BREAKING: President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive for coronavirus.

The 74-year-old said the couple were self-isolating after Hope Hicks, one of his top aides, tested positive.

His health records showed he is categorised as obese, putting him at higher risk of serious complications from the virus.

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100+ comentarios:

Trump finally passed a test without cheating, good for him.
Trump: Coronavirus isn't real.

Coronavirus: Bonjour.
Ultra Instinc shaggy
Ultra Instinc shaggy:
Trump: i don’t like wearing mask
Covid19: “u tryna insult me? Well ill do u one better”
The fact that he tested positive on National China day ✨karma✨
Dearth of Doohickey’s
Dearth of Doohickey’s:
Just came here to read the comments.
Linear Storm
Linear Storm:
Wasn’t this the dude who was making fun of Biden for wearing a mask
Susu Pearl
Susu Pearl:
Trump: covid ain’t real
Covid: so u wanna play this game?
Trump: touché..............
Rexy the Tyrannosaurus 93
Rexy the Tyrannosaurus 93:
Trump: “ I’m going to build a wall in my immune system. “
I’m 100% sure he’ll spring back up and say “I had it it’s no big deal”
Official Burrito
Official Burrito:
"It is what it is"
"It will go away by April, like a miracle"
"I tell my people, stop the testing"
"I caught it"
Meme Lordt
Meme Lordt:
“No president has ever fought covid better than me”
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco:
Didn't he die in the simpsons.
Darren Ridgeway
Darren Ridgeway:
"He knew what he signed up for. "Donald J Trump
Velcranox Officials
Velcranox Officials:
These comments are just too good lol
Nevaeh Robinson
Nevaeh Robinson:
Well he didn’t wear a mask much so yea-.-
In the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen, his supporters are actually mad because we have no sympathy for him. We, for some crazy reason, should show him respect and kindness? I can not even name one time he had shown sympathy for anyone, even his own supporters. If it does not benefit Trump, he does not care. Maybe now that a ton of people in the white house are infected, his supporters might start listening to what the CDC and WHO says.
Slilo’s Art
Slilo’s Art:
Trump: (laughs at Biden for wearing a mask)
Also trump: (gets corona)
Me: *karma boiii*
How many ppl think this is a ploy just to get pity votes and delay the election 🙋🏻‍♂️
Ale Lopez
Ale Lopez:
I feel like it’s all a stunt to postpone the election
Apparently, he tested more positive than anyone else in the history of COVID.
Ryan K
Ryan K:
It would be funny if trump wasn’t sick and he just tweeted that to see how people would react
Looks like the White House will need months of disinfecting before the Bidens can move in.
Oma X
Oma X:
I don’t believe he has it. This must be a part/the beginning of the “October Surprise”
Assa Darlingtoni
Assa Darlingtoni:
Finally something positive about him
Feo Solo
Feo Solo:
"Me and Melania are tested Positive. It was the most positive test ever. It was so positive that doctors got shocked how can someone get such positive test. Being positive is beautiful.. best beautiful positive test ever.."
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye:
In the words of Melania, "I really don't care" 😂
ebony b
ebony b:
Let’s see if COVID is “just like the flu” for Trump
Imagine him doing the next debate while on a ventilator
Tanya Cretu
Tanya Cretu:
the fact that he was making fun of covid-19 and people for wearing masks i can't😂😂😂😂😂😂
Who's came for comments
tre son
tre son:
Cackling. I hope he exits the world stage left while he's at it
According to the *simpson* timeline

Rebecca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood:
Not gonna lie. I literally laughed out loud when I heard
James Wilson
James Wilson:
"totally harmless"
I'll bet when he recovers, he will say something like the following: "i recovered so quickly....doctors are body fought the virus better than when Rocky fought Mr. TTTTTTTT...No one has ever recovered....this quickly in the history of ESPN....i cant help it. I'm amazzzzzinnggggggg".
Hema Dear
Hema Dear:
“The future looks bleak, doesn’t it my love?” The photo of them together tells a story.
Now I understand why they were saying “trump2020”. They were using it as an expiration date
Privjet Comrade
Privjet Comrade:
"it's no big deal, if I get China's flu, I will recover within 2 weeks. no big deal"
I wish them both and everybody suffering from covid a speedy recovery.
I'm surprised it took him this long to get it.
Mc kevin lee Tan
Mc kevin lee Tan:
Didnt know covid can affect orange and orochimaru lmaoo
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen:
Finally Sky News actually reporting real news. 2020 is really weird.
Though I never wished death upon him, he reaped what he sowed
Bodhi Edwards
Bodhi Edwards:
I’ve been waiting for this moment since covid came
Claire Haire
Claire Haire:
The writers are really spontaneous with season finale of 2020, I’m tuned in.
Jas - Meeen
Jas - Meeen:
2020 said: “PLOT TWIST”
Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez:
“ we are handling this “ , “ everything is under control “
Shin Godzilla Studios
Shin Godzilla Studios:
Oh Santa got my letter!
George Collen
George Collen:
After his treatment He will say : "Never been better" I am stronger than a rock. So far so good. " : )
P ę a c h y K ì t t y
P ę a c h y K ì t t y:
*Well well, how the turn tables.*
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Now he can finally test his bleach theory on himself.
Armando Acero
Armando Acero:
"It is what it is"
Sutono Mardi
Sutono Mardi:
"The virus will miraculously goes away" who ever said that ?
Nef C
Nef C:
It's like the season finale to 2020😅
In these difficult times my thoughts and prayers are with the virus
That’s so Nyema
That’s so Nyema:
This shouldn’t be a surprise giving that he didn’t really wear a face mask, I feel bad for everybody that’s been in contact with them 🤦🏿‍♀️
"This is fake news"
Finally took him long enough to get it 😁
Yes!! I was really hoping the comments section wouldn’t be turned off....there are gems in here! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
My sincere condolences to the Covid family ! ;)
Bapak Kau
Bapak Kau:
Finally, there is something positive about him
Adam Rayyan Channel
Adam Rayyan Channel:
There's always negative things in him..finally some positive result..
Marswmn whoever
Marswmn whoever:
If he pulls through being positive for Covid I hope he tells em afterwards even more how it really is😂
M M:
So the Simpsons were right after all....
mark brak
mark brak:
We finally got something positive from him for once nice
Andreas Orbit
Andreas Orbit:
Oh my gosh I cried so much, when I heard he got it, but I didn't know I got onions right beside me 😅
Jorji Honma
Jorji Honma:
After his awful act at the recent debate, he was advised to "Be positive! Be patient!" So that's what he declared to the world now.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui:
Now he can finally test his bleach theory on himself.
Martin Poole
Martin Poole:
If only he hadn't been tested, he wouldn't have caught it.
Anson Chan
Anson Chan:
"People who gets the virus are losers, I don't like losers."
Unknown Explorer
Unknown Explorer:

Nelson Muntz: HAHA!
Hermit Bird
Hermit Bird:
Look at the thumbnail, they have the same expression with their lips. Made for each other.
In the words of golden Ramsey “finally some good fuckin food”
Water Gate
Water Gate:
Trump: It will go away!
Covid: Yep and your coming with me !
꧁ MadisunHoney ꧂
꧁ MadisunHoney ꧂:
" *I dunno, orange seem kinda sus-* "
I feel bad for the virus cause the virus is stuck to him 🥺😭
*I see thumbnail nice, i click*
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
I don’t believe he has it. This must be a part/the beginning of the “October Surprise”
Alessandra Leigh
Alessandra Leigh:
Perfect timing for us to test his whole cleaning products as an intravenous drug theory...
Covid-19 entered the chat 😂
Trump: mask is stupid

Covid: my time has come
• Justice •
• Justice •:
I feel like this is a movie. Like I expected them to test positive at the end of the film.
It's Raven
It's Raven:
"Tables about to turn"- Janelle Monae. Not too long ago eh?
Stephanie Berry
Stephanie Berry:
Hence, wear a damn mask!
Romualdo Santos
Romualdo Santos:
Finally, some good news in 2020 🥺💝
Trump: *Gets The Virus*
Me: Bye Bish
corey feidelman
corey feidelman:
I mean all these people are literally walking around with no masks on. I’m not surprised
What was he expecting by rarely wearing a mask.
Antonio Gates
Antonio Gates:
How can the first lady test positive if she sleeps with winnie the poo
Aaron Dylan
Aaron Dylan:
He mocked the hell out of Biden for wearing a mask. "He's wearing the biggest mask i've ever seen" A day later: Woofwoof
I’ve been waiting for this
53O subs before 2O21?
53O subs before 2O21?:
This whole comment section is more entertaining than this news 😆
Melissa Vega
Melissa Vega:
Atleast he tweeted something positive.
Raúl Parada
Raúl Parada:
I THINK Biden just won! I'll play Gronions on Steam to relax!
KKW On drugs
KKW On drugs:
When I found out I could not stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlos Luna
Carlos Luna:
China would say, finally we reached our target 🤔
Imagine he doesn’t have Covid but just wanted to tell people that it was just like a cold
Ronilo Tagyab
Ronilo Tagyab:
He'll be well in no time!
Stand back and stand by!
I got COVID, now watch me die!
Jack Hanver
Jack Hanver:
And here I thought he was drinking bleach like he preached.