Boro Stun Man United | Manchester United 1-1 Middlesbrough (7-8 on pens) | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

An early missed penalty by Cristiano Ronaldo and a Jadon Sancho deflected finish gave Manchester United 1-0 lead in the first half, however, a resilient Middlesbrough deservedly equalised from a back post Matt Crooks leveller which took the game into extra time and eventually penalty shootouts. A missed Elanga spot-kick sent Middlesbrough through to the fifth round of the Emirates FA Cup

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100+ comentarios:

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald:
Always nice to see the underdog winning unfortunately United couldnt do it this time tho.
Odurombi 'Banji
Odurombi 'Banji:
I think Middlesbrough's GK deserves overwhelming encomiums.
And Olé was obviously the problem... still, United, the gift that keeps on giving!
Daniel Malinga
Daniel Malinga:
This game was like FIFA 22 scripting wow those misses.
S. O
S. O:
How Ronaldo must be feeling now knowing everyone is watching this on his birthday
The goalkeeper making every shot look so easy 😂
Nasser Hamad
Nasser Hamad:
That handball control though 🔥😳
Willi Sianturi
Willi Sianturi:
Congratulations to Middlesbrough, for qualifying for the fifth round of the FA Cup. And for Manchester United, maybe it's not time to win.
Aditya Choudhury
Aditya Choudhury:
The loss was indeed dissapointing but the way the Middlesbrough players acted after scoring their pens made me sad. They felt no pressure at all and scored bangers.
Devon Transport Wildlife Weather Channel uk
Devon Transport Wildlife Weather Channel uk:
This is what FA Cups are all about because you never know what can happen this has to be the biggest upset in history so far Middlesbrough knocking Utd out in penalties I thought this is something I wouldn't see well deserved Middlesbrough
Maximillionares That's Football
Maximillionares That's Football:
5 trophyless seasons for United... they're the new Everton
Happy to see United out of the FA cup... but cant believe the referee allowed that goal from Boro... it s a clear hand... without his hand the ball is going away...
Jamie Mole
Jamie Mole:
United really need to work on finishing, the amount of missed chances is crazy! Middlesbrough deserve to win because of this.
Sumina Rani
Sumina Rani:
They played well, I don't know what the fuss is about. The ball just didn't want to go in.
CallieMajik beats
CallieMajik beats:
Man United played very well but the opposing goalie was just outstanding
AGENT 007:
United is a distant memory from the Ferguson time. The team, the style, desire, determination, all well below average. It's start from the hierarchy, as well as on the pitch. The next manager will have to take into account he will not be running the team. Ed Wardward, the Glazers, the worst thing to happen at United. We are now seeing the consequences of a poorly run club. It will be a long time for United to win their next league title. Van Gaal, Mourinho, top managers, but unable to manage. A deep root problem and very difficult to solve.
Corrin Huddleston
Corrin Huddleston:
Wow! That was a crazy match! MU had a lot of shots on goal!
Adli Fathil
Adli Fathil:
i hope sancho could stay on this form of performance
Dogani Peter
Dogani Peter:
We might have lost the game. But the play transition, defense, and offense are totally something to note about. Great Performance just lacked a win from proper finishing. GGMU 🔥🔥
KIP 8:
Miss great chance , big win Boro 🔥
baekhyun _xoxo
baekhyun _xoxo:
And people said Henderson would save penalties
Iestyn Davies
Iestyn Davies:
Half a million a week, let’s hope he stays forever! 👍👍👍
The beauty of FA Cup where we can watch David vs Goliath and David win. Congrats Middlesbrough!
Manchester United Hurt my soul I don't know how much more I can't emotionally invest in this team anymore
We've turned into a league one side..
Look at jadon's humble face
John McGahern
John McGahern:
0:57 The old glance back AND SPIT at the "defective" spot.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
James Daniels
James Daniels:
I understand that we had tons of shots that we missed and I’m not happy about that, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Boro’s goal was a CLEAR handball. They can spit technicalities all day but you will not convince me that that goal was fair.
