Bill Gates Warns The "Next Pandemic" Is Coming After Covid-19 - And How To Stop It | MSNBC

Bill Gates famously warned about the risk of a pandemic in 2015, and in 2021 he offers ideas on vaccines and preparing for the next pandemic. Gates stresses that spending in advance is actually quite a “bargain” compared to the cost of reacting to a pandemic once it ravages the world and cripples the economy. Gates also discusses tech regulations, attacks on him and Dr. Fauci, systemic racism, tax policy and his reaction to being cited in so many rap songs, in this debut of The Summit Series, a collection of in-depth interviews with leaders at the summit of their fields by MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 01/28/2021.
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Bill Gates Warns The "Next Pandemic" Is Coming After Covid-19 - And How To Stop It | MSNBC

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100+ comentarios:

T F:
We have a saying in Japan,
"Only the criminal who set fire can tell you when the next fire will be"
lisa weaver
lisa weaver:
He is an evil man. Why is a computer guy acting like he’s in the medical field 🙄
Alex Clark
Alex Clark:
He looks like he's trying to hold back a huge grin while talking about all this. This guy is evil
Christian Hennessey
Christian Hennessey:
"When the devil lies, he speaks from his nature, for he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning." Jesus Christ
Che Lee
Che Lee:
He doesn't predict the next pandemic. He is funding it.
Lisa Sweet
Lisa Sweet:
This shyt is crazy. He literally telling us another plandemic is coming, that he created.
The Time of the Wolf
The Time of the Wolf:
The most evil people in the world like to call themselves "philanthropists"
Kiana Kamminga
Kiana Kamminga:
Most people say "so and so is playing God" however, this guy is just playing the devil's role
Mike James
Mike James:
Bill Gares……Mr Evil who presents himself as the nerdy good guy !
BLK Diamond
BLK Diamond:
I am still confused as to how a computer programmer became the spokes person for COVID and the entire world...
Vitaly G
Vitaly G:
It's easy to predict the future when you invent it.
jean sampson
jean sampson:
When someone has their arms crossed when being asked a question that’s him being uncomfortable and hiding something!
chrisopher erwin
chrisopher erwin:
India kicked this guy out for his polio vaccine. With all the better regulations here, how is he still the face of vaccines. Hes caused more mutations than cures
Zesty Burrito
Zesty Burrito:
Bill "there will be another pandemic" Gates is already planning the next big opening.
Nekesha Prince
Nekesha Prince:
He won't be smiling when he stands before the most high. I don't know who told him he has a VVIP Pass for sickness and death.
Dan Bruffell
Dan Bruffell:
Of course he knows what the future holds... The world leaders are in his pocket...
Bob Guntow
Bob Guntow:
He became an expert on pandemics when he became interested in depopulation. That is why he is so smug and got a little smile on his face on what is going on. Depopulation in progress.
Why doesn’t he focus on protecting his software from viruses?
Zz Zz
Zz Zz:
It’s not a warning ,it’s more like a promise .
Bill Gates walks into a pizza shop and says, “Make me one with everything”.
Horrid manipulative man. You are destroying humanity, but I imagine that’s the plan.
Corey Drum
Corey Drum:
Imagine being so simple you still believe what the media says.
Azriella Ripley
Azriella Ripley:
What about ALL that farmland he just got, he'll starve us next.
James Smith
James Smith:
They forgot in his introduction.. "Eugenicist" and "genocidal maniac"
Phillip stroll
Phillip stroll:
When did gates become a virologist? Or a doctor of any type for that matter? When did a computer programmer become a world leader and dictator?
absurdly cute
absurdly cute:
he is OBSESSED with vaccines, it’s so creepy!!!
Nicole Kellidis
Nicole Kellidis:
Why is this guy allowed to talk about health decisions when he isn't a doctor. He should be in jail for the manipulation and fraud he made around covid19
ndifor divine
ndifor divine:
This is disturbing. Are we listening to a Microsoft CEO or to a health specialist?
Terry Cooper
Terry Cooper:
I'd like to see Gates publicly take the vaccine administered by Rand Paul.
Jason Black
Jason Black:
I can't honestly take seriously a news network that smugly says "trust the experts" while airing Nostradumbass-esque predictions from a college dropout who made his fortune in an entirely unrelated field.
