Bill Gates on US reopening: We didn't get away with it like we thought

During a CNN coronavirus town hall with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says many US states reopened too early and said he doesn't suspect the impact from the pandemic will get better soon.

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Tony Taino
Tony Taino:
This guy gates needs to be imprisoned. Is the world gone mad?
This guys statated goal is to depopulate the world. Why is he pretending that he wants to save lives?
This man is NOT a physician. We should NOT listen to him !!!
Mily Torres
Mily Torres:
I don't trust this man...all he cares is about $$$ and thinks he is God in determining who lives or who dies...he is evil!
Holistic Life Mama
Holistic Life Mama:
Why is he taking like he’s an infectious disease expert?!
Tony Fry
Tony Fry:
Serious, this guy can't even fix a virus in the computer world...
C Allen
C Allen:
Bill looks like he's having a great time with this grand experiment he's played on the world. Diabolical.
Dorothy Bevard
Dorothy Bevard:
"The cloud we are all living under" is your Pharma propaganda
Vir Validus
Vir Validus:
This guy is the definition of snake in the grass.
If Gates want to save people in Africa, send food, not vaccines.
GetRight Construction
GetRight Construction:
Anybody who talks to this guy has ZERO CREDIBILITY
When did Bill Gates got a Medical or Scientific Degree? Bunch of HYPOCRITES!!!!!
Carla Hubbard
Carla Hubbard:
Who cares what B Gates have to say about Covid. HE IS NOT AN EXPERT
This is a joke,bill gates and dr.fauci caused the plandemic but they will solve it with an evil vaccine with microchip????
John Leslie
John Leslie:
Is there an app to go through my phone and slap that stupid smirk off bill gates face? Pls tell me there is an app.. 😩
"We didn't get away with it like we thought" He must be talking about himself and his evil elite buddies sinister plans! People are waking up! They have been exposed!
Wow. This is just sad and pathetic.
Bat Man
Bat Man:
Bill gates was on Epstein’s plane. Like a lot 😂
cock blocker
cock blocker:
Bill "Vaccines" Gates.
More people will die due to unemployment then covid-19.
Mandy Robinson
Mandy Robinson:
He wants people to go to bars and not talk...that’s why he’s scared, because we talk to each other and tell what we know and it all starts to add up!

