BLACK WIDOW Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Full Movie Spoiler Review | MCU

BLACK WIDOW Ending Explained, Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Full Movie Spoiler Review | MCU. We review, recap and explain the ending of 2021's Marvel MCU Movie Black Widow. This contains Post Credit Scene spoilers for what's coming next and also some easter eggs for the film.

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0:00 Black Widow 2021 Intro
0:29 Natasha's Origin Story Explained
1:42 Taskmaster
2:40 Movie Plot Breakdown
4:32 Black Widow Ending
6:31 Post Credits Scene Breakdown
9:13 Black Widow Review

Nat meets with Rick Mason who throughout the movie provides her with tech and transport. He gives her a Quin Jet. It is possible that this is the one that was found at the end of Age Of Ultron as we know the one the Hulk was in went to Sakaar with him.

Nat decides to go home and patch things up and we know that this vehicle was used by her and the rogue Avengers during Infinity War.

She flies off into the sunset to the Avengers theme and we see fireflies drifting around a tree.

This is symbolic on a number of levels as we learn in the film that Nat's real mother was killed and she was buried under a tree. It also explains why the post credits scene shows that Nat's grave has been placed under one too. Here we see Yelena and her dog visiting her grave. Clearly she has started her own life as earlier in the movie she mentioned that she wanted to have some normalcy and to get one.

She stands there crying which is when Val shows up out of nowhere offering her a job. Clearly from the dialogue we can tell that the pair have worked together as Yelena says Val shouldn't be bothering her on her holiday time. When we last saw her the character was recruiting John Walker aka US Agent at the end of Falcon And The Winter Soldier. In the comics Val was even a love interest of Nick Fury so it makes sense that she's sort of taken on his Phase One role in forming the villains.

Now DC clearly rushed Justice League in order to catch up with Marvel and I always hoped that they would've taken their time forming the Suicide Squad. I really wanted to see the villains in that pop up in other movies before they made the team and it looks like Marvel are once again following their formula and doing things the right way. I can see Val popping up in a lot of films and properties in order to pull together the villains to either form the Dark Avengers or the Thunderbolts.

Val in the comics ended up becoming Madame Hydra and it seems like she's up to no good as she says to Yelena that she knows who killed her sister and presents her with an image of Hawkeye.

Now we know that there is currently a Disney Plus show in the works featuring the character and protege Kate Bishop. This will be starring Hailee Steinfeld ain the role and it's due to release later this year.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
Let us know what you wanna see happen in Hawkeye and also your thoughts on the film. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

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I LOVED every new character in Nat’s family and I’m glad they were not killed off. Definitely feels like this was a script from phase 1 or 2 that they just never got around to making, which is a shame. Anywho, I had a blast with this and I’m glad they decided to hold it for theaters
Julie Nicole
Julie Nicole:
So I have a feeling that based on Nats behavior during Endgame that Yelena was one of the ones taken in the snap. She had to have been in contact, explains even more Natashas sacrifice because as always trying to protect her little sister.
Melissa Ferrăo
Melissa Ferrăo:
Love heavy spoilers but I'm sorry to see so many people don't want to see the movie after this review. Watched it in the theater tonight and it was a siiiick action movie. Damn good fight scenes, car chases, acting and rawness you don't really get from all MCU properties. I been waiting on this movie for nearly 2 years, longer actually since it should've been one of the original solo films. Either way, I hope folks give it a chance and form their own opinions.

