It looked like it could have happened a few times on yesterdays stage but this morning we have the news the Egan Bernal has been withdrawn by this team from this years TDF

Let me know your thoughts down below!

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Thanks for watching!

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84 comentarios:

Bad backs are the worst kind of pain...you just cannot get comfortable on the bike...if it is that then I have no problem and can fully understand
Willie Jackson
Willie Jackson:
Not surprising. He's hurting and needs to get major rest. He might be overtrained. He'll be back no doubt.
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer:
Thanks for covering this. After tragedy struck for him on the Grand Colombier, and we saw the post race interview, I gained a lot of respect and admiration for Egan Bernal. His interview was full of class, despite having just had his dreams shattered and having let down all his team and the whole world watching and expecting more from him. I was never rooting for him to win this year but I wasn't rooting against him either, and I'm impressed by his classiness in defeat. Is it the prior back injury? Is it a new knee injury related to that? Is it overtraining? A combination of those? I believe overtraining is definitely a partial factor at least. He may have been instructed by the team to mention nothing about injury...but I believe Egan's post-race interview over Sir Dave Brailsford's fancy post on social media. He was empty, he couldn't squeeze out the last bit - that's chronic fatigue to a T. Anyway not super surprised after yesterday, but the kids's got heart and I would love to see him back in winning form in the future.
Tony Strange
Tony Strange:
Bernal was after the tron bike in June 😉😂😂
Ineos have got it wrong this year, none of their riders are in form, maybe the lockdown can be blamed for this?
Kennedy Stuart
Kennedy Stuart:
I think the pulled him because he is out of the running, and the team is embarrassed on the choices they made for this years TDF - Geraint Thomas finishes 2nd at Tirreno Adriatico, he should've been at TDF - just my 2 cents.
Dan Mc
Dan Mc:
It is not just the Egan was not ready to compete, for whatever reason. The whole team was not ready, except for maybe Kwiatkowski. Why? Philippa York has a piece out on this today and is right.

Egan abandoning may be a good decision. No reason to risk further injury.
Vickie Kaye
Vickie Kaye:
Bernal would continue moving down on GC. Good decision to pull him out. He's not doing himself any benefits. Better to retreat and analyze the training and racing program for what's left of the season.
Miguel Barrero
Miguel Barrero:
I said it once and I will say it again, that haircut is the MAIN REASON he lost all his strength, just like Samson
Vickie Kaye
Vickie Kaye:
This TdF has made me a big Jumbo/Visma fan, that is for sure. I like the individual riders on Ineos but can't warm up to the team "culture". Big mistake there not to include G in the TdF.
Froome is screaming his head off rn 😭
Giorgio Coppola Cycling
Giorgio Coppola Cycling:
Not a surprise tbh after his performance the other day....
Bet you’re pissed at being dragged out of bed in the AM for some news 😆. Looking forward to today’s stage 🤙
It does look Egan overtrained !
Phil Adams
Phil Adams:
You can't assume every single ride is on Strava. Some pros leave stuff out for different reasons.
Jarob J. Ortiz
Jarob J. Ortiz:
The year of the Covid-19 lockdown... I'm sure it was difficult for some riders to get into a training rhythm that was appropriate for this year's tour. Let's cut Egan some slack.
Bowleg Biker
Bowleg Biker:
🤣 Did you even watch Tour D’lain and the Dauphine? G and Froome were struggling. Geraint couldn’t even beat Simon Yates this week, man. Enough with the Geraint Thomas talk!
He had a bit of road rash our friend R as do many riders.
Cycling Choice
Cycling Choice:
Bernal lasted more than G and Chris would have with the form they showed on CDD.
Tony Strange
Tony Strange:
Conspiracy theory COVID. Does a back problem really cause you to be empty 😉
Scipio Afrikanus
Scipio Afrikanus:
Struggled with his back at the Dauphine and obviously gave it a go at TdF. Didn't work out so live to race another day.

