Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich [0-1], Bundesliga 2020 - MATCH REVIEW

Joshua Kimmich scored an incredible chipped goal as Bayern Munich defeated Borussia Dortmund in Der Klassiker - which sees Bayern move closer to claiming this seasons league title once again. The game wasn't without controversy, however, with Erling-Braut Haaland denied a penalty after a suspected handball from Jerome Boateng...

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Kimmich decides Der Klassiker with a stunner! But should Dortmund have been awarded a penalty?
Brandon Guerra-Medina
Brandon Guerra-Medina:
Davies was so impressive his recovery’s
help Bayern
More than the match I was excited about the fake audience noise 😂. Anyone else ?
Ammar Bin Mohammad
Ammar Bin Mohammad:
Just imagine if we had Davies and Kimmich..
DS1- Football Gaming
DS1- Football Gaming:
We should really look into signing Davies, he proved today he can go forward and be useful defensively. But today's game especially 2nd half was somewhat boring.
Jay Bogati
Jay Bogati:
Stunning goal by kimmich🤙🏻
Jamieee, you left me without eating my food 😂😂😂 brilliant post man appreciate it ❤️🤙🏼
Zaid Sheikh
Zaid Sheikh:
Sancho just needs a fresh trim. Man’s looking homeless right now. When he gets his trim he’ll be back to performing at a world class level
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez:
For a low scoring game, i was personally so excited most of it!
Qwesi Starseite
Qwesi Starseite:
Up Kimmich.
What a goal..
al ex
al ex:
sad for bvb wanted them to win
Navaneeth C M
Navaneeth C M:
It's past 1am here in India and I am still not missing your update 😁😍
Jonas Langedrag
Jonas Langedrag:
Var is used every time Someone might be a millimeter offside, but never handballs in the penalty area
The Football Does the talking
The Football Does the talking:
Do a video if possible who are the top 3 favourites for the UCL please
Colin Jensen
Colin Jensen:
5:16 “Jerome Boateng looses his balance and is on the floor” 🤣 flashback from 2015
Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas:
I'm not sure why there are so many dislikes. Probably because the viewers of the video expected a video. Guys, he mostly does match previews,match reviews , analysis and news round-ups. Don't expect highlights and dislike because he is really good at the analysis of the game.
Dan Addo
Dan Addo:
Barça had the chance in 2017 to SIGN “Alfonso Davies” but Bartomeu and board turned it down. 🙊 In fact this Board doesn’t have the eye to see the potential of a young player.
That hazard and hakami combination was dangerous. They were basically reading each other’s thoughts and runs.
flwuowescent adowescent
flwuowescent adowescent:
6:32 what did he say lmao? “as these games are coming fucking fast now?” 😂
Jordi Guardado
Jordi Guardado:
😔 Where'a VAR when we need it. Clearly a handball from Boateng...
Moha Salem
Moha Salem:
I feel like atal is a great right-back and I think he should be Barca’s replacement for Nelson semado if he leaves this summer.
I think atal would make a great Barca player I’ve seen him play under Patrick viera and he looks like a Barca player... what do you think?
Dortmund deserved that penalty and would have game drawn .
Haaland should have appealed
Now it's almost all over for Dortmund.
You tube You tube
You tube You tube:
It should be a penalty in my opinion
Rushin Bhatt
Rushin Bhatt:
First comment !! Please reply Jamie. What a game it was. One of the most underrated players, Kimmich, scored a beauty 🔥🔥💯💯
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Keep up the grind bro. Massively appreciate it
LM10 Vamos
LM10 Vamos:
Love u Jamie 💓
Sammy Garcia
Sammy Garcia:
3:24 he went from midfield to rb back to midfield he started off at midfield
Bayern and Dortmund arent on the same level man
Didi C-gal
Didi C-gal:
All i can say it was a great match 👏 #onelove#🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
In the beginning, Dortmund dominated, but after the Kimmich worldy, they seemed to have lost all confidence.
P E:
Always on the look out for your videos 🤗
Bunny Ncube
Bunny Ncube:
I love your videos bro🔥😎... Keep it up 🔥
Luke 008
Luke 008:
It was definitely a penalty!
Hossein Kariminia
Hossein Kariminia:
85 dislikes????? 😢😢😢😢
Anubhav Hazra
Anubhav Hazra:
We should do this in the transfer window:
Get kimmich any how
Swap griezmann for Sancho
Buy soyuncu from Leicester
Swap dembele for Werner
Soonenter Adi
Soonenter Adi:
Just one goal smh 😠
Mik Hero
Mik Hero:
U predicted the bayern lineup!
Elan Gamer
Elan Gamer:
Great work best youtuber
Naveed Aslam
Naveed Aslam:
Alphonso Davies,WHAT THE HELL DUDE!!.... Joshua Kimmichs incredible chip reminded me of Messi one against betis
Edochie John
Edochie John:
First viewer
Why am i here
Why am i here:
what editing app did use ?
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse:
The Gamers official
The Gamers official:
Ian N
Ian N:
Ramana G
Ramana G:
That's a pen
einstein abwao
einstein abwao:
I called it on your last video. Heheehehe
jah - bam
jah - bam:
It was a good goal by kimmich
How did you your thumbnail
Hopeful Hisense
Hopeful Hisense:
we missed golden chance minimum we must draw where is Haland???????
Enoch Ansah
Enoch Ansah:
Bayern are just strong in every department on the pitch.