Kamil Zegarlicki
Kamil Zegarlicki:
What's a favourite book of Bill? " The Neverending Story".
Plant_i_fullife by Kateryna
Plant_i_fullife by Kateryna:
Pay attention at his body language. He is crossing his hands almost all the time....
Unknown Stranger
Unknown Stranger:
A guy who smiles when talking about dying people should make people question his intentions
Mylene Alarmado
Mylene Alarmado:
The way he talk as if he's a doctor. He is evil.
After all his wife came to know that her husband was a murderer
Carva Lone
Carva Lone:
And now he's "predicting" the NEXT one!!?? So they're just gonna keep performing these "real world exercises"(per Pompeo) until, what? What are they trying to get right?
Mihai Mihaiela
Mihai Mihaiela:
Please God save us from this evil,don’t let him be more powerful than you….
Charles H
Charles H:
He's been saying for years that he planned to invest in vaccines.
PeaceAndL ove
PeaceAndL ove:
Well, he doesn’t need us any more, he’s rich enough. Now, he wants the whole earth to himself….depopulation!
alfred hamer
alfred hamer:
He can't even make his own software healthy without viruses
erh yj
erh yj:
When did a person that makes computer viruses and makes millions from it all of a sudden be an expert on making money from a human virus or did I just answer my own question
ron lynch
ron lynch:
We have a saying in jamaica,
"Only the criminal who set fire can tell you when the next fire will be"
and his guys pals with Epstein,
Brypto Burrency
Brypto Burrency:
“I think technology has done some amazing things” like make chem trails
Emilie Etoiles
Emilie Etoiles:
But how does he knows theres another pandemic? Oh that's right they plan it.
Information Warfare
Information Warfare:
Why is an ex-businessman and software developer the go-to guy we turn to for advice on the future of world health management?
Lorraine Daley
Lorraine Daley:
Villains love to tell you what they are gonna do next.
Ambrosia Alette
Ambrosia Alette:
He predicted this 4 years prior? "Germ games?" "This time people will pay attention?" Medicine...society....what is his job?
Kimber Nineteen Eleven
Kimber Nineteen Eleven:
When he’s traveling on private jets to a private Island in the Bahamas, Mr. Bill likes to play Doctor.
He's really mad at us normal people for finding out about his visits at Epstein Island.
I will believe this minion the first Sunday there’s no mass.
Christian Hennessey
Christian Hennessey:
He actually believes we and God do not know what he is doing.
"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' "
"The wicked says in his heart, 'There is no judgement.' "
Enzo Dyne896
Enzo Dyne896:
How come he was able to predict the current pandemic? Does this mean it really is man-made?
Cheetah Cub
Cheetah Cub:
After so many years and Microsoft still has many bugs. I would not trust anything Bill says.
This man don’t care he makes way to much money off this.
Tristy Morphy
Tristy Morphy:
This is a Nice video.... So inspiring but do anyone knows about expert Mrs Stella. Mrs Stella mark is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Peter Thomsen
Peter Thomsen:
Nobody can predict anything except if they make it to happen .
A K:
Interesting that suddenly there's going to be more pandemics 🤔. He's at it.
His smirk when they show himself on screen is disgusting. He had to take a drink of coffee to hide it. Smug f$&k.
Pedro Espinal
Pedro Espinal:
This guy been talking about vaccines for years and now he finally got what he wanted.
He is a devil in disguise. No to him i disagree with him and his experimentation!
Moises Zambrano
Moises Zambrano:
Bill looks like he's on drugs when he keeps moving his arms like that 😳
Ice Canada
Ice Canada:
You guys need to get off social media like Facebook and so, stop liking, posting, and so forth. Take your power back and meet your friends for a coffee the old school way.
Andrew McAllister
Andrew McAllister:
What a liar, any investigator can tell he’s being very deceptive
Petet Xul
Petet Xul:
*Anybody else surprised the COMMENTS SECTION is still on?*
C J:
He says .. the good thing govt did is to order vaccination, that sounds sic!
"The CDC is the most respected health organization" as he vigorously shakes his head no... He doesn't even believe his own bs
Crystal Greco
Crystal Greco:
How many times he says "ugh" ah, ah, uh, uh, just like Joe Biden that lies every single time he opens his orifice.
Follojesus FJ
Follojesus FJ:
Interviewer: You warned about being ready in 2015 for a Pandemic
Bill Gates: There will be a Next Pandemic.....Sips 🍵tea!
Rachel Musogota
Rachel Musogota:
And you’re still going to tell me it’s not *PLANdemic* ?🥴🤔
Scotty Mac
Scotty Mac:
Dr Gates in short “Basically I am making more $ than ever. Thank you.”
He is waiting... with bells on. Chomping at the bits is an understatement!
The Time of the Wolf
The Time of the Wolf:
Darkseid and Thanos got nothing on the ultimate supervillain Bill "the demon" Gates. He is already saying what he and his G7 buddies plan to do next.
B H:
12:25, He " gives his wealth away" because the foundation is tax exempt. Period!
It’s easy to “predict” epidemics when you’re the one creating them
Gabriel Barry
Gabriel Barry:
What’s scary to me is how many times he says we should be more like “South Korea”..
GSD Doggo
GSD Doggo:
He has already made a huge investment in companies which will provide vaccines for that disease. Now he is figuring out a way to create that disease.
Veil Break
Veil Break:
Bill Gates is always on the verge of laughing. He's just a character, an actor. None of these 'celebrities' on the world stage are real. They're reading scripts, they wear disguises ...Melinda is played by actor Kevin Kline, absurd as it sounds, it's true. Melinda was also played by a totally different person ten years or so ago. Just look at 'her' photos. Its undeniable. We dont see who's really controlling things. They dont go on tv every 5 minutes. Look into 'actor based reality'
You mean “Plandemic”? What makes him a medical expert? He Bill, haven’t you made enough money yet?
It's NOT about him "predicting" anything, it's about him PLANNING IT!
Oh yeah, he would no the next pandemic is coming. He's behind the forces who are creating them!
Robert Chalk
Robert Chalk:
spending the money he made to help others? really? He is changing his tune..many times he's bragged about the huge return from vaccines he is intent on bringing to the world..come on..
Lesley D
Lesley D:
Read the Bible, it’s all part of the end times!!! Only way out of this is to come to God.
J C:
I don't really care to be honest. Earth is an asylum in space anyway.
dv fallon
dv fallon:
Please God Protect us from his " Philanthropy " 🙏🙏🙏
Joseph R.R.
Joseph R.R.:
The next pendemic might 10 times more than corona do.
M H:
Bravo people for seeing through the garbage I love the comments! Cheers 🥂 to us!
Squishy Spud
Squishy Spud:
Evil Gates sounds like a soul-less ghoul, talking in his nasal robotic monotone. Most villains don't have a wife.
BB Sal
BB Sal:
I think they really get excited telling us about the next great wave. They really get off on all this control and fear mongering.
who else clicked NOT to listen to a global depopulation sociopath, but to read the comments about him?
Deplorable Cat
Deplorable Cat:
7:18 well looks like we found out about fauxi through his emails, eh?
Whooooooo the folding of the arms. Is that not a sign where investigators understand that motion as Deception (Screenshot)
You want peace in the world, you have to remove this despicable character for good!
Sophia Roma
Sophia Roma:
It surprises me how these people are still walking around.
So because he's Rich he knows all about how to fix this? He's not a scientist, he's not a doctor oh, he's not a virologist, he's an entrepreneur who happens to be pretty smart when it comes to computer stuff. Why are we even listening to him?
Ralf Willemse
Ralf Willemse:
At least "they" are sharing their plans primary, instead of lying after the harm is done. Run forrest RUN!
Matthijs Stellaard
Matthijs Stellaard:
Does he have a glass ball to see future with haha
Zara'a Al
Zara'a Al:
His wife divorced him for this reason, sure she knows what is going on and she can't talk about it
Garden City
Garden City:
How can we take advice from a good friend of Epsteins? At best he's a creep!
Kimberly Kidd
Kimberly Kidd:
So he has info on the next pandemic and knew of the last one before it so this guy is dirty! Money and power!
Deborah Compton
Deborah Compton:
He’s insane!