Time's on his side. Quintana on the other hand....
Michelle Dunne
Michelle Dunne:
Killer great that you posted an early vid. 👍🏼💯 🚴🏼‍♀️
Ed Marino
Ed Marino:
Bernal will return to TDF in the future. He is very young by TDF standards
Julio Valladares
Julio Valladares:
I agree with team Ineos assessment in that he is a young rider and with a cronic bacl pain other injuries will come about damaging his career .
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
first . . . . Biobby Mac in Dream Land . . . Hahahahahahahahah
P Cap
P Cap:
Ineos aren’t exempt from the pitfalls of pride. Maybe it’s an injury. Maybe they’ve propped themselves up into easy target territory and we can take our shots.
Tony Gestro
Tony Gestro:
You cant play catch up if you missed a month etc. Cant miss then do masdive volumme without paying the price.
Carl Baravelli
Carl Baravelli:
Good video. Regarding Porte. I think he is in the best form he has been for years and showing himself to be one of the best (well 3rd best) climbers at this years TDF so far, in which records are being smashed up these climbs. G obviously did well at the Tirreno–Adriatico, but the competition is not at the same level. So, given what we know at the moment, I think to say G in bad form is as good as Porte in good form is a bit of a "diss" to be honest.
Mark P
Mark P:
It is pity Ineos just can't be honest up front and say he has pulled out due to injury or sickness straight up rather than making the whole thing look shady. SIncerely hope Egan will recover quickly whatever it is.
Steve Lueb
Steve Lueb:
This is the guy who was laughing at Riders last year on the climbs & he quits?

"When the going gets tough he Quit"
he is a quitter
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
first . . . . Bobby Mac still in bed? Hahahahahahahahaa
Quintin Lynch
Quintin Lynch:
What.....I'm shocked. Every Brit in the world was swearing he was losing time on purpose so Egan could win big today lol.

I think Brailsford knew that Ineos chances were slim to none against TJV and refocused the team's real efforts on the other two Grand tours.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore:
I think it comes down to experience with Bernal, experience in training/condition and in race craft:
1) He spent a lot of time campaigning to be the sole leader, when he got that he made a rod for his own back and has tried to overcompensate with extra training to get himself in shape, maybe a panic due to Covid or form. He didn't have the experience to know when to not bury himself, and we are now seeing him burned out
2) During the race he just doesn't look like a GT leader and has very little presence on the road, contrast this with Froome and Thomas. Was he experienced enough, or strong enough to know when to say to Ineos, I'm struggling today, let's control the peloton a bit more and keep a lid on things.
Mike G Guitars and things
Mike G Guitars and things:
I saw Froome's interview when he said he thought Bernal would at least ride through the tour and stay in contention, and that made me think they knew there was some sort of issue. Has anyone considered that Bernal's victory may have had a lot to do with the race being cancelled at the summit of Col d'Iseran. On that day, just at the moment he had ridden into yellow, and he may have been caught on the following climb. I say this because it may have overloaded the pressure that he puts on himself to the point where he was fried mentally this year.

Winning the yellow jersey is huge and Brailsford may have been acutely aware of how sending the younger Froome back to work for Wiggins cost Sky in the past and he didnt want to repeat that mistake. Bernal may just not have been equipped to deal with the pressure. He's a young lad.

