Bottas Admits He Was “Surprised” Wolff Blamed Him For Pit Stop Error

Monaco was a forgettable race for Mercedes especially during the pit-stops. While Lewis Hamilton lost three places because he was called in too soon, Valtteri Bottas’ pit stop turned out to be worse. Bottas’ race would come to an early end because the team would fail to remove one of his tyres due to a machined wheel-nut. In the aftermath, team principal Toto Wolff had suggested that Bottas had also played a role in the pit-stop mishap as he hadn’t stopped in the designated spot and that had forced the mechanic to use his wrench at an angle leading to the machined wheel nut. Bottas has now responded to this while addressing the media during Thursday’s press conference

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0:00 - Does Bottas Agree With Wolff Blaming Him For Botched Pit Stop?

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Bottas began by talking about his mental strength being tested

“In the beginning of the season, definitely the mental strength has been tested. It's not been the easiest ride to start with, in the last few races, having two DNFs. So, I would say there have been setbacks and it's all about how you bounce back from those and how you move forward”

“The loser option is to give up and it's not something I'm going to do. So still keeping very strong mentally and knowing that it's a long, long season ahead and for sure many good battles to come and hopefully many wins”

Bottas then responded to Wolff’s analysis that he hadn’t stopped in the right spot during the failed pitstop

“Yes, I was surprised! I saw the video and for me, it was pretty spot on where I stopped, so yeah, I was quite surprised”

He then elaborated on how he had already had concerns with regards to pit-stops and that he had raised those concerns with the team a few weeks ago

“As a matter of fact, [pit stops were] one of my concerns already a few weeks [before] that I'd raised to the team, so it didn't come from somewhere out of the blue. We knew that we were not perfect in pit stops, as we've seen, and also other areas like tyre warm-up in qualifying”

He signed off by reiterating that his accuracy was pretty good

“I think I was, like, 2-3cm off the central line, and if you get that accuracy, normally it's pretty good. It can easily swing by 10-15cm, so I thought it was pretty spot-on”

Fast Feed

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has reiterated that “winning Monaco is very special, but [they] want to be in this exact position in Abu Dhabi, which [he knows] will be very hard”

He added that “[Baku] is very different [to Monaco as Baku] has a bit more space, it’s very slippery around here”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton pointed out that “it is hot [in Baku]. There are multiple reasons why [Mercedes] aren’t great at Monaco”

Similarly, “there are some tight sections [in Baku] where [they] will physically just lose out. But in the past here, [they’ve] been OK. So, [he hopes] this weekend it is close”

Alpine’s Fernando Alonso is “happy with Sundays [but] not happy with Saturdays” since his return to F1 this year

He further pointed out how he has “been in the points two times, and the three times [he] wasn’t in the points, [they’ve] finished a few tenths off the points”

He is “not too worried in terms of performance. And in terms of happiness, or how [he feels] coming back, it’s better than expected”

He added that “the two years out of the sport was needed for [him] after 18 seasons in Formula 1 non-stop. The full dedication, it was too demanding at one point”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton feels that “it doesn't really matter what [he thinks] about” Red Bull’s flexible rear wings

He added that “it is what it is. They're approved based on current testing methods and they're valid this weekend. So [Mercedes] can't do much against it”

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, meanwhile, “can understand people complaining, but it's all within the rules so far”

“There's nothing wrong with it. Of course, [other teams] try to slow [them] down” Max suggested

He also thinks that they “have to look at the whole picture. The most important and dominant part of the car is the front and [Red Bull’s doesn't] bend there as much as other teams”

McLaren driver Lando Norris’ “focus is on this weekend and getting a top-three result again”

He also added that he “wasn't even aware of” the statistic that he is the only driver on the grid who has a top 10 finish in every race since the Italian GP last year

Norris added that “it sounds good. Hopefully, that doesn't jinx it”

He also revealed that “this year's car is different. You have to drive it differently and [he’s] still learning at every race”

“The transition from 2020 to 2021 was not easy. And [he] can't drive the car the way [he] would like to. You have to adapt to that” Norris stated

Will Norris be on the podium in Baku?

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0:00 - Does Bottas Agree With Wolff Blaming Him For Botched Pit Stop?
2:09 - Fast Feed
Concept Creator
Concept Creator:
I find it horrible that Toto blames Bottas!!! Lost a huge amount of respect! Because the other 3 went well! Seriously tf toto
When Lance Stroll yeeted the front jack guy, all his wheels came off. Nice excuse toto
Damn VB is literally being bullied
Martin A
Martin A:
"Global warming is solely Bottas fault" - Toto Wolff probably
Wolff is just stacking up bullshit excuses to sack Bottas next year. Kind of feel bad for VB having to endure that.
Ricardo Arguelles
Ricardo Arguelles:
I MEAN, it was the most brain dead accusation ever. Fasst feed tho
Cynthia Kelso
Cynthia Kelso:
From the team boss that prides himself on a "no blame" culture. Poor Bottas
"See these people with covid-19? all on you Bottas" - Toto, probably
"In Mercedes we have a no-blame policy. It includes everyone from management to engineers to social media to the wheel-nut guys. Half of the drivers are even included"
"Singapore GP cancelled was soley Bottas fault" Toto Wolff probably
Charliemagne Caballero
Charliemagne Caballero:
It's only 2 things.... either Toto is playing a games or it is a sign that Bottas won't be driving with Merc next year....
Vasco Ricardo
Vasco Ricardo:
It was never Bottas’s fault. Wolff is just showing his low character, by making unsubstantiated excuses.
Lewis blames the team for his problems. The team blames Bottas for their problems.
Everything is someone else’s fault at Mercedes.
steve cox
steve cox:
If bottas didn’t stop in the right spot, then why didn’t all four wheels get “machined”
Piete Koo
Piete Koo:
What if it was Lewis' nut? Then the shoe would have been on the other foot. Toto would have placed the blame squarely on the gunman's lap.
Mr Singh
Mr Singh:
Dear Toto. The other 3 wheels went on just fine. The End.
NCH Music
NCH Music:
Toto : “ We are trying our best to kick out Bottas without the fans noticing we are a toxic team “
VB's relationship with Mercedes is dying. I reckon he's gonna be replaced
everyone is talking about how toxic redbull is for their 2nd driver whoever it may be, how ferrari are toxic, but i think people don't seem to look at how toxic mercedes seem to be for bottas, they blame him for a pitstop error, they don't cheer when he gets pole, they don't celebrate with him when he wins, honestly i'm sad for him
Well after this incident, Mercedes has lost tons of respect from me. Same situation, but its Hamilton, would he say the same thing? I bet not because Hamilton is his golden boy, doesn't mean you treat VB like S hit like they have beem the past year. Its ridiculous and sad. No wonder the guy has no motivation, because his team isn't giving him any. Sure, he hasn't been racing good, thats on him, but your team is suppose to have your back. Not blaming him for a few centimeters. Ive seen drivers mess up way wosre than VB did, and they didn't have to DNF. Just saying, Mercedes is treating VB quite pathetically.
matthew williams
matthew williams:
Wolff, sometimes is just better to stay silent as a leader .
*Hamilton crashes*
Toto : "Damn u porridge man..."
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson:
“Hitler had a poster of Bottas in his bedroom” - Toto
Jerome Fernandez
Jerome Fernandez:
I guess every problem in this world is Bottas fault huh?
If Bottas stopped at the wrong place, or missed the line, how the hell did the other 3 mechanics groups pulled off?
Smily Penguin
Smily Penguin:
Wolf blaming Bottas for that pit stop reminded me of Binotto blaming Vettel for absolutely nothing
Adam Z
Adam Z:
What Toto Wolff meant to say is... "Goodbye Valtteri and welcome George."

Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez:
Toto is fucking losing it this year, I tell you. He's mad!
David Loera
David Loera:
“Valteri ate the first COVID-19 bat” Toto Wolff
Stroll knocks over one of the pitcrew, still a decent stop.

Bottas stops 0.1mm ahead of the designated line:
Wolff's false baseless accusation was made in public so he owes owes Bottas a public apology. For someone who champions not pointing fingers that was way way out of line for Wolff.
Renlys Other Lover
Renlys Other Lover:
Mercedes gets challenged for the first time in like 8 years and they can’t handle it at all. Amazing.
wayne conover
wayne conover:
The other 3 mechanics had no issue with removing the tires. So it was that 4th mechanic screwing everything up
Gonzalo Sanchez
Gonzalo Sanchez:
Toto makes Valterri more likable. This is all Merc playing mind games 😂
Mohammed Uzair
Mohammed Uzair:
Toto just showed his class!I can’t believe he stooped so low!
Its Bottas' fault even though 3/4 mechanics took the wheel off perfectly? Pretty disrespectful from Toto, not impressed.
Lo-Fi Gaming
Lo-Fi Gaming:
I think Toto is not being fair. He doesn't need to point any of his fingers.
Wow wtf Toto, 3 out of 4 goes right while standing "not" aligned ugh shame SHAME TOTO SHAME!
Alejandro S
Alejandro S:
I’ve lost total respect for Toto Wolff I think Hamilton’s bitchy attitude got to him. That was not bottas fault at all and Hamilton finishing where he did is his own fault. That’s why Mercedes is also gonna most likely have a bad year is cause of how Toto and Hamilton are acting like Idiots
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys:
Toto is falling apart no wonder Daimler is getting out of there more and more
As usual, when things become rough, the real people's faces showing up. Everybody thought Merc is such a great team, with an excellent and wise leader. The truth just might be slightly different
Timothy Jackson
Timothy Jackson:
“Bottas started World War 2” -Toto Woof
Mercedes Critical Race Theory: It’s all Bottas’s fault.
riley fair
riley fair:
Anyone notice how narcissistic totto is?? Hes never a fault and when called out he gets upset
Shifting a person is easier than shifting the car when you are talking about millimeters,wth is Toto talking about?
Azaz 911c
Azaz 911c:
Bottas' comments, in between the lines, suggests he knows he may not be at Mercedes next year. It all starts when he starts seeing himself as apart from the team. Wolff's comments were unjustified public criticism of his own driver, in my view.
Helmut watching Toto - “That’s my boy!”
Valtteri : starts breathing
Toto : its your fault that we have not enough oxygen in our lungs!
Rasal Hague
Rasal Hague:
When the TV cut to Lance going over a curb in Monaco, that surely was Valtteri's fault.
-Toto Wolff
Mercedes on Monaco: It was the worst weekend
Baku: Hold my Brakes.
James Crawford
James Crawford:
Consider this, every mechanic had the same disadvantage with Bottas coming in at an ‘incorrect’ angle yet they all managed to get their tires off?
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez:
I guess most of us want to see Russell on the Mercedes seat next year, but not in this way. Throwing Valtteri under the bus after Mercedes being “ the team-player” team.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds:
Toto showed his true colors that who is his favorite "son". That kind of favouring is the reason why Bottas keeps failing over and over again. Toto vents his frustration to Bottas when his golden boy is behind him...
Arian Winanto
Arian Winanto:
Toto: "We have no blame culture in our time"

Also Toto: "It's Bottas' fault"
You can actualy see what realy happend, NOBODY noticed!! When looking at the 3 mechanics from the front, right at the moment Bottas stops the car and they all lean in for the action.. the guy on the left accidently bumps against the guy with the wheelgun just a little bit 🤏🏻 but enough to make him put the wheelgun on in a wrong angle 🧐🤔
YouTube ✔️
YouTube ✔️:
I feel Bottas being blamed for everything will become a meme
xxx zzz
xxx zzz:
when u r blamed by your boss for something entirely not your fault, it means one thing.

look for another job!
LZR Brick
LZR Brick:
VB moving to redbull would be an upgrade. They at least don’t blame EVERYTHING on their drivers.
Amazing how missing the spot only impacted one corner of the car.
Lightening Bolt
Lightening Bolt:
“Its bottas’s fault Lewis locked up in T1 Baku restart” - Totto probably
NCH Music
NCH Music:
*Hamilton Crashes*

Toto : “Don’t worry sweetie, you did a great job”

*Bottas Crashes*

Toto : “Do that again and I’ll fire you in the next morning”
Toto wants to get inside his head so that Toto has a reason to fire him and get Russel behind that wheel.
Anav Sadh
Anav Sadh:
Valtteri is now becoming what I wanted him to become long ago.
He is not taking shit from his team.
Probably because it's his last year with them.
I hope he gets a seat for some team next year 💔
Toto is the type to buy Bitcoin and blame VB when it crashes
Zombie Alive
Zombie Alive:
Imagine being a wingman, always forced to finish behind your teammate, driving a car that may be not equal as your teammate, then getting bullied by your own team
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson:
3 other wheels were changed no problem 🤷‍♂️
What do you think aboutLewis hamilton finishing p7 in monaco?
Toto wolf:well bottas played a part in this as well
also toto probably: „there was no problem with the airplane. it was bottas fault!„ 🤡
Iron Pro
Iron Pro:
"It is Bottas fault that lewis finish p11 in practice 2" probably Toto
Michael morales
Michael morales:
It seems like Mercedes' "no blame" culture is breaking down now that they are having to fight for the championship. That culture is probably much easier to have when you are the dominant team.
Patricio Rivera
Patricio Rivera:
If Hamilton did the same thing Toto wouldn't put the blame on him.
Anshuman Kakralia
Anshuman Kakralia:
At this point, I just have to wonder if TOTO is making excuses to intentionally sour his relationship with Bottas and kick him out of drive for 2022. (Just an opinion)
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan:
They’re making Bottas an escapegoat
Matthijs de Boer
Matthijs de Boer:
How did Lewis lose three places through the stop? Was he ever in front of Pierre?
Gouthaman Guna
Gouthaman Guna:
Telecasting Lance stroll jumping off the kerb is all "bottas" fault..
" Bottas assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand" -- Toto Wolff
Graham king
Graham king:
I’ve gone off him , he’s a winger
Surprised Toto isn’t talking about Hamilton botched pace and how it’s his fault for trusting the teams strategy
K M:
This is now the beginning of the end. Toto clearly favours hamilton, and now will blame bottas for every little mistake
landon dillion
landon dillion:
Kinda wild for Toto to say that when its legit on tv
i think valtteri has already been sacked the way things have been going really suggest this hopefully he finds a good seat he has a lot of ability to show
Francisco Saraiva
Francisco Saraiva:
When Mercedes fell the pressure of others teams being competitive!!! All hell broke down
mircea miclos
mircea miclos:
This is the tru face of Toto according to Nico Rosberg when things don't go well.
My Turkish Life
My Turkish Life:
What is going on at Mercedes,,,
I'm not a big fan of this tit for tat BS that's going on, Bottas is an incredible talent, he works well with the pit guys and they (pit guys) are ready for under/over shoots, Merc should just shut up and do the job as should some of the other teams, a bit of controversy at times but shut up and let's see some racing ..
See you all at the track 👍
Ajinkya Jagtap
Ajinkya Jagtap:
Now a days I feel for bottas...guy is going through a lot
Ali Aslan
Ali Aslan:
3 uploads in 1 day. MAN you’re on fire!
NCH Music
NCH Music:
I think Toto is taking advantage of Bottas because Toto knows he is too gentleman and doesn’t argue back
“Win as a team, lose as an individual’
I now understand why Ross Brawn left Mercedes after the 2013 season.
Neil Martin
Neil Martin:
Yeah that was pathetic from Toto. Weeks later I'm still mad about it lol. Not a fan of Merc. Or Bottas, or Hamilton. But honestly Toto throwing Bottas under the bus like that was ridiculous. He has access to replays right?
T 25
T 25:
Respect to Valteri!
The sign of a crumbling team :D
Goin AWOL:
Bottas may have left the designated zone, but moving a 100kg person with a 2kg wheel gun is easy. Toto needs to realise its a mistake of the pit crew. Everyone makes mistakes.
First Last
First Last:
Love how Toto said in Merc, no blaming.
Bottas should throw toto in the car and say “okay now you drive”
Petar drug
Petar drug:
"Ericsson hit us" and "Bottas is at fault" memes have really similiar vibe
Toto is blind.... bottas was bang on his mark..
Plus if hed have been short or long for 1 wheel, hed have been long or short for all 4 🤷‍♂️
The whole world could see on the footage that he was parked nearly perfectly lol
Purab Kothari
Purab Kothari:
"Senna's death? Yea, that was you, Val." - Toto, probably