Blue Monday (2011 Total Version)

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Blue Monday (2011 Total Version) · New Order


℗ 1983 Warner Music UK Ltd

Producer: Bernard Sumner
Programmer, Synthesizer, Vocals: Bernard Sumner
Producer: Gillian Gilbert
Programmer, Synthesizer: Gillian Gilbert
Bass Guitar: Peter Hook
Percussion: Peter Hook
Producer: Peter Hook
Drums, Programmer, Synthesizer: Stephen Morris
Producer: Stephen Morris
Writer: Bernard Sumner
Writer: Gillian Gilbert
Writer: Peter Hook
Writer: Stephen Morris

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In 80's it was a futuristic song
In 2020, it is still a futuristic song
Adriana Benitez
Adriana Benitez:
I used to dance to this at the school dances in the 80's now I'm exercising to this on my stationary bike. 😄
stu wilks
stu wilks:
Not really an 80s classic, it's a classic for the ages!
Leo Castrillo
Leo Castrillo:
"Life is good, but it can be better!"
Johnny Donny Cage
Johnny Donny Cage:
and that's my Chrissy!- The Gremor veteran Marine 4-8
Karla Palter
Karla Palter:
I'll say it again... Circus Disco, LA 1984 - ?? .... still loving the club life !! #stillclassic
Edna Valenzuela Navarrete
Edna Valenzuela Navarrete:
How does it feel
To treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are?
Thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me, how do I feel?
Tell me now, how do I feel?

Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They'll turn away no more
And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today

I see a ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn't for your misfortune
I'd be a heavenly person today
And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me, how do I feel?
Tell me now, how should I feel?

Now I stand here waiting

I thought I told you to leave me
While I walked down to the beach
Tell me, how does it feel
When your heart grows cold?
After all these years.. I finally found the name of this frikkin song. God damn!
carlos alejandro romano
carlos alejandro romano:
Uno de los mejores temas de mi vida como DJ! Excelente!!!
Good to see every member of the band got a peace of the pie.
Revoked Chant Label & Gadboa
Revoked Chant Label & Gadboa:
Stakka should do more music... No raver but smart dude - gadboa
I am currently watching every version of this song uploaded to youtube for some reason, oh wait it’s because I’m high
michael mcvicker
michael mcvicker:
If it wasn't for your misfortune I'd be a heavenly person today.
2020 y esta canción no deja de ponerme feliz!!!!!!! De las mejores canciones creadas por siempre 🖤🖤🖤
Joseph Corridon
Joseph Corridon:
"So much is gloriously wrong with "Blue Monday" that it’s hard to know where to start. The song originally began as a way for New Order to avoid playing encores live—something a synthesizer could play without them being onstage. Speaking of lazy, frontman Bernard Sumner admitted to stealing the song’s keyboard pads from Kraftwerk’s "Uranium", the arrangement from Klein + MBO’s "Dirty Talk", the bassline from Sylvester’s "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)", and the driving beat from Donna Summer’s "Our Love". To make matters worse, woeful business decisions surrounded the 1983 single. There was graphic designer Peter Saville’s decision to make the die-cut sleeve look like a 5 ¼” floppy disc, which ended up costing so much to manufacture that every copy of "Blue Monday" sold was a loss leader for Factory Records. Running at seven-and-a-half minutes, it was also too long for the pop charts. And since Factory was not recognized by the British Phonographic Industry, it did not qualify for a gold disc—a pity, as "Blue Monday" remains the biggest 12” single of all-time, selling over 3 million copies worldwide. Apparently, they did something right.

"Blue Monday" found one of the most iconic bands of the early '80s moving beyond the shadow of their own tragic post-punk past and into the future. And while the song synthesized dance music of all stripes from that era—classic disco, hi-NRG, Italo, new wave—it also managed to tease out doubt from within those ecstatic sounds."
—Andy Beta, The 200 Best Songs of the 1980s
If I could pick one song to define the 80's, this would be it.
Cor du Roy
Cor du Roy:
Epic track.
Blek Ramarion
Blek Ramarion:
Everyone says where they heard this song from.. some from Black Ops some from Wonder Woman and what not.

Meanwhile I’ve been here in a while because of GTA Vice City Stories.
me : i thought this song will goin to play forever
neworder : how does it feel???
Juan Gallardo Alvares Robert
Juan Gallardo Alvares Robert:
...el nuevo orden le dio fuerza nesesaria al high energy en los 80's; ¿¿ quien podría olvidar esta cancion??
Tee Kay
Tee Kay:
The fact that I'm in my 40's and have good taste in music brought me here.
Guzzled Gumps23
Guzzled Gumps23:
This song is 80s. First Wonder Woman and now Black Ops.
Cheryl besegai
Cheryl besegai:
New Order helped shape the music of the 80s and this shit was the beginning of techno .. and when I say shit .. I mean " it's THE shit " ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Rocker Girl
Rocker Girl:
80's dance!!! The best energy
Albert Jonker
Albert Jonker:
I love this track now for so long, very nice to hear the remastered version..thx
Bertrand Producciones
Bertrand Producciones:
The Best Song
Débora Ferreira
Débora Ferreira:
Ainda não consegui ouvir um som eletrônico tão perfeito, cult pop como o deles.... Viva New Order, eternamente na minha vida, mente, coração 💓
"I am so _Happy_ to see you"
Jay Borthwick
Jay Borthwick:
Such a strong beat that keeps giving through the generations hey
James Dude
James Dude:
This song is the stuff of legends. I'm addicted to it and it's fitting for nearly every mood and setting imaginable.
No Name
No Name:
This is dance music
Roxxi Berry
Roxxi Berry:
My kind of music! 👍👍
It was just amazing back then, I'm 50 and still amazed!!
Jahan Zeitzev
Jahan Zeitzev:
Awesome driving song !
In the history of Joy Division this is genious
Zorin Industries, Ltd.
Zorin Industries, Ltd.:
This track delivers hard and straight to the point.
Dolphin H
Dolphin H:
its crazy this is the edit that survives
Damian Cop
Damian Cop:
This song will never get old, such a great rhythm and melodies, joined into one, beautiful piece of music with positive kind of melancholic vibe... always making my day better 🖤
Andrew Nichols
Andrew Nichols:
My mind is always drifting and getting hung-up on stray diversions of this beat
i think i might be the only person who found this song on accident
Sue Natewa
Sue Natewa:
We play this song on Rock Band. Fun Music I Play Bass!!
diego zamalloa anci
diego zamalloa anci:
Esa canción es genial!
Brian Koskinen
Brian Koskinen:
This has been my favorite song for almost my whole life and I love that it's in alot of pop culture now.
Миша Кедрик
Миша Кедрик:
heard this at Zabiela's Rainbow serpent mix!) Superbe!
Had this on a playlist back when I worked at a vintage clothing store, had a group of about 6-8 people in the shop at the time & everyone got to dancing. Folks that were walking by ended up joining in too. My boss walked out from the back office into a full shop just as a couple more people walked in to join. He was staring me down wondering what the hells going on while I was doing that awkward whiteboy dance behind the register.
Victoria Abbott
Victoria Abbott:
this never gets old
Listening to this song driving through the highway at night in Forza Horizon. Such a good memories ♥️
Ryjel Destiny
Ryjel Destiny:
I love this song!😄😄
I have been looking for this song for a long time
John Mint
John Mint:
It's too bad New Order had to cancel their 2020 tour because of the Covid virus.
But they'll be back soon!! 😁😁
Alexiou Katerina
Alexiou Katerina:
Elizabeth Margot Contreras Carrasco
Elizabeth Margot Contreras Carrasco:
Estos eran buenos tiempos, la onda breakdance, un tema que queda en los recuerdos de los que formamos parte de generacion X. En que la musica fue nuestra mayor inspiracion, y el bailar al son de la musica el mejor placer. Eramos felices y no lo sabiamos.
Felipe Cabrera
Felipe Cabrera:
I'm here listening this song because i like it, i didn't even know the BO trailers omg
Samuël Doyon
Samuël Doyon:
I will go in the bar when this gonna play out