Budget Tech And Gaming
Budget Tech And Gaming:
3:37 the crowd went from "YEA" to "OOH" in the span of a second
The finishing for Man U was poor. decent chances turning into easy catches for the keeper the whole game is unacceptable, especially for players of that level.
Fer dino
Fer dino:
I watched Sancho play, his quality shows in this match.
Muhammad Ilham Iberahim
Muhammad Ilham Iberahim:
That handball was for every Ruud Van Niselrooy dive
Kabelo Albert
Kabelo Albert:
This are by far the most painful highlights I've ever seen, the only thing that kept mU from winning was the ball not going in
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus:
Ronaldo was so confident of himself that he cannot accept the reality that he missed his penalty that makes the entire team to go through ET & total lost in the shoot out
Richard Knows
Richard Knows:
Even the Middlesbrough canteen ladies have been practising their penalties since the Liverpool 14-13 shoot out a few years ago.
Well done up the Boro
Efe Aigbe
Efe Aigbe:
Ronaldo's athleticism at age 36 is outstanding.
May I ask about why the deflection to the hand for Boro goal doesn't consider a handball?
joffrey sapatanga
joffrey sapatanga:
Penaldo missing a penalty
2022 what a surprise 😂😂
Thato Modiakgotla
Thato Modiakgotla:
We need to improve massively as a team
Middlesbrough celebrated like its 2002 again, when they really beat Manchester United at their ground in this round as well.
jasmine mohamed
jasmine mohamed:
probably the best game we have played under rangnick since he took over watmore should have penalised for the hanball never a goal. bruno post sancho bar cr7 missed pen rashford wasteful. its fine margins overall we werent bad we were wasteful. context is everything
Akshay Mahapatra
Akshay Mahapatra:
Man Utd were unlucky at times....some hard pressing by forwards but couldnt get the ball in...Nevertless..the underdogs showed their heart out...congrats
Proud of the boys just lack of finishing but we dominated the entire game but still don’t understand why Ralf played a sub instead of the best GK in the world 😭 Always come back stronger and hbd Ronnie 🥳
Mehedy Hasan
Mehedy Hasan:
Sancho is a real Magician
No way, the ball didn't want to get in
Ronaldo missed 4-5 easy chances if somebody got those chances then it would have been at least 3-1 in the score card.
Aman Sharma
Aman Sharma:
That penalty shootout goal of Ronaldo was the most satisfying penalty I ever saw...
Jamie Architekt
Jamie Architekt:
Congrats to MB but I can’t believe that’s a goal.
So many chances wasted and in the end Boro won. This games angers me
Yahya Boussoufa
Yahya Boussoufa:
4:45 Can't believe it man it was handball
Marble Slap
Marble Slap:
SANCHO done amazing this match
Geovanny Cardozo Cedeño
Geovanny Cardozo Cedeño:
No le salio nada ese día Ronaldo,hay días malos pero sigue en nivel top
Jonathan Low
Jonathan Low:
Manchester United played really strong tonight, it's not a surprise they were losing againts one of the stronger team
Kelvin Kamau
Kelvin Kamau:
Guy from Middlesbrough don't miss 😂😂😂😂😂
Sakura Yamauchi
Sakura Yamauchi:
I think ManU problem in this match was the finishing touch of players,look at the chances missed..Also wasn't that a hand ball?
I think there was a forward pass and a 'knock on', just before that Middlesbrough goal.
Serchhip Chelsea
Serchhip Chelsea:
RIP Man United. 😭
HaSsy M
HaSsy M:
Beauty of the Fa Cup. Leeds in championship knocked Man Utd out in the 2010s. Beckford!
peter nhliziyo
peter nhliziyo:
That goalkeeper must play in Barclay's premiere league, he is quality
Special K
Special K:
While United fans were still laughing at Arsenal, this happened 🤣🤣
Jim Red
Jim Red:
I hate United, but honestly this 4:24 look like handball. Maybe the referee was referring to the new handball rules but it's hard to tell wether the player was intentional or not
Tony Haven
Tony Haven:
Ronaldo looked truly Championship quality here, crazy
JD Official
JD Official:
Jadon sancho in new goat 🐐 ❤️✊🏿
United should have won that game. They had the bulk of possession and more chances on the net. Of course, they squandered those chances and seemed a little disinterested. Honestly, I think expectations on United are way too high. Their fans expect them to challenge for the league title and the Champions League and they are nowhere even close to that level of quality.
