Brad Pitt Wins Best Supporting Actor

Regina King presents Brad Pitt with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood“ at the 92nd Oscars in 2020.

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His haircut deserves another Oscar in and of itself.
Vipul Narang
Vipul Narang:
Finally Finally

Edward Norton is being recognised for his work
danny troutman
danny troutman:
Everyone's like:
Jennifer Lopez is 50

Meanwhile I'm like:
BRAD PITT IS 56?!?!?
Ashraff Fitri
Ashraff Fitri:
And the Oscar goes to...

Okay now i'll just sit and wait for Jake Gyllenhaal to get his Oscar.
Here There Everywhere
Here There Everywhere:
Brad Pitt: I think its about time we give something back to the stunt crews....

Keannu Reeves: gave 75 percent of his earnings in the Matrix to stunt crews and makeup artists.
Jack Benner’s Movie Reviews
Jack Benner’s Movie Reviews:
The Nominees:
Forrest Gump
Hannibal Lecter
Tony Montana
Tommy Devito
Tyler Durden (WINNER)
Batuhan Salman
Batuhan Salman:
i believe one day johnny depp will win the oscar 🙏🙏
Sanket Mishra
Sanket Mishra:
I would have never believed if anyone told me sometime back, that Brad Pitt would win an Oscar over Al Pacino, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks or Joe Pesci. Unreal.
kirk staik
kirk staik:
The Most Legendary Nominees for SUPPORTING actor ever!
Franky Ramone
Franky Ramone:
This is the most attractive man that has ever lived.
Fadil Jo
Fadil Jo:
"What's in the box?".

Your Oscar Brad.
King Lion
King Lion:
Ok Johnny Depp, you're next . . .
Still waiting when Christian Bale will win Oscar for leading role
L C:
Pitt is one of the greatest. Everyone knows that.
Habibul Hasan Zawad
Habibul Hasan Zawad:
I wish Al Pacino would win at least one more oscar in his lifetime :')
Most people remember him from the Fight Club, etc,...but for me...He's Achilles.
he's my Achilles.
He should have won his first Academy Award for Se7en...
I was expecting:
"The first rule of Oscars is you don't talk about Oscars."
Souvik Mondal
Souvik Mondal:
" once upon a time in Hollywood.. ain't that the truth!"... what a way to end the speech!!
Dani Ferreira
Dani Ferreira:
Brad deserves an Oscar for a long time. Finally he did it!
Linda Jürgensen
Linda Jürgensen:
I‘m happy that he won an Oscar with *this* haircut.
I really don’t know why everyone is hating on Brad for his win? I thought he was great!
joe jambul
joe jambul:
I like he was hugging Leo straight away like " now I know what you feel"
Jacob Angeles
Jacob Angeles:
"It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything."
- Tyler Durden

In Tyler, We Trust.
gigi nura
gigi nura:
Someone: Nobody is perfect.
Brad Pitt: hold my beer
Jeremy Stubbs
Jeremy Stubbs:
*He was the only one in that category that didn't already have an oscar for acting*
vivek pillay
vivek pillay:
Al pacino deserved it, hoffa steals the show in Irishmen
Evelyn Verdejo
Evelyn Verdejo:
Now somebody should give him the Oscar for his performance in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins:
Brad so deserves these awards. He has given so many stunning performances over the years.🙌
Ann Jee
Ann Jee:
I could've paid anything to see Angelina Jolie there applauding for him
Yasin Karadogan
Yasin Karadogan:
Next oscar winners Must be:
Jake gylenhall
Tom Hardy
Edward Norton
Write more in the coments
Vince Atumac
Vince Atumac:
I want Willem Dafoe, Johnny Deep, Sairse Ronan and Amy Adams to win next.
P Lamsam
P Lamsam:
He look like a legend
Wisdom Tvowolf
Wisdom Tvowolf:
Brad Pitt deserved to win more Oscars for Se7en and Fight Club
He is underrated Legend
Edward Morow
Edward Morow:
12 Monkeys
Fight Club
Ocean's Eleven
The Assassination of Jesse James
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Inglorious Basterds
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

A hell of a filmography full of memorable films.
Even though I thought Al Pacino or Joe Pesci should have won this one, I'm not mad about this choice either. It's one of his top 3 greatest performances in his 30 year old career.
Congratulations indeed, Mr Pitt.
Tyler Durden finally had a late oscar. now, it's time to give a damn oscar to Edward Norton.
Aman Goyal
Aman Goyal:
Brad Pitt- I won oscar
Leo- I already have oscar
Brad- it's my second
Leo- I have one in acting
Brad- I also won it in acting
Leo- I won Lead Actor
Brad- I co produced your The Departed and Moonlight and didn't take it or it would be my FOURTH
Bob Dole
Bob Dole:
My boys Joaquin and Brad Pitt won Oscars in the same year
Troll Face
Troll Face:
Academy: *snubs Willem Dafoe*
Willem Dafoe: Ye fond of me Academy?
Angel Castaneda
Angel Castaneda:
Leo won for The Revenant, Gary Oldman won for Darkest Hour, and now Brad Pitt has an Oscar now. From his scene stealing role in Thelma and Louise all the way to this, giving so many iconic performances for 30 years now. Brad, you rightfully deserve this. Who is the next great actor who will win an Oscar in the future, I want three people someday: Jake Gyllenhaal, Willem Dafoe, and Saoirse Ronan.
Szilveszter H.
Szilveszter H.:
He’s got the whole package with this movie. Golden G, Oscar, SAG, etc.
Nicaragua SV
Nicaragua SV:
The hug between brad and Leo was so awkward and I love it
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar:
Congrats William Pitt, you introduced me to Quentin's middle name
Ivo Byrt
Ivo Byrt:
I mean, of course. His character killed two members of the Manson Family. Of course he deserved the Oscar.
SBDz vision
SBDz vision:
"Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing."
--Tyler Durden.
尺ㄖᎶ乇ㄥ丨ㄖ 尺ㄖᎶ乇尺丂
尺ㄖᎶ乇ㄥ丨ㄖ 尺ㄖᎶ乇尺丂:
In my opinion Willem Dafoe deserve, i know he wasn’t nominee.
Landon Bangerter
Landon Bangerter:
How it should have been:

- Willem Dafoe - “The Lighthouse”
- Tom Hanks - “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”
- Al Pacino - “The Irishman”
- Joe Pesci - “The Irishman”
- Brad Pitt - “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Winner: Brad Pitt - “Once Upon a Time in Neighborhood”
I loved him when he said that for my kids.😭❤️❤️
Al Pacino Deserve Best Supporting Actor, and we all know The Irishman Deserve at least best Picture. 💔
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
But still Tyler Durden is your greatest performance ever by miles ...
Brad Pitt's career best performance was definitely in the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford opposite Casey Affleck. No wonder he said in 2017 that it’s his favorite of his movies.
Uas ori
Uas ori:
Brad Pitt should’ve won so many Oscars but he didn’t. As soon as Harvey Weinstein is sent to jail he wins. The Oscars are obviously fixed
Funny because his performance in Ad Astra was towering and not even recognized.
Willem Dafoe deserved it for his performance in The Lighthouse. We do not forget.
Heru Irawan
Heru Irawan:
'working a job we dont like to buy shit we dont need'
- unknown

Im sorry i cant tell u, we hv rules
1:15 coronavirus free Tom Hanks.. May he get well soon.
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff:
What a class act he’s always been. I love him.
audience reaction when Dicaprio wins an Oscar vs when Pitt wins an Oscar
Shubham Goel
Shubham Goel:
Who else thinks Fight Club is still Brad Pitt's best film.
P.S Regina King is looking smokin' here.
Remigio Rivera
Remigio Rivera:
As much as I respect Bradd Pitt and how I love Once Upon A Time after watching The Irishman last night I really think that Al was robbed.
Sorin Lazar
Sorin Lazar:
Brad Pitt got his well deserved Oscar, now it's time for Tom Cruise
Haseeb Raza
Haseeb Raza:
Al pacino performance as Jimmy Hofa was far better
Tom Holland
Tom Holland:
3:43 is my favorite part it’s so moving ❤️ he truly deserved it. Gives me chills
Willem Defoe should’ve been nominated over Tom Hanks.
gairick dam
gairick dam:
Al Pacino or Joe pesci deserved this award but I think Brad Pitt got this as a recompense for ignorance for so many years from Oscar jury for se7en, fight club and snatch
Big A
Big A:
Honestly speaking Al Pacino in Irishman was legendary.
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie:
I thought Brad was pretty damn good in “Legends of the Fall.”
Jackie Rosas
Jackie Rosas:
I cheered when he won but come on now, Willem Dafoe deserved a damn nomination for The Lighthouse.
Dillon Smith
Dillon Smith:
Wasn’t Tom Hanks the lead role in “a beautiful day in the neighborhood”?
Richar CA
Richar CA:
*Brad Pitt: This is for my kids. I adore you.*
*Angelina: Aaaaaaarrrgggg (breaking things at home)*
PD: It's only a joke. I don't intend to offend anyone.
meghpink meghpink
meghpink meghpink:
Congrats Brad. One of his best performances in one of my favourite movies.
Wilson Packard
Wilson Packard:
The most easily earned Academy Award of all time LOL
Aztro Boy
Aztro Boy:
Both Brad and Joaquin got there first ever Oscar in 2020 congrats to them
Magnus P
Magnus P:
He should've won an Oscar for his role as Jesse James!
Floyd 96
Floyd 96:
should've won for se7en...
but then again Al Pacino should've won for godfather,serpico,scarface,dog day afternoon...
rudra dev
rudra dev:
Why are al pacino and bob sitting in the second and third row...i mean they're legends!
Bird Sound
Bird Sound:
He finally can win stuff now that Weinstein is long gone lol
jitendra Sarma
jitendra Sarma:
"Once upon a time in hollywood, ain't that the truth"...
Jordan Skubish
Jordan Skubish:
If your a supporting actor in a Tarantino movie, your odds of winning an Oscar instantly triple. 👍
Sushant Singh
Sushant Singh:
"They told me I have 45 seconds up here"
-ends up taking more than 100..
Niloy Ahmed
Niloy Ahmed:
his smile..😍
Regina King I loved her since 227! Love that dress!
Wasif W
Wasif W:
Tom Hankss wife is beautiful.
ollo LoL
ollo LoL:
Brad Pitt instead of other legendary Oscar winner This is honor
Ahmed Elian
Ahmed Elian:
I've known Brad is a great actor since I saw him in that scene in Fight Club where he burns Norton's hand
You'd think the dude would find the time to thank david fincher for all the things he's done for him, but no stunt coordinator obv are more important.
Anitej Mishra
Anitej Mishra:
Mahershala Ali, the previous winner for Best Supporting Actor was sitting behind Brad Pitt.
No wonder Brad won!
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya
General Admiral Aladeen Of the Republic of Wadiya:
You know when the person introducing the award does a good job it makes the experience waay better
Tanja Lenarčič
Tanja Lenarčič:
I belive in Brad Pitt.Ever.❤🔥
Its amazing to see that these big celebrities also still get a little nervous speaking in front of other (big and known) people
when i see Brad Pitt i always remember the movie world war z
Wong Yuk Lun
Wong Yuk Lun:
The reaction of Leo was so calm
Mr. Chispa
Mr. Chispa:
I really tought Brad deserved the Oscar UNTIL i watched Al Pacino's acting in The Irishman
Ono Ramírez
Ono Ramírez:
Mr Pitt, what a carreer !!! Memorable characters brought to life, dynamic and diverse filmography , wow can't wait to see what's coming
I how the presentor talks, so smooth and well paced. And that dress tho!
P C:
I think I should end my oscar marathon now. Just quarantine things 💀😂
Mary Torres
Mary Torres:
Brad pitt is one of my favorites actor's I love him!🧡
The Abcool
The Abcool:
Joe Pesci couldn’t make it because he was still finding that damn shine box.
Antonio Chapman
Antonio Chapman:
I remember becoming a Brad Pitt fan back in 2000 when I thought that he was going to be the next Batman. I started watching his classic movies I remember seeing Cool World on VHS tape back in the day and now seeing him winning an Oscar is something I always wanted. Congrats Brad Pitt.