Bloomberg Studio 1.0: Melinda Gates

Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Melinda Gates speaks to Emily Chang on the latest Studio 1.0 about the unequal distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and and how it's not just up to philanthropies but governments to fund vaccine distribution efforts - full show for digital
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23 comentarios:

Dee Tea
Dee Tea:
“...until all Americans are vaccinated? Seriously Melinda? With an experimental vaccine that pharmaceutical manufacturers are given a pass by government with 0 liability for vaccines causing injury or death? No thank you.
Tom Go
Tom Go:
"Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. "
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia:
Did I miss something? Whoever uploaded the video may want to backtrack on the graphics
Gobind-Kaur Hecker
Gobind-Kaur Hecker:
And yet this woman and her hubby have absolutely NO medical training. They are interested in making money. AND.... people die everyday. Death is a part of living. You NEVER had an idea as to when you are going to die or what you are going g to die of.
Hollow Moon
Hollow Moon:
If 'her' body language alone doesn't make you want to puke.. you're a lost cause.
D Donner
D Donner:
She speaks of morality and would have us learn morality from her. No thanks Mrs Gates.
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke:
Dont build your immune system just wait for vaccine ! Trust the scientists and media
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Trader_iniciante_b3 negociador B3
Trader_iniciante_b3 negociador B3:
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jo right
jo right:
Stop. Who cares about your ideas🤡
It is apparent Melinda is now a man
Aliul Azim
Aliul Azim:
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Alessandra Gomes
Alessandra Gomes:
Joanna Lasoka
Joanna Lasoka:
Who is this woman ???
Just leave people alone !!!!! They will be perfectly fine without your money and your concerns!!
Disgusting !!!!
David Marquez - Personal Finance & Investing
David Marquez - Personal Finance & Investing:
This will be a fun comments section
John Smith
John Smith:
Canadian Peaches
Canadian Peaches:
Lady woman have been having babies at home for 1000’s of years before you were born. City girl give your head a shake!!!
jo right
jo right:
Why this couple think their beliefs matter. And these media paid for these interviews 😈
Mykyta P.
Mykyta P.:
big fan of her and her husbands work.
Stock Trading
Stock Trading:
cool lady. too bad she's married to an anti liberty clown who wants us to all eat factory made fake meat instead of sourcing locally. He pretends to be about the climate, but only when it lines his pockets. She should follow the lead of MacKenzie Scott and run from him to help us all.