He’s just got “people” all figured out doesn’t he? Maybe if he would factor God I to his “equations” he would see he has zero control and he’s not God! HCQ and zinc folks...bam, cure!
Debbie Taylor
Debbie Taylor:
Bill Gates is the devil, they let him talk and he is not qualified this has all been orchestrated, but they shut down real doctors down from telling the truth of what's been going on.
Set Apart
Set Apart:
Whenever Bill is about to tell another lie, he swallows his own saliva. That smirk on his face, is just ridiculous
Tales Of The Chrysalis
Tales Of The Chrysalis:
How is anyone listening to the guy who can’t handle computer viruses to inject their children??? I don’t get it
Michael Awad
Michael Awad:
Bill should give the vaccine to his children first !
Nana Mania
Nana Mania:
Sincewhen is this devilish men a doctor, no one needs his opinion,he can drawn in his money in hell
Kyle J
Kyle J:
Gates is the devil.
Jameson Hook
Jameson Hook:
bill gates was friends with jeffrey epstein .
kevin bobandy
kevin bobandy:
Event 201 playing out as planned! Great work bill!
Israelite We got next
Israelite We got next:
Bill an Melinda top scientists 🥼 of the whole world 🌍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the devil knows how to manipulate the fools 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Beckie Shafer
Beckie Shafer:
Conflict of interests when you fund and stand to gain financially
Adata Gabaldon
Adata Gabaldon:
stop leading bill we, that’s all a staging.....event 201
CNN is known to be funded by the same nwo elite whom they interviewing....
You know we're in f**ken trouble when a Medical Dr. asks a tech expert how to contain a pandemic!!
Stick to computers bill, I won’t believe a thing you say about health
Star Lord_xAE55
Star Lord_xAE55:
His smirk is so freaking creepy!
against the grain
against the grain:
Hmmm seems like this Gates fella is not well liked.
wasup fool
wasup fool:
Bill Gates is looking for a payday, he is a fraud. Years ago he was hated and in recent years he hired a public relations crew and started dressing like Mr Roger's. He is looking to make even more money with his vaccine
Ronda Cruz
Ronda Cruz:
Why is the doctor asking this evil mon advise.
this seems like a new joke. A news anchor, a fake TV Doctor and a guy who wants population reduction are all talking about stuff none of them are qualified for. what's the punch line? Cuz this really seems like a joke
Be A Blessing
Be A Blessing:
Let him and his family take that poison. WE DON'T WANT IT PERIOD
Mr AM:
Tough situation...for the cyber world that is, only a sheep would believe this bill gates guy 🙄
Shells ask me to explain the dangers of 5G. I put in under her name but not sure if it made it. so here it is for pink and anyone else that is interested. Its a bit long, with the supporting evidence, but it can't be explained in 20 seconds.
Happy to. Before we can cure anything, we must know what the problem is. Some say it is a living self replicating virus. Other doctors tell us it is a new electromagnetic field, 5G.
This is what we know.
In 1917-1918 millions died from un unknown source. It was intially assumed to be a living self replicating virus. But there was no way to prove or disprove this therory because the electron magnifer microscope had not been invented yet, therefor nobody could actually see a virus or an exosome. They are too small to be seen in a regular glass microscope. So in 1918, the Boston Health Dept. decided to investigate the contagiousness of the unknown illness ( commonly called Spanish Flu). They took in excess of 300 sick people and tried every way they knew to transfer the illness from the sick to 300 plus that were healthy. They took the snot out of the sick and put it directly into the noses of the healthy. They swabed the throats of the sick and then spread the swabs onto the throats of the healthy. They had the sick cough into the mouth, nose, and eyes of the healthy. They even took the snot from the sick and injected directly into the healthy. With all of these test, not one healthy person came up sick. The Boston Health Dept. was unable to show/demonstrate contagion. { Hmm, I wonder why this is if the Spanish flu was truely a living self replicating novil virus?} A man named Rudalf Steiner did similar test with the exact same results. Not that anymore where needed. 300 plus is proof the Spanish flu was not a living virus. These results were on file with the Boston Health dept., but at this point, the reslts of these test and findings ( along with many others, including other animals such as horses) can be found in the book "Invisible Rainbow" by Arther Firstenberg. If you like to read get the book. It has more data in it than I can present on this small post.
They conclude, Spanish flu deaths and many other pandemic deaths were from electromagnetic fields, and not from a living self replicating virus. How could it be a living virus when it was impossible to transfer it from one person to the next.
Let me pose a question. How did the Spanish flu (if it was a living novil virus originating in one spot), cover the entire planet in about 12 days when the mode of transportation was horse back and ships? Is this even possible today? But if the Spanish flu deaths were from electromagnetic radio waves, (that were erected in the same time frame,) then covering the planet in 12 days is explainable. We also note that Spanish Flu originally followed the erection of radio towers. Another question, is CV19 following 5G towers? Lets see, 5G started in Wehan, cv19 followed, then 5g rolled out on the Princes ship, cv19 followed, then it rolled out in Italy. You guessed it, cv19 followed.
What are the odds. You should remember this information, but feel free to look it up.
Lets now pick out a state such as Kansas. Of the first 22ish with cv19, 13 were tracked back over 2 weeks and none of these victims had contact with anyone else who had cv19. The health officials in Kansas were perplexed. The only thing these 22 people had in common was that they all had been near a newly activated 5G tower.
CDNN, Fox News, and probably on all the main stream TV stations. They made a mistake when they allowed this info to be announced publicly. Something they rarely do.
According to Boston Health Dept., the many doctors of the 1917-1918, ( includig Rudalf Steiner to mention one, and maybe 1/2 dozen modern doctors) electromagnetic fields have been killing people since 1917 and maybe before that. Metal inside our bodies ( such as Chem trails and mercury injected with any flu vaccine) can make a person more suseptable to electromagnetic waves. The people of the US have been covered (and our food) with teensy aluminum particals ( Chem trails) for maybe 20 years now. Why? If they ( gov./shadow gov. globalist) were trying to block sunlight impacting the earth, ( as they claim) they could do that over unpopulated deserts, oceans, and Alaska, which has near zero population and near zero food production.
It seems obvious they want us to absorb the teensy particles of aluminum for some reason. Could it be to enhance the 5G electromagnetic field? It is certain to be doing just that.
Another question, why does youtube censor 5g more than anything else?
Watch the minor stuff like schools closed, voting, riots, and anything else of interest, that is what the globalist are hoping you do,
but please keep 1/2 of your attention on 5G. I promise the globalist are. According to Dr. Cowen ( below), 5G is not compatible with health. It is a water destructuring device. We are electrical beings and the chemical of our body is only a by-product of those electrical impulses. In other words, 5G is deadly to our bodies.
I have one insider who on occassion tells me a bit more information than most are privledged. He told me that one of the globalist remarked, "most won't have a clue what is happening". Is he right? Are most of us totally in the dark? Pastor Linsey Williams ( who claims to have lived with the globalist for 3 years), was told by the globalist, the bodies will be so thick on our streets that they are concerned about how they will dispose of them.

