Bill And Melinda Gates Announce Divorce | NBC Nightly News

Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce in identical statements on social media, and said they will continue their work at their foundation.
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100+ comentarios:

Kea E
Kea E:
Word is she wasn't happy with his habit of being in Office365 and having a poor Outlook. Despite how much he would Excel..she just felt like she didn't have Access to him. And tbh..she's got a good PowerPoint there.. Okay I'll let myself out..
what. This couple separating shocked me more than pop celebrities breaking up
Divorce lawyers: 1 billion for you, one for me, one for him/her, one billion for her one for me…….and on and on…..
Night Rider
Night Rider:
She found out that she now has to pay a subscription for Microsoft office and that was the breaking point for her
Daily Cats
Daily Cats:
When asked what was at the root of the split, Melinda replied "Two words: Micro. Soft."
Anne Lane
Anne Lane:
She says doing dishes, making the table etc are issues . when you’re a billionaire, you just pay other people to do all that stuff and then you just relax. There Must be some deeper conflicts? 27 years is a long marriage.
Aw, it's always so sad when families break up no matter who they are. Marriage is a lot of work, especially at points. Sad.
May Bill and Melinda have all the privacy of a Windows 10 OS.
maiden of truth
maiden of truth:
In unspoken words she wanted her husbands affections as a wife but was not getting it, so she decided to stop competing with micro soft. Fighting a losing battle. I hope she finds love, honor and respect in her next husband if she makes another commitment.
If you believe they were microwaving their meals in that mansion you are nuts.
Margaret Tudor
Margaret Tudor:
It's sad to see a couple divorce, especially after so many years together. 😕💔💔
Carlo Jones
Carlo Jones:
All the money💸💸 but love💔 and happiness is priceless 🤣
831 Farmeros
831 Farmeros:
Melinda leaving Bill because he is "Micro soft!". 🤔 😂🤣👍🏻 LoL!!!!!
wolf blitzer
wolf blitzer:
He tried to vaccinate her and she knows better 🤣💉
Wired Weird
Wired Weird:
The Gates bedroom -
Melinda: "Bill, it looks like it's gone micro and soft again."
Bill: "Nothing a 'firm' ware update can't fix, darling."
Here's the kicker, years ago, during an interview when asked what was the best decision he had ever made, because of his success in the tech world and his wealth and he said, " I picked my wife"
J Bellfield
J Bellfield:
This is the part in the movie where the plan just got too evil for one of them so they bailed.
Joyce W.
Joyce W.:
You don't have to grow as a couple .....You can stay stagnantly happy, LOL!!!!!!
V M:
I am in the same boat. Getting a divorce after 27 years. Only don’t have any money and may not have a roof over my head. Still I’m sorry about there breaking up.
Kathryn Geeslin
Kathryn Geeslin:
I usually don't react to other's personal decisions, but this saddens me. I hope they can continue their work amicably.
William Walker
William Walker:
This was kind of a shock to me. I guess it's not about the money, that's for sure. I'm surprised that this happened. I wish both of them peace and happiness.
Antonia Lyngdoh
Antonia Lyngdoh:
This is shocking they seem so loving and stuff that I'm sure no one saw this coming
Fat Silver
Fat Silver:
Too sad to hear these news. Melinda and Bill, I wish you two the best.
Wtf, after all that hard work....I can't believe they can just quit like this, back here, we do our best not to give up on our investments (emotional and material etc), for the kids, for the kids, for the kids, and for the pets, yes we stick it out until the end because that's what marriage is here. Sacrifice, hard work, no more me, it's we. When you're old you lean on each other, you're best friends & know & trust each other the most....🤓🥰
Uniqwia B
Uniqwia B:
How much more growing can y’all do?
Satguy 141
Satguy 141:
They say as you grow older together two things happen. You start looking like each other and your dog.
I feel sorry for the dog
Algorithms Manipulator
Algorithms Manipulator:
They decided to do The Great Reset starts from their family. 😂
Tam Pham
Tam Pham:
Ego is the number one cause of failed and broken relationships.
James Lewis
James Lewis:
Doubt any love lost here. Sometimes even the rich get bored with each other.
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha:
I would like to get married, but the way this society is going. Marriage has almost become a joke.
zolli szo
zolli szo:
Their net worth has nothing to do with the ending of a relationship. I’m sure a difficult situation for them both and wish them well.
Lovin Life
Lovin Life:
When she said: “Bill honey, can you dim the light?” She meant the actual light not the sun
Madhu Sharma
Madhu Sharma:
Unbelievable what goes on behind. After 27 years, 3 grown up kids and loads of common interest in philanthropy they can't live together. A bit difficult to stomach.