Aidan Bennett
Aidan Bennett:
Who is stunned Manchester United got a poor result? I think all season they been having poor results.
Caleb Price
Caleb Price:
Ronaldo should’ve just took that Man City offer 😂
I am stupid
I am stupid:
A shame that we could have had a major upset but united couldn’t pull through and cause a shock LOL
Oliver Rokoengen
Oliver Rokoengen:
Manu dominated
But they have to work on their finishing
Absolulutely horrendous 🤮
Plug in
Plug in:
The fall of Manchester United 😔
Victoria chibugo
Victoria chibugo:
The person that assisted the Middlesbrough goalscorer committed hand ball, I will never agree to this
All the comments pretending that middlesbrough actually deserved this, they were dominated and only got through because of a shocking var decision. Absolute joke of a referee
That handball was outrageous 😂. But gotta love seeing man Utd lose to it
Han Vroman
Han Vroman:
Missing too much easy chances incl. a penaldo 😄
Obinna Obiekwe
Obinna Obiekwe:
Pogba's was very lively. More to come.
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
United of the past were the richest club around. They attracted only the best. Now there seem to be several clubs with bottomless pockets. Chelsea showed us that money talks 2004-2006. United are still an amazing club with a huge history, but a lot has changed in the premier league since 2012.
PP Channel
PP Channel:
It's okay for United to lose against a better team, no worry 😉
All maguire does is to look at the linesman, shout at his teammates, it's never his fault
Hassan Malik
Hassan Malik:
Watching on Penaldos Bday 😂😂😂
First Name
First Name:
Manchester United are hilarious, highly amusing for the neutrals 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣
The combination of Penchester Utd and Cristian-old Penaldo is brilliant comedy.
Ned McCarthy
Ned McCarthy:
If ur a Man U supporter, even if you take away the goal at least sancho played really well. Although against Middlesbrough 😭😬
dubabaxaka TV
dubabaxaka TV:
Middlesbrough fought for this game to the end they deserved it
Home boi
Home boi:
We played so well.
Christian Rodríguez
Christian Rodríguez:
Gran juego manchester lamentablemente no ns favoreció el resultado
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
I was expecting to see all of the penaltie shootout
Chu Ka
Chu Ka:
This is football ⚽️. Let's go Red Devils
Joel Coelho
Joel Coelho:
I saw the game, united missed a lot of opportunities, I don't think it's such a big drama.
Fran BP
Fran BP:
Que le paso al united
Todos sabemos que no era el mejor del mundo pero en este partido jugo mucho peor que en partidos anterilres contra equipos superiores
Being penaldo and still missed a penalty is real 🤣
Asyraf Nazri
Asyraf Nazri:
Man U always made my day 😂😂😂
Milo Kat
Milo Kat:
When Man U signed Sancho, varane and Ronaldo, they were celebrating as if they will win everything. Now only CL left for this season
Dhiren Chettri
Dhiren Chettri:
That goal was hand ball everyone sees
Dennis Julius
Dennis Julius:
Manchester United we’re unlucky in that match, but nice work to Middlesbrough
Vincent Franco
Vincent Franco:
Feel bad for ronny from these highlights looks like he played his heart out. Actually running and pressing. Unlucky
Man UNITED played so well that they lost.What a Final!!
Lam Cheek
Lam Cheek:
What a game, the referee won. It must costs at the least - £60000 into his relative's account.
funtube x Adi
funtube x Adi:
Cris won only with Kroos and Modric he's just a poacher now he's in same situation as when he was when Ozil left real
They hoped for so much with return of ronaldo and got so little in return. I love it 😂😂
Shuaib Kahn
Shuaib Kahn:
Middlesbrough keeper running around like he saved the pen