Brian May: My medical adventures - 25 May 2020

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"My medical adventures.


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Inigo Latasa
Inigo Latasa:
Take care. We want, we need Brian for many, many, many more years. And long life to all Queen lovers.
Rich Ott
Rich Ott:
It sucks getting old. I am right there with you. Sciatica is no joke.
peggy olson
peggy olson:
So glad you didn't have to have open heart surgery. Stay well, the animals need you to keep fighting for them.
Robin Alexander
Robin Alexander:
Legendary humble man
Do take care Bryan, we want you here for a long time
The world loves you.
Brian having suffered with sciatica for 30yrs i feel your pain.
Brian, I'm a physician . You CAN evaluate the coronary arteries without a catheterization. Although a cath is the gold standard. But you can evaluate how your coronaries are by repeat nuclear stress testing periodically. We do cardiac evaluations on 50 plus year olds in the US routinely as part of a WELLNESS check. I'm glad you are better
Maybe we can talk medicine, music or astrophysics some time. They all interest me.
Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Tree:
If you hadn't of had sciatica, you wouldn't of knew about your heart, thank.the sciatica. Take care Mr May🌹
snɹןɐʍ ǝɥʇ ɯɐ ı
snɹןɐʍ ǝɥʇ ɯɐ ı:
Sadly the affects that pain has on the mind is hardly ever discussed in the doctors office. It can lead to emotional agony that is worse than the physical pain itself. I know I have been under duress of such pain in the past. Mouth and tooth pain I cannot tolerate, or foot pain i.e. ingrown toenails EEEK! I have been in pain to the point where Shock was beginning to set in and that’s no fun. It’s best to seek out an understanding provider, mine happens to specialize in mental health as well as Allopathy which is a plus. I hope you’re doing better and btw thank you for all that you have been doing since the Covid hit the scene. You’ve been a tremendous help to thousands of people and I thank you for it. Cheers
David Piper
David Piper:
Scary stuff, if we are honest with each other getting old is not a lot of fun, all the best for the future,
Sarah North Wales
Sarah North Wales:
"If you're not bored by now...".
What!!!! your Brain frickin May I will listen to you 24/7. 365 and have a concern. Don't care if the video was 7 hours 33 mins if you talk I listen, we listen, the world listens.

So congratulations stay safe no marathons or anything strenuous.
Paolo Gagliardi
Paolo Gagliardi:
Brian you are not allowed to go anywhere. Like Freddie said once: "we're gonna stay together until we f××××g die!". And this is exactly what we will do, still for a very very long time! Say ok please?
Mishka Town
Mishka Town:
How could we ever be bored? Brain May The Myth, The Man,The Legend. Glad to hear you are on the mend and doing well.
sue mount
sue mount:
Christ you’ve been through the mill a bit, glad they found the heart thing and got you sorted. Pain does your head in for sure, fantastic your on the mend onwards and upwards and all that much love to you and Anita
Craig VR
Craig VR:
Glad you're on the mend. You've had a proper shit year. But it'll hopefully give you better health in the near future.