She's awesome, you go girl 👑
JG Hunter
JG Hunter:
"His floppy disc hasn't been functioning for over a decade." - Melinda Gates
I’m Legit Subbbing to Whoever Subbbs to Me's
I’m Legit Subbbing to Whoever Subbbs to Me's:
Love came in through the #Gates but went out through the #Windows...
Big Cannon
Big Cannon:
How can a man with no medical experience beating leader on viruses in the world
Zyx Zyx
Zyx Zyx:
I wonder what is this all about. An interesting twist in the ongoing saga.
Heart Strings
Heart Strings:
" Cheaper to Keep her". Blues Legend Johnny Taylor
August Calderaro
August Calderaro:
So sorry to hear this news, my prayers go out to them both and their children.
Marriage is like a Tornado: "In the beginning there's a lot of blowing and sucking, Then you lose your house".
#Mgtow #Leykis #Redpill
Kellie Kim
Kellie Kim:
Why? I loved just watching them being together for such a long time and cooperate for helping human being!
Tiffany k
Tiffany k:
Hopefully, after some time apart, they will work through it🤞
Josh W
Josh W:
😂😂😂 I hope people follow them around 24/7 and stay in their faces about this non prenup divorce he’s going through 😂
Saichen Yang
Saichen Yang:
When the couple don't get along, it's about time to set apart better than to be or not to be!
Mellinda now has more time to photograph the Male anatomy of statues.
Number 1Dominator
Number 1Dominator:
Oh no I hope Melinda doesn't get Epsteined.
Make Racists Afraid Again
Make Racists Afraid Again:
Sad. I've been married for 41 years and I can't imagine divorce.
pikachu thunderbolt
pikachu thunderbolt:
I thought they were the only popular couples who haven't divorced yet in USA

but it's no longer true now 😪
They say that sometime divorce is a happy ending to two person's current miserable lives. The divorce may seem sudden to us but not for them. Who knows? It could of been a build up for decades... they stayed together because they had kids or other issue. I wish them the best and hope everyone can respect their privacy.
Words can't express what WILL_IAM_STONE did for me
Now I can see my husband's phone activities on my phone
Kimberley DeFay
Kimberley DeFay:
Sorry to see this happen in any marriage. I wish them both the best.
White Lion
White Lion:
Soon we'll all be separated forever, lights out, loooooooong sleep, good bye, and good night forever
Mia emily
Mia emily:
I kept ignoring recommendations about WILL_IAM_STONE on 1G, I never knew he was this great.
Veni Vidi Vici
Veni Vidi Vici:
For some, love last a lifetime, and for others it seems like lasting love will never happen.Fate.
Tim Sears
Tim Sears:
So she's a genius too, I bet their conversations ran pretty deep, I'd be like wuhhh 🙀, hold on I gotta google it 1st, hopefully I'll understand it 😹✌️
Man, this shocked me :( They were really great together.
JeffOfori Pezzidem
JeffOfori Pezzidem:
"Melinda left me!! I'm so furious, I'll...erase humanity with vaccines "
William Page
William Page:
Wife probably don't want no part of wiping out half the population or she knows the truth about the island.
Rushikesh Sisode
Rushikesh Sisode:
How much you wanna grow now. You both already done so much
Josephine M
Josephine M:
I’ll never forget to great effort if WILL_IAM_STONE on 1G for keeping us to his promise,he’s such a genius.
Rista Ghufron
Rista Ghufron:
Really sad... Family is fondation for everything we do. And their very successful but they are not success to build their families relationship.
Sherry Prather
Sherry Prather:
I am so sorry that you two feel that way. I just want to know why you don t just share the same mansion and live in separate sections of the mansion. It is just a thought, since y'all are still going to be working together anyway. I wish you both the best of luck. It is very discouraging to see such a successful couple just walk away!!!!!!!!!
Dan Sotelo
Dan Sotelo:
Dear Melinda & Bill, I live near you on Mercer Island. I too was married for 24 years to a beautiful wife and we had 3 beautiful children. I also understand how you grow apart. My heart goes out to both of you, and I will give you this advice. Both of you find new partners and become true friends and share family activities. Avoid any type of hostility, and most of all, avoid the press as they will try to tear you to pieces. I'm literally crying cause I care about both of you so much. Sincerely, Dan Sotelo
Druk Films
Druk Films:
He himself taking 27 years trial and giving us 30 days trial 🙄 well played bro
USA 1:
I went back to school and had to pay my own way. I applied to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in hopes of a scholarship or other potential funding. I received a reply from them saying I was not eligible because I was not the right color.
