Bill Cosby speaks out after prison release | ABC7 Chicago

Shortly after he walked out of prison a free man, Bill Cosby spoke to ABC News' Linsey Davis by phone on Wednesday afternoon. Full story:

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False accusers need to be SEVERELY punished.. make a example
Debora Russell
Debora Russell:
The truth is they didn't want you to buy NBC, just sit quietly.
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy:
Does this mean that Jell-O pudding pops are back?
Villa Rosa
Villa Rosa:
andy simpson
andy simpson:
I wonder how long it will be before he files a lawsuit for wrongful imprisonment and wins. Unbelieveable as this sounds but Cosby shouldn't have been criminally charged as per the DA's agreement, for the next DA to charge him was simply unlawful. If not then EVERY SINGLE AGREEMENT a DA makes is worthless and the repercussions of that would be catastrophic.
He still sounds like he’s doing a pudding commercial
A Tuck
A Tuck:
Bill Cosby was trying to buy a couple TV networks and uplift blacks at the same.
Throught history, any black leader trying to do better for blacks is taken out one way or the other.
When you have many women claiming rape but reading from scripts, you know something is up.
...But so many people fell for it.
Magnes Vestergaard
Magnes Vestergaard:
Zip bop bobity bop. Can't wait for new episodes of Fat Albert & the Cosby show.
Bird Man
Bird Man:
I remember thinking there's no way he's going to prison then I see him go to prison and now I'm seeing him get out of prison
Brock Samson
Brock Samson:
So these local affiliates media outlets are now changing their the wording from _victims_ to *accusers.*

What's the matter mainstream media, afraid y'all will be held libel now? 🥴
Fu G
Fu G:
This is what happens when prosecutors break the law.

When law enforcement break the law and that violation of the law is proven as in this case, the courts will dismiss the case and drop all charges.

By law, police have been promised that all abuse of power, all violations committed by cops cannot be brought in a court of law. The law is called qualified immunity.

I say immunity should be illegal period! If immunity was not part of our laws, Cosby would not be given it as a shield and cops wouldn't be shielded from being charged in a court of law, and their records sealed.

