Billy Idol & Miley Cyrus perform at Super Bowl LV

Performing ‘Night Crawling’ and “White Wedding” at the #tiktoktailgate with Miley Cyrus at #SBLV

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Can we talk about the fact that the camarographer has a HANNAH MONTANA jacket? HAHAHAHA LOVE IT 1:40
Billy Idol was going to star in Terminator 2 as the T-1000 liquid terminator, but was in a motorbike accident at the time and replaced by Robert Patrick.
Their chemistry was perfect
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
“hey Billy Idol” she said that like she was trying to point it out after no one cheered at his entrance 😂
Miley: grinds and dances on Billy provocatively.
Billy: hey hey little sister
Саша Макеева
Саша Макеева:
They should have made Billy's mike a bit louder
While she really sounds like 10 years of cigs and alcohol she has such a fantastic voice for rock music
Billy Idol has to be in his 60s and the dude looks amazing! Rock n roll is the fountain of youth!
Eddie Ochoa
Eddie Ochoa:
Miley has a manlier voice than Billy
Billy Idol. Still rockin at 65....
Valeria Felluca
Valeria Felluca:
When you’re cool, you stay cool for the rest of your life regardless of age...I mean...look at him 😍
Cecilia Arvidsson
Cecilia Arvidsson:
Did they even do a soundcheck? That poor man. If it’s even crappy sound over youtube, the actual audience must not have heard sh*t🤯
Z Che4pSh0tz Z
Z Che4pSh0tz Z:
I feel like Miley Cyrus could actually make a pretty decent rock singer
Kelvin Castillo
Kelvin Castillo:
Didnt know that mass events are already allowed
American Paisa Returns
American Paisa Returns:
“Don’t you talk to Billy Idol that way.”
- The Wedding Singer
B Roth
B Roth:
“It’s a nice day for a light sweater...... it’s a nice day for a ..cardigaaaaan!”
A Cruz
A Cruz:
Lol Miley sounds like she just finished smoking a whole pack of cigs
Flor De Leon
Flor De Leon:
Perfect chemistry on the stage!¡ they should record something new!
Immortal Asirpa
Immortal Asirpa:
I'm going to pretend I don't know the lyrics to White Wedding because that would mean I'm very old
Idk how many plastic surgeries or botox fillings this dude has had over the years but at age 65 he looks and moves like age has not affected him at all. It is quite incredible. I am 35 and he inspires me not only with his music but his health as well. Amazing to say the least.
March, 2006: I don’t get Hannah Montana?

February, 2021: SHE AN ETERNAL ICON
John Gwozdz
John Gwozdz:
Billy Idol: Oh man this guy was great in his day. Him and Steve (guitar player) were one my favorites. The old man has sill got it. Love the SNARL.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
Lol Miley sounds like she just finished smoking a whole pack of cigs
Calm As Ever
Calm As Ever:
Covid: "I like this song."
Charlie G
Charlie G:
Miley sound like a chainsmoker more and more every year. Think we on evolution 6 rn
Diogo Gomes
Diogo Gomes:
if u had told me 20 years ago that Hanna Montana would be the one bringuing rock back i wouldnt have believe it... now seeing it im amazed. Good job
RavSingh Rajput````
RavSingh Rajput````:
Miley's voice hits puberty at the drug level....
There is something about watching a 27 year old grind on a 65 year old.....that just makes me cringe so bad!
Shimba Rilafila
Shimba Rilafila:
This is how I imagined apocalypse. It truly is happening. Yikes!
Ivo Tocco
Ivo Tocco:
Isn't social distancing a thing anymore?
seems like Miley really likes Billy
Gloria Osborne
Gloria Osborne:
Billy Idol will forever Rock! He's such a bad ass!
Kalgarth P
Kalgarth P:
I love Miley and I love Billy Idol. But I feel like she made this uncomfortable dancing like that with a guy who could be her grandpa!
Janete Silva
Janete Silva:
Amei ainda bate um bolão canta e encanta Billy 🤘❤❤
Pretty Guardian
Pretty Guardian:
This performance was actually good but the whole presentation of EVERYTHING left me wondering "What did I just watch?". Like being 10 years old and you are sick so you take a bunch of cough medicine and pass out with Hannah Montana on the TV after Superbowl Sunday and this is the dream that ensues. If that sounds oddly specific, it kind of has to be, because this isn't the type of thing that just randomly happens in nature.
Celebs are making big campaigns for Biden and against Trump and against Covid & then after the win of Biden they are doing concerts in front of thousands of people site by site although their numbers are insane lol
Alex& lopez
Alex& lopez:
I need miley's pink rock hand 😂💖
so why does the drummer have to wear a mask literally he's dying while Miley and Billy are breathing all over each other???
Oh Billy. Why, Why, WHY. Love you Mr. Idol.
Fernando Lopez Klarich
Fernando Lopez Klarich:
Well done Miley, great show! She Is the best, and loves the artists of the '80s, the great Billy Idol and Joan Jett, among others.
Don Little
Don Little:
Billy's still cool, but he can't sing anymore.
jason a
jason a:
Well that wasn't creepy at all.
Damn that was cringe! :'( I love Billy Idol. I still have his records. Not sure if it was on purpose or what, but his mic was practically off.
Miley's abs wow
Вячеслав Лоскутов
Вячеслав Лоскутов:
"Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный!"
Curious Mind
Curious Mind:
What an amazingly gross display
of American Depravity... ~

