Body found in search for missing "Glee" star Naya Rivera

Captain Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department joins CBS Los Angeles to discuss the search for missing "Glee" actress Naya Rivera, after a body was found Monday at Lake Piru in California.

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keyana west
keyana west:
her and her son didn’t deserve this at all :(
bri oOoO
bri oOoO:
i can’t believe they found her body on the day corey monteith died
Isaias Cardenas
Isaias Cardenas:
Only she knows what really happen will never know the real story may she Rest In Peace
I really hope that her son won’t feel guilty for what happened when he’s older...... pls god, take care of this little boy
A C:
I find it creepy to look at the security camera and to think “we’re basically looking at a dead person walking”
Andrew G
Andrew G:
Could this year be any worse?

Edit: Wow
It’s a blessing to be alive this far in 2020
It started with Kobe. Just a crazy year.
Sheila Rawlings
Sheila Rawlings:
God bless all the divers all people who have worked so hard to find her. God bless her and her son and friends. I wish this never happend.
"Can you tell us what that (the conversation with the family) was like? What was the mood of that conversation?" - are you serious??? do you really need to ask questions like that??? that is so disgusting!!!
Ted Martin
Ted Martin:
I feel so bad for her son! This would be a Nightmare.
Sierra Mitchell
Sierra Mitchell:
I am in disbelief😢 Naya “Santana” was my favorite character on Glee. Rip Naya🥺 I love you💔
She probably hit her head on the boat while going to swim.
“could you tell us what the conversation was like?” extremely rude, insensitive and disrespectful. a person just died for crying out loud, why not offer prayers instead???? wtah
Jennifer Davidson
Jennifer Davidson:
Found 7 years after her fellow glee cast member cory monteith died. Rip, naya. Grew up watching glee, this is tragic.
Nazlı Sönmez
Nazlı Sönmez:
Naya was such a stunning lady with a great talent. This is the most tragic one of them all in Glee. So sorry.
Aubz N
Aubz N:
Rip beautiful soul. Can’t help but hurt for her baby boy. Far too young to lose your mom.
Kahi K
Kahi K:
She was such a talented and beautiful woman. So sad that she has passed away. RIP Naya you will be missed
bill bixby
bill bixby:
A piece us missing from the puzzle. Why should would go in the water without a life jacket. Her poor baby he doesn't have his mama anymore. 😪
Something very fishy about this whole event.
Obligated Orb
Obligated Orb:
3 well know people dead in 3 days. This is too tragic
S ymra
S ymra:
We all know that Naya and his son will meet again in God's perfect time.

