Bill Paxton Tribute (A Supercut Of His 20 Best Roles)

As big fans of Bill Paxton we wanted to make a tribute with what we think are his greatest roles, and also our favorite roles, that he has played. We think he was one of the most underrated actors out there, and we’re sad we won’t get to see him on the big screen anymore. We will miss you, Bill.

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Burger Fiction
Burger Fiction:
These were our favorite Bill Paxton roles. Did yours make the list? Let us know your favorites. Bill might be gone, but we can still celebrate his work.
How did Bill Paxton never win an Academy Award? His performance in "Twister" was gold.
Minefred Von Cryptoven
Minefred Von Cryptoven:
Best supporting actor ever. Every movie he played in just became instantly more funny/cool.
Cyrus Blackwood
Cyrus Blackwood:
Bill Paxton is a damn legend, I can't imagine growing up without him in cinema
Go Away Jason
Go Away Jason:
bill Paxton will forever be remembered as a fantastic actor. R.I.P
Ben Bradshaw
Ben Bradshaw:
Bill Paxton, a man that helped create so many of my absolute favorite movies from the 80's and 90's and thus gave me so much enjoyment and great memories. He'll never know this about some guy who grew up in Northampton and is now living in Burton-upon-Trent in England, but I certainly won't be the only one that feels this way. Thanks Bill, hope you enjoyed your work as much as I have through the years!
Андрей Васильев
Андрей Васильев:
Extremely underrated actor. So many iconic characters, grew up on his movies and roles. Rest in peace.
Roy W-G
Roy W-G:
Loved him in edge of tomorrow! Hudson in Aliens was greatness.
Jane Campion
Jane Campion:
Bill Paxton always stole all the scenes and put a wide, genuine grin of happiness on my mug more than any other actor on screen.
Georgie Thumbs
Georgie Thumbs:
Someone told me he has "Game over man" on his tombstone. That crazy
1:11 Bill Paxton wrote Louise on his body armor, after his real-life wife, Louise Newbury. I think that's swell.
OMG! That was Bill Paxton in True Lies... Damn that guy was a good actor.
Bill Michael
Bill Michael:
Bill Paxton was in EVERYTHING. Anything worth watching, he was in it...!!!!
Wilhelm Heinzerling
Wilhelm Heinzerling:
Damn Bill Paxton went in on every signle role. One of the most underrated
I was admiring his talent just days before the sad news. Specificallly his role in True Lies was fascinating as I admired his boldness for playing such a pathetic character with some embarassing revelations.

His roles were always fresh from one another even when playing a character that shared traits with another. For example, he could play a douchebag like in Weird Science and in True Lies but make them entirely different. He could be cocky like in True Lies and in Aliens but make them different. He could play a soldier like in Aliens and Edge of Tomorrow but make them different. He could play an explorer space like in Apollo 13, dive deep into the waters in Titanic, and chase tornadoes on land in Twister.

A lot of actors could play all these roles and you'd just see the same character in different scenarios. He's truly a remarkable talent. Farewell, Bill Paxton.
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson:
B Paxton was in all 3 of my fav sci-fi genres Terminator, Aliens, and Predator.
This list is incomplete without his best role as Coconut Pete
Karla Straight
Karla Straight:
What a great tribute- damn good for you! His wonderful movie Fraility is still so underrated and unknown, and he's such a heartbreaker in Twister. Lance Henriksen has shared some wonderful memories over the years of the films they worked on together especially the hilarity of the filming the Aliens "knife scene". Oh Bill, how we will miss you
He’s a legend, such a shame he passed, we miss you Mr. Paxton!
WolfThornn Holtzklau
WolfThornn Holtzklau:
Miss you Bill. You played some of the most memorable and enjoyable film characters of all time and you'll always be remembered.
Ty MacDougall
Ty MacDougall:
The titanic scene was purposely overacting at its finest. Bravo. Paxton is a legend
When I saw Bill on Twister as a kid I knew he was awesome, then I found out he was a fellow Texan. R.I.P Bill Paxton
Caroline Groat
Caroline Groat:
This is a beautiful and touching tribute, do you think you could make one for Alan Rickman?
Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson:
absolutely beautiful rest In peace Bill Paxton you will live forever in our memories
Luke M
Luke M:
RIP Hudson. We love you. You gave us some great memories.
Andrew /\ H-TOWN
Andrew /\ H-TOWN:
Damn never realized he was in titanic RIP
Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai:
So glad you included his role on Agents of Shield. He was so great as a villain on that show.
Lawrence Calablaster
Lawrence Calablaster:
I know that this is his top 20, but I'll always also remember Bill as the theme park guy from Spy Kids 2 :)
Jonathan Abbott
Jonathan Abbott:
A beautiful tribute to Bill Paxton. This was a lovely, moving and wonderful video. I love this channel. So happy to have discovered you guys.
Chris van Dijk
Chris van Dijk:
Thanks man, was touching, especially the end.
A simple plan is so criminally underrated it makes me sick! Sam Raimi is a hell of a director
misfit danzig
misfit danzig:
I love you Bill Paxton you're awesome especially as Hudson. When I heard he died I said and text "game over man".
Lawrence Calablaster
Lawrence Calablaster:
RIP Bill Paxton: never again will you be confused with Bill Pullman.
Honestly, you were pretty brilliant, sir :)
Dušan Cholvad
Dušan Cholvad:
Many who look at this seem to come to the conclusion that he wasn't that much of an actor because he seemed to simply be natural. Nonetheless, there is always a reason behind such a big success. His main strength was his elusive ability to make the movies he starred in great. He was a master in improving the atmosphere on the set and making people around him shine due to his love for the job and his respect for other actors. To me, he was/is one of Hollywood's best!
Quality! I think that best describes him as an actor. You never thought "Bill Paxton sucks in this movie" because you knew he didn't. He wasn't someone I loved,but that was because I took what he brought on the screen for granted. I expected greatness and he never failed to deliver.
This is the best Bill Paxton tribute on YouTube, no question.

No other actor could make a weirdo or an asshole seem so charming.
This was really lovely. RIP, Mr. Paxton.
Johnathan Tyler
Johnathan Tyler:
Bill was a treasure, man. I was honestly sad when I read that he had died. He was an amazing actor.
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose:
I remember after watching Twister at the young age of 3, my life long dream was to be in a movie with Bill Paxton. But when news came that he had died, it hit me harder than the chunk of cell tower Jonas's truck took during the last tornado.
Janus Kaminsky
Janus Kaminsky:
His performance in Near Dark's bar scene should be taught in acting and film schools!
Bruce Lombardo of Dix Division
Bruce Lombardo of Dix Division:
Miss you, Bill. God rest you.
My granddaughter fell in love with Bill Paxton at the age of five after watching Twister. It was hard for me to tell her when he passed away. He stole every scene.
Troy Hammersmith
Troy Hammersmith:
Love it - thanks for putting it together - RIP Bill :(
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips:
No matter the role you always remembered his character. "I'm short, man!".... All servicemen know that line and how it was delivered!
Rick Weiss
Rick Weiss:
Looong before his time! Love you bill. Whether it be a serious role or comedic, the stage is yours now!
Very well done on this video. Great moments from great films from a great actor showing his versatility incredibly well.
Military History Guy
Military History Guy:
If he had only ever been in Aliens he would still be one of my favorite actors ever
John Hancock
John Hancock:
Watched Frailty back in 2001, Bill Paxton's directorial debut. Wicked little film, totally original and awesome!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
Highly highly underrated actor. Will remember him fondly 🇦🇺
You will be missed “the gift that keeps on giving “ RIP 👍
Paul Forstall
Paul Forstall:
This was great. I thought I knew what his best performance was and then scene after scene I change my mind and say, "oh wait, no. This is his best role" he was just always great
Damn, I was already emotional and then Philip Seymour Hoffman showed up...
shravan singh
shravan singh:
Always loved his performances. A true shape-shifter!
Carlo Magno
Carlo Magno:
RIP Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton's death really hit me hard. I grew up watching the movie Twister and thoroughly enjoyed every role he played through the years.
Chiles Russell-Taylor
Chiles Russell-Taylor:
R.I.P Bill Paxton. You Will Truly Be Missed!
Lisa Leone
Lisa Leone:
The Dark Backward........ cult classic. Bill was always one of my favorite actors to watch.
Jody Williams
Jody Williams:
Frailty is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can't think of many movies creepier than that. I won't ruin it for anyone. Go watch it.

God bless, Bill. We miss you.
Excellent tribute. RIP Bill ✨
Brady Galloway
Brady Galloway:
Wonderful tribute to my favorite actor. Thank you.
I love Bill's work! Just saw the movie The Vagrant. The movies he were in may it be a small or a big role he made it shine.
S Erich
S Erich:
Yep, Bill Paxton was one of the best!!! Made it real!
Ty MacDougall
Ty MacDougall:
One of the best, from frailty to terminator the man killed it.
Great tribute, thanks.
I think my favourite role he ever did was Near Dark. Criminally unknown and criminally under rated. Paxton wasn't a conventional 'good' actor, no Oscars for for immaculate good taste, but, you sure as hell remembered him in anything he was in, and, in all seriousness, that is a huge fucking motherfucker of a tribute to his amazing talent. People complaining down thread that he wasn't a good actor should step back and think about how godamned entertaining he was in every single appearance he ever made. Balls of steel, and the talent to swing those balls madly in all directions. You will be missed Mr Paxton and thank Christ for your moment on this here planet, because you sure as hell made it a better place to be.
Mister Impervious
Mister Impervious:
"Welcome to the future bruh!!" Man I can remember all the times in elementary and middle school we watched a lot of Paxtons' films. Rest on.
Harrison McKinney
Harrison McKinney:
Big love was an incredible show and he was incredible in it.
Soviet II
Soviet II:
Whether you are fighting the baddest ass Aliens with Vasquez, Ripley and Hudson, trying to find the Heart of the Ocean ( Titanic ), staring down the Terminator ( in the original ), or trying to help a lady move past losing her father to an F5 tornado ( Twister ) - we just love you and miss you in everyway... see you again Bill, on the other side.
Triggered Cat
Triggered Cat:
Forgot he was one of the guys in Terminator. I LOVED him in Twister. He was a handsome man, gone too soon.
François Thouvenin
François Thouvenin:
Great actor, great guy. So sorry he died so young. May he rest in peace.
Marcel Costache
Marcel Costache:
Rest in peace Legend.
greg k
greg k:
one of my favorite lines... this little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training... "why don't you put her in charge?"
Beto T
Beto T:
I love his role as Hudson (Aliens) and later as The Lone Rangers in Predator...he was so funny
Amazing actor.
J.R. Foster
J.R. Foster:
So from "Tombstone" onward... That is the Bill I knew!!! Man he really came into his own in the roles since that film!!!
Lee Anne
Lee Anne:
I love Bill Paxton, he does not deserve to be gone .. a pure awesome person
Michael Butcher
Michael Butcher:
Probably my favourite actor. Has all the best lines and scenes
try new hard stuff pls!
try new hard stuff pls!:
One of my favourites. RIP
MiguelJ 0727
MiguelJ 0727:
Joanna Huett
Joanna Huett:
Very well done. I'm sure Bill would be honored by this. I had no idea he was in so many features.
Kevin GHOST Needham
Kevin GHOST Needham:
I will miss Bill Paxton as well. Seen a few of his movies. My favorite is Aliens, Predator 2, Weird Science, Titanic, Terminator, oh and Tombstone. He was just a great actor who was so funny. Rest in peace my friend.
Unversed 333
Unversed 333:
6:30, Here's an interesting fact: the final season of Agents of SHIELD featured a younger version of Paxton's character John Garrett, played by his actual real life son James Paxton.
Jason's Reviews
Jason's Reviews:
Twister is my all time favorite movie Rest Peace Bill Paxton
That was beautiful, thank you so much. Check out my humble edit of BIll's career if you get a chance.
Streets of Fire, Terminator, Commando, Aliens and many many more... 😢
James Lyman
James Lyman:
He seemed like such a warm personable guy.
Still a lil tear in the eye 😢 r.i.p ✌🏻
Going to watch The Circle today. Thought I would watch this before seeing the movie. We are all going to miss you Bill Paxton. RIP.
N BradS
N BradS:
Bill paxton was one of my favorite actors' definitely a childhood and adulthood icon the first movie I saw of his was twister when I was just 6 years old, in my opinion he was the John Wayne of my generation and not only was he one of the best actors, but also an American icon to so many around the world , I was stunned and saddened when I me and my 👪 was informed of his sudden death, did any one know of his heart condition? And I hope this isn't a silly question but Robin Williams , Miranda Lambert, Mike Tyson, and John Ritter to name some of my other great icons were stars on law and order svu, why not Bill Paxton himself, and did he ever know Mariska Hargitay or Chris Meloni? Please respond anybody.
When I think about Bill Paxton I only think of one movie and that's aliens. He is awesome in that.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly:
‘Yeah I got a do I get out of this chicken shit outfit??’ 🤣
One of my favourite actors...he was superb in Aliens - stole the show!
Emerald Celestial
Emerald Celestial:
I always wanted him to play Stu Redman in a trilogy movie of Stephen King's The Stand. He would have been perfect.
B Parabellum Li
B Parabellum Li:
until this moment.... i wasn't able to recognize the roles he played in all the years i've been watching his movies.
Dejael Long
Dejael Long:
Miss you, Bill. He was also a great performer in Martini Ranch in the '80s.
Phillip Giustino
Phillip Giustino:
Bill was my neighbor in Santa Monica for several years, down to earth friendly guy. He told me his first film was "Fish Heads" a rare music video from Barnes & Barnes.
Tammy DeFord
Tammy DeFord:
Loved him as Severen in Near Dark. Was a very sad day when he passed.
Captain H
Captain H:
What a career he had. He was a part of many of the biggest, most important films of the past 30 years. And he was great in many other lesser known films too. What stood out for me about him is he wasn't afraid to take on whatever his role required, even if it was sometimes at at his own expense. One of my favorites of his was the 1992 film One False Move.
Billy Hassett
Billy Hassett:
One of my favorites!
great stuff thanks and we sure will miss him
King of Wakanda
King of Wakanda:
RIP 🙏🏾