British Grand Prix Practice Report F1 2020

The Formula 1 2020 season is here! Today we analyse the F1 2020 British Grand Prix Practice sessions, taking a look at the timesheet as well as all the highlights and incidents from both FP1 and 2. With Hamilton now a 6 time champion, can Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel challenge even closer this year?

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77 comentarios:

I feel like F1 should sponsor YouTube channels like this one. You guys make me excited for and engaged in the sport and you guys always are positive about the sport because you genuinely love it, so you drown out the negative voices about how the sport is dead.
Gaming Jesus
Gaming Jesus:
The softs are shocking and considering they're the mediums next week that'll be great!
JC Sieger
JC Sieger:
Stroll's career is on the upswing big time at the moment. Just watch him gaining experience at the front and as soon as he learns to be more confident in overtaking, he will start to challenge anyone and they will respect him more. I think now that most people can't believe that he is that good. 21 years old by the way and in a great car at the moment
Honestly Lance gets too much hate. He has really been delivering lately
As soon as Red bull gets their aero problem sorted out, they will be closer to Mercedes.. And they will get it figured out. Domination is never a good thing for F1
Chase Parker
Chase Parker:
Latifi just looks completely of the pace now like he ever was though
Rohit Chhetri
Rohit Chhetri:
Love ur content but there seems to be lack of information with max/grosjean incident. U should check grosjean radio, the engineer definitely called that max is coming but it was a mistake on romains part.
Hope to see Alex on the podium.
Lompster Manfish
Lompster Manfish:
Go Stroll!
Yay I was waiting for this!
On Ferrari it looked good from Charles, yes its practice but I was not expecting anywhere near P4 this weekend. As for Seb, reliability meant no FP1 and missed quite a bit of FP2 due to red flag/issue. Just doesnt seem like he's up to speed like he was in Hungary. I hope he can improve and get on Charles' level tomorrow.
If vettal replace sergio for this weekend and didnt drive rest of the year, then also he has a good chance to end up with more points rather than whole season with ferrari...
Having no intro is the way to go! Big fan of getting right into it.

Also, listening to Romain's radio, his team did tell him max was pushing, and Romain seemed to not hear it or ignore it. Weird.
Lmao never thought I’d hear someone call Red Bull or Ferrari a midfield team
Racing Point have been strong in the practice for each race weekend but only once were able to maintain the pace in the qualifying and race
Bob DeVreeze
Bob DeVreeze:
FP2 is done Lance Stroll wins ....nothing....just practice.... 2 observations... The press need to shut up and let Alex Albon drive.. Red Bull did not get it right far more than he has been wrong. Seb Vettel is showing why in a high profile team like Ferrari should part company with a driver immediately. Seb is a lame duck in a car that is entirely for Leclerc. and that car is not working.. Vettel cant help much.
Oscar Egbogu
Oscar Egbogu:
Commentators are so condescending towards Lance Stroll. Hope he shows em this weekend.
Not a fan of lance stroll.but now I am .me pairing with lance will do great things.....
sarif samudra
sarif samudra:
The only team now in the grid to defeat team Mercedes is the Mercedes itself

Black Mercedes Vs Pink Mercedes
Aditya Akula
Aditya Akula:
Hulk winning his first podium this weekend , dive bomb Danny Ric after damage in Lap 1 would be poetic
Thanks so much for your efforts. I missed quite a bit of today...and appreciate your Practice Review.
Canadians bookending the field in FP2.
Nexu Jin
Nexu Jin:
Aerial footages, not sure how you got them. But lovely.
Brandon Holland
Brandon Holland:
Went through like 8 videos before I found this great video now subscribed!!
Rudresh Prabhakaran
Rudresh Prabhakaran:
Mate I love ur content!! #road1mill
Joe Pidcock
Joe Pidcock:
11:57 why does the Renault nose look so wonky 😂
Ever Green
Ever Green:
the ERA OF STROLL has begun
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson:
Could you maybe use a more contrasting pink compared to the Red Bull's colour please? I'm colour blind with certain colours, so it would be appreciated. It's not too big of an issue because I know who drives for who, so not too necessary, but it's just a small thing.
Big Mutha Focker
Big Mutha Focker:
Can you lower the volume of your music when your speaking. It was loud and distracting during the introduction.
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson:
14 seconds ago pOg
Kunal _
Kunal _:
Now I started to respect Stroll. Even if he didn't finished on top he always manages to stay out of trouble and bring home some points
Slap a like? U davie504 now?
I thought F1 said that we'd hear a ruling on the Tracing Point before this race???? Crickets???
Stroll doing well might just justify seb replacing checo
Jose Portillo
Jose Portillo:
Idk what happened to Latifi lmao
13 cars within 1 second
Diego Souza
Diego Souza:
Can someone tell me why to even bother with FP rankings? Of course we can get an overall idea of what's going to happen, but it's not reliable information really.
Safwan Khan
Safwan Khan:
Interesting tactics from the Ferrari boys on sebs car lol
We Mad Bros
We Mad Bros:
These are such great videos
hola, que tal
hola, que tal:
Vettel's brake pedal was getting all loosey goosey

Like if you are a legend and recognise the reference
HnDrx X
HnDrx X:
Wow what a good channel to follow if you are interesed in F1
Simono Ono
Simono Ono:
your preview video is unavailable to watch
Stephen Kemp
Stephen Kemp:
Dan, what’s the song you use in the intro? Keeps getting stuck in my head after every video
Clark S.
Clark S.:
Another good opportunity for RB mechanics to show their speed! Surprised that Albon didn't come back out at the end of fp2 😁
Shaam Niyas
Shaam Niyas:
so early that Ferrari were still competing for podiums
Can we put to rest the idea that Vettel is an upgrade to Checo or Lance? Vettel has no hunger or joy left in racing he just wants that big F1 contact. He can go to Formula E and make almost as much so let him do that Racing Point.
thelegendgaming nl
thelegendgaming nl:
Max gets blocked every weekend first latifi in austria and hungary and now grosjean in silverstone
Chase Parker
Chase Parker:
Verstapen time in fp2 was on mediums not softs that’s why it looks so off
On team radio Grosjean was told about Max closing in on a hot lap....
He just imagined he heard the engineer say slow lap. CLASSIC RO-GRO!!
Kyle T. Gomez
Kyle T. Gomez:
Ever going to have any Video it's like Pictures with Words No Interaction very blaaaaaaaah
Nicholas Galea
Nicholas Galea:
What happened to your weekend preview? :((
Question. Grosjean held up Verstappen. As a "revenge" Verstappen held up Grosjean. That is intended. Why no penalty or even stewards inquiry?? I remember Alonso Hungary 2006 free practice getting a penalty in qualifying for "revenge" holding up Doornbos.

So what's up with the stewards these days?
Dean Thomas
Dean Thomas:
Not sure what you're talking about regarding Haas radio. You can listen to the onboard audio for the Verstappen incident here and his engineer is constantly calling out the position of cars and deltas (including Max). Grosjean just made a mistake.
Esther McKenna
Esther McKenna:
Why do I have a feeling Lewis and Alex are gonna lock horns again this weekend..
If Hulkenberg is on the podium, how does Stroll get best-of-the-rest?
Leclerc not bad in P5 and P4 but it’s practice and Nico is doing quite well, tracing point should consider him in 2021
David Morris
David Morris:
Business not a sport
Andres Umaña
Andres Umaña:
Lot of people give the boy Lance a bad wrap cus he the son of the guy who bought the team but all he needed was a strong car to show his shine
mieke decock
mieke decock:
they say they want it closer they let the black arrows have a new systeem , they let racing point copy a championship winning car , very vlose guys

feels like they favering the mercs since 2014 its a joke
Imagine Hulkenberg gets a podium this weekend!!
Tim Vernak
Tim Vernak:
Not saying it's realistic, but I want to see hulk on the podium so bad
Andre Nathan
Andre Nathan:
I really think hulk will be at least +0.5 off stroll's pace both qualifying and race, he is not used to the car and hes been away for longer than any other drivers
Henry O'Boyle
Henry O'Boyle:
My Perez for podium prediction aged really well, but if hulk gets a podium that CAR would have still gotten a podium, so I could still be right 😂😂
Chase Parker
Chase Parker:
I think for the first retirement you should just put Honda engine as it’s pretty unreliable
Wout Melis
Wout Melis:
Max Brink
Max Brink:
I would love a British Grand Slam Winning both F1 and F2 races with Lewis and Ilott or Aitken that would be cool. Thanks dan this made my day really good content as always 👍
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson:
It only practice it doesn't matter if there 14th they are only testing things out. But I do think Bottas will get Pole Hamilton 2nd max maybe 3rd.
Chase Parker
Chase Parker:
The alpha tauri don’t look terrible this week being a little closer to the mid feild and farther away from the back 3. They are kinda in the middle of nowhere though as they ussally run in the middle of nowhere even in the race.It does seem like the alpha tauri does go really well with harder tyres then others
1000th view belongs to me😃
Okay my predictions Pole : Hamilton, front row Bottas. Sorry but I can't see anything else being very likely. Biggest shock : Is it still a big shock to say both Ferrari's out in Q2? I think the Mercedes proper & copy for first two rows; McLaren I reckon will get both cars though into the top 10 as well as the RBR cars which Albon better do for his sake and also the Renaults I'm hoping both up there too esp Danny Ric. So yeah, no Ferraris in Q3. Race, well, Hamilton winning over Bottas and I'm going to hope Hulkenberg at last getting his podium in 3rd. He deserves one. First retirement - Hhmm.. might go out on a limb & suggest there won't be any retirements so how does that work for this category? DotD : Danny Ric or Hulk, Best of the rest Hulk if Tracingpoint still counts as the rest otherwise Danny Ric hopefully! :-)
Will Bennett
Will Bennett:
I knew you’d say nico hulkenberg that that in the order
If Hulkenberg performs well this weekend and Albon is poor, will Red Bull be looking at him to Finish the year?
Can we stop praising a team that literally copied their way to the top of the grid.... regarding Haas team, their a bunch of losers that want to spoil the party cause they are not good enough....
So Lewis is 0.1 seconds better than Lance......oke.....🙄
Jerre Mii
Jerre Mii:
There are backroom rumours Perez got infected with Covid-19 by a unknown guy who entered his crew (organized by Lawrence Stroll).
Is latifi bringing in his own sponsorship ? Otherwise what is the point of not having kubica there?
County Line Games
County Line Games:
I genuinely believe that this will be one of the only races Mercedes doesnt win