Don't be simply mad that Cosby is shielded because of immunity laws and yet be silent that cops are shielded because of the same immunity laws. Fight to END IMMUNITY FOR ANYONE!!!!!
J Rosevelt
J Rosevelt:
Why aren't the women who disapprove of these events, talking about the smiling women shown in this footage seen with him, linked in arm who helped aid his release?
" Well you forgot the Cos and you know it's a mistake. i eat MCs for breakfast like there made of chocolate cakes. I'm the Greatest." - Bill cosby
Taddy P
Taddy P:
wonder how the trial judge didn’t see this coming
The original DA said she had a weak case. She continued to meet with him
in hotel, private home despite all his alleged advances and waited a
year before contacting police after she perused civil litigation. He
stated her best road to justice was a civil route. In order for Cosby to
lose his 5th amendment privilege in the civil trial, he gave him
immunity from criminal liability by telling him he will not prosecute.
They then decided to blatantly violate his 5th amendment rights and
prosecute anyway and even use the testimony from the civil case as well
as this plaintiff.
Why is there no criminal liability for violating
people's constitutional rights that they swore to protect? Whether Cosby
is guilty or not why is there no criminal liability for these accusers
that lie under oath? Cosby has the best lawyers money can buy. This is
how he got out. What about poor people that can't afford to defend
themselves and are now sitting in jail for a crime they didn't commit as
a result of constitutional violations?
Js Travelers
Js Travelers:
You'll know he is innocent when Jell-O hires him again.
Joey Brooks
Joey Brooks:
these women has no morals sleeping and being alone in hotel room with a married man
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime:
Some of ya'll complaining like he wasnt in jail for the last couple years. If it was about his kind of money, he would've never seen the inside of a jail cell.
T O O N:
If they were drugged how did they know they had been raped. Just saying ✌
Jhalen Hanshaw
Jhalen Hanshaw:
Moral of the story:Never trust someone that doesn’t like you.
Gawain Davies
Gawain Davies:
They took away his fifth amendment rights and promised him he would not be prosecuted , then used his statements against him later on to prosecute him. This was not a technicality it was a farce of due course.
Christopher Luth
Christopher Luth:
sounds exactly how im getting treated down in Marshall illinois, cops making and breaking their own arbitrary rules.
Sincere Price
Sincere Price:
Y’all should’ve said something when it happened!!! I don’t believe them… if u been assaulted women call the police right then… not ten years later
The Sober King
The Sober King:
From what I heard from from the victims own mouth was they VOLUNTEERED to take the pill! If that's true the Man's innocent
Corey Holmes
Corey Holmes:
But I can't wait to see what his stand up will be about after doing prison time
This case legally should have never made it to court due to Cosby's legal Immunity, and there were also several other procedural errors made that could have opened the door for an appeal as well. Cosby was Rail-Roaded, however this result doesn't necessarily indicate whether he was innocent or guilty. In my opinion the evidence against him was flimsy in the first place. Relying on outdated testimony against a rich celeb, potentially for money reasons. Or perhaps the D.A "Publicly Shaming" Cosby while having him serve over 2 yrs in prison while his appeal is still pending. I believe Cosby may be able to seek financial compensation for his illegal imprisonment as well. The truly guilty party in this case is the D.A.'s prosecution who wasted these alleged victims and tax payers time and heartache knowing full well the conviction could be overturned. The D.A. took a huge gamble and got caught cutting corners. Corners they may have not bothered trying to cut had this been just a normal citizen being tried, instead of a world famous celebrity scalp they were trying to hang on their wall. The disgraced prosecution will now do a media tour in an attempt to spin their complete failure. To justify why they violated Mr. Cosby's legal rights and waste the alleged victims and tax payers time and money through their overly optimistic legal pursuits. This reminds me of the corners cut by the prosecution in the OJ Simpson case (another rich black celeb scalp) which resulted in his acquittal.
Holdin Tudiks
Holdin Tudiks:
Sue the state of Pennsylvania and the Da
some random dude
some random dude:
Congrats bill 🍷 💊
Glascoe Bowie
Glascoe Bowie:
And the reason they ask for money the second time was to pay to the other acusers
Agree 2 Disagree
Agree 2 Disagree:
Bill should not have served a day for those lies!
Paul Rhodes
Paul Rhodes:
For some reason I wanna Jell-O-Puddin Cup!
Clyde Cromey
Clyde Cromey: we can have the fat Albert reboot we've all been dying to see
Robert Perdue
Robert Perdue:
Rumor is Phyllis Rashad lost her job after tweeting this should have never meaning him going to jail
Naheim Googolla
Naheim Googolla:
You guys forgot to mention that he's throwing a release party at his place and all drinks are on him!
Habib Osman
Habib Osman:
These hyper emotional televised courtcases are very unreliable. Courtcases with celebrities should no longer allow these multi-cases. Finish those cases 1 by 1. If some of the cases brought against the suspect fails to deliver in court, no sentence should be given. If a case is deemed unlawfull in court, a sentence should be given based on that precise case. No more of these "23 different people claim 23 different things from the same suspect" type courtcases anymore please! Especially not when highly dramatised in the media. Leads to major court fails and unjustice for the suspect and the accuser alike!
Abdinasir ismail
Abdinasir ismail:
Those groupies can kick rocks. Live your best life Dr Cosby. We love you.
What does other accusers THIS CASE? If he abused someone else that had no bearing on what happened pre trial and the facts surrounding what came out in discovery
Justice finally done!!!!!
Mendez Paris
Mendez Paris:
Their did him dirty glad he fight back 💪🏿
To the false accusation
Carla Linton
Carla Linton:
Carla Linton. I'm glad that Mr. Cosby is released.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
“There he is, he’s back”
Omar Matadamas
Omar Matadamas:
Everyone: Free Britney!
The government: Frees Bill
Cinee Frank
Cinee Frank:
Bill i am so happy for you
Jim shoe
Jim shoe:
The people that put him in jail should be arrested,
looks like pudding pops are back on the menu boys!
After Phylicia Rashad tweeted that everyone at Howard University started hating on her and then she apologized for the tweet.
They should of said something back then when it happened who knows what else they got in return?
Relaxation Station
Relaxation Station:
😂This by far absolutely has to be the best news that Harvey Weinstein has heard all day!😂
pokemon professor
pokemon professor:
Funny how all these "victims" came forward right after bill tried to buy a major tv station. Mmmmm a smart independent thinking black man, owning a tv network where he promote any good message he wants? Naaa can't have that can ya FCC?
Cage Wilson Bass guy
Cage Wilson Bass guy:
Well someone’s eager to boss everyone around again.
Shiloh Tive
Shiloh Tive:
Even if you dont like him the law has to happen
"Come forward' 45 years later.
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone:
Cardi B did the same exact thing and yet she walks around free as a bird
Jose Mares
Jose Mares:
I can see em making a movie about this
I wish and pray for a revolution! I'm certainly ready...
Rob Dunkes sr
Rob Dunkes sr:
This is going to be interesting. Mr. Cosby does not like the biden administration and is already speaking publicly against them. This exactly what the Dems didn't need. A black man that speaks openly about the racism and injustices of the biden administration.
Duke G
Duke G:
That’s when I said Hold up ,wait a minute , something ain’t right
Cinee Frank
Cinee Frank:
Man they all knew when you want to make it into the industry you have to do what they say to black mail you to keep you in line. Why is Charlie Sheen not in jail bro. He gave women Aids and admitted it. Its slavery all over. Im not saying he did not sleep with them but I am saying they knew the terms of their deal and they say rape when they are told to. Tupac said it when they came for him Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant. I am sick and tired of this. Remember they did this in the time of Jim Crow. If a white girl was sleeping with the black guy they would make her say he rapped her and it would be a modern day lynching. Social Media has become today's lynch mob.
mark adams
mark adams:
Bill cosby has a message to his haters, hey hey hey gonna have a good time.
Sherman Henderson
Sherman Henderson:
Holdin Tudiks
Holdin Tudiks:
Andrea took the money instead of the charges that's it, you don't get to double-dip, she should be forced to give back the money
I feel bad for real sexual victims but don't worry about the message it sends, there are plenty of women who will still come out and accuse men if the price is right.
He's the only person who comes out of jail in better shape than he went in. During his trial he used both a walker and wheel chair, seemed like he couldn't see more than a few feet. He comes out of jail able to stand on his own, sees just fine, and walks on his own with assistance for balance... No canes, wheelchairs or walkers.... Funny how that works.
Skylars Cabin
Skylars Cabin:
Good for you bill... 🎊 congrats .
They WANTED HIS MONEY! 45 years later THAN they started accusing…
Everybody that had something to do with his case should go to prison 💯
The Original Shakil
The Original Shakil:
Let his supporters leave their mother alone in a room with him.
With a few drinks.
Andrew Bell
Andrew Bell:
Cosby Free 💪🏾🙏🏾💯
Peoples Choice
Peoples Choice:
This is crazy how many dudes are accused for money nowadays in hollywood
Lekeisha Jones
Lekeisha Jones:
Ladies- you have to READ the entire disposition and LISTEN to what everyone said. I’m sorry y’all but he’s innocent based on the evidence that was presented. On top of that he was never supposed to even be tried. I know it’s disheartening but if we allow our emotions to run everything we will miss pivotal stuff. The court can’t try someone for a criminal act based on your opinion
Independent Black Media
Independent Black Media:
They did all this for the oil under his house I bet he has to sell now smh
Mike Rodillas
Mike Rodillas:
So we can eat pudding again! 🤣🤣
Mildred McFarlane
Mildred McFarlane:
Thank God for Jesus! God is real.
El Lobo
El Lobo:
The dude ADMITTED to drugging women in the civil trial deposition. The fact that the DA broke the deal is grounds under our constitution for the release, but it does not negate the fact that Cosby did indeed drug women. He just got away with it. So, the real miscarriage of justice was to all of his victims.
Vincent Parker
Vincent Parker:
She looks like Drago off of Rocky when he got old lmao 😂😂
Jarvis sledge
Jarvis sledge:
He was trying to buy NBC thats y they took him down
So did the accusers get charged for lying under oath?
Jayden Craig
Jayden Craig:
People are really failing to understand this doesn’t mean he is innocent it just means he’s not in jail all the evidence still holds up it was just obtained illegally, personally I’m not sure if he did it or not but people should make sure not to jump to conclusions
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins:
People knew he was getting messed over, but the people that control the media wanted him gone.
Both of us
Both of us:
He absolutely did it what a monster. There is no justice anymore.
tyme todothis
tyme todothis:
He admitted he did it to a prosecutor in 2005 to avoid prosecution, then got prosecuted for what he did in 2019. He isn't innocent, he simply got off on a technicality. Nobody said anything about "false accusers." You sound like a bunch of Trump-supporters.
It seemed like Patricia Steuer was building up to some sort of silver lining about coming out as a victim of sexual assault, and ABC just cut her off as she was listing all the bad parts. Unintentionally funny if that was the case.
Ambitious Ambitious
Ambitious Ambitious:
Even before the pills....did the women think they were gonna watch an episode of the Cosby show👀 I don’t condone rape nor do I condone of willing prostitution, and screaming rape afterwards
Can't wait to watch the New Bill Crosby show
Sluggo Slyquanz
Sluggo Slyquanz:
No it's just that the ones who had the sense didn't have a voice in this situation but through social media we rep'd, I know you know it
The DA jacked up
Arnold Johnson
Arnold Johnson:
The lynching spirit is still at work, legal and virtual lynching.
Ralph Miller
Ralph Miller:
Bill ... Welcome to reality that at the end of the day , you still a......
The Vagabond Witch in the Woods
The Vagabond Witch in the Woods:
Yeah, I remember quaaludes. Back in the day…yeup. I don’t remember alot of the details but I remember ludes were there!
james snyder
james snyder:
this is so good
Joel Robertson
Joel Robertson:
🤔 ...Soooo, sweet potater-pops are back in season now?? 😋
Kesia Shani
Kesia Shani:
So many different stories. I don’t even know what to believe.
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts:
Don't come forward over ten years later plz, tell your story asap, it will be tuff but necessary for believability sake.
Verbal contract, he slipped through the cracks, I prefer the occasional issue to a lack of due process.
Imani Etheridge
Imani Etheridge:
That man tried to buy nbc twice that's the reason they locked him up
i2 Co-defendant
i2 Co-defendant:
Like a episode of Fat Albert, Justice prevails HEY HEY HEY 🤣👍
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson:
Bill Cosby made me consider taking up tap dancing as a adolescent.I mentioned it to my mom.