BLACK WIDOW Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Full Movie Spoiler Review | MCU

BLACK WIDOW Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Full Movie Spoiler Review | MCU. We review, recap and explain the ending of 2021's Marvel MCU Movie Black Widow. This contains Post Credit Scene spoilers for what's coming next and also some easter eggs for the film.

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0:00 Black Widow 2021 Intro
0:29 Natasha's Origin Story Explained
1:42 Taskmaster
2:40 Movie Plot Breakdown
4:32 Black Widow Ending
6:31 Post Credits Scene Breakdown
9:13 Black Widow Review

Nat meets with Rick Mason who throughout the movie provides her with tech and transport. He gives her a Quin Jet. It is possible that this is the one that was found at the end of Age Of Ultron as we know the one the Hulk was in went to Sakaar with him.

Nat decides to go home and patch things up and we know that this vehicle was used by her and the rogue Avengers during Infinity War.

She flies off into the sunset to the Avengers theme and we see fireflies drifting around a tree.

This is symbolic on a number of levels as we learn in the film that Nat's real mother was killed and she was buried under a tree. It also explains why the post credits scene shows that Nat's grave has been placed under one too. Here we see Yelena and her dog visiting her grave. Clearly she has started her own life as earlier in the movie she mentioned that she wanted to have some normalcy and to get one.

She stands there crying which is when Val shows up out of nowhere offering her a job. Clearly from the dialogue we can tell that the pair have worked together as Yelena says Val shouldn't be bothering her on her holiday time. When we last saw her the character was recruiting John Walker aka US Agent at the end of Falcon And The Winter Soldier. In the comics Val was even a love interest of Nick Fury so it makes sense that she's sort of taken on his Phase One role in forming the villains.

Now DC clearly rushed Justice League in order to catch up with Marvel and I always hoped that they would've taken their time forming the Suicide Squad. I really wanted to see the villains in that pop up in other movies before they made the team and it looks like Marvel are once again following their formula and doing things the right way. I can see Val popping up in a lot of films and properties in order to pull together the villains to either form the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts.

Val in the comics ended up becoming Madame Hydra and it seems like she's up to no good as she says to Yelena that she knows who killed her sister and presents her with an image of Hawkeye.

Now we know that there is currently a Disney Plus show in the works featuring the character and protege Kate Bishop. This will be starring Hailee Steinfeld ain the role and it's due to release later this year.

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