Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, UK judge rules

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, a judge at the Old Bailey has said.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said she had refused his extradition because it 'would be oppressive' to him.

The Australian activist, 49, faced an 18-count indictment alleging a plot to hack computers and a conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

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100+ comentarios:

Sonia Sutcliffe
Sonia Sutcliffe:
He's already been imprisoned longer than some murderers!
He exposed US lies and war crimes.
Hay Tu
Hay Tu:
Julian is now detained illegally. Free him immediately
Aussie girl
Aussie girl:
Took them long enough Julian should be heavily compensated and given a medal.
Edward Long
Edward Long:
“Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell
Please protect Julian when he is freed The DeepnState is after him. He knows the truth
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson:
A great victory for journalism. The msm will be disappointed. But I won't be happy until he's free.
She’s knows she’d be signing his death warrant sending him to the U.S.
Black Cat
Black Cat:
Its taking a toll on his health.
Tan Nguyen
Tan Nguyen:
Its great to hear this news ! Julian Assange, my Australian fellow, a real hero in this world !! Congratulations Julian and his family
T Marsh-Connors
T Marsh-Connors:
Julian Assange: Wikileaks founder extradition to US blocked by UK judge
Ryan Lawlor
Ryan Lawlor:
I hope he is released today, and that he doesn't the victim of an "accident"
Pining for the fjords
Pining for the fjords:
Finally a bit of good news in this crazy world.
A B:
Best news of 2021. Give this man his life back
Dan Marquez
Dan Marquez:
That is good news! As a American taxpayer, I demand that the US government quit with the expensive appeal and instead clean up internal corruption.
Maloneys Digest
Maloneys Digest:
He was jailed for revealing state sponsored crimes.
hopefully 2021 will be a year of good news, freedom and justice
Katharine Davis
Katharine Davis:
He should be able to go home to Australia. K
Truth speakers are in prison and criminal psychopathic politicians reign supreme. Welcome to 2021.
"Good news" For Christ sake, release the man.
Eleni Kyriacou
Eleni Kyriacou:
A great day for democracy - 'Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press'.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones:
Assange should be pardoned and end this farce. It makes them look worse than anything he released.
mally Moore
mally Moore:
Need to be bailed today. No charge to answer for.. Man as been through enough..
Jesse Caple
Jesse Caple:
His only crime was to expose the truth. FRREEEEEDDDDOM✊🏻
A Hardone
A Hardone:
The States didn't extradite Mrs Sacoolas who we know is guilty
Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara:
Give that judge a pay rise!
Wayne Butler
Wayne Butler:
Aboot bloody time, guy tells the truth and has been hounded for it. The worst governments in the world are right on our doorstep!
Freedom Philosophy
Freedom Philosophy:
He has already been inhumanely punished on the USAs behalf.
Tube Rantz
Tube Rantz:
Its disgusting how the media treat real journalism

Free Assange
Simon Jones
Simon Jones:
Pseudo journalists reporting on the fascist criminal imprisonment of a great man. #freeassange
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell:
He'll be released today. Discharge means discharged from custody.
Veronica Dominguez-Bailey
Veronica Dominguez-Bailey:
Good news. Happy New Year Julián!
Jay Pow
Jay Pow:
I love that they captured the moment word of the verdict spreads through the crowd <3 Victory!
john p
john p:
get him out now, for the love of God. this is a stain on every value we claim to stand for.
R Adams
R Adams:
Who's the dummy interviewer asking the questions like he has a clue.
David Thompson
David Thompson:
The judge said his extradition wasnt political...of course it f’ing was...
Fantastic news, that judge has the gratitude of this old Aussie, I still fear for his safety because I don't trust the English and American governments and their penchant for retribution.
Good - the man did nothing, and has suffered enough.
Gustie de Maaijer
Gustie de Maaijer:
At last! Best news for a long time!
R Adams
R Adams:
No extradition and rightly to be given freedom back to an innocent man.
Cheryl Callahan
Cheryl Callahan:
🌻Sky News🌻 "No extradition to US for Julian Assange"🌻
Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler:
Finally, some sanity in this crazy world.
Vicki Diana Coghlan
Vicki Diana Coghlan:
Knowledge is power.
Over whelmed Julian won't be extradited to a war crime capital country.
strawberry helicopter
strawberry helicopter:
The US 'justice' system is brutal and sadistic and vengeful. No wonder he didn't want to go.
16 H
16 H:
Yess I’m happy he’s not getting extradited
Ahhh, at last, a English judge with integrity? A rare animal indeed!
al rent
al rent:
WikiLeaks back in action! Truth prevails!.
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips:
Did someone forget to pay the judge?
john mcdonald
john mcdonald:
"Can't we just drone this guy"- Hillary Clinton.
Alexander The panda
Alexander The panda:
Hillary Clinton should be the one behind bars
Christ, they’re talking about this in the same tone that they speak about COVID...
Slim Down
Slim Down:
Have FAITH julian Assange will be freed SOON.
Fart Juice
Fart Juice:
Good news for one day.
The Tree Keeper
The Tree Keeper:
Good, I'm glad the British judge has good judgement of what is going on. I'm also so disappointed about the Australian government not helping their very own citizen more. I can understand that there's a lot of American influence in Australian politics but to act like America's lapdog. We need to be wary of the propaganda role America foreign policy plays.
Giselle X
Giselle X:
Rooting for Assange from the US...cheers!
Indefatigable Incredulity
Indefatigable Incredulity:
I noticed the overall tone of this report was almost sadness, i wonder if the tone will change when the yanks win their appeal!??
Shaharh Hlinovky
Shaharh Hlinovky:
After years of 'unknown future', we have some good news about Julian Assange... Assange will be free soon! ✌
Linda Harrington
Linda Harrington:
He’s a hero and no one should punch him for telling the truth; I’m from Texas and I loved what he sent out ; The Truth
Maria Herrera
Maria Herrera:
Restitution now for all the pain and suffering that Julian has endured along with his family!
protect people speaking the truth 👨‍⚖️
Murelli Bookkeeping
Murelli Bookkeeping:
Good news for Mr Assange, he has gone through enough pain and suffering, allow him to heal and get his life back.
E Kay
E Kay:
Alternative title: Hero rescued from Terrorists
I wonder what they do to them. They look sane and normal when they go in they come out looking like they've had an episode in a looney bin.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Best news of 2021. Give this man his life back
A young man has suddenly become an elderly. Shame on those responsible.
Daniel Whyatt
Daniel Whyatt:
This is some GREAT NEWS to help start of the new year.🥳 Now let’s make him a totally free man.👍🏼
Freedom of speech for all.
mighty lee
mighty lee:
this will get interesting for US election race. keep ur eyes very close on this
p P
p P:
The guy is a legend. Justice!
Monica Selanikio
Monica Selanikio:
PLEASE GOD HELP “JULIAN “ 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
The USA trying to persecute someone for telling the truth.they never learn do they
Marvellous news !
Graham Humphrey
Graham Humphrey:
Now if we can finally get rid of him by swapping him for the killer Anne Secoulas all will be well!
charlie parker
charlie parker:
"Good news"???
Paul Curzon
Paul Curzon:
Hopefully he gets to have a normal life soon , a person shouldn't have to live like he does just because he helped show governments are 100% corrupt
Syria Ball
Syria Ball:
0:19 That Palestine flag tho
Joe Hoey
Joe Hoey:
and that's the twisted and perverted new's, from sky
The Sky News team weren't exactly jumping for joy, were they? Oh, it is Monday, perhaps the effects of weekend excesses still in the system.
Kathryn Edwards
Kathryn Edwards:
Kay UK......At last!!!!........SO SO happy for Julian.....He can feel wonderfully free now and see his family..........
Richie Alan
Richie Alan:
Free Assange!
Truth & Fiction
Truth & Fiction:
Finally, we're close to freedom from impunity. #FreeAssange
Ross Watkins
Ross Watkins:
He exposed what everyone knows to be true
Philip Webb
Philip Webb:
Those espionage chargers were totally spurious too! Adam Bouton. (Toad)
So what was the point of him being in the embassy all that time?
Wee Dram
Wee Dram:
Free Julian immediately...
Istanbul Beauty
Istanbul Beauty:
Good news, however the fight for Justice, Freedom of speech, and the protection of press, privacy, whistleblower continue ⚖️
alan coppin
alan coppin:
Excellent news , people who expose the truth have always been persecuted something that Sky News and the BBC will never be guilty of
al rent
al rent:
The u.s. government need to clean there corruption in politics before accusing innocent journalist of speaking the truth.
Susan Matherne
Susan Matherne:
To know Julian is free, it’s a beautiful day.
chris chris
chris chris:
My criminally corrupt govt. would like to persecute him to the full extent of their new unconstitutional laws!
Masked Mono
Masked Mono:
We all saw the media crew gunned down and the medical team also gunned down. These news outlets should be ashamed of not backing him. He brought us the truth.
Alexander Simpson
Alexander Simpson:
It’s travesty given the publication of these documents, including video footage was to expose criminal acts being covered up by abusing classifications that hides these criminal acts from the public for a period of time that ensured the perpetrators get away with their actions... When one considers Julian took time and effort to ensure the published documents did not endanger lives.. The truth is, it made for a lot of red faces and awkward questions being asked including politicians being exposed for lying to the public...
Leslie Rodricks
Leslie Rodricks:
Delegitimise US govt.'s appeal! It must be rejected lock, stock and barrel!
James Balmforth
James Balmforth:
Excellent news, but I fear they still have tricks up their sleeves.
Let him free he done nothing
timothy finn
timothy finn:
the appeal was lodged in one minute,they knew the decision before it was, announced? collusion.
edward meaburn
edward meaburn:
At long last sanity seems to have won, thank goodness for a judge with the common sense and courage to go against the corrupt and spineless politicians who have allowed this man to suffer for so long. We are ruled by groups of greedy men and woman in positions of power who have no moral compass to guide them to be honest and truthful, they are a total disgrace to us all.
Dj Doolittle
Dj Doolittle:
I can feel a Nelson Mandela song coming on 💚☝️😉