Black Panther Fans Are Worried About Chadwick Boseman's Dramatic Weight Loss

Life has certainly been good for Chadwick Boseman since he became the King of Wakanda, but fans of the Black Panther star are suddenly worried for his health.

Those worries arose after Boseman took to Instagram to post a self-shot video in celebration of what would've been Major League Baseball's "Jackie Robinson Day." With professional baseball suspended indefinitely, Boseman who portrayed Jackie Robinson in the 2013 biopic 42 chose to celebrate the day anyway with a video post that was also meant to commemorate the launch of "Operation 42," a collaboration between Thomas Tull and FIGS, who manufacture surgical scrubs. The noble collaboration made a $4.2 million donation to supply medical gear to African American communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

"They're gonna execute the distribution of those scrubs, those masks, of those isolation gowns to those hospitals that have been impacted the most."

Rather than celebrating Jackie Robinson Day and Operation 42's huge donation alongside the actor, Boseman's fans were instead taken aback by his appearance in the video, noting specifically his dramatic weight loss. The comments section on the video quickly filled up with questions about Boseman's health.

The video itself has since been removed from the main feed of Boseman's Instagram page, but it can still be seen in the IGTV section of his profile. Boseman is indeed not looking like his usual self in the video, with sunken eyes, prominent cheekbones, and a shaggy beard.

Given the current state of the world, fears over Boseman's health are probably a bit more heightened than usual. The good news is that Boseman still seems very healthy in the video, and genuinely excited that "Operation 42" has been such a success. However, the fact that the video in question has been unceremoniously removed from the main portion of Boseman's Instagram feed is still a bit worrisome. That, coupled with the radio silence coming from the actor and his management team, is fueling the fires of concern on all fronts.

Looking at the video, one might be inclined to believe Boseman has probably begun a weight-loss regimen in preparation for a future role. That is, after all, a familiar enough tactic for actors having been utilized by A-listers like Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and, most recently, Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar-winning Joker turn.

Still, those actors and their reps have historically been quick to announce the planned weight loss, and tend to do so literally the moment pictures of the sometimes dangerously thin performers begin to surface. With no announcement coming from Boseman's camp yet, fans' imaginations are left to run wild, and we all know just how wild those imaginations can be. Keep watching the video to see Black Panther fans are worried about Chadwick Boseman's dramatic weight loss!

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Brianna Brown
Brianna Brown:
Just heard the news.... RIP to such an incredible actor and human being
You were very good to describe him , you took the good sides.
ConfusedScreaming YT
ConfusedScreaming YT:
People made fun of him for his dramatic weight loss, he was dying of cancer. Terrible people, honestly.
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
John Jones
John Jones:
Devastating he had to go so early, but he did more in 43 years than most people would do in 500 years


Glad to see the vast majority of people understand what I mean. To clarify for the people who dont, Chadwick had an amazing career and was an amazing actor and starred in some of the biggest films in the world. Most people wouldnt achieve this (myself included) even if they lived for 500 years. This analogy is just a testament to how successful he was, and not an attempt to bring less successful people down as some people have wrongly thought.
Marcello 2005
Marcello 2005:
So to all the people who were calling him a crackhead: do you feel like an idiot now, because you should
Bic Mitchum
Bic Mitchum:
He never wanted to make it about him. So selfless.
Da Toner
Da Toner:
Don't judge anyone, ever, if you don't know the full story...
Danilo Leonard
Danilo Leonard:
He had cancer while he played black panther, he did it for us. He fit the role so much. Wakanda forever
He didn’t want anyone worried about him, so he didn’t tell us he had cancer. Such a good guy! RIP Chadwick
Henry F
Henry F:
Chadwick Boseman: a true hero who portrayed legends after legends. You will be forever missed by many. You are loved and Rest In Peace my king T’challa. Wakanda Forever
The Reactive Code
The Reactive Code:
The lesson here is pretty clear, folks: NEVER make fun of a person's appearance. You have no idea what that person is going through.
RIP Chadwick.
Chin Line
Chin Line:
Damn never thought this year would get this far of hurt, especially already starting with Kobe and his daughter😔

Rip Chadwick ✊🏿
This is why people should withhold jokes and judgement about others. Respect to Mr. Boseman and RIP. 💞
Awele Roblox
Awele Roblox:
Little did we know he was battling cancer. RIP
Delilah Johnson
Delilah Johnson:
“Don’t cry because he is gone, smile because he was born”
Crazy that this dude could maintain muscle, act and do press tours while fighting one of the worst cancers going. What a warrior.
MarvelFan 25
MarvelFan 25:
Marvel lost another one of its greats.
He’s with Stan Lee now
Forever in our hearts and our King of Wakanda

Syed Noore Rasul
Syed Noore Rasul:
I wanna know what people were thinking before his death when he looked like this
This man is a dignified legend. He was sick, but still managed to make movies. We love you Chadwick❤️.
Rumana's Movie Blog
Rumana's Movie Blog:
He was such a kind person. I still can't believe he is gone. My prayers with his family. R.I.P.
Javier DeJesus
Javier DeJesus:
Who would’ve known man, he battled this in silence and still did movie after movie. Rest In Peace king 🤴🏿
Edgar Kaufman, Jr
Edgar Kaufman, Jr:
Such a wonderful person. He was one of the few newer black actors that grabbed my attention in his films. I was truly stunned and and saddened beyond words when the news came. I didn't know it then but he was born the year i graduated high school (76) bicentennial year. He was truly truly special. He'll be greatly missed but not forgotten. WAKANDA FOR LIFE !!
Ya Queennn
Ya Queennn:
And how u know he was a real respectful and selfless person is that he didn’t want anyone to worry , he didn’t want to make a big deal or be in the centre of attention about his cancer he was amazing and he will always be a legend fly high ❤️❤️❤️
G W:
This proves what a great actor Chadwick Boseman was. Whenever he wasn’t acting in front of a camera for a movie role, he was acting like he was healthy in his private, real life. And the world believed him. Wakanda Forever
Whoever disliked just slipped they’re finger from being sad about this tragedy event 😭
Long Shots
Long Shots:
Sad that he was quietly battling cancer. Such a great actor. All his co stars say he was also a great man. R.I.P
Kallen Strickland
Kallen Strickland:
i cant believe people called him "crack panther" like, i hope they get punished in hell
fred ganyo
fred ganyo:
May his soul rest in perfect peace, i'm a diehard fan and am really hurt, God please have mercy on us 😭😭😭
Miguel Angel Jacobo
Miguel Angel Jacobo:
This hits so much different now that he’s dead...
E E E E:
He was fighting colon cancer for 4 YEARS OLD. he’s a true warrior this man is a king
this man was a true warrior. To do all he did while fighting such an aggressive cancer and to still be so positive. RIP
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig:
"As you can see, I am not dead!"
Saying that line must have meant so much to him. Stage 3 cancer yet he was still powering through several movies. What a legend!
It’s not funny... when people were laughing I would never. RIP Chadwick “Black Panther”. You where my idol, my black panther, Wakanda Forever 🙏🏾💔
Y D:
He decided to still celebrate Jackie Robinson Day, because he knew he might not be here. Then he dies on the day. :(
Mz Baton Rouge beauty
Mz Baton Rouge beauty:
I assumed he was losing weight for a role. I would never talk about someone’s weight
KingDin TV
KingDin TV:
The fact that he brought us Black Panther during his sickness just proves he's a legend
4 months later he was remembered as a great legend
He was trying to tell us something but didn't want to burden us. RIP Legend
Blue Bee
Blue Bee:
2020 is officially the worst year since the day I’ve been born
*THERE'S NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT CANCER!" Those who think-so, may find-out soon enough !"
All the people saying whats wrong with him when he was losing weight. He still did interviews and took all the critics saying he looks bad. And he never said a word. Shame on you. A real warrior 💪
Jaymee Puckeridge
Jaymee Puckeridge:
i've seen many people going off about how dangerous it was to keep cancer a secret but I know what it's like. my father had cancer and he kept it from me and my nieces and nephew for two years because he didn't want us to think of him differently. it's been six years and i still can't get over it. I want to say I hope is family is doing okay but I know they're not so I'll say that I hope it doesn't take them as long to heal as it did me because I still haven't.
raju thapa
raju thapa:
" It's Hard to Forget Someone
Who Gave you so Much to Remember".

- Chadwick Boseman # Wakanda Forever🙏
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete:
People actually made jokes about this man without known his internal battle. They look dumb now.
Akina Otome
Akina Otome:
This video did not age well. He wasn't losing weight for another role; Chadwick Boseman was dying.
D A V I D:
I can’t believe he did all these movies w cancer, I didn’t know him much but he’s a legend for going through everything and still providing entertainment, RIP legend.
How About a round of gwent?
How About a round of gwent?:
R.I.P a legend that brings joy even when he had a deadly deaseas
Noble 2
Noble 2:
A man who was a real warrior. As he fought cancer... but he still worked hard to make american's and african american's happy. A true warrior💪
Mr. C-Dub
Mr. C-Dub:
They should've been worried. RIP
MiMi Tutorials
MiMi Tutorials:
I’m devastated that the feeling in my gut was correct. You see, my grandmother got cancer just this January. I saw her last in december and I saw her again some time in Late January or February. When I saw her again in the latter dates she was so thin. She sadly passed away in May. When I saw Chadwick, I got Deja Vu but I didn’t wanna jump and believe that conclusion because he was so young. Cancer is such a vile ailment. I hate it. I hope someday a cure is found.
Nate The Goat
Nate The Goat:
We all know why he looked like that...

RIP to a king
Matteo Recalde
Matteo Recalde:
Youtube tryna make us cry... putting this in our recommended after his death. RIP King :(
Imagine being so selfless that you would make movies while having cancer AND being an amazing one
Alrighty Then!
Alrighty Then!:
Sadly fans were correct to be worried... I wish they weren't.
this did not age well...
Made In Memphis
Made In Memphis:
Mane I was hurt by this when he was alive, so knowing this was a precursor to it is even more devastating...
Cloudy Caitlyn
Cloudy Caitlyn:
Rip 😭 the world won’t be the same without you
Anna Nonhlanhla
Anna Nonhlanhla:
May his soul rest in peace...❤️ king wakanda 4ever❤️m surely hurt he was my crush celebrity n I thought I'll meet him 1 day😔😣
Carol Talbot
Carol Talbot:
The fans aren't stupid. They knew something was off.
Blue Phantom
Blue Phantom:
He was a real life hero to do what he did with cancer
thee deepa
thee deepa:
fly high angel💙🕊 he had such a beautiful soul. even when he was suffering he still helped others. rest in paradise king
Deon Bland
Deon Bland:
And we never thought for a second he was suffering
Stacy Melanson
Stacy Melanson:
Awe. I can't believe he managed to keep it secret. I was wondering about his weight loss too. I kept thinking like, omg he's so skinny. It's too bad.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers:
He was a strong guy. He didn't slither away and pity himself like I would. He kept doing what he loved. 🖤🇺🇲
spectra Zx
spectra Zx:
People made fun of what he looked like but people should learn to accept everyone no matter waht they look like
"He's fine y'all"
R.I.P Legend, You will always be in our hearts.
Lydia Anderson
Lydia Anderson:
This is literally a prediction of the sad future, RIP Chadwick😢. My sister's friend is cousin's with Winston Duke. Such a sad day, poor Chadwick
Joel Wateres-muddy
Joel Wateres-muddy:
I’m white male in my 60’s and thought this man glowed enlightenment He was evolved. I have two friends both colon cancer survivers and black under 40 and also both very special human beings ( as we all are) when I heard of chadwicks death from something so close to home it really shook me. It should not shock it’s extremely prevalent among black YOUNG males but rarely discussed . Chadwick saw it as personal issue which was his choice and right .
Their was something about him you did not need to be black to feel most know him from black panther but he made other epics ( ie a message from the king ) where he through his talent portrayed a really important message consistently . That message well that’s yours to find . A great loss but a spirit like his does not just fade into the abiss . Awards trophies get dusty his memory will be fresh forever .
