Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Still Have Chemistry

It’s the flirty reunion between celebrity exes Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and fans can’t seem to get enough. The former Hollywood couple were part of a star-studded table read of the teen classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” Jen reenacted the iconic red bathing suit scene originally played by Phoebe Cates, while Brad’s character fantasizes about her. The two still have an undeniable chemistry. The star-studded table read done over Zoom was done to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

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Now, we just need Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder to get back together.
Maria Khan
Maria Khan:
here's a reminder: he ✨cheated✨ on her, married someone else, made children, they've both moved on and these fans need to do the same. what the hell is wrong with people 🥴
Son of Loki
Son of Loki:
Brad Pitt will always be the president of the
“I hate Rachel Green Club”
Lacey Jane🤍
Lacey Jane🤍:
Guys there is no chemistry there. They’re just civil ex’s lol
A A:
Jennifer is so kind because I could never be friendly with an ex that did me dirty in front on the whole world. I love her.
I love how Jennifer is Over Brad lmao! As she should 👑
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing:
He cheated on her and she forgave him...such a great person she is
Inka Binka
Inka Binka:
Has everyone forgotten what he did to her? He dumped her at a very difficult time in her life for another skirt. Left her high and dry and humiliated. Pretty much spat in her face. She would be a fool to go back to him. Plus as far as I can tell they both look pretty uncomfortable, but trying really hard to act like everything is totally normal because they know that millions of people, (us) will be sitting there dissecting every single element of their interaction. I would HATE to be in their position lol
Brad is a lucky guy
Jen has been so generous despite what he did to her. It’s not easy to let such things go...
Brave Soul
Brave Soul:
Its good to see they can be civil with each other after all that had happened. A person who have that kind of history with someone will never ever leave.
Sindhu Nookala
Sindhu Nookala:
It takes courage to talk to someone again who has cheated on you and broken your heart. It's not easy.
Deborah Oliver
Deborah Oliver:
Jennifer doesn't look at all interested in even saying the lines... Brad looks uncomfortable. I don't agree.
Karthik Kumar
Karthik Kumar:
This is upper level management at it’s finest!!! Given the current situation of distress and loss, what an amazing experience to have nostalgia make us feel good. This is manufacturing at it’s finest!!! Invoking feelings of warmth, old school, nostalgia and “forget anything bad ever happened to earth” AMAZING!!! I wish I was part of manufacturing
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson:
So glad to see them getting along, it’s a beautiful thing and shows how truly amazing Jen is. What a woman!
Twila Davis
Twila Davis:
He is still a douche for cheating on her with Jolie. He ruined a good thing.
Shreya Vaidya
Shreya Vaidya:
This reminded me of when Rachel was drunk in Vegas.
Joey: hey, how you doin’
Rachel: I’m doing good baby, how you doin?
Jen and David's table read has way more chemistry than this. I admire Jen for being this gracious and kind and professional woman even after everything that Brad did to her. She is such a lovely and down-to-earth person. 💚
Tristan Winchester
Tristan Winchester:
I really hope Brad has learned from his mistakes and changed. He seems like a good guy in interviews. He’s got a weird kind of charm.
Brad's parents never sat him down and explained the concept of "wife material" to him.
Brad is blushing hard when he hears her talk.... he must’ve really missed her🙃
RonnyLee My heart can't stop loving you girl
RonnyLee My heart can't stop loving you girl:
Eu não sou Brad Pitt mas sou Um Deus ... Ele me ensinou muito sobre a vida ... ❤️
Yashimen Longkumer
Yashimen Longkumer:
His Lucky that she's even speaking to him... Sucha Forgiving Heart Jen....😭
Major Trauma
Major Trauma:
I know it’s just a pipe dream, but I would LOVE it if Jen and Brad got back together.
Firesign 1111
Firesign 1111:
He doesn't love her. If he DID, he would never have left her.
Kirby Griffiths
Kirby Griffiths:
She’s trying to show the world that what he did didn’t ruin her and didn’t phase her and that she forgives.. That just shows she’s trying to be a better person but we all know that he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as her after what he did to her..
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores:
This actually made me smile, beautiful!
Jessie H
Jessie H:
It's kind of cute how flushed Brad got when Jen said her lines
Carole Oneill
Carole Oneill:
Its nice to see two people who were once married be just really good friends You just got to move on with life
Quid est Veritas
Quid est Veritas:
Brad Pitt is an ageless Golden dream... I’m still in love with him 30 years later and I’m not sorry, anhh anhh!!!
This is that “we find each other attractive but no more” chemistry. No wonder brad walked away you can tell he was done
Sophie Lyman
Sophie Lyman:
Brad Pitt will always be the president of the
“I hate Rachel Green Club”
Tec Lis
Tec Lis:
ik its a year old video, however... there is no chemestry here, they both look extremely uncomfertable, i'd hate to be in a video chat with someone who ruined my life, matter off act i'd probably decline to be anywhere or even in a virtual chat room as that person is... Big no no.
TreatsandTravels 06
TreatsandTravels 06:
I miss them together, if anything good comes from 2020 , well damnit let them get back together ❤️
Doug Winn
Doug Winn:
He lost the best thing he ever had. Jenn is the bomb!
June C
June C:
Ahhhhhhh the chemistry between Pitt and Aniston, you don't need to be in a classroom with a periodic table to sense it.
Norma Albino
Norma Albino:
Brad and Jennifer please get back together. You belong to each other ❤️
Brad looks like a friggin homeless person.
N O:
I love how no one is taking about Shia, he’s so silly 😂😭
Lizette Alvarez
Lizette Alvarez:
Jen sat back and KNEW he was making THEE decision he would regret for the rest of his life...
she knew he’d come back to her if it was meant to be. Even as friends
Агния Барто
Агния Барто:
Brad Pitt is such a gentleman
He has that special energy which warms your heart even through the screen
michelle g
michelle g:
kills me that people dont get that ex's can get along.i get that things happened that shouldnt have but some can still get along.
Zee Kay
Zee Kay:
“It was Brad & Jen who stole the show”

**Shai, who actually stole the show by just being high af** 😂😂😂
Solid Snake
Solid Snake:
I still have chemistry with exes, doesn't mean I want to see them again.
i like how everyone had smile on their face when brad and jenn was talking to each other lol
Wow so many the top political minds in the world on one screen at the same time. We were truly blessed to have been able to see that.
Josh Lopez
Josh Lopez:
Bruh I passed chemistry back in high school 😎
badreedine Djellali
badreedine Djellali:
this man is still legend
Greg's Channel
Greg's Channel:
Hell with them ! I wanted to see Penn do Spicoli . Best character in the movie
Wash Urhands
Wash Urhands:
Brad looks like he’s an inmate in one of those 20/20 interviews
I wanna live in the 80s and 90s just so I could see Brad Pitt and all the hot guys
You know what.....your first love is usually your genuine relationship
Teju G
Teju G:
This reunion is awesome!!!!
Alex Kendz
Alex Kendz:
It nice to see them civil and friends. I once wished them to get back but at the same time, when I remember what he did to her, even if its reasonable, I still can’t swallow it. Lol I feel like I’m in Jen shoes 😂😂😂.

NOOOOOO I don’t want him back to Jen like what others want. Let him learn his mistakes in life, jumping from one to the other and the other. He should have stick to Angie, he got what he really wanted, the family that he desperately wanted that Jennifer couldn’t provide way back then. He should have given up his bad habits since he already have family and kids were looking up to him. He got what he really wanted, what was he thinking doing all those bad habit? Is he not happy in his life?
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles:
There's so much chemistry there they could start a fire with all those sparks flying around 😂
Aww, I love these two so much💖❤
Shruthi Rajendra Munezero
Shruthi Rajendra Munezero:
1:20 did anyone notice how everyone became quite when the two of them started talking and did you see the smile on their face 😂😂
irini skourti
irini skourti:
I want to see one with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. I know they didn't date but everybody wants them together🥰
annie jones
annie jones:
Jen is better off with out him. He's a cheater, his loss
brandon boyd
brandon boyd:
Come on guys Jen is human being she forgives but not forget :D
Arif SJC
Arif SJC:
Still waiting for Brad to return. Waiting, waiting, ... waiting.
Gloria McFadden
Gloria McFadden:
No what we need is for Angelina and Brad to get back together and Vanessa and Johnny
Azaryah Israel
Azaryah Israel:
Remember be careful criticizing someone's appearance, we should've learned by now after Chadwick Boseman passing away
Greg Libersky
Greg Libersky:
Love to see you guys on Madeline Island again ! Been 20 years
Office4sms TandE
Office4sms TandE:
I love Jennifer Aniston. Beatiful and most of all she gets on with her Daily Routine. This lady deserves the best. Brad Pitt left her for that other but Jennifer got on with her stuff and is still very hot.
Missy Frog1
Missy Frog1:
All my favorite stars have aged. Except for Morgon Freeman of course, he never ages! LOL
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail:
Aww couple nostalgia is the worst, especially between exs. Its a whole mixed bag of emotions. You can tell he flashbacked to good times when they were having fun, right then and there.
She won’t take him back, he can gush as much as he wants
They have so much chemistry. I think Brad and Jen need to get back together.
Angelina Jolie is my favourite actress though.
j son
j son:
It’s just sad how everyone blamed her for him cheating smh
Shahin Hasham
Shahin Hasham:
Omg i belive in love who would ever believe this would happen dam i think brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston should get back but as friends then take it from there . These two were ment for each other. God bless you.
Good Day
Good Day:
They’re both so alpha man 🤣 i cant imagine feeling this comfortable around my ex
John Anderson
John Anderson:
Jennifer: Brad, you know how cute I always thought you were. I don't think that anymore! Look at yourself!
Siva Sankar
Siva Sankar:
He doesn't tell "we were on a break"😂
Sam Cole
Sam Cole:
All I want is for them to get back together!!!
L Cr
L Cr:
Honestly brad doesnt deserve jennifer, she is and was too good for him
Sneha Bhosale
Sneha Bhosale:
Brad and Jeniffer were always meant to be together
JUST imagine if they got back together, like how incredible that would be for the world
Rob McGowan
Rob McGowan:
Well, Brad can (still) barely talk. The more things change the more they stay the same. The only aspect of myself I'd exchange with Brad is my bank account amount. Physically/facially, otherwise, no. Not knocking his looks, he looks fine, but for me to want to look different, it would have to be an upgrade, not a partial downgrade.
I love seeing Brad and Jen together but I know there's only a 00.01% chance of them getting back together
thembisa makhoba
thembisa makhoba:
I loved these two i wish they never broke up.
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan:
To people feeling in their 20s/30s just hold up wait till you're in your late 50s just look at brad lmap
Loved these two growing up, I have no time for them now
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar:
To hell with this. Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer is the ship we need
That ship has sailed. Jen is good!!
Tyler Lockett
Tyler Lockett:
Brad looks like he has been in jail for 5 years
Jonathan Osterman
Jonathan Osterman:
It's never too late for happiness to restore a forgotten love.
When the witch gets out of the way, the spell becomes powerful again.
puddles pickles
puddles pickles:
You can see they still have a spark, be blushed like a beetroot, i really hope they connect again, they had the sweetest relationship once, hope he realises what he lost.
Most people still have 'something' there with an ex but its not enough.
Audrey Laagan
Audrey Laagan:
i can really say Jen is a professional... and i love her.
Ross Geller Fan
Ross Geller Fan:
Well, I guess I'm gonna accept it; Rachel/Jennifer Aniston is going for a holiday again and she will not get off the plane.

I don't get a goodbye?! What do I have to do to get a goodbye? be besties with Jen/Rachel? I can't believe she's going without saying goodbye
Acquired skill
Acquired skill:
Impossible how Anniston looks still super beautiful
Virginia viola
Virginia viola:
How beautiful is Jen? Ageing gracefully and naturally. God bless her.
Kibet King
Kibet King:
I didnt know they taught chemistry in hollywood
J. J.
J. J.:
Goddamn Brad is still looking handsome
Kindness is Beauty
Kindness is Beauty:
I still remember when I first heard it. Never wouldv imagined this day would come again. Its been a long journey.
Shahrzad Modiri
Shahrzad Modiri:
Oh I wished they would get back together! 🙏
Brad and Jen-Brad divorced
Tom and Nicole-Tom divorced
(worst decision of their life)
I want Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling Reunion! ❤😭