You can look up Dr Kaufman, Dr. Rushid Buttar, Dr. Cowen, Dr. Shiva, and the list goes on to see what their views are regarding 5G electromagnetic fields. (
DR. Judy Mikovits is below). One black doctor who says cv19 is nothing more than an exosome, once worked for the WHO.
Those who do their research will no doubt run accross him. For some, it might be better to read the book, The Invisible Rainbow.
Does anyone reading this think cv19 just happened? I have know it was coming since 2010. But my source said the pandemic was sceduled for 2022.
If you don't believe cv19 was planned, explain this from 2012.
Olympic show
The opening ceremony of Olympic games in London, 2012 was Predictive programing

Want to take the Bill Gates RFID chip patended world order 2020 060606?
Mark of the beast . Its ready and waiting! Or choose your favorite FEMA camp.
Patent on RFID chip.- Patent # WO 2020 060606

Dr. Thomas Cowen--10 min. CV19 is actually an exosome.
Lets give Fauci a hand.

We are being duped about everything folks. I have know it for 20 years, but how do we convince the brainwashed TV watchers?
You want to take their vaccine?
4 die from cv19 vaccine

Baby mentally ill from vaccine.

DR. Judy Mikovits--Whistle blower This doctor, who worked for Fauci, presented proof that 25 million were killed by vaccine.

Listen to Aaron Russo

So what is the cure to CV19? Turn off the 5G towers.
Daily HipHopLive
Daily HipHopLive:
why are we even listen to Bill Gates how did he become this figure we need to listen to about current who designated him in this position/
Tanya Bonnette
Tanya Bonnette:
Bill Gates hates people. Why ask him? He's no Dr!
Elaine Wilhelm
Elaine Wilhelm:
Gates has no medical credentials, this is about depopulation not saving humanity!
Truth Matters!
Truth Matters!:
Teach us more about how you learned about eugenics?
*A short Summary*

So what did Gates do?
1. Stole most code from others and patented it, while he got help from IBM as his mother had powerful connections to IBM's board of directors, which she asked for help.

2. Monopolized the market.

3. Lobbyism to get rid of worker rights

4. Tax evasion/ tax optimization

5. Use that money he ripped of from society to invest in weapons, pharmaceuticals, prisons, coal and oil etc.

6. Controls large parts of the health sector(pharmaceuticals) and is the largest donor (around 15%-22%) of the WHO, in which he controls certain projects directly and has a massive influence.

7. Invests in various news papers, universities and tries to control information flow and content.

8. His vaccine programs in India led to a supreme court case, because they vaccinated children without the consent of their parents, of which a few died and many developed serious disabilities.

9. Promotes the complete digitalization of a centralized monetary system to control and observe all monetary transactions.

10. Gates promotes, at least to some extent the ideas behind eugenics, which both of his parents heavily supported.

11. Hung out several times with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and lied about it multiple times on record when he was asked whether they hung out together.