Susi Susi
Susi Susi:
Hati menangis ,bibir tertawa.👏
Old and Decrepit
Old and Decrepit:
Guess she finally figured out how much the Kuru has affected him....🤫
Zazie L.
Zazie L.:
Those who have no silimar experience would not be able to understand. That the cleaning routine, kids caring only falls into you every day even you have works to do outside the house. That feeling is like working on a project with your team but your teammates are free -riders. It sounds small for the outside world but when it's happening every day to you, you will understand how it feels.
IJust WatchAndComment
IJust WatchAndComment:
Bill and Linda: We just want privacy right now
News Media: Stalks them
calvin candie
calvin candie:
Bill said it was time for an upgrade...
Robert Troll
Robert Troll:
He's only the fourth richest man in the world. "No, I don't want no scrub....." -Melinda
Mr forgive and Forget
Mr forgive and Forget:
It’s any body think they way that I am thinking married ending unthinkable way hope my allah have mercy our own married it definitely going trough hard time
Stefanos Smitty
Stefanos Smitty:
Translation: the expiration date is up and now that the kids are grown, Bill wants a younger arm-candy by his side. Idk who they’re trying to fool with this “we can no longer grow together” bs.
Sadiq Salah
Sadiq Salah:
What? Why? These people were my mentors. I joked about how I wanted to one day have what they have. This is so sad.
I got a feeling Bill Gates probably wants a hot young wife like Jeff Bezos got after his divorce.
Shantia Aikens
Shantia Aikens:
He said in an interview early in their marriage that while he was okay shopping at K-Mart (he was a multi millionaire at the time) and she wanted him to shop at more expensive clothing stores when they were just dating. Here’s to hoping he had a prenup.
Corenchie Reynaldo
Corenchie Reynaldo:
There is a vaccine to fix this
Kristi Tilves
Kristi Tilves:
I thought they were one of those "Stay together forever" couples.
Wildflower wind
Wildflower wind:
Money can't buy happiness.
Jay Dickson
Jay Dickson:
Two lawyers are about to retire.
Flynn Franklin
Flynn Franklin:
Order in Chaos
Order in Chaos:
Eddieeeeeeeee HALF!
Well soul ties are always there :) 😃
Miguel Francisco
Miguel Francisco:
*Today, we live in an environment where we are surrounded by various electronic gadgets like televisions, computers, and mobile phones and we are so used to them, we can’t get away from them. Sometimes we waste too much of our time unnecessarily and we can’t even figure out where our time is going. Parents also get concerned about what their children are doing on their phones, whether they are using their time wisely or not. For students, it may seem difficult to track where they are investing their time or what they are doing on their phones. If you are facing any of these problems, then you are in the right place. WILL_IAM_STONE they did a great job for me.*
The moral of the story on today’s time is “ don’t get married” bill, Jeff, dr Dre, and countless rich and famous billionaires can not keep a marriage going!
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce:
"Copy and Paste" public divorce announcement. -
Both identical!
"Surely you jest"!
Koley W
Koley W:
He was an acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein, so there’s that.
Mostly Good Stuff
Mostly Good Stuff:
If a billionaire couple cannot find happiness, what chance does mere mortals like me have? I guess it is true, money cannot buy you happiness.
Their children are really cute!! I hope they stay friends.
Jared Summers
Jared Summers:
It makes absolutely no sense for them to be divorcing after so many years together and at that stage in their lives. Another blow to the institution of marriage...what a ruinous society we live in
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP:
If I was one of the richest persons to ever exist in humanity, everyone would know I am never cooking or cleaning for another second my life.

I can picture Mr. Gates being yelled out by Melinda I front of the family for not scraping off all peas off the plate before putting it in the dish washer. He’d be mumbling under his breathe “Well of its going to cost $100 billion to get out of this, so be it”.
marielos c. gladden
marielos c. gladden:
Glenn Sankey
Glenn Sankey:
Melinda Congratulations.
Let's Draw For Fun
Let's Draw For Fun:
Sometimes is hard to stay with someone who wants to depopulate the world ...... your conscience is getting heaver as the time goes....
Ms Birdafter40
Ms Birdafter40:
This is sad. I hope it can be amicable…
Birthing Girdle
Birthing Girdle:
Wow. Stunned. Really too bad. Two immensely decent humanitarian minded people. I wish them the best.
human extinction NOW
human extinction NOW: