BITESIZE HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 1-0 Sheffield United

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Hetarth Kamdar
Hetarth Kamdar:
I watched this highlight just for Emi.
Amirul Ashraf
Amirul Ashraf:
As an Arsenal fan, it is bittersweet to see Emi doing well here. Take good care of him Villa!
Adam Syahreza
Adam Syahreza:
Emi Martinez the best golkepper
From: Indonesia fans
Black Axe
Black Axe:
Emi left because he's fighting for Argentina's no. 1 spot. He can't do that if he's still Arsenal's no. 2. Dude is 28 years old. It's pretty much now or never. It's unfortunate that we have to let him go but I wish he could come back to Arsenal in the near future. Wanna see him end his career as an Arsenal legend.
Lemmy Sangzuala
Lemmy Sangzuala:
Came here because of Emi❤️❤️
Emi is top 3 keepers in the league no biased opinion
amry siraj
amry siraj:
EMI....he is our lad take care of him
What a save, got 3 points for villa on his first appearance, all the best Emi!❤️
Arsenal fans gonna be here just to watch Emi! Take care of Emi there villa fans!
How sheffield appreciate the greatness of Emi Martinez is when u realised Sheffield Utd used the same thumbnail when they upload the highlights.😁
Omar Brader
Omar Brader:
Emi saved 3 point for aston villa 👏
Diego Santos
Diego Santos:
From brazil, i love aston villa
John Kearney
John Kearney:
What a save by Martinez, boy o boy we got a good one here.
C'MON LADS... UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁⚽️👍👍👍
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Take good care of Martinez , such a gem its a shame our club let him go
Good luck villa
Wish Emi every bit of luck in the future! Huge dressing room personality, will lift the confidence of Aston Villas young defence! Very happy for him this move happened, man deserves everything. Give him more credit! :) Arsenal fan here
Shiva Fleur
Shiva Fleur:
Love you, Emi. Best of luck for you
Bocah 0227
Bocah 0227:
Emi Martinez 💪🔥
Rizal Fahmi Ramadhan
Rizal Fahmi Ramadhan:
Come here to see emi martinez perfomance. Gunners always proud of you emi
Other Life
Other Life:
Well play EMI 😍😍😍
From Arsenal fans
denny coyg
denny coyg:
Emi martinez u doing great job dude.. salute from gunners
Theo Ogden
Theo Ogden:
The one dislike is from a Sheffield Utd fan
The One Above All
The One Above All:
Im an Arsenal fan now am watching Aston Villa games because of EMI
Sucheep Nontinapakul
Sucheep Nontinapakul:
Love Aston villa....... from Thailand...
Andrew McGibbon
Andrew McGibbon:
Bueno emi 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #coyg
Emi!!!! brilliant!!❤️
Torbjørn Magnussen
Torbjørn Magnussen:
"... this is excellent from the Blades!" - The moment you realize a Teams Commentator is less biased then actual TV Commentators. True football fan tbh
great start lads already in a much better possition utv
I’ll be watching this save all season. Superb.
Heyy DEVAA!:
Take care our boy villa... Love you martinez❤️
The Bit Player
The Bit Player:
GK needs a new contract.
Favor Astonvilla fc
Favor Astonvilla fc:
Astonvilla performance was ok ok but while credit goes to goal keeper for saving penalty
brighton nyoni
brighton nyoni:
Lots of 💖💖💖 from Gooner fans Emi. Will always follow you....
Ben Wright
Ben Wright:
AM Abdi
AM Abdi:
Big up emi each and every time
Adolf Sackey
Adolf Sackey:
Arsenal Fan just sub because of Emi. Still hurts knowing we sold him instead of Leno. He is better than Leno
AK Media
AK Media:
My left ear is loving the commentary
ABuck 77
ABuck 77:
Great game today lads keep it up!! #Utv #VTID 👍💙❤️
Edenilson Galdamez
Edenilson Galdamez:
Come on Aston Villa ❤💪
well done EMI .where ever u go, we are family. ARSENAL FAN FROM ETHIOPIA
here for Emi!
John 2020
John 2020:
Great save Emi. We gooners will miss you. Good luck with Villa.
Harlan Gunawan
Harlan Gunawan:
Emiiiiii! So happy for our Emi. COYG
Another fail from the audio guy. It’s really not that hard.
