🚨 BREAKING: Manchester United appoint Erik ten Hag as new manager 🚨 | "It is a great honour."

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Manchester United have appointed Ajax boss Erik ten Hag as their new manager, to replace interim Ralf Rangnick at the end of the season ✍️

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100+ comentarios:

Daniel P
Daniel P:
Hopefully we don't ruin his reputation, because regardless of what happens at our shambles of a club, he is a great manager
Cyrus Nocturnus
Cyrus Nocturnus:
As a United fan I have to hand it to him, he took one of the riskiest jobs in football.
Best of luck with the players
Adam Fanning
Adam Fanning:
He's obviously a good manager, if he fails we know the club is rotten to the core.
Talib Abrahams
Talib Abrahams:
They need more than a new manager, good luck Erik
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans:
Tbf you could have Ten Hag, Twenty Hag or Thirty Hag and it still wouldn’t solve Man Utd’s problems.
Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin:
If the first thing he does next season is sell Maguire or keep him away from the starting 11. He deserves a statue outside the stadium just for that achievement alone
Marcos Duche Ron
Marcos Duche Ron:
Ten hag you’re a brave man, taking on this job
Military Combat Network
Military Combat Network:
Will be hard for him. People at man United expect top four finish for champions league football. But people need to realise man United no longer are a top four side.The ground needs work, training centre needs a revamp. Youth team etc etc it will take 4-5 years. Man City and Liverpool are at their peak. Arsenal have created a youth team that will shine within the next couple of seasons. Newcastle will be up their in two seasons. Chelsea no idea what will happen to the club. I really can not see man United compete for top four for some time with the teams currently in the premier league.Give the manager time invest and I’m sure they will bounce back in a few years
Dr Steelhammer
Dr Steelhammer:
Will need to get rid of alot of players and backroom staff. Full rebuild needed. Looking forward to seeing if he sticks to his long term vision and strategy.
Need to keep expectations very low, previous managers were thrown under the bus. They need to get rid of a lot of players who no longer want to fight for the badge
STACY Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW
STACY Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW:
It will be an interesting appointment shall we say. He is a manger who has worked wonders with Ajax who are still fighting for the title. If he is to do it with United, they need to bin their captain
Tinsae Deresse
Tinsae Deresse:
Dear Ten Hag,
My deepest condolences go to you and your career
STACY  Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW
STACY Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW:
How many managers do United have to go through in order to accept that the manager is the least of their problems?!
What happened to the days when United had a wealth of talent coming through their youth system?
What happened to the days when only top talent appeared in a United shirt?
Excited to see this guy in the Prem, I hope he is given time though. Congrats Utd
Mr Numba 1
Mr Numba 1:
Personally I think he's going to do a great job.
He needs to boss like SAF gone are the days when the players decide. 80% squad must be gone.
Rorisang Ramphadile
Rorisang Ramphadile:
Goodluck to Erik Ten Hag, he is going to need it because this club is a handful and is currently in a state of shambles. As a United fan I credit Erik Ten Hag for taking this job because this has to be one of the most riskiest jobs in the top 5 leagues.
Seems like the team is finally getting its act right. Woodward is gone, the recruiting team is being replaced, they've finally appointed a formal director, and the team has finally appointed a coach with a rising stock that will bring an exciting experience to the team. Things won't change overnight but it's definitely looking like the start of something great at Manchester United.
Muhammed Ceesay
Muhammed Ceesay:
I’m a Man City fan Erik is a great manager but Man United should give him time
Rome Grad
Rome Grad:
Good to see it get over the line. Now the work begins. I'd keep Ralf as part of the backroom staff in some capacity. They need someone with global footballing experience to help with the decision making (recruitment being a major part) & structure of the club. Everyone has an opinion & mine is that he starts from the ground up. Get a playing philosophy established at the youth level that will carry into the first team. In regards to the first team, no one has a definitive starting role. There needs to be competition for places. If we can't get you moved on then you have to know that you're a backup & your place in the starting lineup is temporary. No one on UTD's side gets into any on the top teams in the world.
I Am Quite Excited about Ten Hag and I Hope he can Improve the Absolutely Shambolic Squad we Have Eight Now, and I also Hope he Can Unleash the Van de Beek that VDB had at Ajax
Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin:
Feel sorry for him, still if he's smart he'll have a good pay off around this time next year after the players have downed tools for yet another time
Looking back at Ole's time at the club, he didn't do too bad to get 2nd last year. Good luck to Ten Hag; once Rangnick takes up his senior post hopefully they will be a duo that can fully revitalise the club.
Dontbethat Guy
Dontbethat Guy:
You need balls to take the Manchester United job at the moment. Fair play to Ten Hag for taking it on. Hopefully he can add to the premier league and make it even more exciting than it already is..
Syd Ahmed
Syd Ahmed:
Promising manager hopefully he will get the time and patience that he needs and btw hayley mqeen sounds excited as well
𝕤𝕒𝕞 ©️©️
𝕤𝕒𝕞 ©️©️:
This maybe the long awaited manager United are looking for
He’ll help bring the youth forward in United just like he did with Ajax and maybe bring a positive future
Edi Imique
Edi Imique:
Coaching those players, the board, pundits, the media and the fanbase.
The task ahead might take a heavy toll on his reputation.
And as I ManU fan, I really worried if all the parties involved don't give him what he wants.
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus:
Without a total overhaul of the squad and recruitment strategy, nothing will change. Hopefully Ten Hag demanded that.
Shivanshu Nautiyal
Shivanshu Nautiyal:
They need more than a manager, they need good players. Changing manager won't do anything. Their midfield and defence requires a complete revamp. Good luck to him.
Emma Scott
Emma Scott:
He needs time and he will get it we now have a good experience scout which is Ralf ragnick and he will do a great job for United and also being promising youngsters to United who are hungry for ball and will love to play for a club like Manchester United
malcolm chhakchhuak
malcolm chhakchhuak:
Erik & ralf have a good knowledge on the tactics & technical aspects of the game, u can just see it in their teams, hopefully they'll work well to rebuild the team
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson:
Even bigger move would be to fire Steve Brown from position of Head of Recruitment and Matt Judge from position of Football Negotiations and appoint Paul Mitchell to do those 2 jobs. Both Brown and Judge have shown to be completely underqualified to do the job and failed miserably time aftertime. Paul Mitchell has an excellent track records at southampton, tottenham, rb leipzig and monaco. Players like Son, Mane, Nkunku, Alderweireld, Haidara, Trippier...
Sam Younge
Sam Younge:
I will reserve my judgment for the first 10 games of the season and the first 3 signings. This will let me know the intent of this manager his backbone and what support he’s getting from so called the top!
Youtube Commentator
Youtube Commentator:
Good timing to be honest. Looking forward to the clear out more than the recruitment!
how Mourinho got us 3 trophies in one season, I'll never know. possibly his greatest achievement. Hope this guy does something better.
William King
William King:
This is a big gamble from united. I hope it pays off. Klopp came from dortmund, pep from bayern, tuchel from psg and conte from inter. That's the kind of pedigree the other members of the big 5 along with arsenal took their coaches from. I believe ten hag could be a good appointment but it's still the Dutch league and one semi final in the champions league doesn't nessacarily mean you're ready to lock horns with managers who have won multiple leagues in multiple countries at the very highest level. I personally think if he is going to be a success he'll have to get rid of some of the egos at the club like pogba and maybe even Ronaldo so he can build his own team/culture. Moyes was a disaster but he came from a similarly humble job and struggled with the superstars at the club.
M A:
New coach, but same old players? Hope not.
How many managers do United have to go through in order to accept that the manager is the least of their problems?!
What happened to the days when United had a wealth of talent coming through their youth system?
What happened to the days when only top talent appeared in a United shirt?
Osman abdulle moha
Osman abdulle moha:
Welcome to the best team in the history of football. I hope the team will make a big difference. We wish you the best of luck. 🔴💪
Zac Robinson
Zac Robinson:
It will be an interesting appointment shall we say. He is a manger who has worked wonders with Ajax who are still fighting for the title. If he is to do it with United, they need to bin their captain
All the best to him. His main job and the best thing for the club is to humble to players and get them in the mentality to listen and adapt to the manager and play like a team not 11 "apparent" superstars
Steph Brown.
Steph Brown.:
"It could have been quicker", HOW? Ten Hag litteraly said he's not leaving Ajax before the summer as soon as rumors arrived.
Ben baller did the chain
Ben baller did the chain:
if he wins his first 5 games out of 10.

He would have done already better then any point during this season.
Its an easy job for him to be treated like a god.
Smart man.
Itz Borris
Itz Borris:
At least we know now, the first years of failure are not this managers fault, I’d say we need approximately 9 new first team players, Elanga and Sancho are the only players I want to see keep their place
Remember when Ralph Rangnick was the tactical genius who was perfect for Man Utd?
Zain Khan
Zain Khan:
It’s going to be good but we’ve got to back him give him money and let him do everything let him bring his staff and let’s do this properly now
10 Hag
10 New Players
A lot of players aren't fit to play @ United; currently.
As far as I am concerned, Jadon Sancho is the only exception.
Karä Osmän Editxz
Karä Osmän Editxz :
They still need to wait 5 years more to be at Manchester City and Liverpool level now . We are so behind . Btw Ten heg is Pep Student.
All the changes Utd feared Guardiola will bring
They now want Ten Hag to 😂
Johny Kariuky
Johny Kariuky:
Erick you can do it..dont panic we believe in you.CONGRATULATION
The beginning of the end of this man's career! I wish him the very best of luck.
Welcome to the biggest football club in the universe..
Claudio Joshua
Claudio Joshua:
Alot of players needs to leave, recruitment process needs to change significantly. We need players that would die for the club
Bryan Heslin
Bryan Heslin:
I have got everything crossed in the hope that he brings our club back on parity with Chelsea 'Liverpool' City & he can make us proud of Manchester United again 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏⚽🥅
Nara Youn
Nara Youn:
What has he done to deserve this? Poor Erik
G C31
G C31:
Although this was up in the air for a while, as a PSG fan I was still hoping for MUC to take on Poch… arghhh… Ten Hag is a great pick for MUC, they are lucky. Let’s now hope that the rumours of Perez firing Ancelotti and replace him with Poch are true… with losing Mbappe to Real and keeping Poch one more year, I would need to stop watching Paris and turn my attention to curling, it will be more exciting.
When I saw the headline I assumed he was appointed as the women's reserve team coach. Thanks Sky for letting us all know it's actually the Men's first team.
Jobey Q
Jobey Q:
Michael Brown & Aaron McLean - 2 HUGE names in the world of football discussing arguably the biggest managerial job in world football. Great work SKY 👍
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood:
This announcement is a bit naughty, seeing he is still under contract at Ajax, and they are still fighting for the Dutch title ❤
Ittai Aronson
Ittai Aronson:
Patience is key even if we don't get top 5 next season we have to be patient klopps 1st season at liverpool they finished 8th but the fans were patient and allowed the rebuild we have to do the same
Aman Mahal
Aman Mahal:
Real question will be ... will Ten Hag control United or the other way around
The countdown officially starts now to BREAKING NEWS Man Utd sack ten Hag
Edward Du Feu
Edward Du Feu:
Well he could become a legendary manager in world football if he can fix that mess of a club.
Alex Jere Manuel
Alex Jere Manuel:
The only thing I can ask the owners of Manchester United club is that, if Erik ten Hag is coming to Manchester United club, then it's better to dissolve the entire management that has been working under all the managers who've failed with the team and let him choose his own stuffs he would like to work with them
Mr Misunderstood
Mr Misunderstood:
Im a Liverpool fan, i think united need a manager like him 100% .. BUT .. you need the staff top to bottom behind the scenes replacing to bring in a complete fresh atmosphere and instill the love and unity felt throughout the club in all that work there! passion needs to be shown by all! as for players.. play the 18 year old kids before the "Big names" and show them that they arent all that matters! the manager needs to quickly stamp his authority and remove any egotistic idiot from the dressing room! then take a leaf from Jurgen Klopp and make them all love him. Love them or hate them United are a massive footballing institution and deserve to be near the top of world football! (behind Liverpool obvs) ;P Good luck.
Eugene Goagoseb
Eugene Goagoseb:
"I hope this man Ten Hag knows how to coach Quidditch, otherwise Manchester United is not the team for him"

-Lord Maguire-
Louis Long
Louis Long:
Great managers are both tacticians and passionate motivators, Pep, Klopp, Tuchel, Conte. I think Ten Hag is excellent at tactics, but not sure if he's a motivator?
The difference of manger won’t change much from what I’ve seen …only a rebuild would work at this point .
Fezaan Ali
Fezaan Ali:
The number of top quality managers we have had, But they struggle to achieve anything significant is a joke. Hope this man changes that, but boy has he got a job on his hands.
I hope to god he can kick start this united team onto the next level. I don’t really know much about him but good luck and we want a good clear out of the squad and new talent instilled into the club.
we need to give him time. Rome wasn’t built in a day
He’s a great coach. Should’ve went city or liverpool.
Kerry Ann
Kerry Ann:
Brilliant stuff 👏🔥💯👍 welcome to Manchester United Boss ❤
Saw this coming, time for a huge clearout of the players
John Adams
John Adams:
As a Man Utd fan He needs time and money as well more importantly patience as well best wishes all the same
Aaron T
Aaron T:
good luck to him, he'll need it
OK now let's give him the resources,tools and most importantly time to actually get the job done.
walza walt
walza walt:
He's got a massive job to do. I wish him all the best of luck at United.
Jude B
Jude B:
He’s brave taking on that shambles of a team 🤦🏼‍♂️
Feels like damage control for the Liverpool loss.
Allyn Usher
Allyn Usher:
Good luck Erik. Hope you bring the good times back to Utd.

1st job - explain to the team that they are playing for their futures
2nd job - take captaincy off Maguire.
3rd job - tell Darren Fletcher to get back in the office & stop sticking his nose in, in the dug out!
4th job - buy 1-2 players in each position - defence, midfield, forward
5th job - get fitness levels up in players.
Look at the calibre of managers they've been through, its not going to change a thing, he'll merely be a manager a head coach if anything. That club needs stripped from the bottom to the top and rebuilt.
Maguire and rashford needs to go hopefully he can show us the Ajax van de beek and not only I would love to see next season half the team to be youth players I wanna see McNeil, garner, Hannibal play
Abdul G
Abdul G:
Hopefully keep improving get rid of the deadwood give him time and bring in hungry players in.
M J88
M J88:
I get the vibe that even he wont save them and they’ll get him sacked
Mitchell Webb
Mitchell Webb:
Big Ralf will basically hand over a list of players that need to go. Probably 80% of the squad
We Hate The Mancs
We Hate The Mancs:
Erik is one brave bloke to take this job,
Wish him good luck. Lets hope the dirty Mancs treat him well on his first day at Manchester United.🤣
ahmey gedi
ahmey gedi:
Great news for United
I think he might perform well because the expectations rn are below minimum
Paul Street
Paul Street:
He needs time, lots of time.
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani:
Honestly he's the appointment I wanted since before Ole, but the horrific owners and money minded players have drained me of any excitement and love for this club. I truly hope he can turn things around, but he will need to purge this squad of its ego and convince the owners to prioritize signing underrated talents over social media stars. I doubt it'll happen.
Stephen O'Rourke
Stephen O'Rourke:
They need more than Ten Hag, they need like Twenty! Or even Thirty!
H H:
Mourinho already eyeing up matic. Clear out the players he doesn’t need, let those contracts expire. Excited to see the players who can suit the modern football he will bring. New quality players to surface in the next few seasons.
Abdirahman shallow odoowa
Abdirahman shallow odoowa:
I dont think manchester united situation can change" erik Ten Hag" appointment the issue is not about the management its about the soil of manchester united
Stephen Little
Stephen Little:
"please give us time to restructure" 10 years later..... 😂
Plastering over the cracks once again.
This gives me the exact same feeling when Rangnick was appointed and look what happened.
Mayur Das
Mayur Das:
Clear out is a must if he is to succeed at this club
getting rid of all the rubbish overpaid clowns
and board also needs to back him with the right players
Judging by that Liverpool game he has a hell of a job but I’m sure he will get a hell of a salary too. I can foresee some big name exits. They have their man and City might finally have theirs too, that well known Yorkshireman Erling Haaland, so possibly good things happening in Manchester.
He needs time
Will he get it
Bring in great players and get rid of alot of them