Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce | WNT

Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, announced Monday that they are ending their marriage of 27 years. They said they will continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.




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Melinda will get the house and Bill will get the windows.
JuanTool's Do Work
JuanTool's Do Work:
You realize they have everything they want but can't be happy together
phil pugliese
phil pugliese:
It should no longer be called divorce, it should be called 'cashing out'.
Economic Lessons
Economic Lessons:
When asked what was at the root of the split, Melinda replied "Two words: Micro. Soft."
Sean Parkes
Sean Parkes:
Tbh I’m shocked by this they looked happy publicly
sukhvir singh
sukhvir singh:
It's true, money cant buy happiness. Wish both of them good years ahead.
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton:
"No happy marriage ever ended in divorce."

~ Louis C.K.
Never thought this would ever happen but I guess it's impossible to know what really goes on with couples in their own privacy ! ! !
Algorithms Manipulator
Algorithms Manipulator:
They decided to do The Great Reset starts from their family. 😂
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma:
Step 1: Marry a billionaire guy

Step 2: Wait for several years until the relationship wears and you can blame the billionaire for everything bad that happens to you

Step 3: Take a divorce with half his wealth.

Money? Stonks!!!
Retirement plan? Stonks!!!
Brenda Jerez
Brenda Jerez:
Not expecting that all!! 😳
Tom Sperduti
Tom Sperduti:
In the immortal words of Bette Davis
"soooooo whhhhhat".
Luba Zak
Luba Zak:
NO one knows what’s going on in a marriage from the outside. Frequently, one of the spouses dosen’t know either.
Lack of communication and inability for emotional intimacy is what kills a marriage. After awhile, due to aging, mostly, the physical side is over or is greatly decreased. You have to have an awesome connection and friendship to survive the changes that a long term marriage brings. If you are not the best of friends, you don’t have anything left.
People grow and they don't always grow in the same direction
Chewie 13
Chewie 13:
Was it the island, the evil agenda, or the micro soft that she was like “enough is enough”
😂😂😂 He dropping her with a few dollars before his 2030 plan comes up. Dude still is a genius
Katherine Mooney
Katherine Mooney:
What husband passed away 12 yrs ago....and I would give anything to have him back....he was my best friend!
Eric P.
Eric P.:
NEVER expected this!!
Moonflower Tarot
Moonflower Tarot:
This is more saddening than any dramatic celebrity divorce
J T:
A new sugar momma has just joined the market.
L. Medina
L. Medina:
How sad to see that even when you possess so much & don't have to struggle with the fay to day challenges like punching a clock, providing for the family, & fighting to be positive under the pressure-- a good marriage can be elusive. I wish them luck in dealing with their grief, the death of their long relationship!! 😢😢
Nathan Sollove
Nathan Sollove:
So uh Bill, I was wondering if you wanted to go for coffee sometime?
Zeni Tram
Zeni Tram:
"money can buy happiness but it will not bring you Joy."
Joshua A
Joshua A:
This saddens me . I hope this is what they both want. Bill gates has always been a mentor to me since I was very small. I loved computers and microsoft. I wish them both the best.
By: Joshua F Allen :)
"how much money THEY'VE made" ... lol... love the THEY
Fat Silver
Fat Silver:
That's too bad. Melinda and Bill, I wish you all the best.
Some Random Person
Some Random Person:
Is it just me, or is Bill always went, "Why did I marry her...", every time he's with her these past couple of months before their divorce?
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe:
You never know what goes on behind the closed doors
Paw-za-tive Pooch
Paw-za-tive Pooch:
This is hurtful after 27 years together. 💔
Miss Merry Berry
Miss Merry Berry:
It’s a business decision / they can save on taxes as two people filing separately
Now the doggies will have to decide who they love the most 😔
EA game-er
EA game-er:
Bill: Melinda my darling vaccinations don't last...
Melinda: neither does our marriage
Plain Jane
Plain Jane:
That’s sad after 27 years 😢
flamingpie herman
flamingpie herman:
This should cause us all to worry....evil diesnt divorce evil.
Barbara Delvie
Barbara Delvie:
I really thought they were going to stay together. Sad to hear the news. Bless your family Bill. ✝️✝️
They have everything but Jesus. There is a place in every human heart that can only be filled and satisfied by God. All the money, status, travel, family, and honor in the world cant do it.Only Jesus truly satisfies.
im sad. they were good together. they gave so much.
Ruinp Thama Fuanrde ye Choi fa
Ruinp Thama Fuanrde ye Choi fa:
They are meant to be each other for eternity.Bill and Melinda Foundation creates so much for the society at global perspective. Thank you Bill and Melinda, We love you no matter what.
chrispy m
chrispy m:
We will see how generous old Billy really is!
Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez:
This is sad news. I hoped this most successful in every aspect couple would survive. 🥲
Kai Lovold
Kai Lovold:
Oof, they seemed so happy together. 😢
Patrick Landor
Patrick Landor:
LOL distraction. Who really cares. Unless it’s a super villain vs super villain
So sad that love should fade with time.
Tony Cooper
Tony Cooper:
Great news
Happy days are here again!
Colleen From NH
Colleen From NH:
This dang covid is killing many relationships unfortunately. No relationship or marriage is easy.
Kelly Embry
Kelly Embry:
They are probably upset about their daughter’s engagement.
The Shogunn
The Shogunn:
Life isn't easy for anyone, best wishes 💖
Andre Beretta
Andre Beretta:
Leave that “kitty” micro-soft like Windows Vista. Lil Wayne
Nikita Mons
Nikita Mons:
It's easy to walk away from a relationship and start a new. But sticking with it and working through the problems makes a relationship.
Paul Capocasa
Paul Capocasa:
Watch the plandemic start falling apart now. I was so happy they are splitting...that means They each have half $$ to work with. 😂😂
Success in Life
Success in Life:
I'm very shocked 😳 after hearing this
Successfull. I'm very pleased.
Does true love really exist? This is truly unexpected. This is a kinda good example to don't judge a book by its cover. I feel disappointed cuz they were kind of role models of mine. 😢😢
Bill and Melinda, u did much good things together....keep working together probably u will reconcile and enjoy marriage life agan.i
Jayme Splendid
Jayme Splendid:
Wow, that thumbnail shows two people who are just overjoyed to announce their upcoming divorce.
Look at em, just beeming pure divorce happiness into each other's eyes.
Praying 🙏🏼 for both of them
R. Bradshaw
R. Bradshaw:
Hope it's split 50/50 . they have both been there since the beginning !
truth cker
truth cker:
Im gonna be honest, This is kinda refreshing
HRH TreeofLife
HRH TreeofLife:
Q 😳🤦‍♀️
A lifetime together ❤
Breaks my heart
Say it ain't so
Andre Beretta
Andre Beretta:
Oh Snap!!!! This sounds very expensive
Da Hakam
Da Hakam:
27 years is a long time. (Not that I care)
Kaiser 129
Kaiser 129:
So sad! They were the power couple that I looked up to.
ǝɔɐsɹǝɅ ǝɔɐsɹǝɅ
ǝɔɐsɹǝɅ ǝɔɐsɹǝɅ:
Goes to show no amount of money guarantees happiness
Rushikesh Sisode
Rushikesh Sisode:
I never thinks about this in my dream also 💔
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
Well that said the pandemic would either make or break relationships that are meant to be.
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
We have learned today don’t get married. 😉
Dr. Petrovski
Dr. Petrovski:
Such sad news and completely unexpected - hope they will be financially ok
osakamiso nagarayama
osakamiso nagarayama:
Come on' ,,, they shouldn't be giving up their relationship instead give up the things that causing the problem to the marriage.... i am saddened about this!!!
Bryce Erickson
Bryce Erickson:
New reality show finding bill a date.
Barbara Scolaro
Barbara Scolaro:
She was smart and refused the vaccine 💪🏼
Reason is they spent time together in lockdown and can't handle eachothers intelligence and they get bored and decided to divorce.
Subhashish Bagchi
Subhashish Bagchi:
Divorce seems to be better option of peace for this "KILLER COUPLE"👫
S G:
That was a good investment for melinda. Never get married guys...
I am just truly flabbergasted by the news!
Muhamed Jones
Muhamed Jones:
Them getting a divorced after almost close to three decades and separating during this time is very questioning.
Sky 0303
Sky 0303:
Both dudes are equally terrifying! One makes vaccines, and the other wears an upside down cross.
Ted Tederson
Ted Tederson:
Oh I really feel sad for these demons
Maria Poulos
Maria Poulos:
Good for them to not let wealth keep them together if it's not working. I hope they can find happiness together, and on new chapters. We THANK YOU both for everything you do.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson:
So sad to see after everything they have achieved and all the good they have done for the world, I hope this doesn't derail all their good work, I mean the global population is at 7billion and the Georgia guidestones specify a 500m optimum, so they've got a way to go yet, better get their act together, the world won't depopulate itself.
Big Papi
Big Papi:
Me: 🤔 What is that sucker trying to do? Is he trying to liquidate his assets while everything is at an all time high so as to not draw attention in preparation for the collapse.
Suzette & Abel Gonzalez
Suzette & Abel Gonzalez:
Perhaps Melinda doesn’t like the thought of depopulated the world anymore.
Is this what he means by “getting ready for the next one”?
S. Labouisse
S. Labouisse:
I'm guessing Melinda lacked the same sense 'in commune' as Bill - especially from spending more time around Seattle than he did ! Call it 'woman's intuition'.
She finally had it with a geek.
Ledeya Baklykova
Ledeya Baklykova:
Simple. She had just met a new person last month with whom she has fallen in love, a young and ultra-delicious Hotmail! 😋
Matt C
Matt C:
Nothing good last ever... when its good we always want better. When its better we still want more and more and realize that want is ever ending..
Tautik Sinha Roy
Tautik Sinha Roy:
Melinda:I want to compete with Jeff bezoz's ex
Bezoz's ex:let see who becomes the richest women easily.
Admir Ninta
Admir Ninta:
"The Sith Lord's, always two there are,no more,no less.The master and the apprentice".

(Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace)
Syed Yusuf Ali Eram
Syed Yusuf Ali Eram:
Money is coming for her. You go gal!
My heart of hearts wants Bill Gates to be the nerd my eyes see. Please let Melinda be the actual evil in that family.
Invariably Liveliness
Invariably Liveliness :
So their company would be like left windows that goes to wife and right windows that goes to Bill gates😁😂
Tatiana Makarova
Tatiana Makarova:
Tokin' Tina's Travels
Tokin' Tina's Travels:
Yeah RIGHT! He's moving finances... He's running SCARED
One Lord One Faith
One Lord One Faith:
So much time and effort spent on work and others. Giving day in n day out to the world but you cant help but think “neglect” is the word for their marriage. They should take a year off and work on the marriage;Marriage is more important than any dreams and hopes, sacrifices they have for their work. Chances of another successful marriage is slim but not impossible. Theres no way that working hard to keep a marriage strong ends in divorce. They were an example /model couple. Too bad, I pray they find Jesus even in the middle of all the work/giving they do.
I notice the trend of high divorce rates among the extremely wealthy. My guess is one of the people in the relationship think they’re going to be happy because of financial freedom. It doesn’t work like that at all. You can be married to the richest person on earth yet still be the most depressed and suicidal. People don’t get married for love anymore, they do it out of necessity and it’s sad. When you find that one person that’s meant for you, it’s literally impossible to go on living without them, which is where the term “soul-mate” comes from..
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP
Matthew M. Stevick, CFP:
Cost: $100 Billion
Freedom: Priceless
Crystal Maze
Crystal Maze:
Why bother now. I guess they don’t believe in forever love. If you have been married this long might as well just stick with it. Then again they can afford to lead separate lives and be comfortable.
Vakie Joe
Vakie Joe:
That's suck, i mean 27 years is really long time. At least they divorce after their children already an adults.
Blame Mr.Pip06
Blame Mr.Pip06:
Thought this was the onion but it wasn’t
Just wait A minute
Just wait A minute:
Where is Seal Team 6 when you need them? Bill is evil.