Ryan Voltaire
Ryan Voltaire:
This is a perfect reason to not judge someone. Not everyone shares their life on social media. The people who are private go through the most pain.
That video was his small hint to us. It's heartbreaking he was mocked along with the concern. We have to find our love again.
Israel FreeNation
Israel FreeNation:
Goes to show how they always have been, still are, and always will use psyops on television to distract and mislead the masses...
Dark Matter
Dark Matter:
Well seeing this in my recommendation today I feel very sad RIP you will always be remembered ( True Legend)
Matthew Craybas
Matthew Craybas:
Of course this had to pop up on my recommended after what just happened, thanks YouTube.
GamingMore Pandes
GamingMore Pandes:
He's the real hero who fight the cancer for 4 years without no one knowing like damn he hide his pain for the fans
Wakanda forever,KING OF T'CHALLA
Magisterial Messi
Magisterial Messi:
I would have wanted him to enjoyed his last few months somewhere very beautiful and peaceful.
Amoah Anastasia
Amoah Anastasia:
Still can't control my tears 😭 😭 😭 😭 only his smile alone may your soul rest in perfect peace king 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Ryan L
Ryan L:
in 2013 I was going through a mid life crisis . . moving home to home while trying to get my diploma from HS, wondering what I was gonna do at age 18 with no job, I soon went through deep depression after a car accident, then I saw Chadwick play Jackie Robinson & watching the film gave me so much courage & I wanna say thank you for your hard work & portraying your people in the right way. Rest in Paradise King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guy was strong, & he played his role in Black Panther so well, I never expected this, RIP man. 💔
Master Af
Master Af:
And this came to recommendation now!
Salman N
Salman N:
I was worried already and YouTube suggesting me this video made me even more worried 😑Y tube Y
Phenomenal Physics
Phenomenal Physics:
I loved him since black panther and I will always love him. He's my hero.
Max McGee
Max McGee:
Why was this in my recommended after his death? R.I.P King
Deltacon777 1
Deltacon777 1:
Damn just the fact that he hid his cancer from us to not worry about him is just making me tear up. So heartbreaking. RIP Legend. Long Live The King!!! 😢😢😢😔😔😔💔💔💔
Bryan Thuo
Bryan Thuo:
if only colon cancer didn't attack you......
Ashli keenan
Ashli keenan:
RIP he’s a true warrior
It’s so sad that a legend had to go. R.I.P Chadwick Boseman you were a inspiration for us all.
A reminder to not make any comment about someone's weight or appearance again. Ever. You don't know what someone's going through. I hope you learned this the hard way.
Warren Anderson
Warren Anderson:
He was preparing for a role in heaven not a role in a movie. Bless his soul.
Speed Breeze
Speed Breeze:
"In my culture, death is not the end"
- King t'challa
And now he's dead
imagine i get 100k subs in 24 hours limited time
imagine i get 100k subs in 24 hours limited time:
rip chadwick boseman we'll remember you
Red roobarb
Red roobarb:
Unfortunately now we know why. RIP Chadwick.
You in my business don’t do that
You in my business don’t do that:
It’s crazy because you would never know what somebody is going through this is so sad 😞 A beautiful soul is never forgotten. Rip Legend🥺🥺🥺
If only we knew. Maybe we could've done something...
Basiru Jammeh
Basiru Jammeh:
R.I.P Chadwick boseman 😭😭 ❤️ 💔
Y_O_A_I hemi
Y_O_A_I hemi:
Man im so sad he was a great person and a strong man
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc:
Why, in this troubled world, do good people like Chadwick Boseman have to suffer and die while screaming banshees like Brie Larson persevere and torture us with their toxicity?
Carl Minor
Carl Minor:
Now we know the real reason behind his weight lost. My Prayers and Condolences go out to his family.
Margaret Evans
Margaret Evans:
Rest in paradise beautiful king! This video gives me chills 😢