Brad Pitt's Dating A MARRIED Woman!

Apparently Brad Pitt’s new 27 year old girlfriend is still married amid all the rumors that she and Brad are an item .And I know, just when you think Brad Pitt’s relationship status couldn’t get more complicated in step’s his girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski’s, husband.Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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51 comentarios:

Luz U.
Luz U.:
This time I'm for Angie for consistently making her children her top priority, above everyone.
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
After dumping Jen/his marriage for Angelina does anyone really think he has respect for anyone's marriage??!!
I read the title as brad Pitt is a married woman and I was so confused 😂😂😂
Leila Ospina
Leila Ospina:
There is a reason Angelina Jolie left him. A real man takes responsibility and is there for his kids. This is embarrassing.
Christine Rush
Christine Rush:
What I find super creepy is that her hubby was 61 when he married a 21 year old. Eeewww.
Manon Gilardot
Manon Gilardot:
She just could be his daughter but anyway it seems like it's something normal in Hollywood😅😂
Girl be trying to get that bank
franck nathan
franck nathan:
He seem to love infidelity 😭😭😭
Miracle Icy Speed
Miracle Icy Speed:
These actors are famous they can literally date anyone lol
Marie El
Marie El:
So she has a thing for old white dudes lol
Vivian Hallert
Vivian Hallert:
I’ve lost respect for brad...first he cheated on he’s wife with Angelina, now he’s dating a child, yes he could be her father, almost her grandfather,
And Jim Carrey was the same as Brad Pitt falling for a married woman .
i dont care
i dont care:
LMAOOO CHILEEEE she’s in it for the money , respect 👌🏼🤭
Thereze Parcon
Thereze Parcon:
at the end he has no more children will care for him and no more family he set bad example very bad example to the eyes of his children
tomi salonen
tomi salonen:
This cannot be real. Oh no. What has gone to the man? This girl is too young🧐
The Life of Leslie
The Life of Leslie:
Emile you look great with this haircut!! :)
Shulamite Mlobela
Shulamite Mlobela:
Just when i though hollywood had lost its spice, y'all hit us with this tea
Spider Anansi
Spider Anansi:
Hes old and dried up. He past his prime already 20 yrs ago. Is she blind?
Blaze Fireball
Blaze Fireball:
I guess get that money?🤣
carrie junio
carrie junio:
Family must come first & you will find the true & lasting happiness...
Dat gurl iz hea
Dat gurl iz hea:
Ain't he still married👀
pkb the healthy man
pkb the healthy man:
Brad Pitt is the bad boy.
carrie junio
carrie junio:
He is so old already, i saw his picture with leonardo de caprio. I hope he sees himself now.
LOL, I expected this from Leonardo Dicaprio, but can't say I'm surprised.
She Don't like old dude she just like their money
D Alice
D Alice:
Tell us something we don’t already know.
The whole situation is icky.
Saumitra Kalhans
Saumitra Kalhans: judgements but there are a lot of single people😂😂 why invite drama??😂😂
ROSE Richards
ROSE Richards:
I thought you had morals, Brad. 😕
This chick loves old men 😂
Jessica Iwuagwu
Jessica Iwuagwu:
the level of morality is ever decreasing in America...
So both are still married. 🙄🙄🙄
Lynda Trones
Lynda Trones:
With the exception of Jennifer, Brad dates very bad women
Oooooo so he’s the side piece. The plot thickens...
Salome Keith
Salome Keith:
I am not to who i am but nicole should think not to insult the fans of angelina and brad.
The SAM:
like he said anyone his seen with people think his dating them
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare:
he left his beautiful family for this B.S?
Sheily Adily
Sheily Adily:
She likes Old dude
Well Angelina you didn't have a problem when you was parading around with Brad when he was married to Jen what goes around comes around ❤❤
Trending gist with Octavia Kora
Trending gist with Octavia Kora:
Wow this is crazy mehn married woman🤣
John Lai
John Lai:
Whatever works.
New low.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman:
Age shaming is only okay when it's a dude lol.
NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci
NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci:
they arent dating. yall believe everything smh
Lindi Jay
Lindi Jay:
Crazy Kuudere
Crazy Kuudere:
Um chile anyways
royal tenenbaums
If Brad Pitt even glanced in your direction, all of you complaining women (and probably a few men) would go weak at the knees.
Cookie Pookie
Cookie Pookie: