Borussia Dortmund - Austria Wien 11-2 I Highlights I Sancho & Bellingham shine

Top performance by BVB stars Bellingham and Sancho
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After their 6-0 win against Austrian side SCR Altach last week, Borussia Dortmund already seem ready for the new season. Their next opponent, Austria Wien, also got a taste of that. Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham put on an amazing performance as 'Die Schwarzgelben' won their second friendly 11-2. See for yourselves as we present you the highlights.
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100+ comentarios:

Mario Cecere - Palazzo
Mario Cecere - Palazzo:
When Bellingham scored, the commentator literally sang his name
memo aung
memo aung:
That goalkeeper was absolutely outrageously awful..
Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo:
The commentator at 5-2: They’re back in the game
Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo:
“One team really on their game the other really off-colour”
Nan Do
Nan Do:
Imagine if Haaland would have also played 😂😂
Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen:
Good job lads, u learn quickly!😁
Qi Heng Ng
Qi Heng Ng:
Dortmund were far from *friendly* during this game, this was just a club *destruction*
Barcelona: We dont think another team will get humiliated after us atleast for a while.

Austra Wien: Hold our 11-2 humiliation.
Syed Abdullah
Syed Abdullah:
Haaland didn't play because they knew that he would get 10 goals alone
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος:
Barcelona be like

I know that feel bro
GD Sunset
GD Sunset:
I honestly get Bayern-Barcelona 8-2 vibes
Ethan Batts
Ethan Batts:
If you think that the Bundesliga is considered to be a farmers league, just remember that Austria Wien are 24-time Austrian champions.
The goalkeeper may aswell of stayed home he didn’t save a thing😂
Good test, solid performance. Hope they keep going in season. A mix of young talents and experienced one. 🖤💛
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari:
3:02 if he can do that in the Prem (and he already does it in the Bundesliga), he's worth 120 million for sure. That is, if he moves at all.
Let’s Summarize This, THE KEEPER HAS HAD A SHOCKER!!!!!! Last goal
Can't figure out - watching on my mobile - that piece of skill from Sancho prior to the seventh goal. Infact, it seem to involve a piece of elastic
David :
3:02 Incredible skill by Jadon Sancho
John Biegen
John Biegen:
They play so quickly it really looks like they are on Fast Forward for 90min. Truly impressive 😲
Agesta Nurprayoga
Agesta Nurprayoga:
3:03 Sancho showing his skill.
Jase Rogers
Jase Rogers:
I love how the commentator is like "yeah, it's ten-two. Who cares..."
Some of the 'friendliest' defending i've ever seen
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
Austra wien to Barcelona: You are not
Jonathan Akinniyi
Jonathan Akinniyi:
Is nobody going to talk about Sancho pulling off that skill
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming:
At what point was the keeper like, "What am I even doing here anymore"
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams:
So good to see Bellingham doing well. KRO!
angela solomon
angela solomon:
What a skill from Sancho
And a goals by Nico Schulz
Yundi Chen
Yundi Chen:
the Austria wien defence are literally strolling around
Adam Whitlam
Adam Whitlam:
Dortmund’s kit looking 🔥
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed:
Jadon Sancho what a player 👌
A 204
A 204:
I spent the first few minutes trying to figure out if the crowd were cardboard cut outs or real people, good to see human beings back in the stands at a football game!
It's so one sided but credit to the team that keeps on scoring the goals
Xolani Mlangeni
Xolani Mlangeni:
Sancho is such a joy to watch. What a wavy baller
Jacob Gutiérrez
Jacob Gutiérrez:
I think the goalkeeper just likes to do the splits. And I guess he feels like when the ball is right infront of him is the right time to do so.
John Doe
John Doe:
That's Barcelona class on Austria Wien! Respect!
Styrian Hiking Brothers
Styrian Hiking Brothers:
A very friendly match 😂

Austria Wien before the match: Pls be gentle.
Dortmund during the game: Nope don't think so.
Austria after the game:😭😭
Louise Williams
Louise Williams:
Fair play to Austria Wien scoring two but great youth was to much for the Wien great job from Australia,
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta:
When i saw the score line i thought all 11 players of Dortmund scored a goal
RE: A / Z
RE: A / Z:
I hope they stay consistent until the end of next season
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football:
I like how the reporter makes it as if it was a close match
10 different players scored Dortmund's 11 goals if the scoreline wasn't shocking enough
Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez:
This defense reminds me of my college soccer team
Lawrence Chengo
Lawrence Chengo:
How does Dortmund always have the best young players, literally always
Any team who is not German:I fear nothing but that man
*German Team*
It scares me
Assumi Swu
Assumi Swu:
11 goals. One for each players
These guys have better accuracy than 95% of premier league players 💀
RayApp 7
RayApp 7:
So no-one's gonna talk about Sancho's skill at 3:03 🤯
Francisco Varela Mera
Francisco Varela Mera:
Austria Wiena is the first team ive ever seen playing without defense players
Freestylin Gamers
Freestylin Gamers:
11-2 what a game for BVB
3:00 that skill from Sancho 👌
Abhinav Kumar Singh_03
Abhinav Kumar Singh_03:
I love the new Dortmund kit
Dortmund...everyone’s 2nd favourite team 🟡⚫️
Kel Nash
Kel Nash:
I feel like the Bundisliga is building a monster squad for England...Jude Bellingham n Sancho
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
Barcelona: We dont think another team will get humiliated after us atleast for a while.