Also yeah it's a shame Taskmaster isn't direct from comics version but the MCU changes a lot of sh**. So what? Just consider it a multiverse and try to enjoy it. Not like they butchered it like every dang Phoenix adaptation... lol
Disappointing Nat didn't get a better sendoff, and that Taskmaster didn't get more characterization, but..hell, I really like the looks of Red Guardian, dad bod and all. I love to see Marvel's more obscure characters get screen time. Keep up the good work!
Giuls B
Giuls B:
In my opinion it’s a great movie: I now feel like I understand more Natasha and her choice to sacrifice herself in Endgame as she was finally in peace with her two families, she knew she was loved and she had her “revenge” against the red room. Maybe the villain could have been more badass but yeah it’s a good movie. The post credit scene made me screaaaaam
Tony Diaz
Tony Diaz:
"Meaningless"? Harsh. The fractured family dynamic meant a lot to me.
Derek Schultz
Derek Schultz:
Not gonna spoil anything, but can we all agree the "sever the nerve" moment was freaking awesome?!?!
Tyler Harrison
Tyler Harrison:
I personally thought the movie was well written. I would’ve liked to have seen more from red guardian, but I enjoyed pretty much all of it.
Richard Whitfield
Richard Whitfield:
Can’t believe they went to such lengths to hide who the Taskmaster was only to drop Olga Kurylenko’s name in the opening credits 🤦🏼‍♂️
Fabian Rivera Perez
Fabian Rivera Perez:
I hope they either actually develop Antonia Dreykov to have us like her a lot more (give her that little bit of Tony Masters magic) or bring Tony Masters in the MCU to be it’s new Taskmaster and give him or her a role in the MCU as big as Loki’s
I adored this movie and apart from the disappointing and underuse of a great villain like Task Master I very much enjoyed the film. It was better than Captain Marvel and I enjoyed Natasha finally taking down the thing that hurt her and so many other Widows.
I also really liked Yelena and hope she becomes the next Black Widow.
This movie also felt more like a prequel then a tribute to Natasha as I'm still bitter about her death in Endgame and it's sad we can't see more of her.
I’m happy I saw it on my own because you guys made it seem like the movie wasn’t good. The movie was really good in my opinion🤷🏾‍♂️.
Frederick X
Frederick X:
If you’re disappointed in this film your expectations where too high. I enjoyed it
Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill:
My friend saw *"Black Widow"* and said it wasn't all that. But what he afterwards I totally agree. We were shouting for a Black Widow solo movie for a long time and had they gave Scarlett her solo gig *before* *"Infinity War"* and *"Endgame"* I reckon the vibe for this film would've been a lot better. Because we all know what happens to her character in the end, anyway.
Paul: Welcome to the heavy spoiler show
Me : you're About a day too early
I feel like marvel should have released a Black Widow origin story movie after her appearance in Iron Man 2 (that way the ending could be how she ends up where she does in that film) and THEN released something like this AFTER Civil War to match up with the timelines, cus then on rewatch we see her giving Yelena the mantle but fans wouldn't have known what to make of it until Endgame was released but the link to infity war would be there and more clear than the ship and the vest.
Captain MacMellon
Captain MacMellon:
Honestly I can see Yelena killing Clint. Renner's contract is nearing the end and Kate will probably be replacing him in the future so I can see his death coming soon
Emily Ye
Emily Ye:
Yeah if there’s one thing I’m disappointed in it’s that Taskmaster probably won’t be returning to the MCU - unless someone else dons the suit? But I feel the vitality will have lost by then :(
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh:
Taskmaster was such a badass character in comics but I hope marvel does the character justice in future as we didn't saw the character at his most best!
Daniel Straight
Daniel Straight:
I feel like this is probably the last time we get a pre-sequel prequel for a dead character in the MCU. It's hard to have something revelatory when you know what happens before and after, unless it's written right.
I have one issue with your review, you talk about this as if Natashas "family" in this movie is her biological family but it is not and that is key to the point - Natasha still doesn't know who her biological family are, but this is the closest she ever had to a real family - Alexei and Melina are sleeper agents and Natasha and Yelena were "provided" to add to their cover - Natasha is older so she remembers life before being part of the "Ohio family" whereas Yelena was only 3 pre-mission so doesn't remember. That's why she wants to protect Yelena from going back to whatever facility she had been in previously when they get to Cuba
Definitely a Yelena origin story since, she will become the new black widow. Don't think it was a send of for Scarlett tho'...
Just saw it and I have a couple things to say.

1. Taskmaster, I was really exited about this villain, but kinda disappointed. I personally don’t mind who the reveal of who Taskmaster is but she was really wasted. I wish she was front and centre and not being controlled as a puppet by her father. Plus the reveal was pretty obvious

2. In a more positive note, I believe the actors did a great job, Especially Florence Pugh and Scarlet Johansson.

3. Just a little nitpick, but Thunderbolt Ross was heavily underused, I feel like they should have just not included him.

Overall thoughts: A great spy and action movie. A mediocre Marvel flick. To me, this was not worth the long long wait.
Magnus Iscariot
Magnus Iscariot:
I liked it. It wasn't a send off to Nat. That happened in Endgame. It was more a fill in of her as a character. I think they did a pretty good job. There were some rough spots but overall I enjoyed it.
Me, a pothead that lives with 10 cats:
"I bet taskmaster is one of the females"
This was like over a year ago.
Bonk Sensei
Bonk Sensei:
Heavy spoilers is so heavy on spoilers that he spoils us before the movie even releases XD
Loved this film. Gave Nat a great send off and introduced some interesting characters. Loved the post credits scene and it really makes me excited for the dark avengers and hawkeye
Enjoyed it thought was alright but seemed abit pointless and felt more of a mini set up to Florence Pugh joining the MCU than a bye to widows character.
Andre Hamilton
Andre Hamilton:
Taskmaster deserved better. Crossbones did too. Why can’t the MCU leave a few mid tier villains around to run a muck? It’s either big bads, dead by the end of the film, or they turn face.
Wayne Kerr
Wayne Kerr:
I have a strong feeling we now know who’s going to kill Hawkeye in his series.
Matthew Perkins
Matthew Perkins:
I thought that the production aspect of this movie was pretty good. The acting, the cinematography, the special effects, Etc. were all definitely well done. Like you, I was a bit disappointed with the direction they went with the Taskmaster but I did enjoy Natasha's backstory being established. It is disappointing that this movie is entirely skippable, possibly the most skippable in the MCU so far. Like you said, we know what happens before and after and the story really does not add much depth to the overall story arc. This was definitely just fanservice, but it was fanservice done right for the most part. I'm glad that I went to see it but it won't be a priority for a re-watch
darius rogers
darius rogers:
I really liked the movie. Some movies are just set up. And this really sets up the new black widow very well. Florence is great. And I'd love to see David Harbour again
vibing spider
vibing spider:
Honestly I kinda enjoyed Yelena’s storyline and character more in this movie
Derek Schultz
Derek Schultz:
Just got out of seeing it. I enjoyed it alot. Was not my fav marvel movie at all, but definitely not my least favorite either. The action scenes were awesome.

Also. I had to resub for some reason, very odd. As I've never unsubbed from this channel.
I loved this film so much, as much as it could be classed as filler I loved it and the twists just kept on coming. Loved seeing a marvel film in cinemas again and I'm happy it was this one.
Arya Pandey
Arya Pandey:
Paul, I think your NWH breakdown will arrive even before the trailer does ahaha. Cheers mate! Spoiler-Man's at the top of his game!💯
The post credit scene is a lot better after seeing FatWS

5.5/10 for me. ...poor Taskmaster
ChefBoi RC
ChefBoi RC:
Let's start a petition to keep this background music, certified banger
James G
James G:
I liked the movie, but I was hoping more for a pre-iron man 2 type movie just before she met Tony Stark. Task-master was very unwhelming, and Alexei/David Arbour was literally just a gag character
Hyejin Song
Hyejin Song:
I honestly think it was a great film because of the large amount of reconnections and nostalgic memories that passed through the individuals.
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh:
Fastest breakdown and ending explained as always Paul!!!!
I hated the taskmaster twist. They Bohnered me again
BIG Shaq
BIG Shaq:
Yo paul hope you’re feeling better fam 🙏🏾💪🏾
Jonathan Orihuela
Jonathan Orihuela:
Thank goodness this wasn't how they kicked off this new phase. I would not have been interested in the MCU if this is how they started the new series arc. Wandavision got me hooked back into the MCU after the long hiatus.
Legendary C
Legendary C:
It would have been cool if they had a scene where Dreykovs daughter vested the original taskmaster in combat and take his suit and essentially assume his identity as taskmaster, but then in a post credit scene we see Tony Masters is alive and coming back for his suit. They could have done something like that to setup future taskmaster in the future. But ig they would rather use a fake throwaway taskmaster that we will likely never see again.
I loved the movie! I think that marvel continues to show that the comic stories can be told in multiple ways to give new input to the characters and keep audiences engaged. Sometimes it is disappointing when the character is far off from the comic interpretation but overall I do love their films.
This was a great movie! I would've liked to learn more about her training years tho.
i’m gonna be honest, i don’t like that they changed taskmaster to a female. that just kind of annoys me.
Monty Woolfolk
Monty Woolfolk:
Ok, before I start this, maybe I need my own review site in order to write my full thoughts on this movie. So short and sweet, not the best send off for Natasha R. at all, mostly due to the story that was told here. Great introduction of some of the obscure and even other characters within the Marvel universe but there are characters that get the unfortunate Lackluster treatment (taskmaster, I am talking about you). There were so many directions the writing of this movie could have taken yet the direction they decided to take was so-so at best. It almost seems as if the inclusion of Val was a last minute thing they decided to include and not the ending I was hoping for (you know, Thunderbolt Ross finding some formula to somehow become Red Hulk or even him being involved in the Thunderbolts project - just thinking out loud). So all in all, would rank this movie pretty low on the MCU scale. Let’s see what Marvel does with some of these characters in the future. Who knows, maybe we will get a rewrite for TaskMaster and and inclusion of Red Guardian somewhere down the line, maybe.
FullMetal B
FullMetal B:
I never wanted to see Budapest. It never would have lived up to how they talked about it and is better left as a joke between Nat and Clint.

I dont know how to feel about task master cause they did definitely waste an awesome villain. But most of the phase 1 films were already "hero fights a villain version of themselves" so it may be too similar to then have a big villain who is sort of just that again but idk.
Rohan Ranjan
Rohan Ranjan:
Paul just Pruned the other creators and made this video as fast as possible.
Loved your Videos ❤️.
Toki fortnite
Toki fortnite:
Adam Williams
Adam Williams:
Also it helped for me that I wasn’t familiar with Taskmasters comic book origins, so I feel for casual summer blockbuster viewers that that won’t have an impact. I still think this film will be a big success for Marvel, as usual.
Sending those daily positive vibes from Houston everyone! 🙏🏼🌊
Even though they messed up the Taskmaster and the mind control,I still thought it was a pretty good first movie for phase 4. I also think they will fix Taskmaster to be more like the original version. Maybe the real Taskmaster will show up in the Hawkeye series, hopefully. He could also come out in the Multiverse of Madness too!!
Chris Sundman
Chris Sundman:
I disagreed strongly with you, then agreed, the disagreed, then agreed, and in the end gave it a 7, while you were only half a point lower. At this point, it is just an episode of Lost in a good season, so whie it's thoroughly enjoyable, it is only part of the whole, which is the MCU. So definitely a 10 for enjoyment as a whole, better than Ant-Man and Wasp, but I'll agree and say a 5 for stakes. Round out to a 7-ish. Hopefully we get back to the pants-moistening stakes of Winter Soldier, and hopefully Loki kills it on Wednesday. Let the adventure continue.
Chad Cognac
Chad Cognac:
I feel like you’re viewing it in terms of what it means to the MCU, which is fair.
But on its own, it does well. (Of course, still having villain and editing problems)
Yolanda Villegas
Yolanda Villegas:
Saw this tonight - 1) oh wow, how great it is to be back in theaters again!; 2) oh wow, what a great film! Such great action scenes and truly felt suspense in knowing what was happening next. Never got bored and was curious to the next scene. Agree the end scene had Zero transition; that was a miss to me. But overall, really enjoyed this good mixture of plenty of action and some laughs.
Nandhan Vishnu S. R
Nandhan Vishnu S. R:
It's a nice review of yours and I can't wait to see it in theatres.
Kailey Tamez
Kailey Tamez:
Yelena was the star!! So excited to see more from Florence Pugh!
The Horror Miser Monty G
The Horror Miser Monty G:
I thought this more a 'passing of the torch' movie for Yelena than a 'farewell' movie for Natasha. Both Scarlett and Florence have great chemistry together and I'm looking forward to see how Yelena will play out in the MCU.
Jesse Davidson
Jesse Davidson:
Well, the move introduces characters that can pop up throughout the franchise, though it was a little below most expectations, these guys are genius at pulling rabbits out the hat and make us say "ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh"
Sahil Ithape
Sahil Ithape:
Watched it today, went in expecting a below average film but it was kind of surprising how much I enjoyed it. Of course my rating is still a 7/10 but that good in my books and I think the field as a whole did not disappoint. I have to say though, as a non-comic reader, I acknowledge that I wasn’t expecting task master to be as great as others were. But that’s all for my take on the movie.
like we all do I love Scarlett so much!! She kills every role she's casted in but I fell asleep when watching this... in the cinema.. says a lot.
Studynot -
Studynot -:
I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one. I really enjoyed this movie.

I think we’re going to see Taskmaster again, almost 100%.

Do we know what’s going to happen to Nat ultimately? Yes? But that didn’t mean the movie was without stakes.

I thought it did a good job of introducing Yelena while also painting in the corners of Nat’s history.
well I was thinking that Val will show up and bring the Taskmaster with her...would make more sense as Jelena is not really "Bad", but that can still happen...
Avi Berezovskiy
Avi Berezovskiy:
I really loved the movie, I was actually surprised how interesting and how it was written.
Tbf taskmaster can always return as it seems the power comes from the suit mainly.

Hope we see more of red guardian in the future
Fried Foods Late At Night
Fried Foods Late At Night:
I loved the movie. Thought it was great. Loved taskmaster being a woman. All the acting was great and I loved the pacing as well
John Stevens
John Stevens:
Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m saving this video to watch it right after I see it in theaters! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts Paul!
When Yelena said she's going after Clint I burst out laughing in the theater. He won't let a black widow come between him and his Family.
sai karthik rajan
sai karthik rajan:
Great review. You have done a good job in pinpointing the pros and cons objectively.
Acu Man
Acu Man:
As an action movie junkie this is my favorite mcu movie. Fighting on rooftops, fighting on bridges, fighting while skydiving, fighting on a motorcycle, fighting in prison, fighting 1 v 10...not all movies have the same strengths. No one watches Jackie Chan movies for the story or acting but everyone loves him. For me the action was good enough that I don't need all the other stuff.
Jorge Carbajal
Jorge Carbajal:
6:06 Fury only thought that the unknown wreckage was the Quinjet. We know from Hulk landing on Sakaar that it wasn’t.
7:54 That looks more like Ronin to me. *nervous laugh* You having that?
Firman Firdaus
Firman Firdaus:
it works for me i cried even harder than tony's death. she's just a really good human.
Vision Scream
Vision Scream:
i guess i wont be russian out to see this one. Thanks paul.
I got a mixed feeling about this movie. On one part, I liked the action sequences, Red Guardian, Yelena, and Val setting up Hawkeye series. On another, the villain is so two dimensional, both Dreykov and Taskmaster.
Imagination Hammer
Imagination Hammer:
Dom: Babe, you need a friend?
Black Widow: Nah I got FAMILY!
Dom: 😏💨🚗
Suresh Makwana
Suresh Makwana:
8:25 How can Paul theorize that when Clint was Ronan ( after infinity war snap when he became Ronan when he lost his family in snap ) he would have been on the target of Yelena by the assassin program when clearly red room program was destroyed by this time and Drekov is dead too no, Yelena wouldn't have been commissioned to go after him at this time
You are the only break down content creator I watch you do a great job every time
David T
David T:
Just saw the movie, it’s 3.5/5 at best. The whole knowing infinity war happens right after this movie and nothing really matters or carries over is really hard to separate
Dark Defender
Dark Defender:
Overall, it was a good film. Loved Florence Pugh's character and the action was great. I was disappointed by TaskMaster and the ending was bit of a mess, but it didn't ruin the whole experience.
Destiny Captain
Destiny Captain:
My favorite part was when ROM turned up hunting Dire Wraiths…
Jayanta M Baruah
Jayanta M Baruah:
I loved how he messed up with Dom in the MCU, given the popularity of 'family' memes in this time 😅
Marak Of Southern
Marak Of Southern:
Great episode,I felt the same when it comes to why this film was made. It doesn't feel like it does anything for us other than serving as an origin story
charlotte pope
charlotte pope:
As long time black widow stan it absulotely breaks my heart to say I was slightly disappointed in this film I just wanted more! I expected to be bawling through out the whole film but instead only a couple of tears. Black Widow is the reason I'm a comic book geek she got me into all of this and Scarlett Johansson is so brilliant I just wish they used here emotional dramatic side more. I'm excited to see where Yelena goes but yeah there was a great opportunity there that fell short unfortunately. But I'm still gonna get my Black widow tattoo in a couple weeks because Scarletts black widow will always have a special place in my heart.