Love it.
Michael Melling
Michael Melling:
What does ftw mean? Also, what did he say when he spoke into that traffic cone?
[Insert Username Here]
[Insert Username Here]:
Miley giving me PTSD with that foam finger. 😂❤
Tomas Henry Hurtado Ayala
Tomas Henry Hurtado Ayala:
El Gran Billie sos un Groso man!!!!!!
William Cairns
William Cairns:
Billy idol is loosing his voice 😥
Jenn Ziff
Jenn Ziff:
Damn I fell asleep & missed every damn performance!!!!! Damn Billy Idol played? Not really into Miley Cyrus; but ill give this 2 her: GF SURE CAN SING!!!! TALENT& TALENT=GREAT FUCKING 🎵 MUSIC ROCK ON!!!!!! 🖤🖤💙
Silvia Fdez. Martin
Silvia Fdez. Martin:
Diosa siempre! Love you, MILEY <3 <3
Mike Hoffman
Mike Hoffman:
This was like a 3 a.m. Vegas lounge act way, way off the strip.
Lick My Hairy Legs
Lick My Hairy Legs:
Hey, wait - I watched the Super bowl yesterday and they had The Weekend as the half time show. I must be in the twilight zone.
Mika Arguello
Mika Arguello:
I'd love to hear Billy's verse on night crawling live
Gery la Grande
Gery la Grande:
Steve stevens still on fire
Sherrie R.
Sherrie R.:
this whole damn thing feels prerecorded!!!
mike B
mike B:
I never thought Billy Idol would get old
I have see Billy Idol and man he rocks. next time let him do his own songs.
Tae hyung Kim
Tae hyung Kim:
I'm used to a lot in the music industry I listen to so many different genre's And I'm fine with many weird things
But Miley grinding on billy just makes me uncomfortable , and even if Billy's voice isn't that bright anymore i still would've loved to hear him clearer , and she goes so close to it's like their about to kiss
LotusFlower Flores
LotusFlower Flores:
So glad we still have Billy Idol around, considering...
It wouldn’t be the first time that the sound of a singer is lowered so the other can make a better impression.
No Name
No Name:
Miley Miley Miley, honey, stop grinding on your grandpa
Bob Davis
Bob Davis:
This was the worst Superbowl halftime show that I can remember.
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske:
Hot Topic needs Billy Idol T-shirts
Liz Hallenbeck
Liz Hallenbeck:
Mileys ability to perform across genres and her vocal adaptions for those genres is the reason she is an artist and why she has such huge fan base.
Nabiki Miya
Nabiki Miya:
Truman Burbank
Truman Burbank:
Amazing, one of my teen idols still alive. Would have thought likes of him and Iggy Pop OD'd along time ago
Sarah Gumball
Sarah Gumball:
Dang Miley’s strong 💪🏻
Sammie Williams
Sammie Williams:
For a moment I thought I tuned in to the Gong Show from the 70s!
Wendy Sears
Wendy Sears:
Billy's lovin' the Miley action! Lol
White Raven
White Raven:
she sounds so much like Stevie Nicks!! Love them both!!!
i use to see Steven Stephens in person around Hollywood a lot when I lived there.
Dip Nitty
Dip Nitty:
honestly never heard Night Crawling before this, I actually thought it was a Billy Idol song from the 80's I'd somehow missed. Miley's fucking killing it! Love them both.
I want to hear Miley performing with Mark Lanegan.
Their voices match perfectly.🤘
2:18 gta san andreas throwback, brings back memories.
01Sweet Delight
01Sweet Delight:
I'm only here to watch you, Billy, I don't watch football or any sport for that matter. You are still the very best! I remember seeing you in concert at the Rock-Aways, you came out in a leg cast from a motorcycle accident and you were unstoppable then and still are today.
Maribel Gutierrez
Maribel Gutierrez:
It was amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Diana Saetern
Diana Saetern:
Loved it!!! This was a great start to the game
Billy fucking Idol is in the YouTube Trends 🔥🔥
Henry M
Henry M:
First concert I’ve seen in a long time
Scott Fillinger 40k
Scott Fillinger 40k:
Gotta admit. I enjoyed this way more than the weekend one. This one just way cooler.
Brenda Visconti
Brenda Visconti:
It's good to see All the Old Rockers Up There!!!🎉🎉🎉
Vital Signs
Vital Signs:
How about a little credit for the musicians in the description ? What are you without them?
Leslie Rumsey
Leslie Rumsey:
Her voice is deeper.
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson:
Billy Idol the 80s before auto tone and advanced sound studios like now. Back then you either had talent or you didn’t. There was no faking it like now.
Anastasios Thomas
Anastasios Thomas:
Go Steve go Billy go miley 🔥
Juan Ríos
Juan Ríos:
The real show, love the W but this presentation was better.🤫🤫🤫🎶
Gennifer Kelly
Gennifer Kelly:
That's so awesome 😎 Billy Idol still rocking at 65...
Len Drury
Len Drury:
Miley has an amazing body and sounds great
LOVE YA BILLY!!keep rockin buddy
I bet Billy Idle didn't get boooood.❤
Looks like a covid super spreader event. So smart! Yay!
Paul Payne
Paul Payne:
Great female Grit-ty voice 🚬💀
Billy & Miley are like peas and carrots 💞

It's a nice day to... STARTAGAIN 🤘
Johnny Potenza
Johnny Potenza:
Very cool!
Best from the Late Night with Johnny P Show
Carrie Ashley
Carrie Ashley:
Great job Billy on tv the other day all ways hear you sing
dr feelgood
dr feelgood:
It is a nice time to start Rock again!!! 🤟
Mina Vice
Mina Vice:
Miley has such a good heart and respect for the greats.
❤ a bit of Billy 🎊🎊🎊😂😂