Austra Wien: Hold our 11-2 humiliation.
That goalkeeper😬. But it’s amazing they have fans❤️
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
I love how the commentator is like "yeah, it's ten-two. Who cares..." And then "OMFG IT'S ELEVEN! SOMEBODY PINCH ME AM I DREAMING"
commentator's vocal frequency is so grating
Arnav Dalvi
Arnav Dalvi:
Dortmund is a very good team but they need to stop selling their young talents .
They are very well capable of winning Bundesliga
Chris Busso
Chris Busso:
Whoever was playing as Austria Wien in Fifa literally walked away to make a sandwich and never came back. 😂
she took the kids
she took the kids:
" bellinghaaaam🎵"
8A_14_Mifzal Nabil Khairurrazaq
8A_14_Mifzal Nabil Khairurrazaq:
3:02 what a skill by jadon sancho
Tha zuala
Tha zuala:
Amazing goalkeeping.. 🤣🤣🤣
At least Austria Vienna can convince themselves that they've been Barcelona level
Just Imagine if Haaland was playing
Devon Jnr
Devon Jnr:
The 2 young lions combining to great effects
The commentator is a vibe
I can't believe I'm saying it, but this team is better than '17/'18 w/ Aubameyang, Dembele & Pulisic...
Dominic savio Obinwa
Dominic savio Obinwa:
I think Austria's Wien keeper was in a friendly mood...maybe over-friendly😜
Dominic savio Obinwa
Dominic savio Obinwa:
I think Austria's Wien keeper was in a friendly mood...maybe over-friendly😜
Ebo Arko Dadson
Ebo Arko Dadson:
I wonder what the score line would’ve been if Haaland played
3:03 That skill moves just shows Jayden Sancho's class
Buraimo Timileyin
Buraimo Timileyin:
Dortmund should just become an academy only where great players are made.
Connor craig sellars
Connor craig sellars:
Sancho's skill tho.
This is normal Austria's defense walk more than Messi
discombobulated diplodoculous
discombobulated diplodoculous:
at the end

everyone: some form of a german accent

jadon sancho: yeah yeah mans got you innit its da boondesligar fam
Kangkan Saikia
Kangkan Saikia:
The Yoga poses from that goalie though 😜
William Yaovi-Egbor
William Yaovi-Egbor:
Hope no one signs up such a goal keeper as a pro
Spill Betch
Spill Betch:
I think I’m biased when it comes to Haaland and Bellingham.
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football:
Guts get ready for bundeskiga next season, dortmund is highly underrated but they can never win anything cuz bayern is in their way domestically no team can win bundesliga over bayern and dortmund keeps getting unlucky draws in ucl but they are a superb team always just one step behind bayern hopefully next seasoj they show their worth
For once, the keeper reminds me of Kepa.
Man this commentator is on another level😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌
ProEvo Classic Player
ProEvo Classic Player:
Dortmund always have bright young prospects, like reus, lewa, auba, haaland, sancho, dembele, gundogan and the latest, bellingham
K Khan
K Khan:
That goalie was shocking
Sutirtha Mandal
Sutirtha Mandal:
Cheers for Borussia
Why is emre can looking like the most unagile yet skilled player going 🤣
CRz Gangster
CRz Gangster:
That nutmeg from Sancho that led to Dortmunds 7th was career ending.
Tom J
Tom J:
Bellingham already on fire
Wow Emre Can is just unbeatable
James Neville-Rolfe
James Neville-Rolfe:
i love how in the end card, sancho sounds like he speaks the worst english out of all of them
Sancho is the top! 💛🖤
Hadzra Hatta
Hadzra Hatta:
I think they can really challenge Bayern next season.
Knight Oyin
Knight Oyin:
Dortmund is raising alsot of bright young talents. Wow!
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain:
I'd 11-2 be a Austria Wien fan right now.
11-2 well done Dortmund
Robi GK
Robi GK:
Austria wein: how many goals do you wanna score

Dortmund: yes
sonne 19
sonne 19:
give that goalie another sport
Cookie Squad
Cookie Squad:
This match was like a dream league soccer match.
Fémi Râji
Fémi Râji:
8 goals in the left goal and 5 goals in the right goal
Today i saw the best Goaly Ever🙀.
I loved how austria wien is called FAK

probably a barcelona vs Austria Wien ends in draw