Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, UK judge rules

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, a judge at the Old Bailey has said.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said she had refused his extradition because it 'would be oppressive' to him.

The Australian activist, 49, faced an 18-count indictment alleging a plot to hack computers and a conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

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100+ comentarios:

Edward Long
Edward Long:
“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell
Maloneys Digest
Maloneys Digest:
He was jailed for revealing state sponsored crimes.
Tube Rantz
Tube Rantz:
Its disgusting how the media treat real journalism

Free Assange
D v D
D v D:
He needs to be freed and protected. He did nothing wrong.
Sonia Sutcliffe
Sonia Sutcliffe:
He's already been imprisoned longer than some murderers!
Tess The Timeless
Tess The Timeless:
A big step toward justice!!! The truth always prevails.
PROTECT JOURNALISTS AND WHISTLEBLOWERS AT ALL COSTS! This sort of courage truly rare and priceless.
Aussie girl
Aussie girl:
Took them long enough Julian should be heavily compensated and given a medal.
Ian G
Ian G:
Best news of 2021. Give this man his life back
Giselle X
Giselle X:
Rooting for Assange from the US...cheers!
Malachite Dream
Malachite Dream:
Good result but trying to convince ourselves that we live in a country of free speech is delusional. He’s been a prisoner for 10 years, enough is enough!
Jesse Caple
Jesse Caple:
His only crime was to expose the truth. FRREEEEEDDDDOM✊🏻
A young man has suddenly become an elderly. Shame on those responsible.
Hay Tu
Hay Tu:
Julian is now detained illegally. Free him immediately
Finally, some sanity in this crazy world.
She’s knows she’d be signing his death warrant sending him to the U.S.
Dawn Markey
Dawn Markey:
I'am so proud of this judge. She's to be commended.
Hopefully he gets to have a normal life soon , a person shouldn't have to live like he does just because he helped show governments are 100% corrupt
Tariqul Alam Mohd
Tariqul Alam Mohd:
This news genuinely made me tremendously delighted. Huge thanks to those judges who gave this verdict.
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen:
Its great to hear this news ! Julian Assange, my Australian fellow, a real hero in this world !! Congratulations to Julian and his family
Lee Stokes
Lee Stokes:
They can't handle the truth well us knowing the truth!
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson:
A great victory for journalism. The msm will be disappointed. But I won't be happy until he's free.
Kat B
Kat B:
Guy has been through heaps, time for Australia to step in bring him home.
big up to the judge...for letting my brother go...
Ahhh, at last, a English judge with integrity? A rare animal indeed!
vittoria grant
vittoria grant:
Sky news is relating the wonderful news of the end of Assange's protracted torture in a sombre and regretful tone.
Where is the freedom of speech? Let him free
Fantastic news, that judge has the gratitude of this old Aussie, I still fear for his safety because I don't trust the English and American governments and their penchant for retribution.
Vitamin Protein
Vitamin Protein:
Let him free he done nothing
Danny Love
Danny Love:
Not Breaking news Excellent Fantastic news
Thankyou Judge Vanessa
genevieve ryan
genevieve ryan:
Hoo bloody ray! More integrity, courage and honesty than the entire world media. Long live Julien. May he have a happy and healthy and prosperous life from today.
David Lee
David Lee:
Justice and common sense has won the day. Good outcome Julian 🥰🥰🥰. Freedom! It stands side by side with journalists doing their utmost to highlight public issues that are important and upholds freedom of the press and of speech
Rita Hailstone
Rita Hailstone:
These pretend journalists sound disappointed.
Richie Alan
Richie Alan:
Free Assange!
Free Assange!
Dan Marquez
Dan Marquez:
That is good news! As a American taxpayer, I demand that the US government quit with the expensive appeal and instead clean up internal corruption.
Judge has ordered his discharge from prison. Bail application to be heard in court within 45mins. Now set for a Weds hearing
Pining for the fjords
Pining for the fjords:
Finally a bit of good news in this crazy world.
Black Cat
Black Cat:
Its taking a toll on his health.
A brave albeit flawed man saved from needless torture.
Mia Vos
Mia Vos:
The judge knows what happens to this kind of person in a US prison. Good decision made by the judge. Congratulations. 🏆🏆🏆
Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara:
Give that judge a pay rise!
Was watching the livestream on a channel called Subject Access and was shocked to see the police harassing people who had been waiting since 4am to go into the public gallery which they then decided to close.
J T:
Finally good news.
The Tree Keeper
The Tree Keeper:
Good, I'm glad the British judge has good judgement of what is going on. I'm also so disappointed about the Australian government not helping their very own citizen more. I can understand that there's a lot of American influence in Australian politics but to act like America's lapdog. We need to be wary of the propaganda role America foreign policy plays.
john p
john p:
get him out now, for the love of God. this is a stain on every value we claim to stand for.
Philip Webb
Philip Webb:
Let the poor sod out right now
"Good news" For Christ sake, release the man.
John Doe
John Doe:
I hope he is released today, and that he doesn't the victim of an "accident"
Great news!
Brongaene Griffin
Brongaene Griffin:
This is such a relief! I have been sick with nausea worrying for years about this. Such a load off my mind.
Jay Pow
Jay Pow:
I love that they captured the moment word of the verdict spreads through the crowd <3 Victory!
Eleni Kyriacou
Eleni Kyriacou:
A great day for democracy - 'Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press'.
Vicki Diana Coghlan
Vicki Diana Coghlan:
Knowledge is power.
Over whelmed Julian won't be extradited to a war crime capital country.
David Thompson
David Thompson:
The judge said his extradition wasnt political...of course it f’ing was...
Mohammad Hashemi
Mohammad Hashemi:
Great news and good news freedom of information, journalism and democracy #AssangeIsAHero
R Adams
R Adams:
No extradition and rightly to be given freedom back to an innocent man.
Liam Bowbrick
Liam Bowbrick:
4:40 “all of that was rejected”
wrong. She agreed with every point of the US prosecutors. This still leave the door wide open for press freedom abuses and extradition for political prisoners. At no point did anyone here mention the real reason Extradition had to be denied.
ArtCast Ambience
ArtCast Ambience :
I wish there were thousands out there for him because he stands for something more than just his own life...
Let him go and take accountability for the crimes, and fix yourselves. We can’t come to any type of peace without first taking accountability
Waleed Walle
Waleed Walle:
Respect to the judge ❤️
G Howard
G Howard:
Imagine living in a world that convicts people for telling truth.
Linda Harrington
Linda Harrington:
He’s a hero and no one should punch him for telling the truth; I’m from Texas and I loved what he sent out ; The Truth
Veronica Dominguez-Bailey
Veronica Dominguez-Bailey:
Good news. Happy New Year Julián!
The Casual Front
The Casual Front:
There is some justice then
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers:
Finally a judge with some sense
Well done maam
Parizad Sidhwa
Parizad Sidhwa:
Julian Assange is a brave soul and a hero! We need more people like him.
Ross Watkins
Ross Watkins:
He exposed what everyone knows to be true
Georgia Farese
Georgia Farese:
The guy is a legend. Justice!
Super Duper
Super Duper:
Worrying that the only grounds was his health and the conditions in US jail's and not the fact that he hasn't broken the law. The US shouldn't be allowed to prosecuting foreign nationals for providing evidence of war crimes! The US shouldn't be carrying out the crimes or at the very least they should be better at covering up their crimes!
I love Nature
I love Nature:
It’s so sad people who want to tell the truth to be sentenced 175 years ,and murders only with 10 to 20 years.what a justice
Dennis Johansson
Dennis Johansson:
Its an outrage that it took this long!!
Prepper Patty
Prepper Patty:
Question is how safe will he be? Praying for Jillian.
T Marsh-Connors
T Marsh-Connors:
Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder extradition to US blocked by UK judge
Sean Delap
Sean Delap:
War criminals get off scott free while those who expose their crimes are locked up disgraceful.
Graciela Mercado
Graciela Mercado:
Triste ver un gran ser como Julián así de acabado mientras tanto criminal anda por las calles dañando a la gente
Matthew Bellis
Matthew Bellis:
This judge is a decent human being 👏🏻 rare in this world it seems especially when it comes to the higher echelons..
Truth & Fiction
Truth & Fiction:
Finally, we're close to freedom from impunity. #FreeAssange
Alex de Sousa
Alex de Sousa:
Justice has been served.
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell:
He'll be released today. Discharge means discharged from custody.
There have never been any „sex related charges“. There have been „preliminary investigations“ in Sweden until 2019, which never resulted in an indictment.
Perhaps the US Legal Team could focus their attention more on the countless injustices going on in their own Country right now as we speak?
Mark Timmins
Mark Timmins:
Of course he'll be released today no extradition got to release him time served anyway
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty:
Good news, however the fight for Justice, Freedom of speech, and the protection of press, privacy, whistleblower continue ⚖️
This man is an international hero.Look what they've done to him, he's aged so much.Shame on them for doing what they've done to him!!!👎👎👎😡😡😡
Thank God! FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!! I'm in California staying up late to stand witness to this momentous MOMENT praying that Julian is RELEASED IMMEDIATELY!!
Sarah S
Sarah S:
Oh thank God! I’m incredibly relieved and grateful. I pray JA lives a long and healthful life.

I think about him regularly and fear for his health.
Christ, they’re talking about this in the same tone that they speak about COVID...
Sandy Lemieux
Sandy Lemieux:
OMG this is amazing news.
Richard E
Richard E:
Excellent, great news.
The Darkness
The Darkness:
''There will not be Assange's extradition to US.''

Thanks for that, judge.
And what about his ten years physical and mental torture? Being locked in a room for long years?

I honestly don't think that British justice system deserve any credit at all...
no hassle
no hassle:
For me I would like Assange to go free and be able to take his family to a country that would embrace him and let him live in peace. This man has suffered enough and it breaks my heart to see all the imprisonment and torture he has received. All that pain for exposing the Americans war crimes. Terrible. I hope there is no appeal and Assange goes free. That judge did the right thing. Bravo on her part.
C R:
So pleased with the judge 💙
K. Peter Dingain
K. Peter Dingain:
About time this man told the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Best news of 2021. Give this man his life back
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy:
Watched 60 mins , he was so right about what was going to happen, free Julian now
Alexander Ludvig
Alexander Ludvig:
Stop The Powers that be - Free Julian Assange NOW!! #TruthAndJusticeSeeker
Disgraceful, he’s now being extradited back to the US
So what was the point of him being in the embassy all that time?
Honestly the judges reasoning is laughable.... Did he break the law or not.... There are so many oppressive laws she must undo if thats how the legal system works