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Tune in for the watchalong of Brighton vs Manchester United - our penultimate premier game of the season!

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35 comentarios:

Kameel Sabri
Kameel Sabri:
1:20:58 - 1-0 (you can't really tell they've scored due to an emotionallness reaction)
2:12:08 - 2-0 (again you can't tell, they don't care).
2:20:49 - 3-0.
2:23:00 - 4-0.
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
PURE COMEDY GOLD 😂😂 The Best Saturday Entertainment
Lewis Hill
Lewis Hill:
Celebrating City wins, Spurs draws, praying Liverpool don’t win a quadruple. All whilst we’re wallowing in 6th/7th. We couldn’t be any more in the mud if we tried 😩😩
Northern Migration
Northern Migration:
The passion from these three is about as soulless as the United team workrate 🤦‍♂️
Anyone who calls Varane world class again is a complete idiot. This guy was responsible for madrid's last two exits from the UCL and he has always had mistakes in him. Just because someone has a lot of medals and trophies does not mean they were important to getting them. Others are crap yes but people keep making it seem like he is playing better than the others.
Pain in Diaz
Pain in Diaz:
Burnley and Everton have conceded less goals than Man Utd this season
xxxlh 52
xxxlh 52:
goal 1 1:20:55
goal 2 2:12:05
goal 3 2:20:48
goal 4 2:22:54

''if you dont cry, you laugh''
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
Meme Guy
Meme Guy:
What do you expect. Man Utd played against 2 teams BRIGHTON and HOVE. Not sure why anyone is surprised!
lil bun
lil bun:
Jays Sniff stories are class🤣🤣🤣🤣power to him for kickin drugs though
Wesley Selkridge
Wesley Selkridge:
If I were Ten Hag I'd be on the phone to the best lawyer in Holland tonight begging him to get me out of the Utd contract whatever the cost!
Awais Khan
Awais Khan:
I think Ronaldo should leave after this. It's for his own good. I can't see him get more humiliated because of these noob players.
The seagulls take a massive 💩 on yoonited 🤣
Matt Bonsall
Matt Bonsall:
You need to start talking about Victor Lindelof and how bad he actually is!
Thomas Healey
Thomas Healey:
Ten Hag will leave Amsterdam for Manchester,last about a season,get fired and return to Amsterdam loaded with money
Atirek Bajpai
Atirek Bajpai:
A perfect summary of the current state of this club. Genuine question.
Why did we sack a legend and persecute him for this shite? Rangnick has failed miserably as a manager. Hopefully, his future role at the club will be a massive improvement. Can't wait for the season to end.
Martin Plaska
Martin Plaska:
All the players need to apologize to the fans now, heart breaking this will give anxiety to all the fan
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
What a disgraceful team 😂😂😂 it’s beyond belief how little they care.
Just 1 more game guys.....we can do it😥
u m
u m:
Pretending they don't care but you know it's eating them up inside hahaha
J Anda
J Anda:
He cried because he scored his first Premier League goal, and yes, it was against "We're Man United!" (as you lot keep bleating whenever a result doesn't go your way or your not challenging for the title every fookin' year).
Harry Jones
Harry Jones:
i swear i actually get annoyed watching u bc of how much interests/humour cross over there is and yet my friendship group who share similar level hasnt expanded since we left school n were 30 now
King Junglebob
King Junglebob:
Wow! How shit are we?
Yon H
Yon H:
Jay "J'kno wat i meen" Motty
Paul Brown
Paul Brown:
Didn't see the game, was there only 4 United players on the pitch?.....the fuck.
Ronaldo Trevino Basson
Ronaldo Trevino Basson:
weakest team in premier league
Gilang Ramanda
Gilang Ramanda:
Lahhhhh, tim kita kenapa gessss ya
lil bun
lil bun:
Doorman think they are fed
Give it giggsey…..
El Jingo
El Jingo:
Andy Tate going on about pogba wtf is he on about.
Jonas Filberg
Jonas Filberg:
Azhar Abrahman
Azhar Abrahman:
United defend must sell next season. No one in defend can safe all must go please....go away..
Chris Faers
Chris Faers:
Regardless of whoever anyone supports, you lot a genuinely a bunch of horrible, bitter, entitled "football fans" with spite double-standards oozing out of your every pore. From skimming through, the fella in the middle seems at least somewhat objective and fair.

Quick for instance, when you tear into Cucurella after the second goal - 2:12:30

I love the obsession they have with AFTV & Arsenal... and they have the balls to tell Cucurella to get a life for getting emotional after scoring his first PL goal?! That's the dream!! He's living the dream!!!
This Utd team is ruining these videos for me. As a Liverpool fan is was much more fun when you had a bit of hope only for it to be cruelly dashed, but Utd are just so shit that all hope has gone and it’s now just a bit sad to watch. All jokes aside though boys, I actually still enjoy watching and listening to you guys.