BREAKING! Wayne Rooney retires to become permanent Derby County manager | Transfer Talk

The Transfer Talk panel react to the news that Wayne Rooney has been appointed as manager of Derby County on a permanent basis.

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Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
This guy has been a great player, hopefully he has a just as successful managerial career
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele:
Thank you Rooney!!! A Man United Legend!!! Hopefully you have a good career as a manager!!!!
the dishonest jeff sokol
the dishonest jeff sokol:
Hopefully he keeps to his position in the dug out and doesn't drop into midfield for a 30-yard sideways ping to the full back.
Hes been decent since he stopped playing and managed us , hope it works out
He should acc try getting loan deals from Man U loaning the likes of Lingard Dan James Brandon Williams etc
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali:
Cant wait to see this legends card in fifa!
Respect to Wayne Rooney what a player for club and country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Corinthian Productions
Corinthian Productions:
Hope he can get over the language barrier at Derby, let's go Wayne! 🏆
Account User
Account User:
I was 9 years old in 2005 when I first started watching football and supporting Manchester United and mainly because of Wayne Rooney and then Cristiano Ronaldo. What a legend Rooney has been and still is.

Hope it works out for him at Derby.
Dave lewis
Dave lewis:
Goosebumps all over 🥴 . The best bit of business our club has done in god knows how long ! Buckle up you mighty Rams , the journey is just beginning 💪🖤⚽️ DTID ❤️ 🐏🐏🐏
Tasha Isibor
Tasha Isibor:
Actual legend 🏅🏆🔥
Manchester united 96
Manchester united 96:
Once a legend, always a legend. Thank you Wazza!
I heard "back in the UK" and I was like-where did you go rooney 😕?? then remembered he played for DC united 😂
Ken Carson
Ken Carson:
Would never expect him to be the manager type tbh
islam lebdai
islam lebdai:
He could succeed in training, unlike other English coaches, and train Manchester United in the future
Minecraft Villager
Minecraft Villager:
As long as he doesn’t turn into the next Gary Neville he’ll be fine
Zexa XIII:
Im crying i will miss you playing
Watching you since i was young
Greatest player in the premierleague.
Salah Yes
Salah Yes:
Gazza ❤️⚽️ What player and career good luck to his management what England best striker
Mohammed Ubaithe
Mohammed Ubaithe:
Was a top top player for MUFC, good luck to him in his management career...
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
He will be ok at derby and potentially have a chance to manage a better team in the future
Mobile Freelancer
Mobile Freelancer:
You know what a legend and already looking forward to his FIFA legend card!
frankie, steve and now wayne. icons of the best era of english football, managing the new era
1341141 N4JI13
1341141 N4JI13:
Thanks For The Wonderful Memories Like Goals And Trophies 🏆 For Man Utd And Wish You All The Success As A Manager And Hopefully You Will Manage Man Utd One Day
Rooney retiring feels really strange.
Only seems like yesterday that he made his debut
Sunny Malhi
Sunny Malhi:
I honestly wish him all the best.
Lanas Mareers
Lanas Mareers:
the guy played in wings ,no 9 , second striker ,CAm,Cm ,dm...and he even said that He has to Sacrifice lot of his game for the team🙌
Tyrell Jenkins
Tyrell Jenkins:
My role model Wayne Rooney hopefully he manages to change the dynamics of derby firstly bringing quality signings I believe he’ll bring derby into the top half of de table would love to see him take dem to de top flight of football
tango afc
tango afc:
The reason I fell in love with Football, idol!
Can't fault it, more Wazza in the game always a good thing
Costa Del
Costa Del:
Good luck Wayne from a Glasgow Rangers fan. Wish you all the best with your endeavours 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Rome was not built in a day. No Surrender 🇬🇧
Cristen Ronaldo
Cristen Ronaldo:
As a united fan, Wayne rooney was always my favouite player, and he will always go down as my favouite united legend and he will also go down as the best england legend of all time.
LFC Spectre
LFC Spectre:
What a shocking decision from Derby County knowing they are struggling down their in championship. Should have got someone more experience in championship.
i want Rooney as manager of united in the future.
N G:
Same as Frank not a lot of experience people just hear the name and assume they know what they're doing.
Peter Nicho
Peter Nicho:
Derby have a sparkling amount of young academy players coming through
I hope once this pandemic is over, Man Utd give him a testimonial game against City or Liverpool.
Srikrishna K
Srikrishna K:
Could have played in the man utd midfield instead of matic or Pogba or van de Beek . Such industry and character is rare these days .
나의 인생의 최고의 공격수 웨인루니 👍
Donald Obama
Donald Obama:
2.24 - Actually Man City's FA Cup run this season.
Dioco Maglinte
Dioco Maglinte:
Hopefully he got a tribute man I really miss him playing in MAN U.
Kill Anything Fruity
Kill Anything Fruity:
I hope Derby can stay up.
Salt & Vinager With That Chip On You're Shoulder
Salt & Vinager With That Chip On You're Shoulder:
If he stayed as intern they would of won
Najmus Sabir
Najmus Sabir:
Managing a football team is a very difficult job.
I hope he'll not do the same as Frank and Gary.
Get experience,transform and apply your idea and then come to the bigger team.
Conor S
Conor S:
Okay so in about a month when Frank gets booted from Chelsea Wayne will have the experience to manage one of the big boys
Esso HT
Esso HT:
My old time favourite player good luck wazza
James Strang
James Strang:
Poor derby,what's the bet he's gone in 18 months to go to another club like lampard did.
John Ruby
John Ruby:
I'm trying to remember what succesful International career ? , 1 World Cup goal , 3 Euro goals , no goals against top International sides in tournements , only one good tournement , Euro 2004 ,
mark taylor
mark taylor:
Watch him bring them up to the premiere league
Josh Mansfield
Josh Mansfield:
Good luck Wayne
How come he gets managers job? It's a disgrace. There are managers with experience who have to beg while Rooney just gets the job that easy? Shameful
Anticlimactic way of retiring
I don't care probably my favorite player in Manchester United history!!!
John Jones
John Jones:
Well he would say that wouldn’t he.Till the next club comes along.
Brian Boru
Brian Boru:
Just waiting for the Darren Farley video on this...
Rooney.. start the bounce!! 🐏🐏🐏
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom:
Waiting for Zlatan to become Ac Milan coach next
Ben Buckley
Ben Buckley:
Go get loan deal's now from utd and everton and keep derby up

I'am not a derby fan but i want them stop up
Western Boy Abice
Western Boy Abice:
Best luck the hero
Simon Martin
Simon Martin:
He didn’t mention Paul Jewell.
Why is no one on the panel questioning the appointment? Shambolic
Dude Bond
Dude Bond:
Bet he starts playing next year after he get booted out
Dylan Miles from Basingstoke
Dylan Miles from Basingstoke:
It’s official
*Wayne Rooney has retired to become a permanent Derby manager*
Me: *This is not right, this is not cool.*
As a Liverpool fan from Nottingham.. I hope he fails miserably lol
Dylan Miles from Basingstoke
Dylan Miles from Basingstoke:
He must be
Liam Boyle
Liam Boyle:
No one will ever be a success at Derby.

But i believe Rooney will have a successful managing career elsewhere.
Jackson Henry
Jackson Henry:
Rooney has nice hair now. I remember when he was balding back in his prime.
Good luck Wazza lad.
Sir Soppy Balls
Sir Soppy Balls:
Wayne in the changing room.. "errrrmmmm ok listen up lads... ermmmm, put the round thing in their goal ermmmmm yeah no... ermmmmm"
Jamie Bushby
Jamie Bushby:
Sterling ain't gonna be happy lol
John Jones
John Jones:
Is there a large aged female population in the Derby area.
Super Rams
Super Rams:
Derby do well with wazza 🐏
Just can’t see this guy as a manager
Tom Preachard
Tom Preachard:
Hahaha, This is the biggest joke of 2021 so far..
Who will take this guy seriously lol?
John Adamson
John Adamson:
anyone else find anton kind of annoying? he never seems to get a fluid sentence out, its like hes always thinking about what hes gonna say next so he cant get out what hes saying there and then
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter:
Skinny P
Skinny P:
Ye hero’s Scouse
doesn't even have a coaching license
Caleb Ansell
Caleb Ansell:
Cool video
Gearoid Collins
Gearoid Collins:
Rooney can barely read
Successful on the international level?
rambo churchill
rambo churchill:
Two nuggets baldy and nasher
Yung Donny
Yung Donny:
I was so early that I was here before the title change
Dutch Giggler
Dutch Giggler:
Three presenters reading off laptops,
What has happened to sky,
No difference of opinion and no natural passion or knowledge.

I'm glad I don't pay for this anymore,

Who is liking this? Sky workers?
Cyprian Młynczyk
Cyprian Młynczyk:
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith:
PL fans be like who cares it's not PL
chester dbdhdgs
chester dbdhdgs:
white pele
Erm, well... erm that's great erm
Ryan Hoult
Ryan Hoult:
Well Ermmmmmm.
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
somehow I don't see Rooney as a manager at all.....
To Doap
To Doap:
What a joke
If he can implement the diving skills he learned at united I feel he will be
Aaron T
Aaron T:
Simon Clarke
Simon Clarke:
He's done a relatively bad job. He's only got the name. Shocking decision.
Matt S
Matt S:
Who cares lol
Nobody cares
Another overrated english player retire