Black Panther: Celebrating Chadwick Boseman | Rest In Power

Join us as we honor the memory of legendary actor Chadwick Boseman, a true king.

T'Challa was a man of honor and family, but he wasn't just a superhero. He was a man who overcame loss and showed all of us how to make the right choice, even if it wasn't the easy choice. We watched him face his fears and grow into the fierce leader of Wakanda. In our minds, there was no better actor to undertake the role of Black Panther.

Although, it's hard knowing that he will no longer be a part of the MCU, he gave hope to those around him. His strength and determination is with us even in his passing. Wakanda Forever!


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100+ comentarios:

What's your favorite Chadwick moment?
I can't believe it's been a year without him. I haven't shed a tear and hit hurts. RIP/ FOREVER Chadwick Boseman. Peace !976-2020
Heartbreak Shaun
Heartbreak Shaun:
I feel like we just lost this legend, yesterday. Still hurts, man. Forever Chadwick Boseman 🕊.
RIP. It's been a year since we lost this great man. He is a true warrior and a true hero to many and will forever be missed😭😭I am a 13 year old boy living in Uganda and after watching the masterpiece that is Black Panther, I immediately felt attached to all the characters. Rest In Power King Chadwick Boseman
anne marie piti
anne marie piti:
I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Every time I see him on TV I tear up because I know he would’ve been a great actor down the road
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres:
Today is also my birthday and this was heartbreaking news to receive last year.
Toulik Adhikary
Toulik Adhikary:
Don't make us emotional again 😭😭.
RIP Chadwick Boseman, u are a great hero.
P A T H F I N D E R:
I miss Chadwick, he was such a great person
abel olarewaju
abel olarewaju:
Rest in peace, he was one of the strongest heroes ever and protect Wakanda for generations, there is going to be a another movie about Black Panther next year, I will be excited for it.
From 1976—2020
Jake Butler
Jake Butler:
It's hard to believe it's been a year since he died. It still hurts
Jack Durden
Jack Durden:
I’m getting more of a character remembrance vibe than an actual person eulogy. I guess this is due to his best known role. R.I.P. Chadwick...🙏
Caden Brown
Caden Brown:
It’s so sad that he died on my birthday, everywhere I go I see his face I miss him, R.I.P Chadwick wakanda forever
The multiple Christopher
The multiple Christopher:
Respect, never let his name die.
Sahilraj Todeti
Sahilraj Todeti:
I feel like crying a lot sitting one corner😭
The Incredible Movie Geek
The Incredible Movie Geek:
I can’t believe it’s been a year without him .
Goodbye, The only Black Panther
Chadwick Boseman 1976-♾
Rest In Peace he was a king to everyone
Olivia Woons-DerpyQween
Olivia Woons-DerpyQween:
I still can’t believe it has been 1 year. He died way to young. Rest in power 😭🕊
HungTheHero Luu
HungTheHero Luu:
It’s been a year. It has been hard for many. But deep down, the man with the mantle has inspired us all to keep being ourselves, be the hero that we are within, and to never give up. Rest in power, King. Wakanda Forever.
Noah Cromer
Noah Cromer:
Black Panther is and always will be one of my favorite movies in the MCU.
RIP Chadwick Boseman.
Sahilraj Todeti
Sahilraj Todeti:
Miss you King💔💔😢😭
We can’t imagine Black Panther without you?
InHuman Bot
InHuman Bot:
Just incredible

Such a amazing actor and an even better person
Kings are temporary but legends are forever... And Chadwick Boseman is a mix of both.

Bella Tepes Uchiha
Bella Tepes Uchiha:
REST IN POWER: Chadwick Aaron Boseman 1976 - 2020: A Legend, A Hero, and a Friend
Marco C
Marco C:
Thank you for only doing roles that we as a people can be proud of and not just something you got a check for considering our history as African Americans and the roles they chose to give us or deemed worthy for us thank you my king🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️
Laventure Alix Jr.
Laventure Alix Jr.:
It has been a year since the passing of the late actor Chadwick Boseman (1976-2020). He was the greatest. His legacy will lasts forever. Great video 👍👌👏😊.
RIP Chadwick Boseman.