Stumpt Dragon5
Stumpt Dragon5:
The entire (dortmund) team played bad today
Marcus Robert
Marcus Robert:
Dortmund were supposed to be awarded a penalty
Naoba Laishram Meitei
Naoba Laishram Meitei:
Haaland was awful yesterday 😥
Moustapha Ba
Moustapha Ba:
Whenever i see boateng I just laugh cause I remember what messi did to him in 2015...he’s nothing but a joke now
Popa Ionut
Popa Ionut:
So weird now doing goal celebrations in front of thounsands of empty seats,I guess they look at cameras now
lovre stjepic
lovre stjepic:
I wish we buy kimmich
Gabriel Prience
Gabriel Prience:
Where haaland?
Alan Acosta
Alan Acosta:
Hoolan vs lewantqui
Marcus Robert
Marcus Robert:
Dortmund were supposed to win
TERLAN Məmmədli
TERLAN Məmmədli:
Nice football match derby
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff:
I’m so angry I couldn’t watch the match, but I saw the goal and although it was a good chip by Kimmich it was a horrible attempt at a save by Burki.
Amogh Biniwale
Amogh Biniwale:
Don't review Bundesliga matches
Stanley Charles
Stanley Charles:
Dortmund team are good to watch
Emmett Roche
Emmett Roche:
Phonzy pocketed haland
Not first :|
Davies got Haaland in his Pocket
Monkey D. Kong
Monkey D. Kong:
Oh I forgot about ur channel bro I’m glad ur back
matt vanrisseghem
matt vanrisseghem:
Bayern got bailed out
Uviwe Duduza
Uviwe Duduza:
Barcelona can beat Bayern, the Champions League is possible this year
I really think that bringing out Brandt was a bad move. He's very creative and has excellent ball control. I'm pretty sure that if he played the full game, Dortmund would have at least drawn
Amir Vargas
Amir Vargas:
gotta say bayern are lookin good for the champions league
The Football Does the talking
The Football Does the talking:
It should have 100% been a penalty I still can’t believe that no one appeals it
Ginna Kilong
Ginna Kilong:
I don't understand football. In some matches if a hand comes in contact with the ball within a penalty box, its penalty but why is handball with Boateng not a penalty.
I agree he should have taken off Hazard and not Brandt
Leo Steel
Leo Steel:
Bayern have kimich, Barcelona have Sergi Roberto, what a drag
Lutfi Mazrui
Lutfi Mazrui:
Burki should've punched the ball
Kashif Nadeem
Kashif Nadeem:
The Problem with Dortmund is the same like years, they have too much respect for Bayern when normaly they play as one of the best teams in the world but when it comes to Bayern they look afraid especially they dont use their strengths. Many times Hakimi and Guerreiro go in attack but they dont receive the ball.
Iqbal Ahmed
Iqbal Ahmed:
Bayarn dominated
Kervyn Joseph
Kervyn Joseph:
Barcelona should go for Leroy Sane. He is definitely an upgrade in terms of what we currently have available on the wing.
Despite being linked with Bayern we should try due to the stall in talks between the two clubs.
Anis Yrt
Anis Yrt:
did you delete your other dortmund match review?
Heriaris Dianto
Heriaris Dianto:
reus - lewandowski
Messi Fan
Messi Fan:
Jadon Ruined this game Brant was Doing Good and then he Was Subed for a Bad Jadon!
Ammar Bin Mohammad
Ammar Bin Mohammad:
Today's star performers: Brandt,Hazard,Davies and Kimmich and Piszczek
Alphonso Davies, Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich are all players we should look at, Xavi was right
At this point club foorball may be dead and im not opposed to a european super league. Juve are about to win 10 serie a in a row. Bayern are going to win 8 in a row
PSG except 2017 win the league before January only 2 leagues with any real comp is epl and la liga so are u opposed to super league
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Bayern still got to play Bayer Leverkusen and Mochengladach and there may drop points so yes the title race is in Bayern hands but it’s not over till it’s over
Am I the only person that thinks we should get David Alaba? So versatile and reliable.
Bill Russell's
Bill Russell's:
Dortmund played very sluggish and annoying in the first half. thats y laliga remains the best, cus of its high press and rapidity
FarGo 123
FarGo 123:
I think Dortmund were better in first half but not so good in the second although they did create huge chances
They were not able to link midfield to the attack as whenever a dortmund midfielder got the ball from a Defender, Bayern pressed them hard so they had no choice but to pass it back
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa:
Bayern defenders and midfielders were like wolves surrounding and chasing each Dortmund player,something Barcelona players are lazy to do.
Shlok Vora
Shlok Vora:
Davies was absolutely the best player.....Lewandowski had a very little ball with him with an average performance....he only managed to hit the post once else no highlights from Lewandowski
jah - bam
jah - bam:
At least Dortmund wasn't embarrassed
What a game that was , that goal was unbelievable from Kimmich , such a talented young footballer , Bayern’s defence was absolutely quality today , especially Alphonso Davies , I’ll carry on saying it but he is such a top top player , it was a close game but I thoroughly enjoyed it , thank u for this review Jamie , keep up the exceptional work stay safe everyone VISCA EL BARCA , Alaba was exceptional aswell 🔵🔴🔵🔴🙌
Marcus Robert
Marcus Robert:
Stupid team they play against young players with very old players
Sphe Cele
Sphe Cele:
Dahoud was brilliant today.
Brandt shouldn't have been subbed off imo.
BEVEO Kamga:
We all knew Dortmund will loose
So again football manager series stopped and forgotten? Not trying to be rude but why even start if you gonna stop after 2 episodes every time.