Body found in search for missing "Glee" star Naya Rivera

Captain Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department joins CBS Los Angeles to discuss the search for missing "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, after a body was found Monday at Lake Piru in California.

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I really hope that her son won’t feel guilty for what happened when he’s older...... pls god, take care of this little boy
isaias cardenas
isaias cardenas:
Only she knows what really happen will never know the real story may she Rest In Peace
Savannah Preciado
Savannah Preciado:
Knowing that she sang "If I die young" and it said "sink me in the river at dawn" and they found her the day they found Cory Monteith 7 years ago is weird. The Glee cast is cursed. I pray and hope that they found her so her family can have peace. She was my favorite character in glee. And I loved her just as a person she had such an amazing voice and personality.
A C:
I find it creepy to look at the security camera and to think “we’re basically looking at a dead person walking”
Sheila Rawlings
Sheila Rawlings:
God bless all the divers all people who have worked so hard to find her. God bless her and her son and friends. I wish this never happend.
Chronically Aubrey
Chronically Aubrey:
Rip beautiful soul. Can’t help but hurt for her baby boy. Far too young to lose your mom.
It’s a blessing to be alive this far in 2020
Nazlı Sönmez
Nazlı Sönmez:
Naya was such a stunning lady with a great talent. This is the most tragic one of them all in Glee. So sorry.
Mayra Morgan
Mayra Morgan:
We appreciate all the hard work and motivation to have her found and bring her home. We love you all for the efforts and doing your job that you are all train to do for anyone
Positive High Vibrations
Positive High Vibrations:
My deepest condolences to the family and friends. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. It breaks my heart. She was so young and to pass away in this tragic way. 😢😞😭
Lisa Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez:
Rip Naya Rivera. I’m heart broken. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given to us Glee fans. “Songbird,” “Santa Baby” “Valerie” “Mine” and “Shake it Off” were just some of my absolute favorite covers. Your voice was incredible! We love you. We thank you. Rest in Paradise!
Words can’t describe how emotional and heartbroken I am for her and her family. That is so sad. I hope her family is healthy and taking their time to mourn.
we all loved you Naya and we always will. ❤️✨🕊
This is such a tragic story but I’m happy there’s a closure for the family. The recovery team is so fantastic to stick with it. Rest In Peace Naya 🙏🏻🥀
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb:
Absolutely heartbreaking. May Corey have met her at the Gates when she passed. Rest In Peace.
Arnela Hodžić
Arnela Hodžić:
I can’t find words to describe how heartbroken I am.. rip beautiful soul😢💔
Nikita Farrow
Nikita Farrow:
RIP Naya🦋thank you for all the love and positivity you spread! You were truly an amazing person❤️my heart goes out to your family😔...I will forever be grateful for the role you played in my life...the fact that you didn’t know me and you still held such a huge place in my heart...I can’t imagine what your family is going through💔😔I am so so so sorry
Rebecca Boyarhi
Rebecca Boyarhi:
Our Condolences to get and the family. My daughter loved her and Glee. Thank you for all the joy you brought in our home. May you Rest In Peace. 🙏🌹
Beverly Coleman
Beverly Coleman:
My condolences and prayers, go out to her family and friends. I remember watching her on TV, when she was a baby. She was so adorable. R.I.P.
Felicity Pricam
Felicity Pricam:
RIP Naya. So so sad. My heart goes out to all those who love her and especially her family and her little boy ❤️
This is so devastating, I had so much hope. I really hope her family is okay during this hard situation. May she Rest In Peace 😢
Paola Williams
Paola Williams:
This is heartbreaking! Prayers to her family and sweet little boy!!🙏
Sierra Mitchell
Sierra Mitchell:
I am in disbelief😢 Naya “Santana” was my favorite character on Glee. Rip Naya🥺 I love you💔
Jennifer wellman
Jennifer wellman:
It just makes you think about how life is very fleeting, and precious. One minute you can have it all, and another minute it’s all gone. Take time to love each other. Rest In Peace Naya. 😭❤️
Rest in love Naya🕊 My condolences go out to her family and especially her beloved son🤧
Alexandria Edira STEM 11-1
Alexandria Edira STEM 11-1:
We all know that Naya and his son will meet again in God's perfect time.

