Ciao Giuventini of the world!
Cristiano Ronaldo has been tested positive for COVID-19

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100+ comentarios:

Michel van Rijmenant
Michel van Rijmenant:
It’s a real eye opener and makes you sit back and think about things outside of the football pitch. It transcends all the rivalries and derby’s, it’s a fight for health and life for all of us together. Difficult decisions will and must be made but at the end of the day the true champion is the human spirit. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, religion, culture or race, we are all in this together. We must fight together and be responsible. Everyone wear your mask and please let us the Juventini of the world be an example to all. I love you Giuseppe and wish you, your family and all the subscribers good health!
Juan van der Merwe
Juan van der Merwe:
He will come out 10times beter with the free kicks hopefully 🔥
Nipun Koshaka
Nipun Koshaka:
He will be back stronger than ever ❤️ he will prove it in the Barcelona game😤 #CR7STRONGER
Ajay Kandela
Ajay Kandela:
Let's pray that he is asymptomatic and return to Turin safely and play for Juve 🙏🙏
Robert Jirikdjian
Robert Jirikdjian:
This is just insane people have covid with no symptoms or light symptoms it’s just confusing and the main question is what is next or who is next? Is the league going to stop? Is football stopping again? Champions league?
He'll miss one maybe two games .
No big deal. He will be back for Barcelona relax everyone lol
His immune system is probably INSANE!!
aiy sapsuha
aiy sapsuha:
He'll come back stronger. Beautiful jersey btw I love it
time for chiesa to show us what he's got
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan:
Weird no one else in Portugal or France team is positive, just one person 🤔
Hey There
Hey There:
It's official he's asymptomatic
Stavros Georgiou
Stavros Georgiou:
I hope we can have him back against barca⚫⚪
Mbappe now quarentine😂😂
no need to worry, he'll surely recover soon very easily ;)
Mormik Ghosh
Mormik Ghosh:
I know it will be hard bt we will go it gisupee. Juventus and Portugal both are capable to Winn without ronaldo for a few games. Forza juve.
Jestine Abraham
Jestine Abraham:
He will recover quickly ❤️
Maxxjetblac Music
Maxxjetblac Music:
Thanks for the Breaking the news my friend
Goatnaldo 7
Goatnaldo 7:
Football should shut down for 3 weeks or 2 until all players are healed otherwise this will never stop everyone will get infected
antonino costa
antonino costa:
It’s ok juve gonna bee fine with out CR7
wayin pos
wayin pos:
Ohh nooo I can't take this😭😭😭😭Oh my god please cure everyones disease and please help us to find vaccine😭😭😭🙏
Abdullah Altayara
Abdullah Altayara:
Stay safe and put on a mask
Shaury Mahara
Shaury Mahara:
Let's hope he recovers soon.
Vansh Khanna
Vansh Khanna:
Will he play against Barca?😭
juventustamil news
juventustamil news:
Heart breaking news 💔💔💔ronaldo , comeback stronger 💪💪💪⚫⚪⚫⚪
Juan van der Merwe
Juan van der Merwe:
This will be your most viewed video bet🔥
sree Ev
sree Ev:
Get well soon covid 19
Paul C.M.
Paul C.M.:
Abhinav Singh
Abhinav Singh:
Will he be able to play against barca? 😩😭😭😭😭 plzz someone tell me?
karlmark dsilva
karlmark dsilva:
Sad news but we will rise up and thanks for ur updates
Vicente MON
Vicente MON:
Forza guiseppe! Stay safe!
No now I’m sad Ronaldo has covid
Soumya Mohapatra
Soumya Mohapatra:
Asymptomatic as per Portuguese Football Federation.
Khushvinderpal Chetan
Khushvinderpal Chetan:
Wise words G.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker:
Stay safe everyome🙏
Ozi Ashi
Ozi Ashi:
We wish CR7 quick recovery
Hector Ruiz Mora
Hector Ruiz Mora:
Es correcto, hay que seguir respetando la sana distancia y tomar todas las precauciones posibles, FORZA JUVENTINOS !
Satyam Bhat
Satyam Bhat:
He'll back stronger than ever
nelson carreiro
nelson carreiro:
looks like all the social distance and mask wearing isn't working
Abdullah Hussain
Abdullah Hussain:
He is asymptomatic alhamdulillah
Get well soon🐐... hopefully Dybala can play soon... let's be honest International break in the middle of this pandemic...going and visiting different places.
Ramsey may be injured again🤦
3fsad 666
3fsad 666:
Darn it wont he be ready againts barca on 28 oct
Akash Chahal
Akash Chahal:
Get well soon 🐐 .
deena vinu
deena vinu:
I know he Can get through this,I know it
Everyone plz pray for CR7
asim adhikari
asim adhikari:
I am vwry very sad man
It is the baddest news i have herd in months 😢😢😢
Please God why
NVWolvezz_ YT
NVWolvezz_ YT:
ramsey injured
cr7 will come back stronger
Tamas Raduly
Tamas Raduly:
Akash Mandal
Akash Mandal:
It's heartbreaking hope he will comes soon
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh:
CR7....!!! 🥺🥺
Pls pray guys.. He will recover soon!
Tholamandla Goba
Tholamandla Goba:
I gues Italian league should take a month break🤔the way most of players playing in this league should be quarantined
Abdul Wasi
Abdul Wasi:
so 😔 sad
D' sories
D' sories:
Even him love fitness and have healthy lifes also positive covid. This virus are very dangerous. It's can affected in many possible ways. Idk man.. Seem like this virus will be in our lifes for so many years.. We should lives in new lifestyle my country are getting back this shit. 300+ within days. Because politics. Some place are getting lockdown back
Stunner Kay
Stunner Kay:
Get well soon boss CR7...
Gen Lan
Gen Lan:
ʙɪᴀɴᴄᴏɴᴇʀɪ1897 _
ʙɪᴀɴᴄᴏɴᴇʀɪ1897 _:
Very nice Jersey I love it
Kiran p Santhosh
Kiran p Santhosh:
noel serrao
noel serrao:
Its asymptomatic
Nabeel Ashkar
Nabeel Ashkar:
Ramsey also withdrew himself from Wales squad due to injury🤷‍♂️😪
Sabin Magar
Sabin Magar:
Darragh Higgins
Darragh Higgins:
Can people stop disliking these great videos, there is always 6 dislikes so I guessing they're the same people always 🇮🇪☘
Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton:
He will come back stronger
Get will soon CR7 and all COVID-19 fighters
vex 13
vex 13:
Just scrap international break.
Mbappe have trouble now
Mohd Shanid
Mohd Shanid:
Be safe everyone
Amejan lama
Amejan lama:
so sad news for us
Jad Az
Jad Az:
He will come back stronger 💪forza Cristiano forza Juve 💪💪💪
Muhammad Nadim
Muhammad Nadim:
mess with the best die like the rest
Thenuk Sirimanna
Thenuk Sirimanna:
He is asymptomatic according to Goal
Ronesh Chand
Ronesh Chand:
Every pray for ronaldo plzz😢😢
Joe Raad
Joe Raad:
Zlatan caught it and is now recovered, Dybala, Rugani had it too so I feel that CR7 will bounce back. Hopefully he will not lose endurance and will be totally healthy when he returns. Grazie Giuse!!
Oscar Hannibal Henum
Oscar Hannibal Henum:
ramsey is injured
triza johnson
triza johnson:
We pray he gets fit before barca game
Plz god plz...recover him as soon as possible...🙏🙏
I don't need likes...I need to see Ronaldo back again in pitch
Plz plz plz GOD, recover Ronaldo 🥺🥺😭😭😫😫
Chandrahas N S
Chandrahas N S:
OM SAI RAM CR7 Please get well soon
Solo Gamer A7
Solo Gamer A7:
He will be back nobody can tell 😡
Crfaslan Faslancr
Crfaslan Faslancr:
Hooo nooo 😢😢😢😰
antonino costa
antonino costa:
We don’t play the game . Lol we do like it Napoli .
Better now than later. If we can’t beat those two teams then we have other problems.
Abhijith Rv
Abhijith Rv:
Azizjon Juraev
Azizjon Juraev:
Woow, it’s mean Mbape will be quarantine too. Bad new and good news.
Bad news: CR7 out for few weeks.
Good news: CR7 in quarantine can train free kicks and will become stronger!
I wish him get better and be ready for important matches !!! All USA fans!
InSane PrakhaR
InSane PrakhaR:
COVID is just fraud, ronaldo didn’t have any symptoms still got COVID it’s totally fraud, shut COVID
Nethan Silveira
Nethan Silveira:
Hopefully CR7 comes back before Juventus vs Barcelona.
New Hope MrRG
New Hope MrRG:
😒😒 he is symptomless.
CR7 will be back very soon he is SUPERMAN. Please be careful at there with this nasty virus.
Rod S
Rod S:
He is an extremely fit individual, he will come out of this quickly. This is a great test for the team without Ronaldo. Will provide a lot of answers on the field for Pirlo.
Darragh Higgins
Darragh Higgins:
Niket Pandya
Niket Pandya:
Initial report from Julian Laurens says all French players and staff tested negative. But looks like more to come in the following days. Stay safe everybody.
Jay Kalirai
Jay Kalirai:
Bad news
Cryptic Woman
Cryptic Woman:
Praying for his fast recovery, be atrong Cristiano Ronaldo!
I am very sad for him
Ahmed Elhassan
Ahmed Elhassan:
They should have postponed the match, a lot of French players tested positive in the past weeks. Wish him a speedy recovery
M. fachri jama'syari
M. fachri jama'syari:
the virus have some guts to go to cr7... if ibra can recover in like 4 days then ronaldo can do it in 2 days...
Gen Lan
Gen Lan:
Be calm guys be calm
Matthew Hanoo
Matthew Hanoo:
Ooooh 😞😒😔😔😔 ma papa
Abdulai Dumbuya
Abdulai Dumbuya:
so sad
good bad luck
good bad luck:
Save farmer best of luck