Mark my words.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson:
So Melinda Gates is now going to be higher on the "richest people in the world" list than Bill Gates.
He gave her a virus and then tried to sell her the cure.
Joseph Kerr
Joseph Kerr:
They waited until their kids are adults before they split like many responsible couples.
They must be sleeping in different beds in different rooms for years like many rich couples !
Stu Crossland
Stu Crossland:
They are probably splitting cause they couldn't agree on how many people should remain on the planet.
Gerry Rogue
Gerry Rogue:
Partners in crime is what bill gates called his marriage thats a weird way of surmising a 27 year marriage
Miles Away
Miles Away:
I hope they went on Tinder to see what’s out there in the 50’s/60’s dating pool.🤮🤮
Lu Cho
Lu Cho:
*"if both of you....
To charity....


Money buy happiness?
Emmy.E Young
Emmy.E Young:
I wonder what those 2 demonic people are up to again. This divorce is up to something behind close doors
Arturo Garza
Arturo Garza:
Gates has billions you all think he didn’t have secret teams go and find beautiful women for him on the side all these years? Dude prolly got offers from gorgeous women all his life.
Penny Jipper
Penny Jipper:
Oh Melinda, please don't sign a NDA! You need to out this guy and all the evil he does.
Bill to Melinda: "Honey, what's your favorite caliber?"
gentile lady
gentile lady:
Plot twist: they're the same person.
kanu P
kanu P:
You see Pandemic has taken the toll even on richest, they don't want to get lockdown with same person and see them again. Strange how Pandemic has revealed true nature of some people and nations in crisis. I am from India and we as a nation will develop our own API for vaccine it doesn't matter if Natural Allies helps us or not.
Gabriela Baca
Gabriela Baca:
Why do I feel like, karma is staring to follow those two ? Wishful thinking I guess .
Teresadianne roberts Roberts
Teresadianne roberts Roberts:
Hahaha how can they get divorced they are clones 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Number 1Dominator
Number 1Dominator:
Oh no I hope Melinda doesn't get Epsteined.
H L:
Suspicious to me. I’m sure there’s a legal matter behind this. 🧐
Naveed 8
Naveed 8:
Bill gates went Ctrl + Alt + Del on his marriage
Manavi Views
Manavi Views:
At last she is getting rid of the 👹 monster is busy with plandemic
Marie Cameau
Marie Cameau:
What foundation destroy kids in Ghana and indiy
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin:
Bill & Melinda Please live together.
Celso Barrios
Celso Barrios:
Soon in the News...Gates and Bezos announce their marriage!!🤔🤷‍♂️😉
james pong
james pong:
This is his most liked video!!
Jaleh Williams
Jaleh Williams:
What happened to all the love?
manze panze
manze panze:
0:52 "we're partners in crime" yes you are
bruce edwards
bruce edwards:
As they they say everybody puts their socks on one at A
time even out of touch people have too
Who imagined taking multiple group photos with a child trafficker could be detrimental to a marriage.
Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata:
Bill Gates tired of MAN-linda Gates. He wants another man. I hear Bill Gates been sneaking around with LeBron James on his yacht! Bill wants the BBC.
The Drunken Gamers
The Drunken Gamers:
I think she will find out it is now too late to divorce/distance herself from this madness. Nuremburg 2.0 will happen, and they both will stand trial for crimes against humanity. If that's what you want to call it.
Jose Luis
Jose Luis:
Proves that nothing last forever frankly if I was married for 10 years and got divorce god forbid I would be happy it lasted that long. Nothing last forever, your next life starts then
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce:
"4th richest Man in the world,..." not anymore!
Gloria McFadden
Gloria McFadden:
Sad 😢 America's 🇺🇸 🌠 Apart we MUST Continue To work Together
susan Foret
susan Foret:
Oh yes, shocking ! I am shocked, shocked I tell you. 😏. Maybe Bezos and Gates will get together. Hmmmm.
KK Daze
KK Daze:
This is a distraction, they are going into cryo chambers
Well....after the split and keeping 65BN is still not a bad day!!! Considering he already gave away $ what's another $65BN?!!!
The only thing shocking is how anyone could stay married to Dr. Evil...
Alejandro Ambrocio
Alejandro Ambrocio:
Money, money... I smell it
Tyrone Bates
Tyrone Bates:
Bill will end up w/ JLo and Melinda will end up with a Gym teacher from Chippawa
Reality Check
Reality Check:
Micro and Soft was the reason she left.
Euphoric Rain
Euphoric Rain:
In reality almost every married couple these days is at min contemplating divorce... They may have also been inspired by Jeff Bezos.Lastly, their youngest offspring recently turned 18 so no more child support is required by US law. Many people wait until there kids are 18 to file. Divorce is on the rise globally.
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson:
This makes me really sad. Everyone has problems. We all need to overcome and keep life moving forward!
tham lang
tham lang:
She realized he is a cyborg.
lidia hill
lidia hill:
дьявольская пара !