I love stereoscopic photos by the way
Ian Eckstein
Ian Eckstein:
Cripes!!!! We, all of us, who have been touched by your life's work in various ways are so grateful that you've come out of this seemingly well and happy. Sometimes a crisis is a blessing in disguise and yours seems to have been exactly that. All the best for continued strength and recovery.
barb kafilmout
barb kafilmout:
Pain has an incredible effect on anyone. Sorry and glad you’re on the mend
Pippa Smith
Pippa Smith:
Bizarre gardening accident was how Spinal Tap lost one of their drummers
Richard Gerson
Richard Gerson:
So glad you’re feeling better! May you feel the love of all your fans.
Domine Wimbury
Domine Wimbury:
Bet John and Roger are so glad. Especially John bless him, as he lost his father due to a heart attack in 1963 aged only 44. 😭💙
nikita balan
nikita balan:
I can never be bored listening to the one and only Brian May
Steven price
Steven price:
I’m 45 and had sciatica recently, truly awful. Passed out with the pain by day three. Even codeine didn’t help. Keeping moving is the key, as much As you can .
Sue Zoo
Sue Zoo:
When I read "Dr. Brian May had a heart attack", I think I literally stopped breathing for a moment. What a scare!
Please make sure Roger gets checked out soon too!
Living with moderate to severe pain. I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 18 [58 now]. It mainly affects my fingers and toes but I've also got weird, as in not usual, joint involvement. My sacroiliac joints are very involved. Up to about 15 years ago, medical science deemed these joints to be not 'real' joints but then they learned that they are. They do have and are subject to synovial involvement. As you've no doubt learned recently, sciatic nerve pain terminating from this area is a real thing. It's a snowball effect including Fibromyalgia "knots".
The joints get inflamed so the muscles surrounding the joints move to protect the painful area. Which leads to fatigue and knot build up in the muscles. Then the muscles surrounding the first muscles get in the act to protect the first set of muscles and outward the ripples go.
Soon enough, if you're not vigilant with physio everything between the waistline to the knees can seize up and the pain is indescribable.
I've yet to find the words to adequately describe the pain. The closest I've come is to do some mixed media art that has a nucleus that looks like a glowing ember in a fire with ripples of ever greater pain surrounding it. Lots of texture paste ripple build-up and lots of dark reds and oranges lessening to a deep yellow. By the time we work out to a nice sun-glow yellow, the pain is tolerable.
I live with daily pain as manageable between 5 and 6 out of 10. When it escalates to 8, I'm in bed listening to the TV or music for distraction. The days that the pain is 9 or 10 I'm literally out of my mind.
Glad you're back. You'll never know how much you mean to people. When I'm in my down periods, I default to Queen music. Hubby has walked into my room, heard Queen and remarked "Having a bad day are we?". One thing I do a lot is to concentrate very hard to see if I can pick out the individual voices when Freddie or Adam aren't singing. That is how I get through some of my worst pain, listening for you or Roger singing. LOL
Starduster*RE In Motion
Starduster*RE In Motion:
Pain is awful. I Hope all gets better for you and be Blessed more. Thumbs up. ♥
Merran Thompson
Merran Thompson:
Kazil Ziya
Kazil Ziya:
I'm 67yrs old and have learned that aging isn't for the faint hearted. Peace
My opinion: If you take vitamin C four times a day (because it only stays in your body for about 3 to 3.5 hours) it will reduce the inflammation. I had inflamed the disc in my lumbar and it felt like lightning bolts were shooting around my hips. The disc bulged and hit the sciatic nerve and I had pain all the way down to the arch of my foot. Vitamin C was the main thing that made it better. I used a cold pack as well. It is amazing what a difference vitamin C made for me. I hope it can help you too.
Anastasio Garcia
Anastasio Garcia:
Glad to see you doing good. Stay safe and healthy, the show must go on.
Miguel Angel Castillo
Miguel Angel Castillo:
Get well Brian, we need people like around, aesthetic, artistic people, god bless you Brian!!!
Nancy Aguilar
Nancy Aguilar:
Take care brian, we need your vitality as you did with queen.
Psychic Scorpion
Psychic Scorpion:
Brian, being that I'm a cardiac nurse by profession, I'm so thankful that you were treated rapidly and skillfully. I remember when we use to have to prep patients for cardiac cath, or angiogram as you say, by shaving the groin for wire insertion. Prior to changing to radial angiogram, patients use to have to lay flat for hours following the procedure, and it was excruciatingly painful, especially for the patients with lumbar spine and sciatic nerve issues. Bless your heart, literally, I'm so glad you made the choice to have stents placed. I understand that you're a very fit man, however, sometimes genetics can play a part in arterial plaque/high cholesterol. It's just like everything in life, even though a person thinks they're doing everything right, sometimes all can go wrong. You've made it, you're aware of it, and you'll live on to make great music, just remember, stress causes high cholesterol too, so relax lol. Oh, and if you ever need a great cardiac nurse, I'm willing to travel, and I have great references lol. Stay safe and healthy, and let the beat ♥️ go on. RIP Freddie 💛💜💛💜💛
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison:
Also when I was growing up I used to see you and Roger sometimes coming out of his house he had at the time in Barnes (around 1974/75) I worked in the wine bar at the end of the road (long gone now) Pick of the Bunch I never wanted to stop you and ask for an autograph as it seemed rude and you always looked in a hurry, after Roger moved his sister used to come in the wine bar a lot (She moved into his house I think) she was a nice lady, I saw you at the Barnes fair one year we were there selling flower pots and by coincidence considering what you have been talking about I did my bank in picking up my son in some twisted sort of way I didn’t want to bother you then as you were with your family (you were pushing a push chair) and the last time I saw you was in the early 90’s I think (may have been a bit earlier or later) at the Garden Centre (also now gone) not sure if it came under Hounslow or Feltham but you were with what looked like your parents so definitely didn’t want to bother you. I’m getting on now (63) I’m hoping I get one more shot at seeing you before I go and can ask for that autograph! Take care & thank you for the last 46 years of brilliant music both on record and live!
Prayers for you Brian! May you be blessed with love and kindness every day!
Tim Webb
Tim Webb:
"...In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind....."
Job 12. 10.
More important than getting one's heart checked physically, is getting it checked spiritually.
"And as it is given unto man once to die, but after this, the Judgement."
There is an eternity to come - where will you spend it?
"In His Presence is fullness of joy; at His right hand, pleasures for ever more."
The passage from death to life is an extremely simple process, and it can be done by your bedside, and on your knees before the great Creator of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Joe Perryman80
Joe Perryman80:
Covid 19 is bad enough in 2020, hearing you, Brian, had a heart attack made my heart stop. I said "God no. we still need him alive." I am so glad you are doing so much better. The world still needs you. You have more concerts to play, you are so loved. You are a great and humble man. I had sciatica I went through three chiropractors, a lot ice and heat. The one thing really helped me, which I recommend is acupuncture, that helped me more than anything else. Stay safe Brian sending you my prayers.
Julián Avella Romero
Julián Avella Romero:
I love you, beautiful man, and I wish for your heart to beat to the rythm of rock and roll another 40 years.
Linda Mighton
Linda Mighton:
From the moment I was born queen was in my life. And I have and always been the biggest fan, of my generation at least lol. I could listen to you and the rest of the bank talk for hours and hours, so please don't worry about having a long or "boring" message ❣ I'm very elated to hear that you are feeling better and have gotten the care you needed❣❣ So congratulations on your recovery 😊 And take care of yourself 😊 May God bless you always 🙏
mike aspinall
mike aspinall:
wow Brian, i can feel the pain you have been going through in your back......
ive had it for over 6 years, i have spineabiffida Oculta.... its like tooth pain but in your back and legs
it's really painfull i use morphine for my pain. but it numbs me most of the day. not ideal so i switched to
CBD and maybe a bit of THC.... it works better and dose not dope you up as much as morphine....
im glad your better with your heart as well your my hero and ive been following you since the begining from smile to queen to now.
keep positive and i think we are all in the same place when we get to the later years. your mind says yes but some times your body says no.
congrats on your recovery. i hope your and you near and far family have many more tears to come
"Bizare gardening accident" is funny because that's how one of Spinal Tap's drummers died. Classic, if you love the movie. And yeah, sciatica is a nightmare and may never fully go away.
I'm so glad that you're still with us. Be well
I only wish insurance would pay for a screening angiogram, or something similar. Not sure how it works anywhere out of the US.
This is truly an eye opening story, Brian. I’ll be 67 soon, and am at that autumn part of life, as well. Much love and thanks. 💕🙏🏽
Fiona Stewart
Fiona Stewart:
Oh bless you, I had sciatica last year, absolutely awful, I kept thinking, who cries from a intense pain in your bum! So, I feel your pain. On the heart side, thank goodness you got it sorted, getting old is no fun.
Jörg Britsch
Jörg Britsch:
When you are in that pain, you are no more yourself! Glad that you made it anyway... as everyone who survived it! When I had my brainstroke 12 years ago, somebody told me that I need to accept it. Much more than this, I feel the urge to inform everyone of my mates at our certain age: Don't accept the pain! There is a reason why this dreadfull pain submerged! Take it serious, go to the doc, have a qualified intodeep checkup to avoyd any serious harm.
For some more years to Rock'n Roll!

Glad that you and your good-loving wife had been sensitive enough not to accept the "first answer" anyway!
I totally get the pain in the lower back and leg, it is amazing how many of us have it to one degree or another
Marty Zink
Marty Zink:
As you wish. “Congratulations, Brian!” Congrats for surviving the pain from the first misdiagnosis, congrats for finally getting the correct diagnosis, and congratulations to all of us that you survived a heart attack in the midst of it all! You have accomplished so much in your life, and brought happiness to millions of people through your music and charming personality, that it is only fair that you should stick around awhile longer to share your wisdom with us. So many people love and respect you, Bri, and you deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️
Thanks for being alive good sir...

"Who lives forever anyway?" :)
Karen Cartwright
Karen Cartwright:
I'm happy to hear you've come through the heart attack and are back in good heart health. I had my first heart attack at 52 and the second one at 69. I now have 2 stents. I know first hand about sciatica pain as well, but nothing at all to what you've described. I hope you can overcome that problem & feel good again. Good luck to you and God bless!!!
Caleb Larson
Caleb Larson:
I’m sorry to hear that Brian I’m glad you’re recovering well
LadybirD loves
LadybirD loves:
Oh my darlin....I had that hip/butt pain for a whole darn year, after many diagnosis that were complete tosh! 3 MRIs later "severly pinched sciatic nerve!" 😔now on drugs to dull the pain a bit, for the rest of my days😒 My body is highly addicted to them and I rather be off them
Love the angiogram idea make a darn goodpoint with routine checks.
Congrats to your 2nd chance. Don't waste it!
Thank goodness for our NHS 💙
Damian Omalley
Damian Omalley:
Great news Brian take care
Just had the same myself luckily no stent was required
Modern science is amazing
Keep rocking
Keep positive
mj tc
mj tc:
God Bless you Bri!! So glad that they fixed you up in time!! You are an inspiration in so many ways and thank you for your telling us yourself. I got to see Queen at the Tacoma Dome last year and I was in the front of the T of the stage and was so overwhelmed to see you rocking away. I went out an got a Fender Strat as your Big Red One guitars were all sold out. I did get a signed picture of you as well as a miniature of your guitar. So many prayers to you and your health!!
Nikki Huffman
Nikki Huffman:
Thank you, Brian for the update on your progress after your heart procedures. You are an inspiration to us all with your insight into the importance of heart health. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Had plans to see you last August at the Forum in Los Angeles, but unfortunately didn’t happen. Looking forward to your next tour in Los Angeles when you are fully recovered. Blessing to you. 🙏😇
Karolina Kunka
Karolina Kunka:
The news about your health problems were absolutely stressful and I'm so, so glad to hear that it all ended well for you sir ❤ Keep yourself healthy and happy, we love you! 😊
Sean Briscoe
Sean Briscoe:
When I lived in West and East London up until the age of 30, I lived in several locations, Ealing, Acton, Southall, Hounslow, Cranford, Northolt, Middlesex, all near to where Freddie lived in Feltham...