Leaving out Froome AND Thomas was too much I think especially when Jumbo Visma have been so strong. I've no idea if Chris Froome can compete at the Vuelta after his crash, but I know Thomas will be strong at the Giro, Bernal would definitely have benefited from their presence in the TDF. Bernal is a very talented GC rider and I hope this doesnt damage him in the long term.
I have Zwift and bernal was only on it like 3 times during the whole lock down
Luka Ataman
Luka Ataman:
Bernal has COVID-19
Robb Chastain
Robb Chastain:
Thanks, Chris, for your breaking news report about Egan and certainly, bail out and heal, why let the cameras show the defending champion riding in last place, always a sad sight. And, big picture, crashes change everything, like training never happened, so who knows why he failed. And thanks for attributing the overtraining observation to Chris Horner--I like his new strategy recaps after each stage. And big picture on these crashes in the Tour, sickening, no? It is way past time for body armor to be introduced, even if it is baby steps like a little here and a little there. Anything would be better than tear-away fabric alone. And these cartwheels over momentary tire touches and instantly a bunch of riders falling like dominoes, it seems to me that some sort of fore and aft U-shaped wheel protector would minimize that--make it clear and drill some holes and give it some play and then a touch would be just that, a little bump into a bumper, not a catastrophic moment for the highlight reel. And maybe more stars in contention for the win as the peloton nears Paris.
Thobile Monakali
Thobile Monakali:
Guys, Bernal lost the GC and couldn't stand losing time after wearing #1 so Ineos decided to pull him off and saying he has back injuries duuuh.. only after stage 16 😂😂 Team Ineos stand up and admit, you lost finish klaa
Bezze on ipad
Bezze on ipad:
Come on pog
Lord Di Lego
Lord Di Lego:
Not saying that it can't be the case, but it's a very convenient excuse for these performances. I mean, you wouldn't want to look weak. You wouldn't want to risk people thinking that you're just bad, maybe even that you hadn't prepared seriously and meticulously enough. That would surely bring criticism and bad PR, especially after the whole Froome-Thomas-Bernal situation leading up to this and Ineos decision...
So, instead you make sure everyone knows that you're OVERtrained, you were just too eager and willing to do all of the work. The results remain the same, but it puts you in a completely different light. Just sayin'. ;)

At the end of the day, what does it actually matter to us as fans? There's surely plenty of riders who are not at their max for various reasons. Nobody really cares. They're still there, riding, trying to make the best out of it...
James Social Cycling
James Social Cycling:
INEOS TDF Game Plan🤦‍♂️ Best Team ever got it completely Wrong😤
Uses a sensational title, and then uses the minute to promote his other f****** video. Disgusting practice.
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
Breaking News: --->>> I beat Bobby Mac
Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes:
I think it was the right decision pull Bernal out. Today's stage would have cause problems for him in the rest of the races and grand tours this year.
Your commentary is really good, thanks.
Pete Chambers
Pete Chambers:
I really hope that Bernal doesn't take Froom's lead position in the Vuelta. Would not surprise me and would explain why Bernal was pulled as soon as his form dropped.
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
When Samson chooses to cut his own LOCKS, the Philistines wheel win!! ---->> Egan cut his own hair!!!
can le tour get any better then this epic news ? i dont think so . this almost made everything happening in 2020 worth it hahahah
Zak Swan
Zak Swan:
Ineos should have taken G
D. enson
D. enson:
Should've taken froome. Egan never wins another grand tour again, saying it now
Lance and George Hincapie did not take kindly to this news on their WEDU show. Acc to them, he should have continued for the sake of his teammates, barring major injury.
Ineos were simply blown away by the too powerful and well-coordinated Jumbo-Visma team!
Park T
Park T:
The kid is all class. Whatever is going on I'm sure this was the best decision for himself and the team long term.
Neil Coles
Neil Coles:
Froome still isn´t looking back to fitness-no fault of his own. Geraint it looks indeed like they made a mistake. Hard to know extent of injury on Bernal. Certainly not a lack of training but its the teams job to make sure its the right training...and those Colombian 'hills'- I can assure you they are ruddy big mountains.
Vic Chauz
Vic Chauz:
Difficult decision for INEOS boss, who will attend the 2020 TDF...I remember Tom Dumolin saying, we have three riders that can be at the top on the TDF and once we start riding the TDF we will decide who will have the support from the other two top riders and also from the team, to win the TDF...but Ineos decided to send the other two potential TDF winners to the Giro and La Vuelta...different approach. Jumbo added experience, INEOS subtracted experience, now we are seen the result. In paper the decision to split your best riders and try to cover everything looks fantastic, the real world is that now Ineos looks like shit!!!. In other words, you just show the world that you dont know how cycling works. The guy who knew it, after winning several Olympic medals was judged and fired. It will be wise to get him on board and get his advise, he doesnt have to be seen in public, but he knows what you need to know before making that type of decisions, the damage now is done, its too late, 2020 is gone, you dont have more chess pieces, maybe next year, maybe if the top guys in INEOS decide to keep you in the team.
Martin Schnipkoweit
Martin Schnipkoweit:
Some serious corona up your nose, chap
Mark Stone
Mark Stone:
Who cares he has quit ? Take nothing for granted in cycling, maybe he should have watched his words about his fellow team members earlier in the year.
Questions will be asked within the team but good on G for getting 2nd, let's hope Froomey can go one better. Its a good TDF this year and a new team will triumph.
lienda tt
lienda tt:
could it not be the case that he just cracked? he is human after all.
armand sarmiento
armand sarmiento:
Now that you have mentioned it, there seems to be an injury which is not obvious we will only see after the tour. Could be something with the 1) covid, 2) overtrained, 3)back 4) worse could be psychological🤔. Or combination...
Tiny Power
Tiny Power:
I don’t mind Team Sky doing badly now. They changed sponsors too many times, they lost Chris Froome and they wouldn’t let Thomas race. Whatever...
Tony Melendez
Tony Melendez:
Overtrained? Was he overtrained the last two years? Do you mean to imply that at this point Ineos, or any other team, doesnt control their riders training? I dont follow him on Strava, but Im sure his DS does! This goes back to the Lance years where he was scientifically methodical about his training; are we to assume 20 years later Ineos is not to par? Back injury that concerned Ineos after the Dauphine? No, cuz then they wouldnt have left both Froome and Thomas out. They simply trusted and handed the team to Bernal. Not to be cynical but, maybe this morning at breakfast they said, ‘ok Egan, heres the plan, go for a long breakaway to try to salvage something out of this’ 😳🤯🥶 ‘ok, then, youre out, Richard you have green light’. Egans ability didnt concern me for this tour. The mental part of a 23 yrs old defending the title in this team, against a powerhouse like Jumbo Visma and Roglic, did. And dont anyone counter back Pogacar, cuz like Egan last year, he has nothing to lose.
Cez Ramone
Cez Ramone:
I don't believe Braifdord*; Bernal was pulled out because of his bad performance and lack of interest . I'm feeling for him 'cause of this will be his end with "Grenadiers" which will take another name after he's gone .Clean Wipe Out and Open new account with new name, where only saxo riders will be able to Win!, not work as domestiques for a glitch past winner. He's not overtrained. He's simply out of shape and broken 💔 But It was known from the beginning before the Tour .I saw a done team .Carapaz riding erratically crazy and for the first time another team doing work (Baharain) for Landa .At the end it was SuperLopez who saved the day by attacking and beating the leaders .Egan won't race again And of course that was the wrong team to take. At the end he was being left alone and He showed not interest in racing any Longer. Also if Ineos is or was best team ,What's in Jumbo's water who pulled their leader of the Dauphiné , got him fix in car (mind me,mind you) and left the medics car on his own to finish the stage ?.That for me as an ex rider speaks a lot . The whole jumbo jet reminded me of US_Postal tactics and how they won races .We want Maybe Super Humans Not Super Racers / I'm not just saying... Just saying
Pain is no fun.
Dude, that's not cool, comparing or questioning his injury. If you listened to his rest day interview, his head is out of it - when you talk about winning once and never taking that away, it's not someone who's head/body is in the game. I do think your overtraining thought could be correct,. i like your videos and insights. BTW, I liked your idea of a leaders only stage, and I do think teams (ineos, bora) are going to change with such strong individual riders
If Bernal had finished the Tour he would automatically have finished as the winner, right ? Lol... Bernal has never won a Tour and he never will. Never to be heard of again. Too busy digging gold. What foolish idiot gives a Colombian child 5.000.000 a year and expect something in return... ? Bye Bernal !
Petcu Gabriel
Petcu Gabriel:
back problem = poor bike fitting ?
Ben White
Ben White:
The big loser throughout all of this is Richard carapaz going for the giro then being told with 2 weeks to go he has to go for tour not in form and it’s telling now that he is coming into form how well he could have done. As much as Bernal and G didn’t get to do what they wanted carapaz missed out on his main goal and he probably would have won.
Michael Steele
Michael Steele:
Bernal's issue is that he didn't take it easy like Gerant Thomas and enjoy more lemon custard tarts and Brexit sweet bread. Pritch he has a back injury for crying out loud
Savage Poet
Savage Poet:
Egan BURN.all ------->>> no matches left!!!
In lock down is difficult, and more a country in southamerica, have you been? Not the same conditions than European countries dominating today the tour. Your analysis is not good! Cheers
Cody Hare
Cody Hare:
is the data for other grenadiers available? you'd have a better idea if they just thought a race wasn't going to happen maybe. maybe they tried to catch up once they were told it would still be happening.
Tony Gestro
Tony Gestro:
Ineos are done....made themselves look like rookies.
Michael Steele
Michael Steele:
Pritch, did you just say that "even if they are being dropped they could be there with him"? be with him where? in the auto-bus? The Giro will be fun.. let's see when Gerant gets dropped on the first hill what your excuse will be. I will eat my words with a bowl of Haggis if I am wrong.
Paresh Patil
Paresh Patil:
good point. How can Ineos behave such childish? overtraining, less fueling etc.
Desmo Higgins
Desmo Higgins:
Psychological lightweight. Fraid he won the tour last year by luck;
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez:
One other point, why did the INEOS director allow Carapaz to kill himself for nothing?! He should have been telling him to get back to the peloton and set himself up for a push for the Stage win. He probably had enough energy to give Lopez a run for his money. Does not make sense.
Strange Brew
Strange Brew:
Overheated by that all black suit they put an dark skinned Egan in . Last year he won in snow and ice. I would have had him in all white.
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez:
Being overtrained or not on form is one thing. It this was the only issue I would be disappointed that he didn't tough it out and finish. However, I believe this is due to the back injury being worse than the team imagined when they made the selection. Letting him continue makes no long-term sense. Ihope Egan a quick recovery. INEOS leadership are the real losers here. I think their selection process was very, very poor.
Sergio Cristancho
Sergio Cristancho:
... nailed pritch! There is some overtraining on Egan Bernal But then, is there a team on Ineos to carry Bernal 7 w/kg on the mountain stages?, Ineos have a bad year (as they have before) but they will bounce back remember fromey didn't have 4 tours in a row, that year gap give them all perspective and then dominance, and that is what is at the table don't you think pritch? I mean Egan has at least 10 years on the pro peloton.
Kevin DeRung
Kevin DeRung:
Ineos is NOT the best team in cycling, not this year...they went from first to worst and they have no excuse. A sore back? Sore knees? Come on, he was saying he felt great last Friday putting out his best power...you cant have it both ways...Wout VP is in the front group with broken ribs! They are truly coming across as sore losers and playing the injury card is a weak attempt to save Sir DB's face.
nigel duckworth
nigel duckworth:
My partner who is a self styled expert in all things medical thinks that Bernal is probably finished. Back problems are the most difficult to correct and keep coming back. That would be a tragedy both personal and for all of us who support Ineos. I have been a keen cyclist for 50 years and I have back trouble and sciatica which is exacerbated by cycling. But it comes and goes and I am hoping this is the case with Bernal.
Brent Perez
Brent Perez:
Sucks for such a young man to have a bad back. Really sucks for such a gifted athlete to suffer something that could be chronic.
He will never win again
chinmoy behera
chinmoy behera:
?? He pulled out because he knew that he will not overtake roglic that's the reason
Why Egan withdraw from tdf Egan know and all team of ineos told that this year you will not get the yellow jersey 🎉
John Bradley
John Bradley:
a 12min. video and you told us.............nothing new - just speculation.
Good. Cocky kid can learn to be more humble and keep his mouth shut in future.