12. He wants to vaccinate 7 billion people to prevent a second or third SARS-COV2 wave, even when its existence is in great doubt. In addition, he does not want to pay for severe side effects that such a quickly developed vaccine would incurr with his own money, but with tax payer's money. Of course he wants the manufacturer of the company, of which he holds shares, not to be held responsible for any kind of "product damages".

13. Aims to promote his philantropic image by influencing history, censoring critical information, e.g. he funds an association which combats "fake news" (aka information which do not serve his interests).

This is all public information. I don't want to know what his real intentions are behind closed doors...
Derek Robertson
Derek Robertson:
I've never seen 3 people blink so damn much.
Rico & Pine
Rico & Pine:
You know we're in f**ken trouble when a TV Dr. actor asks a mass murderer how to contain a scamdemic!!
Tim Banman
Tim Banman:
Bill Gates has an evil celebratory smile.
Pete Swanson
Pete Swanson:
The germ theory is DEAD DEAD DEAD!! we don’t need or want your vaccine Bill!!
Dub Konnection
Dub Konnection:
Meanwhile we are commenting economy is collapsing ...
Why was he on Epstien’s island?
Scott Young
Scott Young:
Ok Bill has an agenda with his partners I crime BIG PHARMA & DR.FAUCI! Misinformation and totally disingenuous Covid Cover up! Bill is not a doctor's has no certification or expertise in medicine .
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones:
look at these soulless sellouts....
jon davis
jon davis:
When I saw this. There was 666 views. How odd.
‘Modified approaches’...introduces “the chip” 🧐🤨
Wayward News
Wayward News:
The risk of infection with a common cold... there's no pandemic in the numbers, only on TV and with Bill 'I want to sell you a vaccine that doesn't work and with a 20:1 returnrate' Gates...
King King
King King:
Why is he smiling like he wanted to happen made it happen
End The Lies Now
End The Lies Now:
Its disgusting that CNN would have this sociopath on....
Man Man
Man Man:
These goofy nerdy dudes making diseases in Labs then want to sell you the cure sorry we don't want it
Lol Cooper's worried about his affiliation with epstein coming to light
Why killer gate is talking acting like he’s a doctor wtf
Marie C.
Marie C.:
Bill Gates is laughing at us because the whole planet believed his hoax ,, nobody was smart enough to know that ppl were dying ftom their own diseases and listed as covid hoax ..
JJ skyflyer
JJ skyflyer:
He does not impress me I have not really heard him say anything insight for real intelligence. When did the computer guy become the diseases guy?
roddy hope
roddy hope:
So Bill Gates knows the future.

October 2019: Event 201 was a tabletop exercise that simulated a global pandemic, which resulted from a new coronavirus. (hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum. )

WHO Director General is the mouthpiece of China. Gates has helped China elites build wealth and Gates donates millions to WHO's vaccine dept.

2017 Fauci predicted a "surprise outbreak" in the Trump administration. So Fauci is Nostradamus?

In 2015 Fauci/NIH/Obama gives research on weaponizing viruses (including coronavirus) to Wuhan Lab in China, along with a $3.7 million grant.

Fauci is all about the vaccines. Keeps saying we should have one within several months. Aren't vaccines supposed to be tested for about 15 or so years first?

Vaccine effectiveness for flu has been as low as 0%. There has never been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus.

In 2009, WHO changed the definition of "pandemic" to be less specific and were accused of using that to overstate the danger of an upcoming flu to benefit vaccine manufacturers. (Sound familiar?)

Gates argues that the world will need 7 billion doses eventually, and to add to newborn immunization schedule. That's a lot of money. Does Gates or Fauci have any connection to the vaccine companies?

Big tech is deleting videos by doctors who don't agree with WHO and the media narrative. Gates influence?