I also lived in The Royal Liberty of Havering Atte Bower, Romford, N/E London, Essex, and St Alban's and Harpenden, Hertfordshire...
Hugh Murray
Hugh Murray:
Bless you, great to hear the true story and a lesson for all
us boys (and girls) heading for the autumn of our lives. Keep on Rockin’
Gail Findlay
Gail Findlay:
Brian - I’ve had the same kind of intense sciatic pain in conjunction with a herniated disk so I can truly relate. I lived on pain medicine for about a month along with physical therapy and then all was well. Glad all is much better for you. I am 80 and have listened to Queen for a long time and am really loving the collaboration with Adam. It’s like I’ve rediscovered Queen! Thank you!
Robert P
Robert P:
BRIAN MAY: I'm so happy that you're doing better!
We need you around for another 50 years (or more).
jerry Parada
jerry Parada:
I’m sorry people can be so disrespectful when all you’ve done is give us great music for the last 40 + years I’m so happy you’re ok now , I’ve been a queen fan since you guys came to America, with Mott , awesome 👍🥁
danadee beachgirl
danadee beachgirl:
Glad you are still here in this world !!

Take care love !!!

Ebony Cameron
Ebony Cameron:
I hear you Bri. I ended up in emergency last Monday unable to walk on absolute agony from my back pain and sciatic pain. I had bedrest for a week and I finally had an MRI today. I am finally starting to come out of my pain ‘fog’ as the same as you I have avoided taking painkillers for so long now. I’m on a course of very strong pain killers and anti inflammatory medication and seeing results. Back to physio on Friday. I’m sorry to hear about your heart issues but I am incredibly greatful you had an excellent team to a great job at getting you back to health. Stay strong and thank you for the music xxxx
Rhye The-Word
Rhye The-Word:
God Bless you Brian and remember rule no. 1 everybody: KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Great to hear your journey, this long and winding road has some nasty junctions. Working through, enduring, loving much and keeping a smile for our loved ones is key. Stay safe 🙏. Gerwyn.
Chris Webber
Chris Webber:
So glad you’re okay. When next you play “Keep Yourself Alive” I think you should dedicate it to the NHS
catherine hutchinson
catherine hutchinson:
Simply love this humble genuine guy . I’m so happy he’s recovering , I was devastated on finding he had a heart attack. Peace Love and Light to you Brian and Anita ❤️🙏x
alyssa joy black black
alyssa joy black black:
Love you Brian!! My nan was the same- low cholesterol, good BP, etc, but a few years ago had a heart attack and after the angiogram found out all 4 arteries were blocked- 3 were 100% blocked and one was 90%- that last one was all that kept her going. She had to have bypass and is fine now at 82..... I'm so glad you didn't have to have the bypass but honestly if my nan vs someone as healthy looking as you- I don't think you need to worry!!
James Mark
James Mark:
Thanks for the "heads Up" Brian about the Angiogram test. I've lead a R&R life style all my life (60 now), and have grown curious about any damage I may have done during the interim, including an occasional tightness in the chest... a project for next week, hands down ! Thanks again Brian - Rock On mate !
Lorrie Miller
Lorrie Miller:
It is wonderful to know you are recuperating and doing well love you Bri❤
I´m so happy to see you are ok, but when you say "i have a small heart attack" i jumped up from my chair😅
Glenn Evans
Glenn Evans:
Very enlightening...I’m 66 and seein u look in decent shape...makes u realize at this stage ...1 day at a time and get to cardiologist for check ups...👍👍👍👍🎸
SteamieWithGlasses 1986RailTVLtd
SteamieWithGlasses 1986RailTVLtd:
What a very touching story, Brian May. :) Having being born with a heart condition myself, it always touches my heart when I hear these stories about various heart conditions. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well now. :) Also, I am a massive Queen fan, ever since childhood. God bless you, Brian May; take care. :)
Si Fi
Si Fi:
SO glad you're doing well now. Injury, sciatica and heart problems. Wow. I heard your son is a physiotherapist, so that must be very helpful. I have sciatica and the pain can be eye watering and debilitating. Things that help are magnesium supplements or epsom salt baths, b vitamins (strange as it may seem) b12 especially for us vegetarians. Also foam rolling, trigger point massage with tennis balls, and the best thing is Alexander Technique which helps everything. But got to get a really good teacher (most aren't great).
Richard Barfield
Richard Barfield:
So glad you to hear that you have taken care of your heart. We all are blessed that you will be around for years to come. We all want you back on the road entertaining us with your Red Special. Queen continues. Brian May continues. Congrats on tackling that head on. #partofyournumber1fanclub
Masters Of Going Faster Racing
Masters Of Going Faster Racing:
Brian so glad they diagnosed this and were able to treat you. God bless you Brian.