A true king.
trex advent
trex advent:
I can't believe that Kevin Feige has announced that Marvel will not find another actor to replace Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa /Black Panther in the MCU so that they can honor Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa /Black Panther. If Marvel decides to change their mind, then which actor do you think should play T'Challa/Black Panther in the MCU?
McKenna Derifield
McKenna Derifield:
I can’t believe it’s already been a year I miss him a lot.. wakanda forever❤️
Quentin Clark
Quentin Clark:
RIP to my Mende and Djola brother 🇸🇱🇬🇼
Unicorn Goddes
Unicorn Goddes:
He was a true hero and will always be in our harts, I hope this king found the rest he deserves. Wakanda forever ✊!
Pillow Nation
Pillow Nation:
Man.. I'm gonna miss his character. I appreciate his role in the MCU. Btw, when did we start using ''Rest in Power''? I've been seeing this a lot.
1 Year without the legend, Really miss him, So excited for Black Panther 2. Although i very much wish to download this video
Chaos HxRo Ψ
Chaos HxRo Ψ:
It’s been one year since we lost the great Chadwick Boseman 🥺 you can tell he was an amazing person just by the way people talk about him. His legacy still lives on. RIP 🕊
He gave us Joy in the characters he portrayed and showed his strength despite his struggles. A leader n inspiration for others, thank you for blessing us with your life n talent. You are forever missed by us all but we know You Are Home.
Tim Tim
Tim Tim:
Chadwick will forever be in our hearts. Chadwick forever 💜
Ennis Smith
Ennis Smith:
My favorite moment is when T’challa announces Wakanda to the world and help all people. Rest in paradise your highness
Krishna Kapadia
Krishna Kapadia:
This was so emotional . 😢 Trying to hold back my tears 😥
Long live KING
Wakanda forever
Chadwick Boseman will forever live on in our minds and hearts, RIP 🙏🪦🕊💜💜
M C:
R.I.P. Chadwick there will never be another like you.
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet:
We really lost a true legend and a brave man. R.I.P Chadwick.
trex advent
trex advent:
So who do you think is going to replace T'Challa as the Black Panther in the MCU and before the Black Panther Wakanda Forever movie? T'Challa is such a big character in Marvel comics and he only appeared in only four movies in the MCU, why would they choose not to recast him since there are many storyline in the comics to explore to improve T'Challa as a character in the MCU?
R.I.P Chadwick Boesman, the legend behind the hero
Rest in power Chadwick, in my heart you will forever be a true king 👑🖤
Breanna Lozano
Breanna Lozano:
When he died, I bawled like a baby several times. I still can’t believe that he’s gone. Rest In Peace and Power, Chadwick 💜 Thank you and Wakanda forever.
Amazing 15
Amazing 15:
Rest in power Chadwick Boseman.
Josiah Purtee
Josiah Purtee:
A message to Thoth, Egyptian God of Wisdom, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jackie Robinson, James Brown and all of the African leopards of the past: watch over Chadwick Boseman. 😔
Avin Singh
Avin Singh:
It’s officially been 1 year without this ledgend, you will forever be in our heart RIP KING, REST IN PEACE KING T CHALA, Rest In Peace Chadwick Bozeman!!!!!!!
Lion Angel
Lion Angel:
There’s already a king in Heaven but… he welcomed this great and kind king into his kingdom and welcomed him into paradise. He deserves peace, love, and paradise in the mighty kingdom above. This world lost a great man… Heaven has welcomed a great king. Rest peacefully in Heaven, Chadwick Boseman. We will never forget you.
legend will stay forever
Rest in power
Rip Chadwick ✊🏽 you are now with the true king 🙏🏽
Patrick Watson
Patrick Watson:
he lives within all of us as long as we remember him he'll never really be gone he was a good man a good actor and a very good person as long as we remember that Chadwick Boseman will never be forgotten and will never be far from our hearts long live the king long live the Black Panther Wakanda Forever
RIP the king of Wakanda and the king of our hearts ❤️😔
Art Explorer
Art Explorer:
I can't believe it's been a whole year its like he passed away 2 days ago.Rest in power Ghadwick Boseman.You will always be remembered and be in our hearts.
Ndalo Mkhize
Ndalo Mkhize:
we miss you Chadwick you will be alwayss our king 😢😢😭😭
Γιάννης Μπρας
Γιάννης Μπρας:
Man it stills hurts like the day i found out about his death and when i see him i just smile and thank him for what he gave us and taught us
May he rest in peace for he is one of the greatest heros to ever live... we love you chadwick boseman #restinpower 🙏🙏❤❤
Jason Jackson
Jason Jackson:
It was a sad day when we lost one of the greatest actors Chadwick Boseman. So it is good that there are people who still remember what he did and it shows that his legacy will never die
