Blackout Tuesday EXPLAINED: Why #TheShowMustBePaused Matters

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On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the music industry will grind to a halt. The people who make a living recording and promoting music will take a step back from guiding the cultural narrative to help the world focus on what matters most at this moment.

In this Music Biz News update, host James Shotwell explains the origins of #TheShowMustBePaused and why the intentional disruption of a busy business week is necessary. Change is coming. What can YOU do to influence positivity?

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Sandes Shrestha
Sandes Shrestha:
"Whats been happening around the world." When did USA become the world.
vee ?!
vee ?!:
I just thought my instagram broke..
Trusted Reviewer
Trusted Reviewer:
Seriously, no matter how much someone explains it... it still makes zero sense. The people enjoying the music at home aren't the people causing issues in this world. But whatever, do what you want to do. I can't judge. I just don't think it makes any logical sense.
Why can’t the industry bring awareness to positive black people instead of staying silent at a time like this. Sarah Boone invented the ironing board. Why can’t people have a challenge showcasing positive black people every day like they have don’t with the albums they like. Blackout will not bring awareness
Jashan Khuttan
Jashan Khuttan:
Today is Tuesday😳
Angela Jung
Angela Jung:
If I'm not distracted right now, my mental health is going to cripple me.
me watching this at 4 in the morning : 🗿
Shadowfred1 Spectates
Shadowfred1 Spectates:
This is not what Martin Luther taught us in times of war and racism. Even when he was shot we peacefully protested but this is just messed up. You can’t be rioting in different states and hurting other police officers who didn’t do anything. If you wanna protest then actually use your voices not ur bats.
Philippe H.
Philippe H.:
Denounce riots and looting. Support peaceful protest. Not everyon is to be targetted by the army in these times of sad looting that only hinder the future of the societies currently trying to protest peacefully amid the chaos of rioters
As You Tube creators you have a platform for meaningful discussion and yet you choose to be silent. This is completely meaningless and unproductive. If this group of intelligent and creative people couldn’t come up with a way to truly make a difference, it’s probably best you do stay silent. Have lost all respect. Enjoy your day off
William Whalen
William Whalen:
Its hilarious that the music industry is leading this. They are the most greedy scumbags lol
“Let’s not lose focus of what’s really happening here”. Businesses have shuttered in flames, cars are being smashed beyond repair, personal property stolen by the millions, and the music industry’s response is to ...stop listening to music?? Then, you show us where to donate money to bail out the exact people who have caused all this damage? Have you forgotten that 40 million people have lost their jobs?
People should be vocal at this time not silent.
Rebekah L
Rebekah L:
But... but I still have to go to school (at home)
Maddy Movie Maker
Maddy Movie Maker:
so no internet today
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson:
Stuff like this just gives people the false impression they've "done enough" to tackle racism because they posted an all black square of colour on Facebook. But what will they really do different because of George Floyd's murder? For most people absolutely nothing...until the next black person gets murdered, at which point they'll again post the "trending" thing to signal to everyone that they are not the problem here (yes you are, we all are)
Hope Bryant
Hope Bryant:
I've been mad depressed and this just adds to my stress
I get offline for a day = stress, raw thoughts, emptiness
I stay online for a day = seeing the pressure to do something, not being able to, stress
So I'm screwed either way
Donny McIvor
Donny McIvor:
Just listen to Slayer and the world makes sense :)
Tony Ringo
Tony Ringo:
In order for B.O.T. to be effective, it will have to be longer than a day, otherwise your just gonna have a 'stock up Monday'.
This is B.S., the music industry is losing money and wants to pretend to care about the blight of African American communities. They only push music that keeps people oppressed, depressed and overtly sexual. The executives want to be seen in a good light so they can make money after this is over. #TheyDontReallyCareAboutUS
Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald:
Hold cops accountable!

Enough is enough, we need to come together for a core set of demands, starting with law enforcement reform.

1) No more internal investigations.
There's a major conflict of interest when a police department gets to investigate their own wrong doings.

2) No more paid vacations.
There's zero discipline in a paid suspension.

3) No more rehiring.
If a cop was fired they shouldn't be able to get hired in any other position (desk duty) or put back in the field anywhere.

4) No continued benefits.
If a cop was fired they should be immediately stripped of any and all benefits provided to them after their employment ends.

5) Capture everything.
If a cop has the ability to alter video recordings captured on body cams by deciding when to press record or having the ability to mute the audio, the cameras become useless.

If cops had something to lose they would be forced to act right or simply be removed from law enforcement. If these changes don't happen then the police are free to act as America's largest gang(something they seem proud of). This needs to become every Americans fight or nothing will change.
Ed Kae
Ed Kae:
"We at [Company] are greatly concerned with [current event] and have decided to [contribute to trend].
Music isn’t escapism the content in the songs is. If artists spoke about what is going on now then it would not be escapism. The industry should be held accountable for this.
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig:
Can we stop with the division already. 🙄
Lucas Román
Lucas Román:
I dont get what i have to do, i normally dont listen to music, and cant take a break becaouse of online university, can someone help to explain me?
Bo Smed Larsen
Bo Smed Larsen:
Just drop Babylon the world to Day
N'dya gamingcentral
N'dya gamingcentral:
This is something new to me never heard of this they using it for election
I tried to log in to iTunes and it won’t log in. This is probably why.
This is just the same as when everyone went blue for Sudan
Thanks for explaining!
András Hock
András Hock:
Let's loot in the name of racial injustice!
Anthony E
Anthony E:
what's the point of everyone posting black out on instagram . Everyone knows the problem posting on instagram isn't creating awareness as we all know the problem already people just want to feel part of something
Dustin Davidson
Dustin Davidson:
As long as there is hate in the world change will never happen
Brian Butterworth
Brian Butterworth:
2:10-2:14 "...focusing on what they can do to distract people from what's happening in the world around us." How ironic. Hello.
Alex Totherocket
Alex Totherocket:
heard Rihanna was going to release a song with C Brown, featuring Migos, six9 and a new surprise release of Avatar 2. They decided to postpone in order to support the movement. Celebrities, studios, big companies are so caring!
Escaping escapism with big claims made for a day
Yo Yu
Yo Yu:
What I dont get is what does a blackout have to do with racism
Faith Through Arrows
Faith Through Arrows:
Gate keepers of the culture 😳.... yikes!
B- Square
B- Square:
Can i stay home n tell them its black out Tuesday?
Takka Scottsdale
Takka Scottsdale:
I would love to hear a song about the pain suffered when someone decides you're not worth the freedom to breathe. When they see you they're overcome with hatred that's worth throwing away their humanity. Can I get a song about that? How the heart and the blood of cruelty crying out like Abel's did when Cain killed him. One Love, one truth🤗💯🔥❤️
Breakingchurch News
Breakingchurch News:
I'm also singing lalalalala and zippity Doo dah zippity a
Thot Slayer
Thot Slayer:
This coming from record labels that Rob artists from profits lmaooo
I'm glad my post I did in March went big
airsoftmast3r007 airsoftmaster007
airsoftmast3r007 airsoftmaster007:
"sum instants of riot" 😂😂😂
I honestly posted today without realizing...
PhukDup MudClub
PhukDup MudClub:
They shoulda picked a different industry to pause. The music industry is like a money printing machine. Aint nobody gonna stop that.
Don’t you find it interesting how some big presidential primaries begin today in certain states, and the mainstream media calls for a media blackout? Don’t fall for this, the black community is being literally manipulated and used by the Democrat Party for election purposes.
I’m so glad that people care
All American Dream Chaser
All American Dream Chaser:
Please stand with me in solidarity for Metallica Monday. 👍🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸
Edo Tips
Edo Tips:
Thanks for sharing 🙏. May God protect the USA 🇺🇸
Keith Bullock
Keith Bullock:
Need to protect Ed Sheeran at all costs, I can't put up with GingerWednesday.
Donny McIvor
Donny McIvor:
So how was your day off? :) I helped
ClasheR's World
ClasheR's World:
Yupp the same music industry that glorifies criminal activity. The same music industry basically telling our daughters it’s fine to be a “hoe”
Vulture_Grey: WOW
Vulture_Grey: WOW:
How about some celebrity support for the 1000+ people shot in Chicago so far this year? There are thousands of American lives shattered everyday. Would be nice for them to be role models for these injustices also.
84 people shot with 14 confirmed dead in Chicago and nobody bats an eye.
Guess nobody cares about black on black violence .
<3 \m/
Jasmine Copé-Chisolm
Jasmine Copé-Chisolm:
Thank you.👍🏽
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha:
looting doesnt solve the current problem
b i
b i:
Compelled speech!
But i need to do school work.
Gunsquawk 44
Gunsquawk 44:
Who gives a flying flip? I'll buy from any dang body I want to! No matter what color they are! Take this movement, turn it sideways, and shove it!
Bright Future
Bright Future:
now that I'm not distracted I don't believe your labels deserve gatekeeper status # music industry is the culture fascist!
Cactus Man
Cactus Man:
Quick question: if it were a black cop who killed a white person, would this still happen?
jon kon
jon kon:
Black out tuesday is hillary Clinton's court day in case yall didnt know lol what a coincidence
Uri Israel
Uri Israel:
I guess immigration reform isn’t cool enough for the music industry
Play Some Faith No More...👍
Silly Crow
Silly Crow:
We all need some great news about now.. and I got it!!! The new king is here! King John the 3rd! Look it up, all! The new King of England (but he’s king of pretty much the world). He’s amazing, I’ve watched no less that 8 hours of interviews and researching him. Check it out... it’s legit! WE ARE FREE !!!! Finally! The Rothschild’s own mainstream media AND the Rothschilds are the family living in Britain in Buckingham palace, not the true royal bloodline family...they are a bunch of nobodies. The new king has his paperwork and certificates in place and the new king is now HERE! Yay!!!! Great change is coming! 👑 Long live King John the 3rd! 🤗❤️💕 Here ya go! Worth a watch !
Here’s part one of a great interview as well... hope music biz shouts him out 👍 🤗❤️👑
Johnny Sparkle
Johnny Sparkle:
Red Hood AkA Jason Todd
Red Hood AkA Jason Todd:
Hail Tachanka
Venus Vortex14
Venus Vortex14:
I wore a white t shirt today lol
Dimanson [MK2]
Dimanson [MK2]:
Do ONLY black suffers from the police brutality ?
What is a REAL ratio between BLACK and WHITE innocent victims of the police brutality ? Is it ok to kill white ?
What if George was a white guy ? Do you still have concerns only over racism in this case ? No ' black outs ' already ?
Is it ok you still have this ' black society ' ?
Do alive innocent people feel nice in jails ?
While so much hatred is cultivating towards chinese, russians, others, do you think that the black racism is something completely different, not related ? one racism is bad and others are good ?
How this ' protest ' could possibly change people who have racism inside them ? As some said, maybe it's better to mention some prominent people
If the murder of George was not an act of racism, but a bunch of different problems, and yet you raise this alleged difference between black and white on the first plan, are you actually doing better for society, or aggravating the conflict ?

Sorry, but the ' black out ' is really looks like PR / money involved / attempt to muffle other problems
And NOT ONLY officers who killed George should go to the jail, but also their superiors and others who was trying to cover the incident
Before you will come to logic thinking, before you will find the right way to assign responsibility, there's no use for your actions
I put my hope for your independent thinking, people
royalMess ._.
royalMess ._.:
I have a question, if a black cop were to do what the cop did in the video on a white guy, would everyone still be acting like this?
GTLbart 362
GTLbart 362:
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby:
Thank jeebus, the music is terrible anyway. i need the peace.
I guess I should make a 8 minute and 46 second video in honor to George Floyd. I will
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins:
But this is actually an ad for Haulix. Gross.
Apdyrahman Zamriye
Apdyrahman Zamriye:
Please who gives me short or another explanation 🙏🙏
Radiohead's videos suddenly disappeared
Slipknotgod 666
Slipknotgod 666:
Why tho
Soup Castle
Soup Castle:
In some countries it's Wednesday
Justin Koenig
Justin Koenig:
Weirdbulous Boogz
Weirdbulous Boogz:
Wait so .. Is my apple music not going to work today ? 😭
Paco Cornejo José Rafael
Paco Cornejo José Rafael:
The industry of music is paedophilia
Eric Wood
Eric Wood:
Easy explanation: Domestic Terrorism in another form
Bel Fanm Kreyòl
Bel Fanm Kreyòl:
#blacklivesmatter 🖤✊🏿
Yea!!! Drink till I blackout Tuesday! I"ll need some Taco Tuesday deals when I wake up!!! Great idea!!! 👍
a m
a m:
No buying or selling. Stealing is okay, and encouraged.
Jefferson Ochoa
Jefferson Ochoa:
Gear Factor(Loudwire) intro(video)
Btw no OneFootball daily news sent me here⚽️💔
(As a Minority-Hispanic🇸🇻)
toy fantasy
toy fantasy:
Thursday is mexican day too
Ethen Chairez
Ethen Chairez:
Yeah, with just a view on the divide in these comments, it just kind of shows that's this won't do much. People need to treat each other with respect and love. Judge and treat people by the content of their character, and even in those instances, turn the other cheek.
CTW Leo215
CTW Leo215:
Dope video I woke up this morning confused 🤷🏽‍♂️ this for the info stay safe much love 🖤
Black metal life matters! rock on
thank you now i understand
So people post squares on instagram and we think this is useful???

I'm still gonna go about my day because I'm using social media to actively educate those around me about the injustices that are happening. This is a stupid initiative created by white people as an excuse to be lazy.
James Gale
James Gale:
Promtional stunt gone wrong. Cancel my subscription and move it to a company that doesn't try to gain from civil unrest.
Like the Gucci boycott? 😂😂😂
Brett Muller
Brett Muller:
Edward Bliss
Edward Bliss:
Do this permanently. I've had enough of people singing in squares
Joan Elder-Weller
Joan Elder-Weller:
Music can change the world to make the lives of every living being matter... it is my hope that the musicians are inspired today to lead the way towards a compassionate space where every life is loved for loves sake 🖤
Craig D
Craig D:
Why can't the industry just burn the city?
That'll change something