Bill Gates calls pandemic conspiracy theories about him, Dr. Fauci “crazy and evil”

Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates said in an interview Tuesday he has been taken aback by the volume of "crazy" and "evil" conspiracy theories about him and Dr. Anthony Fauci spreading on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic, but said he would like to explore what is behind them.

Gates said the millions of online posts and "crazy conspiracy theories" about him and about top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci had likely taken hold in part because of the combination of a frightening viral pandemic and the rise of social media.

"Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories," Gates said.

Gates, a billionaire who stepped down as chairman of Microsoft Corp in 2014, has through his philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, committed at least $1.75 billion to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes support for some makers of vaccines, diagnostics and potential treatments.

Since the pandemic began a year ago, millions of conspiracies have spread over the Internet, fuelling misinformation about the coronavirus, including claims that Fauci and Gates created the pandemic to try and control people, that they want to profit from the virus' spread, and that they want to use vaccines to insert trackable microchips into people.

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100+ comentarios:

Ted Sheckler
Ted Sheckler:
Why does Gates suddenly want to be a "farmer"?
Be weary of anybody who proclaims to be a philanthropist.
Kaylynn Beign (Chachafina)
Kaylynn Beign (Chachafina):
I know these elites are all about depopulation, but I hope they know, when they get to hell its gonna be really crowded.
Imagine this guy calling anything evil
John Jylanne
John Jylanne:
This interview was a mistake, just like Prince Andrew trying to address those pesky rumours.
Charles Dow Thomson
Charles Dow Thomson:
Wow, he is really struggling to keep his creepy hands down, even holding them by crossing his arms... this guy looks more like the archetype of evil everyday...
Green Team BC
Green Team BC:
5 years ago he was talking about who we should decide to
For better value of life.... now he's trying to save us ??
I don't know about conspiracy's since he has touted population control in the past to the tune of I believe 10-15%. Also I think he is buying a bunch of land in the US to get access to water rights... that is Nestle levels of evil.
Dean Kinsman (kmufc77)
Dean Kinsman (kmufc77):
There is tons of info out there to say different Bill, loads of people don't believe you. Me included.
Kimberley Clarke
Kimberley Clarke:
Gatess body language says it all...and that smirk
A L:
What a clown. These, “elites” really do think we’re all just a bunch of morons eh.
Kirk Rasmussen
Kirk Rasmussen:
Wow you are a real piece of work gates we know about you and your friends !
George Hilton
George Hilton:
Notice how he is asked a question about the accusations against him and then crosses his arms in defence as he starts to talk.
This is the man that's not even a doctor, he's not licensed as doctor, those are facts and he's making these calls? How is that? A man who stated on film invested in vaccines being the biggest investment of his life. How can he be giving any kind of advice in terms of vaccines? Isn't that a conflict of interest?
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach:
The Fauci emails are now revealing some truth.
Dupers Delight...Bill is always up to something especially things that haven't been "tried before".
Also fun things to do... look into both his and Fauci's financial ties to big pharma... interesting stock options there ol' Billy.
Jessy Nation
Jessy Nation:
He looks like he is lying.... just saying.
Funni Guy
Funni Guy:
They want you to feel stupid. They want you to feel crazy. We must evaluate the power of the elites.
Sara Marcoux
Sara Marcoux:
I guess Melinda didn't want to be called a baby/child killer/maimer anymore.
He owns a lot of farmland. Why? Something is up with that.
max ainsley
max ainsley:
Crossed arms when having to talk about accusations of wrong doing... shows anxiousness. Sinister smiling. Ye okay Bill.
“Pandemic and social media is something we never TRIED before” oups showed your cards there billy
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue:
Funniest joke I've heard all day.
Charles Dow Thomson
Charles Dow Thomson:
" working with the social media companies and explaining what we were up to in a better way" 1:06 Scary Stuff if you listen to what he is saying...
Bill Gates: blah blah blah we need to depopulate through malnutrition and vaccines
The WEF and Davos: blah blah we need to depopulate through malnutrition and vaccines
Bill Gates: I don't understand these 'cOnSpIrAsY tHeOrIeS'
This comment section is gonna be hilarous!!
sean flynn 444
sean flynn 444:
How can I trust you Bill
Also ol' Bills foundation directly funds the WHO, all accessible public record.
Jamie C
Jamie C:
Not even 30 seconds in and he lied. “Are we trying to profit from it” Billy did you forget the interview where you said vaccines were “the best investment of my life”
Our Human Rights
Our Human Rights:
The only pandemic is sheeples reaction to covid 19(84)
André Expósito
André Expósito:
This guy is smiling all time.
George Dobson
George Dobson:
Gaslighting at its finest
Unfortunately many people can’t unhear or unsee what they viewed and heard on YouTube in early 2020:

“What’s a few million dollars, when we’re talking trillions of dollars (of profits) .”
Followed by a big smile 😆
Hunter Gameson
Hunter Gameson:
Alex Markakis
Alex Markakis:
Oh silly BillyHe’s going to become a Trillionaire of this scamdemic
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson:
So what do you get when true evil calls someone else evil.
Transposed Tesseract
Transposed Tesseract:
'A combination that has never been tried before'

Try? Who plans these combinations then?
Dutch Nettoyage
Dutch Nettoyage:
They try to talk us away from what we can’t unsee ... yes we do! They are scared ... you make my skin crawl - sickos
joey helsey
joey helsey:
You can always tell when he's lying he always starts playing with his glasses or scratching his head or face the exact things they teach you what people do when their lying
The presence of social media plus a pandemic is a combination thats never been tried before🤷‍♂️
Global news immediately offers to be the PR firm for Gates - caught in the act. We can all wonder if there will be a day that Global News asks the question to Gates: Who elected you to tell Canadians what they should do on anything - you can't even get Windows to work!
46336 34
46336 34:
Says the super rich man that is most likely to be using a "ends justify the means" approach in life.....
Eric Poulos
Eric Poulos:
And of course global news will delete your comment when you post the ethical violations the bill and Melinda gates foundation was involved in.
Jeffrey Kircher
Jeffrey Kircher:
This dude is evil!!! They are not conspiracy theorys and he admits it. What a terrible person
GOD is watching you and the man who is always moving the goalposts.
Tom Walker
Tom Walker:
You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. By Abraham lincoln
Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience
-CS Lewis
Gort Newton
Gort Newton:
Yeah, we sure do believe the conspiracy theories. Arrest him.
Mama Myrt
Mama Myrt:
Why is he now just speaking out about this? Kinda like Covid is disappearing after the inaugeration
Irie Rogue
Irie Rogue:
Of course he does, what is he going to say, "dangit, ya got me!" We know about the Remdesivir stock, bruh.
Gypsy soul
Gypsy soul:
If you Google bill Gates wearing a mask you won't find one picture of this nerd wearing a mask
absurdly cute
absurdly cute:
“He required everyone—great and small, rich and poor, slave and free—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. Wisdom is needed to understand this. Let the one who has understanding solve the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.”
Revelations 13: 16-18
look up wo2020060606
"The presence of social media and pandemic is a combination that has never been tried before."- In other words people having a voice and stating out their concerns about a pandemic and vaccines was never something that ever happened before.
Jim Reitenbach
Jim Reitenbach:
The Fauci emails are now revealing some truth.
Of course he's surprised. How else to stay in the limelight?
Pro Wolf
Pro Wolf:
I hate Fauci he wants to forbid handshaking forever, but I need handshakes back when this pandemic is finally done 🤝
Tell Dr.Fauci to meet with the brothers and lets talk.. We got some hard questions..
There is much evidence for shady things going on with this pandemic... and he behaves like everything is alright, when it's not
Domini c
Domini c:
Listen guys...everything this man is saying is in reverse psychology. He's playing y'all. He's actually revealing mass truth in this video.
:Erin-Lane: Moffett.
:Erin-Lane: Moffett.:
Clearly a garbage news source allowing Ba'al Gates to spew his demonic desires to end most of humanity. What a ghoul
Brian J
Brian J:
I hope he is minimizing his carbon footprint!! What was his role in the WHO and the spread of this virus.
Insane Billy boy again
thank you mister Messiah for trying to save the world without any kind of profit!?!???
Desie Bawden
Desie Bawden:
We know how you made your money in the first place ! Off someone else’s back !
Purple TreeD
Purple TreeD:
Crazy and evil? You spot it, u got it
Bill Gates is like your classmate who talks a lot and yet nobody believes him... 😂
josh webb
josh webb:
Tarantino Made the Movie " Kill Bill "
Toren Christensen
Toren Christensen:
He's shaking
Gabriel frost
Gabriel frost:
There's a special place in hell for you Bill!🔥
Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction:
Crazy and evil sounds like a perfect description of this guy
Bolt Nation
Bolt Nation:
Event 201 from October 2019 speaks for itself. Anyone can watch it on YT as they haven't deleted it..yet.
Max Gun
Max Gun:
"The rich world will return largely to normal"

So what does he have in plan for the poor countries???!!!
Rieva Slieva
Rieva Slieva:
Now he's thinking how to get his Big Tech chums to suppress all negative views of him on social media. Easy enough if they can purge a president
Mike Austin
Mike Austin:
He's a liar. His body language spells guilt
He literally said a pandemic and social media have not been “tried before“. Who speaks like that? The word “tried“ should be very concerning to all of us.
Jay Jones
Jay Jones:
I pray day a night that this man gets everything that’s coming to him.
Hot Buttered Popcorn!
Hot Buttered Popcorn!:
Gates makes the Devil himself blush !
"Good Ole Billy Boy ", to the rescue, lol
Martin Kalimukwa
Martin Kalimukwa:
People who don't suffer from chronic illness's that they can't get treated out if their own pockets will never appreciate this man.
funk master22
funk master22:
So he says its evil to think that hes got something to do with a pandemic he predicted years in advance. Mmhmmm. And now hes in the vaccine market . mmhmmm. Somebody stop this lunatic.
Olli West
Olli West:
The devil calling something "Evil"... To be fair, he would know.
Swampfox taylor
Swampfox taylor:
One of the most vile individuals that ever walked the Earth.

TSS 28
TSS 28:
You really live in a fantasy world guys.
The look of Evil.
Dude sounds like Kermit the frog 🐸
Kyle H
Kyle H:
빌 게이츠는 악마입니다! 그는 지옥에서 썩을 수 있습니다!
Notice when he is touching his head about asking do people believe this? That’s called concern
All we need is the truth.
Lindsey Eckert
Lindsey Eckert:
Bill bought up biotech holdings in the 80s now he's a freaking doctor to the world?? Can anyone say Sociopathic?
Isaiah Razps
Isaiah Razps:
Oh billy you just want to keep us under your control we can see through you I hope your not scared stay calm for we the people will rise again
dustin cook
dustin cook:
This plays out well 6/13/2021 lmao Tell Fauci sweet emails lmao
Chris R
Chris R:
You know that thing...
When your gut tells you...
This is one of those times👎
Oh Billy, It’s funny to see you try to play god because you sold some computers.
ShdwBAN 4Posting
ShdwBAN 4Posting:
Evil: The anti Christ speaking in this video.
Interesting Bill... do you still feel the same way now that Fauci is being exposed?
Mike Sharkey
Mike Sharkey:
Gates is so full of it. What a scam.
Senator Steven Armstrong
Senator Steven Armstrong:
Of course he'd deny it. What else would he say?

"WHOOPS, you got me!"
Matthew Lemmers
Matthew Lemmers:
This man smiles at this, anyone who believes he didn't have his hand in creating this virus is a conspiracy theorist. He shouldn't even have his hand in public health. He needs to be behind a jail cell.