Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Reenact FLIRTY Scene From ‘Fast Times’

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were married from 2000 to 2005, reunited on Thursday for Dane Cook's ‘Feelin’ A-Live,’ a virtual live table read of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and read a sexy scene together. The famous exes were also joined by Jimmy Kimmel, Morgan Freeman, Henry Golding, Shia LaBeouf, Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn and Julia Roberts among others, for the unrehearsed, anything-goes table read of the 1982 coming-of-age film.

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Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses:
It's great that a divorce couple can get along and still have a sense of humor.
Jeniffer is a very strong woman! He cheated and they had a very public break up. Yet she is able to have good relationship with him. I could never.
When Aniston said "Hi, Pitt", she played with her hair. Just sayin'
Gayathri S
Gayathri S:
Brad’s face when Jennifer talks : 🍅
Herset patsea
Herset patsea:
People, these are two full blown adults. She's since been in other relationships and been married not too mention having had a good career. This man has 6 children, watched his wife go through cancer scares,got divorced and won an Oscar. I really don't think either is salty or even give two sh%*'s about seeing each other on a zoom call.
Kyla Marie Samoy
Kyla Marie Samoy:
Brad: "Hi Aniston"
Jen: "Hi Pitt"

Fanistons: OMG I'M NOT CRYING!!!!!😭😭😭😭
But Anniston didn't seem too into it, tho. She read those lines like she was reading the freaking menu 🤣🤣🤣
Nitya Siddhi Nimmagadda
Nitya Siddhi Nimmagadda:
he left her and cheated on her.
Why is Brad always trying to hold his smile everytime he sees Jen 😂
The fact that she still called him honey. I know it’s a term of endearment, but considering their history. Just 🥺
We dont need them married, just moderately cool with eachother is enough. Just what 2020 needs.
Leah Guerra
Leah Guerra:
I laugh when folks say it makes them crazy jen and Brad deal. Dude they been apart for so long and u probably don't even know them lmao
Old man Brad still handsome (I'm straight man here)
Brad Pitt: "Hi Aniston, how you doin'?"
Much better if he said this in Joey's tone... but still my heart still melted
Samantha Thony
Samantha Thony:
You people need to learn to move on and let things go. They broke up more than a decade ago. It didn't work and never will. Stop talking about it.
Kyla Marie Samoy
Kyla Marie Samoy:
Brad is blushing while Jennifer saying her lines owemjieeeee
I love the way he calls her Aniston, so much respect and at the same time - flirtatious!
Sab Z
Sab Z:
Julia Roberts all the way, her smile made my day
Milena Seymour
Milena Seymour:
Other parts and other actors and scenes were way more interesting. There literally was no chemistry between them. That wasn't the highlight of the table read lol!
Sara El amine
Sara El amine:
I just want to tell Brad
"Dude how do you feel"😂
purp dist
purp dist:
God bless Jennifer. We love her so much. We want the best for her.
Teresa Montesquieu
Teresa Montesquieu:
I wish them the best, i hope they get to be good friends:) because he cheated on her so they don’t deserve to be couple aymore (i mean its their decision hahaha but just mi idea) but i hope they’re on really good therms! For inner peace🙏🏼
Aria V
Aria V:
He cheated on her and openly said she was boring. And he’s actually a dad of at least 3 kids. Why dont people want brad to reunite with his kids?? They want him to reunite with an ex of 15 years ago? This is just so wrong.
PLEASE..... this thing was NOT the Brad & Jennifer show! It's been 15 freakin' years.... time to let go! They have
jrcervin cervin
jrcervin cervin:
Lol, they did that on purpose...
Claudia Aa
Claudia Aa:
Jen : he is a cheeter and has 10 kids. Me classy and looking younger.
Media: they all flirty.

Me: you see when she tries to pull her hand away from him at the awards.. Shes is so not interested. I feel for her to have everybody putting her in that situation, cause u know he loves it.
Haydie Ulanimo
Haydie Ulanimo:
Jennifer is still so cute.
Aimee A.
Aimee A.:
It was fun seeing them have fun! And I’m happy this was all for charity. I hope this gets a lot of press and attention for the cause.
Jennifer looks less than happy. I thought it was awkward!
Ellen Hatfield
Ellen Hatfield:
Mik Mak
Mik Mak:
Oh please. Stop it. It just show she has moved on and can be civil.
Justin Hopper
Justin Hopper:
You know Jens seat was damp after saying high to Brad. Look at her twirling her hair lol
R M:
MIN 1:33 OMG!!! IS HE BLUSHING!?! 😂😍😌
You covered it sooo wellll!
Cole Masker
Cole Masker:
Wow he’s getting old it’s been a while since I’ve seen his face. She still looks 30 tho lmao
Option Z
Option Z:
Looking at Brad Pitt turning red hot chili pepper made me laugh. Jennifer went along with it as it was for a good cause but if you look at her closely she wasn’t having it. I totally understand her. After her divorce from Brad they were associated to each other one way or the other so this will probably feed that very same perspective she is probably looking to leave behind.
Anmol Soni
Anmol Soni:
He still hasn't apologized for "I hate Rachel Greene club"
Noo noo it's how YOoOuU doin'? Dammit, Brad!!
I felt like a third wheel ngl😭💀
Hhh 456
Hhh 456:
Brad is still soooo cute!!
Milena Seymour
Milena Seymour:
Omg. That want the highlight of the table read. The other actors and parts with Aniston and Julia Robert's were way better.
I think he is still attracted to her.
Ruth Bell
Ruth Bell:
It was a table read!
Why the OBSESSION with these two for God's sake?? Move on, they obviously have!
De'Niiya Reed
De'Niiya Reed:
Aww still Team Aniston!! (remember those t-shirts)
Noella Rash
Noella Rash:
“Move on” or “Get a Room”
Mopsi Boli
Mopsi Boli:
2005 was way long ago. I saw nothing. The sparkle is gone.
personally I never believed they were married for real. It was as I see it the fake hollywood marriage. When he foudn someone he loved he stepped out of it.
Ana Sueiras
Ana Sueiras:
Best couple ever!❤️
L K:
Imagine cheating on JENNIFER ANISTON💀
simon leaf2
simon leaf2:
He still looks hot!
Rowan LeVan
Rowan LeVan:
Those two are milking the media attention, and its working....I clicked on the vid.
Donna Corrado
Donna Corrado:
Irena Lawlor
Irena Lawlor:
I watched this table read then watched the movie straight after,it was awesome 🥰
Lea Morante
Lea Morante:
We love jen and Brad they have a lovely soul I dont change my love to them God bless them bothxxx
Anna Heart
Anna Heart:
They were a nice couple back then... They played it really well.
Carrie Silberman
Carrie Silberman:
I love and smile at their reunion as now my X and I are very dear friends and we love each other and are dear friends and talk weekly
Am rose
Am rose:
Yeh and all the other guests are watching this exchange lol.
White Pepper
White Pepper:
I think both Brad and Jennifer look ancient...did nothing for me!
0:55 OMG look at how red Brad looks LMAO
Анипа Джунусалиева
Анипа Джунусалиева:
Я за то чтобы Бред и Джен были вместе 👍🌹⚘🌷!!!
Tish Lynn
Tish Lynn:
I love her growth and healing but I still don’t want him anywhere near her.... even virtually.
The way we were
The way we were:
What were their pet names again? Beniffer? I don't remember I loved them together. They were the envy couple of Hollywood!
daryl Mutangadura
daryl Mutangadura:
2:23 did anyone miss that
I missed that part of jen and brad saying hi to each other. I think they still care about each other. See how Red Brads face got when he said that. It means he still really likes her. They were my fav couple. Too bad he left her.
Adam Schaefer
Adam Schaefer:
See what it'd happened was ?! Dreams do come she's a dream come true love it he he do you believe in magic
two4lizzylu 89
two4lizzylu 89:
The hair twirl is super cute, and Jen is full of class 💕😊❣️
Brad looks really healthy and happy again!
Coco Puff
Coco Puff:
They still love each other
Frixends xbing
Frixends xbing:
Could this BE and interesting
cash the dash
cash the dash:
I can’t be the only one who sees through all of his bs and can see who he really is
Fatjon Koco
Fatjon Koco:
Run Jen, run!!!!
That is the exact same smile Will from High School had😍...if u know ,u know
Irene 143christ
Irene 143christ:
Angie is very strong 💪 lady .God is with her to help .
Alcoholic smoker
Alcoholic smoker:
And stil they look like the perfect couple
ayoub imam
ayoub imam:
Hey! its wonderful to see you once again
Bernadette Odonnell
Bernadette Odonnell:
Love to see them back together
Piperitta Patty
Piperitta Patty:
How can she talk with him after everything? He destroyed her feelings like a real bastard giving sexual comments about Angelina to media when he was still married. I don't like him.
Eric Beauchamp
Eric Beauchamp:
Easy call shit but awsomt good for the levevrage money well done ! Good effort
Brad can get it anytime 🙏🏼
Nanda Sookdeo
Nanda Sookdeo:
Why would she want to go back to humm?🤔😶🤨🤢
Ömür Çelik
Ömür Çelik:
Cakaaaal! Kapıstırdı durdu simdi de dalga geciyor! Ahshdjfjfkgkgl
Jennifer Esser
Jennifer Esser:
😇🌴 Seriously, for those who are talking about Jennifer and Brad, this is NOT about them, this IS about a GOOD Cause { CORE 😊 }
Morgan Freeman, you look like you're not even ready a script, you have such a natural talent, and I admire everything about you.😊
I L 💜 VE that you are so down to earth 🌎 and you have a HEART 💜 of gold, and you are my FAVORITE Actor, and I also L 💜 VE that you have hundreds of bees 🐝 that you are very passion about, on the property of your home in the south.
Thank you all for this very entertaining lil show/ play or skit, I TRULY enjoyed watching, and Y'all put a SMILE on my face and Y'all made my day.😊🌴🌞
Thank you again for sharing, this was FUN to watch, and to remind ALL of us, we ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.😊🌴🌞
Take Care and Bless each and everyone of us.😊💜💜💜🌴
This was hilarious...this was great for the charity, they are great people that have grown leaps and bounds.....and yes their was a spark! Anniston did a good job of downplaying it. Brad was loving it for sure! I loved the entire idea! I hope they do more of this kind of thing. I laughed through it all!
Ann Chin
Ann Chin:
we love you ❤️
Kitty Kilian
Kitty Kilian:
That was awesome,!!!!!
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela:
Mariana Vargas
Mariana Vargas:
can someone PLEASE tell me in what min of the original jen and brad say hello to each other?
Safa Nursabila
Safa Nursabila:
Aktor aktris top smua yg live
Dean Neary
Dean Neary:
Jennifer, I have admired you for a long time and have always objected to your marriage and relationship with Brad. He is a loser and abuser and you need to drop him out, of your life and find a man who will RESPECT, LOVE and CHERISH You now and forever. Let go of him !!!
Alice Gotti
Alice Gotti:
My sexy Brad Pitt you still looking good pretty eyes and golden hair.
I look at your movies Wish you make more movies I wanna be your girlfriend .
Peace & Love
Her ex wife is still looks younger than him.
Shaun Gerald
Shaun Gerald:
I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was a publicity stunt done for Anistons career. They are actors after all.
dimitri westerlynck
dimitri westerlynck:
I think i just felt in love
Davids Wife
Davids Wife:
They were so beautiful together
Nizza Ybarra
Nizza Ybarra:
It's great!😊 Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt make a great couple.😉
Kmah RC
Kmah RC:
Jen has such integrity!