I just recently got my own Brian May red special guitar and I bought your book so I could learn all about the original.
Jeez Brian, I felt that right down to my boots and I'm so happy you're on the mend.
Love and best wishes, you're a legend ♥️🙏👍🍻
Kit Hale
Kit Hale:
I understand totally. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, now in remission. You have my sincere sympathy. I know about being "in the pain" and you can't think or talk. ❤
Cat Collector
Cat Collector:
You're in amazing shape so soon after all this! You're going to be with us forever, Dr. May!

Jules Sanchez
Jules Sanchez:
Brian, I am so glad that you’re feeling better ! I can feel your pain, it’s an pain that is impossible to describe, a pinched sciatic nerve in the back. So glad that the dr’s found the other problems also, blessing can come in strange ways !
Im glad that everything is ok now
. Stay safe and healthy. This world needs your music.
mrmusic 248
mrmusic 248:
The Sciatic nerve, when inflamed, can cripple you.
Brian, congratulations on your successful, life-extending surgery.
God Bless you, & QUEEN, and thank you for all the great music.
I commemorated, on 5-26-20, 5 years since I underwent QUINTUPLE bypass surgery, so I know what it's like to feel the kind of gratitude you are feeling.
I wish I could have gotten away with stents, but I was 98% blocked, and bypass was the only option.
Now, my heart, looks like a highway construction zone, with detours going everywhere.
However, I just saw my cardiologist the other day, and got passing grades on my EKG!
Now, last September, as if bypass surgery wasn't enough, I had robotic surgery to remove a cyst on my left kidney, which after biopsy, was proven to be malignant.
So, that just added a lot more gratitude to my attitude by getting ALL the cancer removed.
And, now that my health is good again, I have to defend myself against this enemy that I can't even see.
Stay safe !!!
Hey Brian !
Glad you’re on the mend .
Looking forward to the old Red shouting and screaming ,
bringing your fans back to loving Queen ,
and of course, Brian , being your Friend X
Sir Kayda
Sir Kayda:
Thank you for sharing this very personal experience. You're in mine and many other people's prayers for swift healing, comfort, and peace.

Stay up, cause we love ya. We've got posit-iv-ism to give ya! 😉
Matt Hill
Matt Hill:
The kindest rock star sUper star person I've ever had a compliment from and agree with all, Brian May YOU deserve to be here for many more years. A kind hearted with a NEW heart rocker hUman
!!!! God Bless you!!! Congrats duuuuuuUuuuuude!
Victoria L.
Victoria L.:
Oh! I know what that sciatic pain is like! OMG! Like that wasn’t enough! So sorry you had to go through this, and so glad you’re recovering. Congratulations!
Gina Watts
Gina Watts:
I Brian, I was so shocked when I heard about what happened to you and am so very very happy that you have made such an excellent recovery at least from the stents being put in. I suffered a crushed sciatic nerve and I can totally empathise with you it is an incredibly painful thing to have, mine was so bad my whole leg went completely numb overnight and I ended up on the floor when I got up in the morning to go to work. My GP assured me that the sensation would come back, which it did over a period of months this happened in 96 and I still have a numb side to my left foot to this day.

