Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Still Have Chemistry

It’s the flirty reunion between celebrity exes Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, and fans can’t seem to get enough. The former Hollywood couple were part of a star-studded table read of the teen classic “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” Jen reenacted the iconic red bathing suit scene originally played by Phoebe Cates, while Brad’s character fantasizes about her. The two still have an undeniable chemistry. The star-studded table read done over Zoom was done to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

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Jessie T
Jessie T:
It's kind of cute how flushed Brad got when Jen said her lines
Wash Urhands
Wash Urhands:
Brad looks like he’s an inmate in one of those 20/20 interviews
Yarelis Acosta
Yarelis Acosta:
It shows how mature And noble Jennifer is, she forgave him and moved on, unfortunately the biggest loser here is Brad Pitt
Now, we just need Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder to get back together.
Karen Filippelli
Karen Filippelli:
Brad Pitt will always be the president of the
“I hate Rachel Green Club”
Oni San
Oni San:
Why does brad looks like he’s in a mental hospital talking to her?
Yashimen Longkumer
Yashimen Longkumer:
His Lucky that she's even speaking to him... Sucha Forgiving Heart Jen....😭
Alabaster Pringles
Alabaster Pringles:
There's so much chemistry there they could start a fire with all those sparks flying around 😂
Maria Khan
Maria Khan:
here's a reminder: he ✨cheated✨ on her, married someone else, made children, they've both moved on and these fans need to do the same. what the hell is wrong with people 🥴
amir qwerty
amir qwerty:
Looks like Jen is visiting Brad in prison in the thumbnail.
Heather K
Heather K:
Omg brad he looks like a hobo
Twila Davis
Twila Davis:
He is still a douche for cheating on her with Jolie. He ruined a good thing.
Look at Jennifer twirling her hair while bradd asks her how she's doing... 😊
i like how everyone had smile on their face when brad and jenn was talking to each other lol
How could you not talk about Shia? He was out acting everyone 😂
Altaf Mohamed
Altaf Mohamed:
Ross is not going to be happy with this 😂
Deborah Oliver
Deborah Oliver:
Jennifer doesn't look at all interested in even saying the lines... Brad looks uncomfortable. I don't agree.
Marlon Ellison
Marlon Ellison:
Remember be careful criticizing someone's appearance, we should've learned by now after Chadwick Boseman passing away
Elijah Adams
Elijah Adams:
anyone else who iddnt watch it yet and just went too the comment *EARLY*
Nikki Trueblood
Nikki Trueblood:
Brad just happy he can talk freely with her again since Angie's out the picture
Elisabeth Robinson
Elisabeth Robinson:
Jennifer doesn't try to change him. He should be more comfortable with her.
Brandon’s Weirdness
Brandon’s Weirdness:
That thumbnail isn’t doing much justice
Matt Firth
Matt Firth:
I just want her to say "rememberwhen you cheated on me with your co star" it would just be interesting to see if he still makes the "I'm just brad pitt" sexy face....come on guys you know the face
Sophie Lyman
Sophie Lyman:
Brad Pitt will always be the president of the
“I hate Rachel Green Club”
Hannah Cash
Hannah Cash:
Brad looks quite messy here. Yet he's still hot.
Nizia Harrison
Nizia Harrison:
It makes me sad because they should’ve been together he should’ve had those children but they gonna always be friends it shows right now🥰
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter:
I always thought brad and Jennifer we’re always better than Brangilina
Kevin Dukes
Kevin Dukes:
I would've never left jennifer aniston for Jolie, she is way hotter than Jolie what in the hell was he thinking...oh he wasn't
Jessica Ibe
Jessica Ibe:
Brad Pitt has really aged‼️‼️‼️
I'm Opinionated
I'm Opinionated:
I love seeing Brad and Jen together but I know there's only a 00.01% chance of them getting back together
Yasmine Springfield
Yasmine Springfield:
Brad is blushing hard when he hears her talk.... he must’ve really missed her🙃
Christina Jones
Christina Jones:
Enrico Pucci
Enrico Pucci:
No one is talking about how Shia is getting high
I love Brad but he is just not aging well. Aniston looks the same.
grandma ashley
grandma ashley:
Who else randomly found Inside edition and now watches them daily?
I don't care, I love Jennifer, I just wanna punch Brad.
Blk mnn
Blk mnn:
Why brad dress like a teen when he is a grandpa
Shanda Burnside
Shanda Burnside:
I swear when Brad turn 95 he still going to be hot af🔥
Kat Astrophe
Kat Astrophe:
Brad Pitt has the GITMO look. I wonder why?
thomas the dank engine
thomas the dank engine:
There's some people in the comments gonna be like:

"ThIs IsNt NEwS"
Anona Meows
Anona Meows:
Shia Lebouf stole the show actually. Killed it.
carolina alejandra
carolina alejandra:
That smile was real and sweet
Kokekokkoo Kokkookkooo
Kokekokkoo Kokkookkooo:
Brad is a lucky guy
Jen has been so generous despite what he did to her. It’s not easy to let such things go...
Interesting how Inside Edition is trying to make a story out of Jennifer and Brad saying "hi" to each other.
mary gaczewski
mary gaczewski:
I wish they would get back together. Come on they smashed before.
Most people still have 'something' there with an ex but its not enough.
Luke Jack
Luke Jack:
Scientists say their reunion will cure Corona definitely.
alison mapp
alison mapp:
2 of the most good looking actors. Neither of them can keep a marriage.
Kindness is Beauty
Kindness is Beauty:
I still remember when I first heard it. Never wouldv imagined this day would come again. Its been a long journey.
I love how Jennifer is Over Brad lmao! As she should 👑
sandra O
sandra O:
What happened in 5 mos to these actors and actresses. 🤭
Lacey Jane
Lacey Jane:
Guys there is no chemistry there. They’re just civil ex’s lol
They look old asf!
Josue jaimes
Josue jaimes:
It's not to late for the Brad and Jen, there's still something in both hearts.
Brad looks super creepy now.
Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa:
This is just for attention at this point. I remember seeing tabloids and news groups talking about how nuch they hate eachother.
Both Batsheet crazy so full of themselves cant see reality anymore only their imagined world
Allen Bowen
Allen Bowen:
1:02 that guy was in friends he was the owner of alessandro's
areeb anwar
areeb anwar:
“It was brad and Jen who stole the show” NOPE it was Shia
I'm literally Subbing to everyone who subs to me
I'm literally Subbing to everyone who subs to me:
To the 1% reading this god bless u and stay safe during these hard times

(also tysm for all the subscribers I never imagined to get this far so tysm lots of love let's aim for 1k
N O:
I love how no one is taking about Shia, he’s so silly 😂😭
Kathleen M. Higgins
Kathleen M. Higgins:
When Sean Penn flashed on the screen - I thought he was Dustin Hoffman!
The Upset Kitten
The Upset Kitten:
Jen is one hellova woman <3 I only hope to reach her level of class and fine looks when I get to her age.
Zulu Girl
Zulu Girl:
Damn they aging so bad!
Mandy Tran
Mandy Tran:
Honestly I thought Brad was a homeless person and didn’t even realize it was him until IE said his name
More like chemistry in a meth lab..
She looks like the dopey hippy girl on the muppets but added wrinkles and he looks like he's been homeless for a month
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon:
I know their both older folk, but they appear like old drug users.
users that have expensive things, lol
This just in-- celebrities FORGIVE each other 😂😂 I mean what they heck??!🙄
Hi Aniston
Hi Pitt
How you doing
Good honey, how you doing
Yeah, I'm alright
Me : 😍🎆
Nancy V
Nancy V:
Wait, isn't this the guy that cheated on his wife and kids. 💁‍♀️
Lizette Alvarez
Lizette Alvarez:
Jen sat back and KNEW he was making THEE decision he would regret for the rest of his life...
she knew he’d come back to her if it was meant to be. Even as friends
Lmboooo ahhhh my Golden couple I miss them n love them MY FAV COUPLE
Ew. The most desperate of Hollywood combining
Peace Frog
Peace Frog:
Man they both look weathered and aged from booze and cigarettes.
Grey Love
Grey Love:
Gosh they look old as hell. Lol.
Kaya Joelle
Kaya Joelle:
Can we talk about his smile tho???... my heart just exploded
R J:
The only guy who stole the show was shia labeouf.
Kamil Grech
Kamil Grech:
Bratt..i Love you from every Intention..thank you for each one of your great movies..and please..Love yourself😌
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen:
Angelina Jolie made a great maleficent but Jennifer and brad seem just better together.
Missy Frog1
Missy Frog1:
All my favorite stars have aged. Except for Morgon Freeman of course, he never ages! LOL
Sneak Chamber
Sneak Chamber:
They totally still have chemistry ☺️ glad to see them friendly despite all the past drama.
They’re so old!! 😱
Evelyn Verdejo
Evelyn Verdejo:
Damn! Brad sure does look like the hippie he bested up in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”!
Mrs. Diva
Mrs. Diva:
She played wit her hair that's a sign she still has love for him awe🤣
Ms. Elite
Ms. Elite:
Brad all washed up. He should of stayed with her.
Annel Pastel
Annel Pastel:
They look super old 😭 why does time goes so quick 😭
kousumi brahma
kousumi brahma:
Jen is so smooth with forgiveness.. that's my girl. I love you.
Brie Hill
Brie Hill:
Please it was Shia who stole the show 😂
Inka Binka
Inka Binka:
Has everyone forgotten what he did to her? He dumped her at a very difficult time in her life for another skirt. Left her high and dry and humiliated. Pretty much spat in her face. She would be a fool to go back to him. Plus as far as I can tell they both look pretty uncomfortable, but trying really hard to act like everything is totally normal because they know that millions of people, (us) will be sitting there dissecting every single element of their interaction. I would HATE to be in their position lol
Sad, I keep friends with my exes but not going back as that was a lesson learned & why learn a new one?; SMH, sad!.
Tristan Winchester
Tristan Winchester:
I really hope Brad has learned from his mistakes and changed. He seems like a good guy in interviews. He’s got a weird kind of charm.
Red Taylor
Red Taylor:
I've always had a crush on Mathew❤❤❤❤
Adriana Pena
Adriana Pena:
Wow age changes everything. Good thing to remember it's the soul that makes you beautiful
Abhishek Kadam
Abhishek Kadam:
Brad saying "How you Doing " 😀😀😀
Hazel Dell
Hazel Dell:
You people need to get over them.
0:50 I can’t believe they didn’t mention Morgan freeman
Cassie Cederquist
Cassie Cederquist:
If only they can get back together I love those two 💜
Angela Carter
Angela Carter:
He's dating a very young girl right now