Infinity Gaming
Infinity Gaming:
We will miss u Chadwick Boseman
"Wakanda 4 eva"
Ace Ru Hillz
Ace Ru Hillz:
Truly Beautiful tribute, thank you for this from the culture! WAKANDA FOREVER 🤴🏾
Good Night Gamer
Good Night Gamer:
We may have lost him, but never in our hearts. REST IN POWER
Cool Guy
Cool Guy:
I was already heartbroken when he died but after I saw this video it made me cry a pool of tears R.I.P Chadwick Boseman he is our king of wakanda and always will be our king of wakanda R.I.P 😢 😭 💔.
He was a true king of ours
Darshil Uzumaki the Gamer
Darshil Uzumaki the Gamer:
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman Rest in power
BU Studios
BU Studios:
That was beautifal.❤ i know he would have loved that. Im so proud 👏 of you, and ashamed of myself for not making a memorial video yet.😢😢😢😔
I just remember it like yesterday, rest in power Chadwick boseman
We lost a legend but he will never die his soul is in our hearts he was a great man a great legend and a great black panther and a great king. Rest in peace and power Chadwick Boseman
Market Omega
Market Omega:
This just made me tear up. RIP Chadwick!
Yuri Van kooten
Yuri Van kooten:
Rest in Power: Chadwick Bosemant❤️❤️❤️
I Miss Chadwick He was a Great person Rest In Peace 1976-2020❤️
He left behind a legacy we all will remember always
He might not be here but he will be missed
I can't believe it has been a year, since we lost Chadwick! So unfair, such a great man, was taken away, too soon! Wakenda Forever!😢
D. C.
D. C.:
AMAZING VIDEO! Real tears in my eyes 😢
Mission 1111
Mission 1111:
This man new GOD he's with him now! ❤🙏
Its been a year, rest in peace you legend. you can live safe leaving the mantle in good hands
Aron Joseph
Aron Joseph:
I cant believe its been 1 year without him Rest in Power King !
I cant believe it's been a year since he passed away he will always and forever remain in our hearts RIP Legend ✊🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🖤❤🕊✝️💯💯.
Natelea Thompson
Natelea Thompson:
Rip big brother, blessings to your families, we all greatly appreciate you and misses you🥰always
GoldSol Radio
GoldSol Radio:
Man I love this. Rest in Love King
Fly high, King. Rest in Power. You will be eternally missed
Rip Chadwick Boseman we will never forget you ❤️
Anush Sxn
Anush Sxn:
Long-lived king. RIP Boseman, you'll always be remembered.🙏😥
After watching 21 Bridges, Infinity War, and Endgame recently this month, I can’t help but continue to mourn him. RIP to one of the best heroes of the MCU and a great hero in real life.
Velu Rajan
Velu Rajan:
Rest In Power 🙏🏼✨
Naomi Muhammad
Naomi Muhammad:
Rest in peace we all miss the king he meant so much to us we love you Chadwick Boseman 💐
Ace Is Blue
Ace Is Blue:
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman. Long live the king and Wakanda forever😭😢☹️
Chadwick was such a great person, i miss him
CBR, thank you for this. Rest in Power Chadwick.
The fact that he was suffering while filming these movies, and didn’t bring attention to himself just shows that he was truly a king!
Mathias Bech-Jansen
Mathias Bech-Jansen:
I miss him. I’m crying so much now
🎧•DJ Gabrielle gacha club YT•
🎧•DJ Gabrielle gacha club YT•:
Man... It's been a year since he passed away I miss him and his acting ..
245 XII SCI B Rahul Nair
245 XII SCI B Rahul Nair:
Chadwick Boseman will always be alive in our hearts
RIP true legend wakanda forever also I can't wait for Black Panther Wakanda Forever next year.
Curin e Huechuqueo
Curin e Huechuqueo:
One of the greatest. He taught me not to give up that despite your ailments, he is already ill or mentally or worried, if always going forward a great king and a great and humble person will always be missed by a fans of Chile wakanda forever
CMoore World
CMoore World:
It just an amazing actor, but an amazing person. He will be missed dearly. We must remember and honor him on how he lived and the accomplishments he has achieved. We must cherish the moments we have seen him no matter who we are. To Chadwick Boseman 1976-2020. Let us remember the light he was and never let it go out.
Dom M
Dom M:
He is my hero RIP miss you Chadwick 🕊
brandon monroe
brandon monroe:
I got the chills just watching this because his career and life was cut so short. I didn't think I could feel this much sadness for a person I never met.
Psychotic gamer
Psychotic gamer:
I can't believe you got less likes. He's a legend I am a 11 yr old Who just watched Black Panther and gave me tears whenever I saw is face. Tragic part is I got to know last December only that he died I can't believe that. RIP 😩😢
ann primo
ann primo:
Rest In Power King! 👑 🕊
Josh Ridgway
Josh Ridgway:
He died one year ago on this day, I watched the second episode of What If, and I listened to his voice. He was a great actor.