Rest in Peace Naya😞
Jennifer Davidson
Jennifer Davidson:
Found 7 years after her fellow glee cast member cory monteith died. Rip, naya. Grew up watching glee, this is tragic.
"Can you tell us what that (the conversation with the family) was like? What was the mood of that conversation?" - are you serious??? do you really need to ask questions like that??? that is so disgusting!!!
Cherry Nicole
Cherry Nicole:
Famous or not this is heartbreaking💔 her son and family's lives have changed forever...I'm so sorry Naya
Adel Maher
Adel Maher:
I'm still having a hard time that such a beautiful soul is gone. R.I.P Naya 🙏
Mckay Fam
Mckay Fam:
My heart goes out to the young boy who lost a mother.😔
Taco Meat
Taco Meat:
Heartbreaking 😖 she was apart of everyone’s childhood even tho I didn’t know her personally she just brought so much light through her acting, that’s why I love this actor so much she will be missed.💜
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
Jeffrey Keith Horne II:
Even though it is extremely unfortunate for her family, hopefully this can help make the coping a bit easier since her body has been found. RIP and my condolences. God Bless.
RoseMary Hinton
RoseMary Hinton:
My condolences to the family.🙏🏽❤️🌈
Nikki Plowden
Nikki Plowden:
Them carrying the body in the bag is heartbreaking 😢😢😢
kaemi dana
kaemi dana:
she didn’t deserve any of this, Rest In Peace Naya Rivera my prayers will always be with you🤍😇
Taylor Washington
Taylor Washington:
I'm so glad they have recovered remains. I pray that it is her so her family can begin the process of grieving and healing. Her mom came with Bible in hand and went on her knees. Her Dad and Brother entered the water and summoned her as well. When you have a praying Mother and God in the equation miracles happen. GOD brought her(Naya) back to them. Pray for her son and her family. This is heartbreaking!#RIPNAYA🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾 💔
K.K. Russell
K.K. Russell:
Damn, A gorgeously talented mother gone from not only her son but her family. I truly hope they are okay.
Angel Dust
Angel Dust:
She was a good person.
She will be remembered by us.
She’s in a better place
Rest In Peace Naya Riveria.
You’re a ledgend we won’t forget
This is so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with Naya's son her family and her friends. I still can't believe this 😢
Andrew Is Tall
Andrew Is Tall:
Could this year be any worse?

Edit: Wow
I’d Gaf
I’d Gaf:
Her last Instagram post is what really gets to me. I pray her family seeks the closure that they needed.
☹️💔😢 RIP Naya. May your Soul rest
kha didja
kha didja:
Rest in piece angel , Naya you will always be remembered , we will always love you
Rest in peace Naya Rivera. She played Santana Lopez really well on Glee. Condolences to her son, family and friends 💔🌷🌹
R.I.P. May the family find peace and love from the Lord and remember they will see her soon.
Never watched Glee but this is heartbreaking :(
Mercedes AC.
Mercedes AC.:
Had me in tears I am a big fan .
She is so Beautiful talented so young to leave us her son her family
I keep crying thinking about her son & what he was going through that whole time.
I love you Naya RIP.
I'm glad I got to meet you girl love you.
Ken Joél
Ken Joél:
Year 2020 was tough! And it's only halftime.👀 Rest in beauty, Naya! 🕊
I’m so sad about this. I didn’t watch the show but she was a beautiful woman with children. I couldn’t imagine this

I pray for her kids. You will be blessed.
Adrianna Gamboa
Adrianna Gamboa:
When I saw those people walking with that body bag I wanted to cry soooooooooooooo bad! I think it’s her 🤧😓 she was just to pretty for my eyes. Son needs his mommy :(
Rhavel Limen
Rhavel Limen:
This is heart breaking most specially when you’re a fan of her since Glee years. Rest in peace...
Rainlyn deleom
Rainlyn deleom:
RIP cant believe they found her body when Cory died but we miss her RIP
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez:
Such a tragic and sad story. My heart goes out to her family and her son. Rest in paradise Naya <3
So so heartbroken for her beautiful little boy. I hope he knows the entire country is mourning with him.
Christina Robinson
Christina Robinson:
Good job, thank you for your time and services 💞
Planet Earth Mina
Planet Earth Mina:
I never went to that lake, it's murky, creepy and dangerous. Even the shore line is muddy.. It's so sad that she didn't anchor the boat and wear a safety vest. Very tragic🌹
Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres:
She was a Mother in the truest way willing to die in saving her son mother is more than a word it is selfless love in action.Naya Rivera now.
My prayers to that poor kid, he’ll be traumatized for life.
drippy. yazmine
drippy. yazmine:
I’m so sorry this happened to her 😢💔 I didn’t know her but my she Rest In Peace and god bless her son
It is honestly so hard to imagine that they were carrying poor Naya to the car in those scenes :( absolutely heartbreaking.
Oh gosh, prayers for her son and family. This is so heart breaking.
That lake is known in California as one of the more dangerous lakes you can visit. There are crazy undercurrents in the water there and I’ve heard there’s lots of trees, branches, and rocks too so it makes sense why they couldn’t find her for awhile. May she rest in peace
Mojo the Evil Monkey
Mojo the Evil Monkey:
No 💔
My favorite Glee character
The character who taught me to fight off bullies, never be afraid of speaking up, be myself, and most of all be strong even though no ones around
Farewell Naya Rivera/ Santana Lopez