Rest in Peace Naya😞
Greg D
Greg D:
That’s so sad 😞. I was hoping she would have been found alive and well going through mental stress but unfortunately she went home to our father. I’m praying for her family and her little boy
Shan Gunasekara
Shan Gunasekara:
Who else is had completely enough of 2020!!
Brenna Costelloe
Brenna Costelloe:
I dont even know what to say exept that she did not deserve that, she was so amazing may she rest in peace.
Đøűňįä Kębďăņį
Đøűňįä Kębďăņį:
It's so freaking scary and weird how are the actors and the actress of glee die one by one at the age of 33 exactly at the same day as cory. ...and the words of the song"if i die young???"
I'm feeling sick ..R.I.P 💔💔
I'm trying to figure out why did she go swimming alone in such deep waters.
Arnela Hodžić
Arnela Hodžić:
I can’t find words to describe how heartbroken I am.. rip beautiful soul😢💔
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz:
The way it all happened, it just doesn’t seem right. There’s more that the media isn’t telling us.
Stephanie Kolb
Stephanie Kolb:
Absolutely heartbreaking. May Corey have met her at the Gates when she passed. Rest In Peace.
Malinda Hill
Malinda Hill:
☹️💔😢 RIP Naya. May your Soul rest
Lavinia Toledo
Lavinia Toledo:
Before she died she saved her son. He said she put him on the boat and when he turned around she was gone
Tumicca Belizanbeauty
Tumicca Belizanbeauty:
I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about her..😩🙏🏾...I don’t know or Kenneka Jenkins but I when she passed I was bothered for a long while.. this year is so traumatizing God bless you all
rich bitch on some rich shit
rich bitch on some rich shit:
even though ik it’s probably her. i’m rlly praying for a miracle
Mayra Morgan
Mayra Morgan:
We appreciate all the hard work and motivation to have her found and bring her home. We love you all for the efforts and doing your job that you are all train to do for anyone
Nikki Plowden
Nikki Plowden:
Them carrying the body in the bag is heartbreaking 😢😢😢
They need footage of the whole day... who came in and out. Its still confusing how she didn't have a life jacket but he did... idk ...
Cherry Nicole
Cherry Nicole:
Famous or not this is heartbreaking💔 her son and family's lives have changed forever...I'm so sorry Naya
Never watched Glee but this is heartbreaking :(
Stock Papi
Stock Papi:
The curse of glee. It's like final destination in real life!
RoseMary Hinton
RoseMary Hinton:
My condolences to the family.🙏🏽❤️🌈
dicky prayogi
dicky prayogi:
What hapend with glee exactly, why they die in the same way "suicide"
Black Eagle
Black Eagle:
What is wrong with this year
I can't imagine being in next year
It would be nice to see all missing persons looked for with this amount of effort...
Savannah Preciado
Savannah Preciado:
Knowing that she sang "If I die young" and it said "sink me in the river at dawn" and they found her the day they found Cory Monteith 7 years ago is weird. The Glee cast is cursed. I pray and hope that they found her so her family can have peace. She was my favorite character in glee. And I loved her just as a person she had such an amazing voice and personality.
Ken Joél
Ken Joél:
Year 2020 was tough! And it's only halftime.👀 Rest in beauty, Naya! 🕊
Adrianna Gamboa
Adrianna Gamboa:
When I saw those people walking with that body bag I wanted to cry soooooooooooooo bad! I think it’s her 🤧😓 she was just to pretty for my eyes. Son needs his mommy :(
K.K. Russell
K.K. Russell:
Damn, A gorgeously talented mother gone from not only her son but her family. I truly hope they are okay.
Ohh Yeah
Ohh Yeah:
"All legends fall in the making"
-Juice Wrld
Emily Meredith
Emily Meredith:
This is sad she’s my age and a mom to a beautiful little boy.
Merita Mayes
Merita Mayes:
Why does he sound like he was doing somebody a favor instead of his job. It's your job. Suck it up. Prayers for the family. How do you think her family feels.
daisy j.
daisy j.:
As someone who's lost two people (one to Covid, the other from a heart attack), this year just keeps getting worse and worse. Literally not one good thing has happened.
Niranjana Rahan
Niranjana Rahan:
Rip Naya Rivera 💔💔
Katie Bayliss
Katie Bayliss:
I don’t know why but this is giving me serious stranger things vibes, but RIP I loved Santana and I hope justice is served xx
Rolls- Royce Phantom Beauty channel
Rolls- Royce Phantom Beauty channel:
She waa singing song about dying young in a lake....smh and that shyt really make matters worse the other cast member died on this day they found her body....smh.....
R.I.P. May the family find peace and love from the Lord and remember they will see her soon.
Neutral Guy
Neutral Guy:
My prayers to that poor kid, he’ll be traumatized for life.
May she rest in peace...prayers to her family and especially her little boy
jaguar 1980
jaguar 1980:
I swear i had a feeling they would find her today
Strange Disappearance
Strange Disappearance:
So sad 😞 glad she was found though. ❤️
Cheryl Mcleod
Cheryl Mcleod:
This is so sad....but there's closure
Miles Omoruyi
Miles Omoruyi:
This honestly reminds me of the way Shad Gaspard died. He died a hero saving his son and so did Naya Riveria. May they both RIP
Ava Torres
Ava Torres:
What I don’t get is how did she drown what caused it? Why was her son all by himself? How did he get on the boat he was like a 4 to 5 years old how could he go on the boat?
Mia GE07
Mia GE07:
Three Glee stars already gone too soon...
ScoobyDooby Doo
ScoobyDooby Doo:
Don’t go swimming during “ghost month”!!!!!
Omg her body being brought to the truck is so sad...omg rip sweetheart
El Cheapo
El Cheapo:
Am glad they found her, Am sad that she's dead, too young and so much to live for.
Tabitha Vega
Tabitha Vega:
Naya was an amazing person she was so beautiful I cant believe what happens my she rest in peace.. 😥😥😥😘❤
Infinity Mixtapes
Infinity Mixtapes:
God I feel for her son
Angel Dust
Angel Dust:
She was a good person.
She will be remembered by us.
She’s in a better place
Rest In Peace Naya Riveria.
You’re a ledgend we won’t forget
I’d Gaf
I’d Gaf:
Her last Instagram post is what really gets to me. I pray her family seeks the closure that they needed.
Daniela Soares
Daniela Soares:
This is all very strange, honestly...
Maynard Talisayon
Maynard Talisayon:
Sleeping at last . . . 🥺💔
LEVI Ackerman
LEVI Ackerman:
Am I the only one thinking that this is some kind of assasination?
fiordaliza tineo
fiordaliza tineo:
This is so heart breaking .speechless she protected her son .after sad praying for both parties.🙏😪
Teresa Torres
Teresa Torres:
She was a Mother in the truest way willing to die in saving her son mother is more than a word it is selfless love in action.Naya Rivera now.
Tammy Orton
Tammy Orton:
What seems strange to me is the way she parked her vehicle. :29

Was she intoxicated?
Usually grown adults don't "just drown" without a good reason.
I think foul play was involved 🤷🏻‍♀️
If the person that drowned wasn’t a famous person they probably would’ve discontinued the search days ago...
Eleanor C
Eleanor C:
The dislikes r from bots.
RIP Naya, forever our Santana 💜
If they r from people u probably didn’t feel right liking the video, ur not alone. And everyone remember Naya is with Cory now🌹
HER Majesty
HER Majesty:
Sigh... my baby girl so strong and inspirational... I am distraught.
Jewel Joseph
Jewel Joseph:
2020 is a black hole
goat williams
goat williams:
So freaking devastating for her family and loved ones !! So happy she was found😥 .may she rest in peace 🙏!!and the family have some type of closure . I'm wondering if she caught a cramp?
This is so devastating, I had so much hope. I really hope her family is okay during this hard situation. May she Rest In Peace 😢
Delaney Sailer
Delaney Sailer:
I haven't even met her but she was my fav actress in "Glee"
she was also a great singer.
She is the same age as me💔😭
Naya!! Nooooo!!!! Not you,too!!!
3 members of "Glee" are gone
Rest in peace Naya Rivera. She played Santana Lopez really well on Glee. Condolences to her son, family and friends 💔🌷🌹
Jean Altura
Jean Altura:
still hurts 💔
Go Pro Rottweilers
Go Pro Rottweilers:
I never went to that lake, it's murky, creepy and dangerous. Even the shore line is muddy.. It's so sad that she didn't anchor the boat and wear a safety vest. Very tragic🌹
RIP, I've seen you in the show, gone too soon, we plan our life but god knows better. Very sad for your death 😭😭😭.
Netflix بالعربي
Netflix بالعربي:
First time Cory Monteith
After Mark Salling
And now Naya Rivera
Who's next RIP
Caroline Nyamadzawo
Caroline Nyamadzawo:
Still remember your song 'if l die young' may your soul rest in eternal peace 😭😭😭
Rebecca Boyarhi
Rebecca Boyarhi:
Our Condolences to get and the family. My daughter loved her and Glee. Thank you for all the joy you brought in our home. May you Rest In Peace. 🙏🌹
Felicity Pricam
Felicity Pricam:
RIP Naya. So so sad. My heart goes out to all those who love her and especially her family and her little boy ❤️
may she rest in peace☀️❤️
Diamond Perkins
Diamond Perkins:
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾R.I.P beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ praying for all her love ones especially her baby boy🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️😢😢😢 she save her sons life 🙏🏾🙏🏾 she did what she said her baby boy comes first ❤️❤️❤️ just wish she made it too 😢😢❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾
Warren Sofine
Warren Sofine:
55 ostar
55 ostar:
How this could be when they were looking for her . I think someone put her there
Shariya Webb music
Shariya Webb music:
2020 is a bad year omg like please I wish none of this happend
Paola Williams
Paola Williams:
This is heartbreaking! Prayers to her family and sweet little boy!!🙏
K - Dawg
K - Dawg: