Borussia Dortmund - Union Berlin 4-2 | Highlights | Matchday 5 – Bundesliga 2021/22

#BVBFCU | Highlights from Matchday 5!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Borussia Dortmund vs. Union Berlin from Matchday 5 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 1-0 Guerreiro (10’), 2-0 Haaland (24’), 3-0 Friedrich 52’ OG), 3-1 Kruse (58’ Penalty), 3-2 Voglsammer (81’), 4-2 Haaland (83’)

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Haaland’s 2nd goal was very Ibrahimovic-esque
Scrubby 211
Scrubby 211:
Everyone talking about Haalands goals but that first goal was a beauty 😍
The Bundesliga is the home of the best strikers in the world. Lewandowski and Haaland are definitely robots
maxyatt john
maxyatt john:
Will no body giving hummel a credit for his wonderful pass he gave to Haaland? What a vision and accuracy.. bravo..
I hope that Haaland wins the Bundesliga with Dortmund.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Guerreiro's goal was beautiful
dortmund need to address their defence , that's what's holding them down from winning the budesliga
That was a beautiful goal by Raphaël Guerreiro!
What a goal by Haaland 🇳🇴
Glayne Stephin
Glayne Stephin:
I am more and more impressed with Erling Haaland's level. We certainly have the future world football star here. He is the real successor to Messi and Cristiano.
Haaland: 7 goals and 4 assists in 5 matches, decent.
Know Thyself
Know Thyself:
Haaland is really in the footsteps of Zlatan
The Guerreiro's goal is marvellous!
steven cooke
steven cooke:
When I see Haaland score and also help set up goals with his agility and strength I wonder what Balotelli could have been had he had the same sort of focus and work ethic. I suppose perhaps Ibra is a better comparison in terms of bringing power and grace to the game, along with a steely determination to win.
Haaland is the greatest talent in football last 30 years..
Haaland is going to be one of the GOATS
IBN 03
IBN 03:
Haaland's final goal was dynamic
Hanan Taaei
Hanan Taaei:
It’s really hilarious how Haaland is enjoying his time in Dortmund while almost all sport magazines in Europe are keep posting gossip and lies,, saying he’s definitely playing his last season in Dortmund 😂😌
blue line
blue line:
What a match, really entertaining 🤩
Dexter The Pug
Dexter The Pug:
Haaland is a machine
Anyone else see Bellingham pointing the right way for the penalty?
Luana Castro
Luana Castro:
Que golaço do Raphaël Guerreiro! 🤯
Cha Hae-In
Cha Hae-In:
Haaland could have left for other clubs with high pay but he stuck with Dortmund. That's what makes him a legend in making. True legends don't play for money but for the love of the sport. Can't wait to see Haaland becoming a legend in the future. We will all know his name..
Bul Dragao
Bul Dragao:
Que Grande Jogador E Raphael Guerreiro Vamoss
Moses John . Pedro
Moses John . Pedro:
Haaland is a beast
Moreno Duarte
Moreno Duarte:
Haalangol o mais brabo 🔥💛
Kanagat Kistaubaew
Kanagat Kistaubaew:
Холланд вообще КРАСАВЧИК, ему в топовую команду! И он звезда с большим именем! Казахстан Караганда!
haaland is absolutley unreal
Imre szeklice
Imre szeklice:
Hajrá BVB! Így tovább!
Seydina Mohamed Ndiaye
Seydina Mohamed Ndiaye:
For me haland is the best striker of all time he will score thousand goal
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda:
Can we expect another Erling Haaland video this week??
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine:
You and I know that Haarland would already be a Bayern player had it not been for another former Dortmund player.
Siva Joseph
Siva Joseph:
I hope halland doesn't leave Dortmund 👍
Kunal Patil
Kunal Patil:
There r the best strikers
And there's the haaland
eric lim
eric lim:
Haaland is a 200mil player. no doubt
Haaland on Fire 🔥
تحرك هالاند بالهدف الثالث 🔥 🔥 🔥
ryco leung
ryco leung:
Matter of time...Haaland will leave Dortmund.....what a striker.....Lewandowski n Haaland are owning bundesliga
Jamu Madaki
Jamu Madaki:
Haaland is a machine
Naga Manu Production
Naga Manu Production:
Halaand cannot stop scoring 😁
Leo fan boy😘😘
Leo fan boy😘😘:
Haaland is a psyco 😘
Законопослушный водитель
Законопослушный водитель:
Какой крутой первый гол
Priyanka Salaklan
Priyanka Salaklan:
Guerreiro's goal is magical
Momin Setu
Momin Setu:
Haaland is the combo of Ronaldo & Zlatan
Qaher Yasin
Qaher Yasin:
BVB need to work on their defense we are scoring goals which is good to win titles we need to balance our attack and defense
Flemo Kuit
Flemo Kuit:
Haaland you are crazy player 🤯🤯
Elton Babayev
Elton Babayev:
Can Haaland break Pele's goal records?
Priyanka Salaklan
Priyanka Salaklan:
haaland the bloody beast
Judas The Pious
Judas The Pious:
dortmund keeps on producing beautiful goals
Ahmed Moech
Ahmed Moech:
Haland is the real monster .,.. great job
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Cornellius Dimas Berlin:
I hope Borussia Dortmund would really challenge Bayern Munchen for the title
syafiq hidzir
syafiq hidzir:
Wtf haaland is a beast
Законопослушный водитель
Законопослушный водитель:
Четвёртый гол топище
He would be a nice fit for robbo's and trent's crosses... Lovely
musae musae
musae musae:
"and then this" what a strike from the Portuguese
Haaland is a monster!
Fillo Kuboš
Fillo Kuboš:
Erling the king ✌️✌️🔥
Simo Zladkodalić
Simo Zladkodalić:
Haaland c'est un Monster 👹👹👹
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Give Hummels a credit for this match.
Great Haaland👑👑👑👑👑
Jochen Friedenberger
Jochen Friedenberger:
Haaland the next World Player
Acknowledge Me
Acknowledge Me:
This Borussia Dortmund is a great ball if they don't lose many points they can win the Bundesliga in a good way.
Sondre Neverdal
Sondre Neverdal:
Liverpool is saving up money for this guy, mark my words
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Haland writing the history books
Purnama Sakti
Purnama Sakti:
Haaland 🔥
Has Haaland ever player a game and not scored?
Jonathan van Hassel
Jonathan van Hassel:
Defending isnt perfect
nyasha mujuru
nyasha mujuru:
Haaland is crazy yo!!!
Beşiktaş Borussia Dortmund match was very good. Beşiktaş will win the next match.
Ivannn c
Ivannn c:
Heja BvB!! 💛🖤🐝 from 🇦🇷
ooh.haaland what a strike🚀😮
Getahun Yeshanbel
Getahun Yeshanbel:
Halland second goal is such a sensational.
Raghu Desai
Raghu Desai:
Beautiful bundesliga commentary
Akinlabi Holder
Akinlabi Holder:
Can anyone explain why after all these years Dortmund has not made any proper moves to improve their defense?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
Anyone else see Bellingham pointing the right way for the penalty?
hen ko
hen ko:
Anyone else see Bellingham pointing the right way for the penalty?
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels:
We else agrees with me that borussia dortmund produces good talents
dan ang
dan ang:
Haaland is a monster
F1 Data Box
F1 Data Box:
i am wondering if halaand play for liverpool. with great crosses from trent and robo/tsimikas 🔥🔥🔥
Vivi Nur
Vivi Nur:
Haaland next monster in football
Haaland 🎯
Oooooo Haaland what a goal!
You have to be Barcelona player
Jawhar Kosta
Jawhar Kosta:
हालैंड सही मायने मे लाजवाब मैजिक है। मेरे प्रिय खिलाड़ी हैं। लगता है दुसरे ग्रह से कोई आया है।
Andrey Molodoy
Andrey Molodoy:
The last goal was like in pes mobile 21😂😂😂
Haaland, every day... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Mustafa Anan
Mustafa Anan:
Dortmund need to work on their defense

They can't rely that those upfront will score more goals every match
The Boy
The Boy:
Haaland is not human
Haziq Sehgal
Haziq Sehgal:
If only you could invest in a player, Haaland would make us all millionares!
Jiawei Lee
Jiawei Lee:
brace yourselves for another haaland's goals highlights from adminho!
NONO AlvareZ
NONO AlvareZ:
Guererro best goallllll
Ankit Sinha
Ankit Sinha:
This Haaland is some player.. Whoff
Chileshe Malaba
Chileshe Malaba:
Both Lewy and haaland will score in every match....this is not a prediction..its a spoiler😂
Kagimu Ibrahim
Kagimu Ibrahim:
Haaland is a beauty
Vicky karkee
Vicky karkee:
Most underrated player haaland
I don't get why Other teams that playing bayern or dortmund who have devastating attack still playing very open and forward.. Bayern has 20 goals in 5 matches(4 goals per game) and dortmund has 15 goals ( 3 goals per game).. that is just nuts, this is probably Why lewie and haaland able to be "farming" goals,( apart that they are godly striker) is the game is so open.. meanwhile in other league like EPL or Serie A smaller team is always defending with 8 people near their box, only try to play counter attacking.. I guess they always try to play good football every game rather than being safe. they don't track back their runner, the discipline level are quite low.
Erling Goaland!
cicero xxx
cicero xxx:
haaland and ibrahimovic,scandinavia cyborg😊
Majin Haaland
Rizal Oktavianus
Rizal Oktavianus:
21 years old Haaland > 21 years old Messi