Your version of "If I die Young" means a lot now ❤

I hope you find your peace.
Ramona Fiordaliza Nunez
Ramona Fiordaliza Nunez:
This is so heart breaking .speechless she protected her son .after sad praying for both parties.🙏😪
Patpat Donato
Patpat Donato:
"If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song" Rest in peace queen😥
Hadjr Lili
Hadjr Lili:
Omg this is so tragic 😭💔 Rest in Peace Naya
Maril Mndz
Maril Mndz:
May God receive her back home. So sad. Rest in peace, Naya.
alexis a.
alexis a.:
Rest In Peace Naya, we love you ❤️💕
SammyThe StrawberryOfficial
SammyThe StrawberryOfficial:
May Naya Rivera Rest In Peace, We Love You💖
Jaslene Arteaga
Jaslene Arteaga:
This is so sad. She was my favorite character in Glee. I looked up to her she was a nice person. Her son was only 4 wow
We will forever miss you, we love you Naya ♥️
Emily Meredith
Emily Meredith:
This is sad she’s my age and a mom to a beautiful little boy.
Brandi Watson
Brandi Watson:
Condolences to her son, family, and friends🙏 I pray God comfort them all during this time of bereavement. Rip Naya
Tumicca Belizeanbeauty
Tumicca Belizeanbeauty:
I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about her..😩🙏🏾...I don’t know or Kenneka Jenkins but I when she passed I was bothered for a long while.. this year is so traumatizing God bless you all
Strange Disappearance
Strange Disappearance:
So sad 😞 glad she was found though. ❤️
Infinity Mixtapes
Infinity Mixtapes:
God I feel for her son
“could you tell us what the conversation was like?” extremely rude, insensitive and disrespectful. a person just died for crying out loud, why not offer prayers instead???? wtah
I am crushed and I didn’t even know her. My ❤️ goes out Lord have mercy & the baby. Just so sad 😭 I can’t deal with this year 2020. Damn May her soul RIP. The unthinkable😥
Exotic Chicken
Exotic Chicken:
I don’t have enough words about how sad I am
Miles Omoruyi
Miles Omoruyi:
This honestly reminds me of the way Shad Gaspard died. He died a hero saving his son and so did Naya Riveria. May they both RIP
I think we all knew what the outcome would be. I just feel really bad for the family. Rest in peace Naya.
Hannah L
Hannah L:
May she Rest In Peace 💔❤️ prayers you her son and family 😔💔
Future Can't say
Future Can't say:
This is so heartbreaking 💔💔may she rest I piece 💔🕊
Tabitha Vega
Tabitha Vega:
Naya was an amazing person she was so beautiful I cant believe what happens my she rest in peace.. 😥😥😥😘❤
Bobby Nikolopoulos
Bobby Nikolopoulos:
This is so damn sad. Condolences to the family and friends that knew her.
Tonya Hughes
Tonya Hughes:
May God Comfort and Keep her son & Family in his Healing. 🙏🏽🕊🙏🏽
Chantel Young
Chantel Young:
Heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Naya and her family.
Đøűňįä Kębďăņį
Đøűňįä Kębďăņį:
It's so freaking scary and weird how are the actors and the actress of glee die one by one at the age of 33 exactly at the same day as cory. ...and the words of the song"if i die young???"
I'm feeling sick ..R.I.P 💔💔
Mampotso Tsosane
Mampotso Tsosane:
I still don't want to believe she's gone...I just don't. I still have hope❤
Heartbreaking 😢
Keith Diores
Keith Diores:
My thoughts and my prayers are with you Ms. Naya Rivera & your family so sad😭😭😭
A healing place
A healing place:
😔😔😔😔😔😔 my heart is heavy..... I pray God comforts her family ❤❤
Rip Naya Rivera 💔💔
XANLY Sphynx
XANLY Sphynx:
Omg her body being brought to the truck is so sad...omg rip sweetheart
oldacc not used
oldacc not used:
r.i.p naya we all love you ❤️
Rest in peace my most favorite Glee star 💔
Katie Bayliss
Katie Bayliss:
I don’t know why but this is giving me serious stranger things vibes, but RIP I loved Santana and I hope justice is served xx
May she always Rest In Peace 😔💔
Raven S. Alvarez
Raven S. Alvarez:
god bless her ❤️
As someone who's lost two people (one to Covid, the other from a heart attack), this year just keeps getting worse and worse. Literally not one good thing has happened.