Borussia Dortmund's Youssoufa Moukoko becomes Bundesliga's youngest ever goalscorer

Youssoufa Moukoko scores his first goal in the Bundesliga!
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World-class skills in the Bundesliga! We've all been waiting for this and the moment is now here - Borussia Dortmund's new born star Youssoufa Moukoko scored his first ever goal in the Bundesliga - at the age of just 16! The young prodigy netted in a fine strike inside the box in the game against 1. FC Union Berlin on Matchday 13 making him the youngest goal scorer in Bundesliga history. What do you think will Youssoufa Moukoko accomplish in the future? Is he the next big superstar? Let us know in the comments!

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Kyle 400
Kyle 400:
He hit that so clean, this kids going straight to the top
sokkercid 92:48
sokkercid 92:48:
This man is gonna be a legend one day
Joseph Hoabeb
Joseph Hoabeb:
his potential is seriously scary to think about
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout:
What a player. Hopefully the media leaves him alone and not ruin him
Joaquin Guzman
Joaquin Guzman:
16 years, i can't believe it 👏👏
Matty Dough
Matty Dough:
I’ve been hearing about this guy for ages he had a ridiculous scoring record in the youth system
Prasanta Pandit
Prasanta Pandit:
He definitely has many more to come, so this is the first of many😇
What a way to score your first professional goal amazing
yes, yes
yes, yes:
Great positioning, great goal what a future star
S Sinha
S Sinha:
A legend in making...... Just see him after 3 more years.... 😍
I just hope no one will put any ridiculous expectations on him
Ali Hujjat Gardezi
Ali Hujjat Gardezi:
Future star ⭐️
At 16! Going straight to the top 🔥
Mohammad Adil
Mohammad Adil:
This is reminder that I was here before this player become legend.
cheese pizza
cheese pizza:
If he makes the right decisions,he will become a world class player.
it's Dixinie 0
it's Dixinie 0:
imagine if this guy carrys on the hard work he is doing he will probaly become the best striker ever he was a fifteen year old who was so good at scoring they moved to him to the u18
ds sanders
ds sanders:
What a blistering goal!!
C1_29_Ankan Dey
C1_29_Ankan Dey:
What a finish 👑
Ale Diego
Ale Diego:
Es una verdadera joya. Si continúa con esta proyección sera uno de los mejores jugadores del Futuro 🌟
Esther Akunda
Esther Akunda:
Superb goal .what a way to score your first senior goal
the guy has no weakfoot 😳he is gonna be meta in fifa and an unpredictable beast of a striker in real life
Kxng Elite Gaming X
Kxng Elite Gaming X:
Absolutely beautiful dortmund protect him ♥️
señor de papel 333
señor de papel 333:
Este tipo hará 312 goles oficiales en su trayectoria de futbolista....
Valentino Jerez
Valentino Jerez:
This is a reminder that i was here before this man becomes a legend
What a talent 😍. Should be ready to play for Bayern in the next few years
Hlumelo Lamfiti
Hlumelo Lamfiti:
He strikes the ball so clean
just imagine, in 4 years, he will be a experienced striker at only 20 years old!!
Macca Pacca
Macca Pacca:
What a player at 16
Right to the top.. What a goal
pro pro
pro pro:
This guy is 🔥🔥
Harry Nielsen
Harry Nielsen:
Oh well . Here comes 20+ more goals by him for this season
Live To Win
Live To Win:
There are lots of talented young players in Brussia Dortmond, I hope they can achieve something for the club, before they get sold to bigger clubs in low price as always.
Gael Renteria Gomez
Gael Renteria Gomez:
To be honest I'm a soccer player and I don't really know-how in the world did a 16-year-old scored from that angle in one of his starting appearances.
juvayne dacers
juvayne dacers:
The guys something special🔥💯🙌🏾
Giovanni Taylor
Giovanni Taylor:
He has arrived.#beastmode
16 years, 28 days. Waw amazing🤘
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez:
But Unión Berlín it's winning

Anyway congratulations Muokoko
RAJA Tahir Mehmood
RAJA Tahir Mehmood:
That shot was like a bullet, great by moukoko
Yves Manao
Yves Manao:
Futur legend !
His first goal is almost similar to Haaland's first goal
frank dylong
frank dylong:
youssoufa moukoko will be a special player
Zachary Anson
Zachary Anson:
Kids gonna be a legend one day. Just gotta become a starter
Moktar Ka
Moktar Ka:
Isaac Ha10
Isaac Ha10:
Dortmund please don't let him go
I really hope he chooses Cameroon as a national team! Next Eto'o
Enrique Fernandez Pirez
Enrique Fernandez Pirez:
Ha nacido para jugar en el Real Madrid 👍
Shima Rin
Shima Rin:
Damn he hits it so well while i have to suffer every week watching sterling and mahrez being dodgy wenkers
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader:
What a goal😃
Respect ❤️❤️
sanz leaso
sanz leaso:
O boy I can't wait for someone in the future to tell me how he does
IO Sports
IO Sports:
What a goal
SP7 freestyler
SP7 freestyler:
best young player for history of bundesliga
Hi kid Hi
Hi kid Hi:
He gonna have two hundred goals by 21
Piers William
Piers William:
BVB Has so many young talented kids! it’s amazing
Happy Dubey
Happy Dubey:
Personally i would love to see how Pochettino works at BVB
Sthembiso Xulu
Sthembiso Xulu:
If this prodigy was from Brazil, can you imagine the hype?
Baby GOAT!
Imagine moukoko ,haaland and sancho as a front three I will be terrified to go against that front three
Suhim Thapa
Suhim Thapa:
He is gonna retire at around 2040 how crazy that is ......Ballan d'or in 10 yes❤️
Edin Terzic's Era starts now!
Just see the change in Moukoko after Favre's departure
In case Haaland leaves Dortmund already have one of there own as ready made replacement
F2P Gamer
F2P Gamer:
That's a great strike
You’re telling me that this man... Is 16? What did his parents feed him?😭
Is he the next gerd muller for germany😱💥💥??
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
I keep seeing rumours that he’s not actually 16 and idk what to believe anymore😭
lurlisic SI
lurlisic SI:
hit the post before the goal, a couple of near misses, could have scored a hat trick
L.F.C For Life
L.F.C For Life:
european top clubs will be watching him
Jason Zulu
Jason Zulu:
The rebirth of romario 😭😭
deadly finish
Germany's future #1 striker XD
Ross the Boss
Ross the Boss:
What a finish
Steago 876
Steago 876:
Happy for u young lad
Jacob Stauner
Jacob Stauner:
Future Dortmund Star
sayan roy
sayan roy:
How many young talents you want to have ?
Borussia Dortmund : Yes
The Beast brock
The Beast brock:
I think this man will join Barca when Xavi becomes manager
Shah Newaz
Shah Newaz:
Zidane: can we have moukoko?
Real: we already have moukoko in team
Moukoko in team: *Vinicius* 😑
Im commenting so i can say i already now him before he was a ballon d'Or winner
Zondo Zondo
Zondo Zondo:
Imagine being the youngest ever Bundesliga goal scorer at 16 and you’re not even as old as your shirt number😮
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
Moukoko: exists
Bayern: and I took that person
Hrithik P S
Hrithik P S:
Bayern Munich's future looks bright.
Anonymous #333
Anonymous #333:
His 17 year old son is proud of him
anjer Fan
anjer Fan:
I am 15 years old
Moukoko 16 years old
He is footballer
I am a student
Manoel Santos
Manoel Santos:
Lets goooo!
sah mi
sah mi:
Amatur Goalkiper.
Moukoko vs mbappe vs Felix vs haaland vs Sancho vs ansu fati.
The coming years of football is gonna be really good
Socius Clausum
Socius Clausum:
Moukoko's father repeatedly pointed out the authenticity of his son's birth certificate in numerous interviews, and his claims are supported by official documents. His father has refused to do an age test for his son, however there are no age tests that can give a definitive answer.
it shocks me that I'm a few months older than he is
wan effendy
wan effendy:
Moukoko will play for Cameroon, Germany just stolen our talent
Tim Scott
Tim Scott:
Newspapers are probably already linking him to man United
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Great Goal but can we talk about the pass?? No? Ok
Zachary Lawal
Zachary Lawal:
Finally ✨
kun aguero
kun aguero:
He literally looks 23+
Arsenal will be a good choice for him
Tekkz Football
Tekkz Football:
Great Scenes
Great Scenes:
Born king
k Justice
k Justice:
is he left footed?
Bomi garuba
Bomi garuba:
Bundesliga want their own Mbappe quick