I do understand also about how difficult it is to deal with the opiates in the pain relief that you are given. My husband, seven years ago when he was just 39, caught a flu like virus after two weeks in bed with an horrendous temperature, blinding headaches - he was admitted to hospital as he had lost his eyesight literally overnight: many other dreadful things went wrong with his body and the nerves all over his body were sending pain messages to his brain, he has had a dreadful existence over the last seven years with no diagnosis as the cause of or what it is that is wrong with him, but a myriad of pain meds prescribed, then meds to deal with the side effects of the pain meds and on and on. Regular appointments to see neurologist ophthalmologist, proctologist, urologist, podiatrist general medicine for pain conductivity testing; the list is endless, my Craig still makes the effort to make me laugh, he tries and succeeds in doing jobs around the house, definitely not cooking though! Even with all the pills and potions he is still in agony and as a young man I hate to see him in so much pain it breaks my heart. I’m not telling you this for sympathy, he’d be very upset if he thought I would do that as he is Avery proud man. In fact I’ve quite forgotten why I’ve rambled on so much mayhap I needed to let you know how very lucky and blessed you have been and despite all the things that have beset us we are both so very glad that you are well. We are both big Queen fans and you have to rock on for at least another 20 years. Be well, be safe be happy. Bright blessings to both you and Anita.
love animals
love animals:
Get well and take care Brian❤️🙏 We all love you❤️✨God bless you❤️🙏 (sorry for my bad English)
Ivan Krippner
Ivan Krippner:
Take care Brian, I too have had the pinched sciatic nerve, so we know the pain. I still listen and enjoy Queen on a daily basis. Greatings from New Zealand.
The Unknown
The Unknown:
It's such a heart-warming feeling to see members of Queen. Farrokh (Freddie) will always and forever be missed. Regards. A Parsi community member
Betty_Ann Jenkins
Betty_Ann Jenkins:
God bless you Brian I also had a angiogram 2years ago they found out my Left side of my heart was not working very well I am on medication for it I was 60 this march and I do understand we have to slow down though I minds think were still young but please take care and be safe💖💖💖
Donna Naples
Donna Naples:
So happy to hear you are healing, just know it is a genuine concern for you, your fans absolutely love you, me included😎. Stay safe.
Mark Andresen
Mark Andresen:
I'm so glad to see you up and fit again. I never realised that what was initially reported in the media so quickly became something even more serious.
Brian Harkness
Brian Harkness:
Brian May, your one of the greatest Rock n Roll guitars ever. Peace be with you and God bless.
M Mercury
M Mercury:
Love you Bri! It hurts me to hear that you were in pain because you don’t deserve to be in pain 🥺. I hope you’re feeling well and getting better! 💕
Jeffrey Schmoldt
Jeffrey Schmoldt:
God bless you Brian. Glad you caught it I also have a stent in artery..take care
O.P. Yates
O.P. Yates:
Glad you made it thru, I’ve had a open heart surgery, quadruple bypass, and have 5 stents in now...feel very lucky, my friend, & keep rocking!
Liz Byrne
Liz Byrne:
Great heads up to us autumnals re: heart health, thanks for reaching out. Liz in Madison, Wisconsin
I have the impression you are a very private person, so thank you for sharing this situation with us and glad you are getting better and better. To your health Brian May! Cheers! Light! Blessings!
Midland Bullet Riders
Midland Bullet Riders:
'Sheer Heart attack' Has a whole new meaning ! Glad to hear you're on the mend Brian.
Bonsai Tree
Bonsai Tree:
I've been listening to Queen since I was little girl I'm now 53 and well up every time I see Freddie , bless him. Music has always been my solace ,Thankyou 🙏🌹☀
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis:
Brian May- so sorry to hear this! I know, too well, what you're going thru. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I've been experiencing the pain you describe, and much more, for almost as long as I've been a Queen fan (20/27) years. I wish you a fast full recovery!
Angela Oehley
Angela Oehley:
God Bless you Brian & glad you’re feeling better. Love you all these years & will continue to listen to Queen forever. 🙏♥️
Maree Whittaker
Maree Whittaker: