Brad Pitt's CONTROVERSIAL Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Made Angelina Angry?!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had a rocky time over the past several years with their divorce case and constant on-going court cases about the custody of their children amongst things. Pitt was then linked with Jennifer Aniston to whom he was previously married to but now it seems that it wasn't true and Brad might have found love in Nicole Poturalski? Who is the girl, and what secrets she keeps? Watch this video to find out who she is and what Angelina had to say! #BradPitt #AngelinaJolie #NicolePoturalski

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16 comentarios:

👉You might be interested in this video: Angelina Jolie Changes Divorce Judge To Win Against Brad Pitt?!
Brads having a mid life crisis
Thea Mcbean
Thea Mcbean:
Shes not a good girl going with brad pitt that shes still married, low class manner
I dont know if I'm gonna be happy for him or wha. But he deserves to be happy, but I think he should just fix his relationship with maddox first. They're on going divorce stuff and custody battle are already affecting the children, just imagine how the Jolie pitt kids will react to that. I dont know but I am happy for brad and I feel bad for the kids. And what do I think with nicole poturalski? I dont know how to explain it I have mixed feelings. Her being married already with 68 year old man and now dating 56 year old brad I dont what to say.
Charlene Croom
Charlene Croom:
Somebody's else's wife. She's married I think. Adulterous without care, wow. Say it ain't so.,🤪🤔
Tas Wahid
Tas Wahid:
She is married! I don’t see a possible future with a MARRIED! woman. This is a bad habit that he needs to address, adulterous relationship and children DON’T! mix well.
Lulu Goñez
Lulu Goñez:
Get back to Jen, you're an amazing couple, you know each other more. Good luck beside she is love by your parents. Right ok and take care❤️
Simone Z
Simone Z:
The new chit is as bad as Angelina! I don't like her one bit. She has the air of a narcissist. That said, I don't like Brad Pitt either. He's also a narcissist. So the two deserve each other. Something tells me that this Polish model, who is already married to a wealthy man old enough to be her grandfather, is not after a love partnership. More like a power partnership that will bring her fame and fortune. Brad Pitt is just one or two notches higher than her current hubby, and a mite younger to boot. So that'll be a plus in the bedroom, I'm sure. Like I said, I don't like this Nicole Poturalski one bit!
Thea Mcbean
Thea Mcbean:
i dont get the logic dating a married woman , while battling a lots of problem in life♥️♥️♥️theres something wrong with this Nicole Paturalski....and brad
Vethelyne Sangma
Vethelyne Sangma:
She married for a while when he is 60 she leave him alone. Haaaaa Brad Pitt don't be proud. You're dead bachelor.
Mary Helis
Mary Helis:
So Nicole is married to a 68yrs old for 8yrs!? And have a child, open marriage hmm. Maybe, she and Brad are just having fun! She clearly, has done this before. So as long as they are both on the level. She looks like Angelina with Angie's legs. Not a good influence on the children. Brad may get some lip from Angelina regarding the children...
Karla Rai
Karla Rai:
If Brad remarried, it would be great, ON ALL LEVELS!! ⚘⚘
Jozzi Fox
Jozzi Fox:
Definitely a mix of both Angie and Jenn
Beata Becia Skop
Beata Becia Skop:
What do you think of Brad's new lady?
Charlene Croom
Charlene Croom:
No one ever heard of her because she is not a too notch talent and her looks other than an Angelina wannabe, she had nothing special other than using old men for money and attention. I hope you get major magazines know she is not what quality and goodness that should be represented. She should keep dating and having baby for older man, that's a good career for her type, shameless. Her husband needs to find a relationship of class. He is a good looking man at his age. I'm sorry my opinion sounds negative. Everyone should date whom they want, just don't disrespect children in the process and false advertisement of protection of children not guns, now that's a hilarious joke of a t-shirt to wear. It may scire points with her male suitors. I need to mind my own business and pray for all the ugliness in society, I'm just saying 😔