Breath of the Waifus! - Genshin Impact (Live)

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Mack Johnson
Mack Johnson:
I always wanted to see a play through of this when NBC talked about it in one of his videos!!
Calling it now - Zolda is a figment of Paimon's imagination.
Ashley Newman
Ashley Newman:
This is literally anime breath of the wild and I don't think its a bad thing. Guess i'll see if this actually turns out okay and give it ago some time in the future
Love how there's a guy in the chat who couldn't stop talking trash about the game lol
He's probably the type of person who never let anyone around him having fun irl
I was legit making this Breath of the Wild Wifus joke all day after I remembered this game dropped today.
N Hacker
N Hacker:
That Voice while Staying up in the air, a good part of me suspects Venti
Alexander Pallett
Alexander Pallett:
Why does the intro give me flashbacks to big hero 6?
Eri Da Weirdo
Eri Da Weirdo:
Me: *See’s select a twin*

Me: *Astral chain vibes kick in*
This looks like loads of fun, but the Zelda vibes a super strong with this.
I tried playing on my phone and that opening shot was just all darkness. Looks amazing here though
squirrels in my pants !
squirrels in my pants !:
Breath of the waaa
lupine lancer
lupine lancer:
Found you did a part 2, even if it's 2 videos a month i would love to see more as i cannot download it on my device and i cannot afford a new one so you are my eyes in this game
Katie Yoon-Jeong Kim
Katie Yoon-Jeong Kim:
I saw the thumbnail and laughed so hard😂😹🤣
lupine lancer
lupine lancer:
Love that you kept this up instead of deleting it like most live stream videos of this game I've seen. Looking forward to more
Floating sword on the back? Nier inspired. Hopefully they had other inspiration from the under played masterpiece.
This is like an anime child of BOTW and nier automata. (btw, I know it sounds weird but I don't consider any Zelda or Nier anime)
Justin LaBoy
Justin LaBoy:
downloading right now baby! whoo!
Hey NBC. Why you streaming this when you could be reacting absurdly at the absurdity of Futaba's Absurdly Designed Palace?

Edit: Futaba's Absurdly Designed Palace is copyrighted by Square Enix
We got Zolda. Now where is Lonk.
Jitske's World
Jitske's World:
Oh jeez I can feel the suspension building.
N.D Goldberger
N.D Goldberger:
Looks amazing!! Really impressive and even better for a free game.
Jacob Flaig
Jacob Flaig:
Hey NBC, could you help me? Partway through the stream I couldn’t send anything over 10 words for some reason, I tried refreshing, restarting, switching devices, nothing worked. If you can’t help that’s ok, I just really love watching your streams so this was kinda a bummer. Sorry to bother you, but thanks for reading the whole thing.
Alex Bournoville
Alex Bournoville:
It’s fr a clone and I love it XD
I dont know why its so funny but lonk is killing me 🤣
Kacper Włoch
Kacper Włoch:
The city reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles
lupine lancer
lupine lancer:
3:55:49 happy to hear that
Rahul Malik
Rahul Malik:
I've been trying to watch your playthrough, but for some reason it always starts 2 hours in and when i try to double tap to forward it ends the video.
Paimon The Emergency Food Fairy.
Ahmad Rafa
Ahmad Rafa:
But breath of the wild already has waifus
I have the power of God of animo on my side!
Zhongli I am a broke billionaire
Zhongli I am a broke billionaire:
Zolda and her twin reminds me of Kagamine Rin Len
Dylan Blue
Dylan Blue:
BOTW player who is also a weeb: I sure love the hell out of breath of the wild! but you know what would make it even better? if it went full on Anime and had more Waifus!

Mihoyo: *Makes Genshin Impact*

BOTW player who is also a weeb: Now _THAT..._ is a video game!
N Hacker
N Hacker:
Oh NBC the Anemo God is definitely masquerading as someone else
N Hacker
N Hacker:
Plus you're charged attacks carry elements
Infinity Brix
Infinity Brix:
U know u can use travelers experience to level up right
N Hacker
N Hacker:
Tip Noelle's Special acts as not just a defence buff
Robert McClain
Robert McClain:
Not gonna lie I thought Amber was gonna say the present was a kiss
salmon with feet
salmon with feet:
i called myself bootlegLink
It notifies you when your waifu is wet? 10 out of 10.
Chaz Wilkie
Chaz Wilkie:
Zeldah would be funny
I bet you that the character’s powers weren’t sealed but rather transformed into Paimon. So Paimon is a sort of personification of the powers.
Vasco Ray
Vasco Ray:
Hylia Yggdrasil
Hylia Yggdrasil:
Waifus of the Wild sounds better.
But seriously.. The first I heard about this game or company was "overly angry idiot smashes ps4 in protest*

My fist reaction was..
It's so pretty
I want to play it
I like breath of the wild
I also see some Nier in the dash animation and it's anime inspired..
It has a storyline lore and music..

I want it.

I pre-registered on my phone
It has been awesome so far.
N Hacker
N Hacker:
Uh Beginner's Wish had you at 11 Intertwined Fates
Bobo Won
Bobo Won:
I don't care if it is a breath of the wild rip off because I WANT MORE OF THAT! i want more games to go in that direction!
Madi Playz Gamez
Madi Playz Gamez:
He should have named her Zilda, not Zolda
Derek Cooper
Derek Cooper:
The new Minecraft update looks amazing!
*Nintendo Fans* : Omg! Breath of the wild has such good mechanics in it. I wish other games would have them
*Genshin Impact* : May I interest you in-
Peter Y
Peter Y:
9:46 I can't believe that you're trying to get Croton to play this with a scrub like you ;)
When do y’all think it’s coming to switch?
the commenter
the commenter:
Remember when everyone hated this game a year ago? A guy even smashed a PS4 in a game convention XD
2 pac
2 pac:
"Im here to tell you right now... we don't care. We don't care."
Not much talking in BotW, way too much talking in this one
Artsonia Arts
Artsonia Arts:
I love this game
Kristi Meshkov
Kristi Meshkov:
Does it have a Japanese voice acting option
Nicole Beardsley
Nicole Beardsley:
27:50 She is the imposter
Block Nugget
Block Nugget:
hes a weeb
Ethan Boustany
Ethan Boustany:
Ripoff of the wild
2 pac
2 pac:
What kinda disrespectful bs is this?
Ah yes dollar store legend of zelda 🤣
Mr. lam holding a caprisun
Mr. lam holding a caprisun:
Kill Me
Kill Me:
You say waifu. I immediately am uncomfortable with my boyfriend ever playing something like that -_-