Prabin kumar Thapa
Prabin kumar Thapa:
We gunners miss u emi... good luck Martinez ❤️🙏🏻
Exposing Fakes
Exposing Fakes:
Just about won lmao 😂 pick it up villa boys
Siddhant Vyas
Siddhant Vyas:
I’m just sad rn that Emi left he’s a brilliant keeper but I’m Glad he got a clean sheet and impressed on his debut
One of the best goal songs. Paranoid 👌🏻
HabZ Rahman
HabZ Rahman:
Dear Arsenal fans: Emi just proved he can take care of himself! Villa legend already.
Louis Jevino
Louis Jevino:
rajib hossain
rajib hossain:
<3 Emi Martinez <3
From Bangladesh
Alfin Miz
Alfin Miz:
Im arsenal fan but i happy with this win
Allison Timmins
Allison Timmins:
Yes villaaaaa !!!!
Thanzil Nihmath
Thanzil Nihmath:
Your loss Arsenal
So happy for Emi, all the best man
Tom Golab
Tom Golab:
Congrats Emi frm Gunners fan, what a fantastic debut! Please don't play against us.
Thato Matseba
Thato Matseba:
I just came to see how Emiliano Martinez was performing
Aswin Leo
Aswin Leo:
As a argentina🇦🇷fan iam very happy to see this😍martinez🔥👏👏👍
Fahmi Salim
Fahmi Salim:
Emi kesayangan Gooners
Loyal Boy
Loyal Boy:
Asan arsenal fan, Emi ❤🙏
buy delefaou and play grealish in the middle with traore on the other wing
Peace Yo
Peace Yo:
arsenal fan here...watching bcos of Emi...
gochi kaur
gochi kaur:
I told Lampard to sign this keeper and he dodged me let him now stick with his kepa
Footy Girl
Footy Girl:
Brilliant game Villa, buzzin about the start to the season!!
Noufal Mangadan
Noufal Mangadan:
Martines... ♥️♥️👍
Emi Emi Emi ❤
Divyanshu saroha
Divyanshu saroha:
I watched yesterday's match just because of emi
sabas jerome
sabas jerome:
Wish to see Mbwana Samatta included at least on bench..
#wasting our talent,use him appropriately,he is such a fantastic player
Chan KK
Chan KK:
Villa, please take care Emi, thanks.
Mahmudul Hassan Tuhin
Mahmudul Hassan Tuhin:
Watch only for Emi 😍
Tom J
Tom J:
Tyrone mings assist is beautiful
AVB 81
AVB 81:
Why is this panned? 😂
Alex Pastrana
Alex Pastrana:
omar schrouder
omar schrouder:
The way the commentator chuckled as lundstram was about to take the pen, like he knew emi would save it
Hussain k a
Hussain k a:
Dante Ledesma
Dante Ledesma:
bodolakau tau
bodolakau tau:
Martinez...miss u already
I am here to subscribe and watch for Emi factor
Roy Li
Roy Li:
Well spent 20m by villa!
D. gamer
D. gamer:
¡Bien! 🇨🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
DLS oy
DLS oy:
Good job emi....🙋
Abhishek Tanwar
Abhishek Tanwar:
After this game villa should focus on midfielder rather than forwards
Βυρων Βορβης
Βυρων Βορβης:
Aston villa can reach top 3 this season.This team carries a vary heavy name and it will be proved from many players
yuna park
yuna park:
Such a safe pair of hands. Catches balls that most keepers punch or parry, and the only keeper that's ever looked favourite 1 on 1 against Sadio Mane!
Ken Agallo
Ken Agallo:
Just came to see Emi save the penalty... All the best...
TRES emme
TRES emme:
Martinez whats a game👍
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.:
I came for Martinez and subscribe 🇰🇪🇰🇪
gudang natuna
gudang natuna:
god job emi
Sekkeer Lukaku
Sekkeer Lukaku:
My argentinian boy martinez... this season good season for aston villa...
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76:
Benalti is incorrect. An excellent goalkeeper, Villa, needs more accurate shooting with the goal
gero goria
gero goria:
Hay 1 abajo de los 3 palos para argentina, vamos EMI
R F:
Nice emi 😢
MARTIN martin
MARTIN martin:
Emi come back 😔
Dezo Osas
Dezo Osas:
Aston Villa Is Saved for Goalkeeper problem because Emi Martinez Is Solid and confident.
from Arsenal fan
nick Jurai
nick Jurai:
Arsenal supporter here so kinda happy for Martinez!!
Aston take good care of emi.
Unbelievable how Egan is sent off for grappling under the guise of stopping a goalscoring opportunity, but Targett, who is in fact stopping a goalscoring opportunity gets to stay on
Jack W doing Classic Alan Partridge commentary. #UTV
Sapta Margana Nur Fatah
Sapta Margana Nur Fatah:
Good job emi