the sparks
the sparks:
4:22 I like that Black Widow is about "breaking out of the programming" (and being delivered by someone who really went through with the initiative) rather than anything else. That's my eye on it anyways. Pheromones could've been laid out better, but BRO SHE BROKE HER NOSE, that was good.
You sound better, Paul. Great breakdown!
Edit: Paul, just because of yesterday, I wanted to let you know I clicked on your video the moment I received the notification, and it said you had posted it 37 seconds earlier. I'm now at the end of it and saw someone else commented 3 hours ago. Don't know how or why, just thought you should know the time difference. Hope all is well.
Momen al-hasan
Momen al-hasan:
I loved the movie, it was emotional, full of action and insane overall, you should see the movie if you haven't yet.
John Johnon
John Johnon:
I watched it this evening, was entertained. Didnt know what to expect considering I already watched a russian knockoff version of the avengers. I was confused how in the end credit everyone seems to know who the lady was who offered the sister a job. But I have to say I haven't watched the winter soldier series yet. Hope it comes out on dvd.
Mitchell Abercrombie
Mitchell Abercrombie:
I loved this movie. Very James Bond-like. Easily in the top 10 of the MCU
I like how they eased us into Yelena’s character…
*ok that sounded bad*
… but I still think she’ll be a good addition/replacement for Natalia.
The pheromone plot device was certainly crap. Marvel needs to step their writing team, or they’re going to have a lot more Dark Worlds.
Tayvon G.
Tayvon G.:
I feel like Taskmaster should’ve had more emotion… especially after what Natasha had done to her… the reveal should’ve been more heated
jf Viramontes
jf Viramontes:
Loved the movie! Wish it had come out right after Civil War, bit it was worth the wait.
Can't wait to see more of Yelena, and hopefully Melina, and Red Guardian as well.
Данило Бошњаковић
Данило Бошњаковић:
Everyone’s hating on the movie, but I think it’s exactly what we needed. Plot twists and bouncy and crazy storyline would’ve been too much. It’s just a peaceful goodbye. Movie showed us the missing pieces of Nat’s story and character and showed us why did she give her life away on Vormir, and really in a good way highlighted the deeper meaning and the great pieces of Nat’s character. The vest and hair colour bring even more depth into character and her emotions. Honestly, I didn’t even expect a WOW plot, it wouldn’t just go right, we would go all crazy about the story and really would be distracted from saying goodbye to Nat. Nat never needed a spotlight and we said goodbye to her in a very peaceful way, which if you think about it really goes with her character. You all just have to look at the movie character wise, and not judge it based on plot, villain and the usual stuff, but just look at it’s deeper and emotional side. She deserved more, and deserved this movie long ago, but atleast she finally got it.
RUG 517
RUG 517:
When you say 6.5 out of 10, I'm assuming you mean by Marvel standards and with all the hype and your expectations accounted for because the movie itself is easily at least an 8 out of 10 by movie standards.
Did anyone else read the "leaked spoilers" that came out a few months ago that turned out to be 100% wrong?

I went into this film with those spoilers in mind and was utterly shocked that those plot points never came to pass. I was so confused but laughed it off that I fully now believe it was Marvel leaking those spoilers themselves to plug a leak / find a secret stealer working for them. Idk
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends
This comment not sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends:
the "big reveal" has gotten all too predictable with current hollywood
MCU cares about heroes
Sony cares about villains

Poor Taskmaster :(