Maybe Gates knows the future because he helped to create it.
Rusty Sim
Rusty Sim:
Wow just listening to this helps me realize why so many people have no idea what is going on. CNN promotes stupidity
GetRight Construction
GetRight Construction:
I can't handle this anymore we were estimating 2 million deaths in the US we only have 7% of that!!!!!!!!!!!! We did good wtf I lost my small business we need to go back to work for real we all need to go back to work and now unemployment has been reduced no more $600/mo how are we going to survive this Xmas will be so terrible if you all don't stand up for facts!!!!!!!
Champion Mountain
Champion Mountain:
anyone trust Bill? I don’t trust Andersons opinion or motive either🤮
Matt S
Matt S:
Stop deleting my comments YouTube.
1n Million
1n Million:
When did you go from programming computers to programming humanity? Your a computer guy NOT a Medical doctor! This all is a huge Conflict of interest.! Oh your asking Bill Gates who is heavily vested interest as a vaccination producer speak on viruses. This is a joke!
Eric Gabriel
Eric Gabriel:
why is a doctor deferring to a former software engineer on health related issues .. I'm puzzled by this fact
Diane Smith
Diane Smith:
Schools and Day Cares were always a germ-fest. 🤷‍♀️ Nothing new here.
Star Lord_xAE55
Star Lord_xAE55:
If only Bill bite his pinky and say
"1 Billion people!".
paul sciria
paul sciria:
Bill Gates is EVIL......just in general
Has Bill Gates or his wife and children ever received a vaccine? And why is he even speaking on this, he's not even a doctor.
Katina Newkirk
Katina Newkirk:
Bill Gates will be held accountable for all the death an blood on his hands. He is the father of planned parenthood and wants depopulation. Yeah NO I will NOT CONFORM
JJ skyflyer
JJ skyflyer:
Did he really just say if people went to bars and did not talk and just drink it will be okay? LOL
Adata Gabaldon
Adata Gabaldon:
Bill you’ll always pause when about to tell a lie....your worse than....e....
Lex Ruga
Lex Ruga:
The lies this man has told to experiment on our children.
melissa smith
melissa smith:
That evil smirk he always has on his face is so annoying. He's loving all of this chaos and death. He's the Devil...
5:05 All these leaders who act like they've never made any mistakes need to watch this. See how Bill laughs as his failed prediction? Amazing.
Chuck Schenck
Chuck Schenck:
Wasn't his wife wearing upside down crucifix on a morning talk.
Tony Fry
Tony Fry:
Bill should try this vaccine on his whole family first then the CNN network, all the Democrats should be the placebo group....
Germinal Lantigua
Germinal Lantigua:
Why don’t you talk about the news media coverage In African nations that do not want to be guinnie pigs for his vaccine trials........ SHOW ALLLLLL NARATIVES!!
Red Pill awokenone
Red Pill awokenone:
Ask him about the deadly vaccines and about the vaccines causing autism and other physical and mental damage to the human population..CNN
Richard Ulveling
Richard Ulveling:
Creepy I always count 6 fingers when he waves his hands around in a fast motoon
Mily Torres
Mily Torres:
He is a hypocrite very insensitive.
He wants everything close shut down to make the situation look like a caos and obligate population to vaccinate.They are telling doctors to write cause of death covid9 when in reality it was not a virus but a health condition.
Open your Eyes
Open your Eyes:
I’m glad more people are waking up in the comments 👏👏👏
WEF The Great Reset (World Economic Forum) Straightforward - the economic and social impacts are their Great Reset program they make no apologies or try to hide it. UN Agenda 2030 the Green New Deal imposed in it full terror.
John Wick
John Wick:
He just said we can only go back to normal after vaccines. How can anyone deny mandatory vaccines are coming, they wont let you buy sell, or go to work without it
Peter P
Peter P:
Interesting how bill gates names scandinavia as one of the countries who had better track of the virus when it's actually the opposite. In sweden nobody wears masks and people behave like nothing was happening. Both bill and scandinavia cannot be trusted.
lngo G
lngo G:
Gates of Hell.
Amen Hallelujah
Amen Hallelujah:
Bill Gates must be arrested for crimes against humanity
Always smirking and giggling at negative things.
Jason Esnard
Jason Esnard:
Bob Owens
Bob Owens:
I would trust the safety of my child in a cage of lions more than any medical product that gates has anything to do with and that's an understatement.
Miggy Z
Miggy Z:
When Bill "Dance Hands" Gates puts on his sweater, he thinks conjuring up Mr Rogers can hide his pointy Horns 😈
These three will spend eternity together.
John Kay
John Kay:
this guy is patenting a genocide DONT GET THE VACCINE