Factory records boss Tony Wilson said when told that the cover cost more to manufacture than they were selling it for ,a small loss on every unit , "nobody will buy it anyway" promptly it became the biggest selling 12" of all time , a mainstay in every niteclub on earth and one of the most important and influential tracks in musical history
I'm here because i was listening to the 80s radio.
Ricardo Quispe
Ricardo Quispe:
black ops me trajo hasta aqui, ahora tengo esta rola de ringtone
I dont care where you heard this song from, I'm just glad it's getting recognitioned with the younger crowd
REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen
REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen:
Als Kind viel gehört meine Freunde!🤣Man kann ja nie wissen bei euch was ihr noch so anstellt!
Joe Mello
Joe Mello:
Yeah the ‘80s were great!!
Rogerio Santos
Rogerio Santos:
Ouvir essa música no filme Ready Player One, mas devido ao trailer de BO COLD WAR tô de volta kkk
World's longest intro award 🏆 here you go king.
Yrtes Caitanno
Yrtes Caitanno:
Fabulous hit 💃🎼🔥🎉👏👏 #bluemonday88
I love this tune.
When I use a nail gun this is my cadence.
GoodWin -
GoodWin -:
if you didn’t drive into the sunset along a beautiful mountain serpentine in your car in Forza Horizon, by turning on the Bass Arena radio, you don’t know what atmospheric is.
Andrea Sánchez Navarro
Andrea Sánchez Navarro:
i like this shit men <3!N!!!!!!!x
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith:
OR ...Betoko Raining again (original mix)
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith:
OR ..Mark knight Your love (original club mix)
Pobozsnyi Adam
Pobozsnyi Adam:
Still a valid song for 2020
G. P.
G. P.:
I remember first hearing this song in 1983. And I remembrer how it made me feel.
Gary Sparhawk
Gary Sparhawk:
I understand but it doesn't get any better than this song absolute perfection,
Owen L
Owen L:
Is there a remix of "New Order - The Beach" too? (Just like on the flip side of the original 12 inch single)
Sharon Castañeda
Sharon Castañeda:
excellent job
Diego Osvaldo Diaz
Diego Osvaldo Diaz:
Wonder woman 💗 ahora hermosa época 😎🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
I can't wait for red Tuesday!
Miz Ablaza
Miz Ablaza:
I have to say, it feels pretty good! 😁
Carnaru Valentin
Carnaru Valentin:
Lovely that quitar bass
One has Got to have a strong subwoofer that can handle the bass. LOVE.....IT!!!!!!
Lol!!!him 45.1/2and I love 💕 them FOO☯️
I know you won’t fail us
Oldřich Koželský
Oldřich Koželský:
This is a cool high bar for ever :-)
Always was a great song did not know about the 2011 version only heard of the 80s version
Time for a dance party.,yes!!!
Cely Garcia
Cely Garcia:
Volumennnnnn up !
David Muller
David Muller:
J'adore !!!
Cold War brought us here to jam it while we wait for the release 🥳
Luiz A. dos Santos
Luiz A. dos Santos:
The Kings 4ever!!!
Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores:
Four things brought me here:
The documentary 1983: The Brink of Apocalypse
Wonder Woman - 1984
Forza Horizon - 2014
And now Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War - 2020
Steyer Beliford
Steyer Beliford:
This sounds so different without the Garand ping and all that shooting.
marion evans
marion evans:
How does it feel??? well..perfect!!!
AB Games
AB Games:
Jajaja la mejor canción en un juego que es lo mejor ❤️🥺
Thorsten Wiedler tw_myphotoblog
Thorsten Wiedler tw_myphotoblog:
Aqua 021
Aqua 021:
despite the fact of cold war and wonderwoman this song was in ready player one too... :D
but it is actually a nice song
Tais Urrutia Llanos
Tais Urrutia Llanos:
Ailoviuuuuuu 2020 pandemia
Mar cus
Mar cus:
Eine der besten Platten der Welt. Großartig !! One of the best songs ever !!!
REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen
REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen:
🤔Das waren aber blutige Visionen!Wollte es nur mal erwehnt haben nebenbei!
Sy Ky
Sy Ky:
Still remember my gf asking “what is this disco song you are listening to?” years ago.