Bill Gates has made another chilling COVID prediction

The tech baron has made another chilling prediction about the virus while urging countries to maintain vigilance.

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LostInPA - Dad Enduro
LostInPA - Dad Enduro:
He has no college degree, no medical training, no medical education yet he has all the answers on public health policy.
When Billions ain't enough...
Willfried timon
Willfried timon:
He's right ! The next pandemia is already in a tube of a laboratory ! 😂
Maçedu V.
Maçedu V.:
What he has said about COVID, I hear everyday from my doctors in Brazil! He’s no wizard about it. 🪄
Larry Hinze
Larry Hinze:
Bill must need more to invest in the vaccines for his profits.
Unfortunately the majority of people don’t know and don’t have the slightest idea of who this man is and what he has got planned for humanity
Q's News and Entertainment
Q's News and Entertainment:
He's like an oracle! He always gets the investments in before the problem and boom! The problem occurs and then he is even invested in the corresponding effects of that problem such as food and agriculture and basically everything down the line! Guy is so smart. Him and Epstein probably talked about how they can save the world and save the children together because ya know philanthropy stuff.
robert sawchuk
robert sawchuk:
all part of his plan when you know the schedule you can make
Coda Alive
Coda Alive:
He is not medical a medical doctor, we are hearing warnings since winter although predictions are not bad. Don't underestimate number of people who have natural antibodies against omicron which isn't nearly as bad as previous versions. Judging by Spanish flue it is more or less over, if it wasn't we are much better at preventing infections or curing.
Paulo Nunes
Paulo Nunes:
The old Bill quit his job in the computers business, now he's investing in v1rus production at China's labs.
ma mu
ma mu:
In a fair world, this man should be in prison spending his sentence by now. His planned predictions are as horrible as his previous crimes.
Ace Garison
Ace Garison:
"So the first plague we made wasn't good enough. The next one will hopefully be better...or know what I meant."
It's easy to "predict" things, when you try SO HARD to make them happen...
R M:
Nice I get all my medical information from the owner of Microsoft.
That guy gives me the creeps...
raja babu
raja babu:
that means his subordinates have invented a new virus in some chinese lab....he thinks he is a god who can bring an apocalypse...
Amy v
Amy v:
Let me guess. He wants to own these hospitals etc.
Ro Bert
Ro Bert:
So, owning everthing makes you an expert in everything, I guess.
His 'predictions' are really just him boasting what he's got planned for the near future
v MoTiioNz ii
v MoTiioNz ii:
I did not care about a single word this guy said.
Dicken Bahls
Dicken Bahls:
It's as if he has foreknowledge of what's to come. I wonder how.
Thank-you Dr. Gates - I'm sure he conferred with Dr. Jill Biden before making this announcement.
Everyone’s back to work, back to school, back to traffic jams, back to the clubs, back to the bars. No one gives a f**k about COVID anymore Bill, let it go.
Somehow I doubt gates has any legitimate authority or expertise in this subject.
Antibiotic Antibiotic
Antibiotic Antibiotic:
You should call it a promise, not a prediction. He promises to do all his best in order to make the next pandemic with additional billions in his pockets.
This devil is the one controlling all of it
Great White
Great White:
With the covid even luminaries of medicine have not guessed, let alone this person who has never studied medicine in his life!!!
Caren Northcutt
Caren Northcutt:
Nice greenscreen, there, Billyboy.
I Me Myself
I Me Myself:
And he should know...But naturally..... He's got it all planned out much in advance. If an IT scientist is a know all on medical science, then i must boast that my new born child, too, predicted the war going on now. 😁😁
happy callopse
happy callopse:
To be a billionaire is also a sickness which needs to be cured
Theo Huioiesin
Theo Huioiesin:
What was the prediction? I think I missed that.
Robin Ace Ednalino
Robin Ace Ednalino:
How did he know?

I smell something fishy here Dr.Evil
larry allison
larry allison:
Bill, focus on saving animals' lives from slaughter please
Nolan Traylor
Nolan Traylor:
Lol ofc he does. He's the one behind it all 😂
Matt Barbarich
Matt Barbarich:
Was that a prediction or a threat? Maybe both.
Peter San Miguel
Peter San Miguel:
Bill is like the demons, he disguises himself as an angel of light.
🔮✨ Waou bill, you see the futur for all the world 🗺 😅👍
M M:
He knows COVID bcs he invested in COVID virus trials,
Is he an virologist ? Why would we listen to his words ?
Frank Kovak
Frank Kovak:
Im really concerned because a rich guy said so. I'll get my advice from a more intelligent source. Now let me see if my dog is awake yet.
Philip Cormier
Philip Cormier:
I've been supporting China all this time, but now this is getting ridiculous!
This guy needs to go. Permanently.
I didn't know my windblows can get infected with virus too
Ibrakhimdzhan Maksutakhunov
Ibrakhimdzhan Maksutakhunov:
The sponsor of Coronavirus speaking
rob Edwards
rob Edwards:
I would not trust a word he says
FU Google
FU Google:
He is beyond evil, yet MSM gives him a platform to speak.
Prediction??? It's a plan..... And he announcing it it's called "mental conditioning"
Nancy Dewart
Nancy Dewart:
He already has it in a vile.
mouret frederic
mouret frederic:
He is preparing thé New virus.....🤣🤣🤣🤣hé know of what hé s speaking.....
F.J Gouda
F.J Gouda:
Totally SICK ! This man !😡
Falstaff 1893
Falstaff 1893:
Don't look now but God has spoken on air!!!
Rey De Reyes
Rey De Reyes:
So wait when is he going to release this mutant vairiant on the public
This is like my doctor giving me gardening advice , he wouldnt
Saxon spirit
Saxon spirit:
Jeffrey Epstein,Bill !Do you remember ???
Anime Senpai
Anime Senpai:
Does he want to become the second coming of messiah ?
lee thai
lee thai:
make money from no accountability - complicit, ask the many families who have lost their loved ones, when denied early treatment from a generic safe medicine from a Nobel prize winning doctor, the man is a backstabber
F.J Gouda
F.J Gouda:
dean hepple
dean hepple:
Karma will sort him .
shalom 4m shalem
shalom 4m shalem:
Jesus's word is true.
Brian Jansen
Brian Jansen:
This guy makes computer software, why does anyone care what he says about your health?
We don't ask Doctors how to fix our computers. But computer guy who didn't go to college is dispensing public health advisory? Common pandemic them.
Videos are so short the adds cover the writing at the end just thought I should let someone know?
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe:
I am going to Invest in US Stocks
of Companies that Manufacture
Horse Dewormers. 🤭
Ryan Betton
Ryan Betton:
Get him off. Misinformation.
I predict Billy Gates would make 100$ of billions from his predictions.
Gina Prado
Gina Prado:
This part of a business world
Theodoros Saroukos
Theodoros Saroukos:
The devil himself
Claudia Post-Schultzke
Claudia Post-Schultzke:
Beyond everything
This old guy is a joke
LostInPA - Dad Enduro
LostInPA - Dad Enduro:
Arrest this fool
Kiran - The Tribute Channel
Kiran - The Tribute Channel:
If Bill Gates speaks,

n k
n k:
freakin bat virus was weak. throw something better at me next wave or i am deeply insulted.
Ok here we's the latest product again.
Trevor Pollock
Trevor Pollock:
58 years old & well overweight!
What could go wrong?
Max Ron
Max Ron:
Dear Bill Gates. Please stop your encouragements to restrain people and treat children. We are not. Thank you from Germany
Mecha Jay
Mecha Jay:
I'd take his "predictions" with a grain of salt.
A C:
Dr. Evil.
Phil Buell
Phil Buell:
This guy just needs a permanent dirt nap
Ken W
Ken W:
why is a computer nerd talking about a virus 🤔
Philip Cormier
Philip Cormier:
Everyone should take their masks off!
Señor X
Señor X:
And what he knows about biology and medicine?? Better talk about informatic Bill Gates
Eugene Kabamba
Eugene Kabamba:
He knows what he is doing. He is in business.
ma mu
ma mu:
He should consider going back to IT business before he ends in jail.
papadajnia 1184
papadajnia 1184:
Andy Brown
Andy Brown:
The World's overlord has said, 'blah blah blah' and so blah blah blah became the norm
Yeshua girl
Yeshua girl:
Come hai costruito la tua banca su investimenti umani.
Albert David Sutton
Albert David Sutton:
Better check the patent office.
June Boyd
June Boyd:
Take heed,the brains of the planet has spoken.
Is that it ? CLICKBAIT !
Lil Stead
Lil Stead:
What's the real agenda, Bill?
Does anyone care what Bill Gates has to say about anything?
Lea Morante
Lea Morante:
David Olson
David Olson:
He did say we have to reduce the world population!
Mike Woods
Mike Woods:
So that was the trial run huh billy what’s next .
Hey man..stop this nonsense
Samudira Vadivel
Samudira Vadivel:
I trust Bill.. Only the source can give such accurate predictions