Britney Spears Is MARRIED!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are officially married! The two tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their home in Thousand Oaks, CA. A source tells ET, Britney's mom, dad and sister were not invited. Her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, whom she shares with Kevin Federline, also did not attend the wedding.

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I'm so happy for her. After all these years of bad treatments, she deserves to be happy. Congrats!
Melanie Baldwin
Melanie Baldwin:
Congrats Britney & Sam! He has stood by her through it all. So awesome to see her living her best life and enjoying life as she wishes. Get it girl! Cheers to a lifetime of love and friendship!
Kartik Thakur
Kartik Thakur:
I'm so happy for her after what she's been through all these years. She deserves every bit of it. 😊😊
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
Congratulations ❤ she deserves every happiness in the world. Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness and love ❤
The wedding pictures Britney was giving me 2004 vibes. Always looking gorgeous and young. She still looks like she's in her 20s. Congrats to Britney and Sam ♥️
She Absolutely Positively Deserves the
#Fairytale ❤Intimacy is the Best part of the Wedding 💒 and it’s just what they both needed
Jane Pearson
Jane Pearson:
He looks like he loves himself more than anyone else
kitty 1905
kitty 1905:
I’m so happy for them I just hope their love last long.
Aimee Real
Aimee Real:
So happy for her!!! Best wishes to both!🍾🥂💐💍
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Congratulations to the happy couple many many years of happiness, and blessings! We love the privacy, and respect given to the couple it should be that way❤.
Carolyn Gamble
Carolyn Gamble:
I pray they are genuinely happy!!!
Glad o.
Glad o.:
What a relief to see your smile again Britney. I can't wait for your come back. Don't ever give up ok girl. Sam, Sam, Sam take good care of her and yourself. You both deserve to be together. God works in a special way.
Mayra Gonzalez Gonzalez
Mayra Gonzalez Gonzalez:
Yay I’m so happy for her.
Congratulations Britney 🥰🥰🥰
They both look so happy ,congrats to the couple,may their future be filled with happiness and joy!
Paivi Project
Paivi Project:
That is fantastic. Much Love for them both. I hope Sam is the one and true Love for Britney. She deserves all the happiness.
Happy for Sam and Britney! Her sons know they should have attended out of respect for their mom. Their dad's snares must run deep! Britney has supported all of them this entire time. I can't wait until the boys are grown and child support to Federline ends!!
Ihtz Visionaria
Ihtz Visionaria:
So happy for you girl. You’ve been through so much.
Congrats to the gorgeous bride and her handsome husband ♥️
Tina Spelta
Tina Spelta:
So happy for her...she finally has peace in her life....
Tanisha Rangel
Tanisha Rangel:
Congratulations to Brit I’m so happy for her .🥰😘
aisha ali
aisha ali:
Congratulations to both of you ❤. I am happy for both couples.
Youtube Comments
Youtube Comments:
Congrats to them after 4 years its about time and Britney always looking amazing y2k for life.
Britt Albach
Britt Albach:
Finally, she has found someone to truly love her and he is gorgeous ! All the best for Britney and Sam, and her children !
Purple Cow Movement
Purple Cow Movement:
I wish her all the best. I hope she has a good prenup though...he doesn't seem genuine to me. I dunno. I hope I'm wrong
Dexter Moore
Dexter Moore:
It's kind of weird that her sons didn't attend her Wedding. I would think they would want to be there for her.
Suzy smith
Suzy smith:
I believe he truly loves her....all the best for those two!!!
I’m so happy for her! Sam’s a cool dude and hilarious! To a long lasting marriage!
🎊Congratulations 🍾🥂#BritneySpears, 👰‍♀️💍🤵on getting married. - 💐Wishing you all the happiness you can imagine.
TJ :
Congratulations Brittney 💜 you deserve the best love you ♥️💗
Congrats to the two of them!!!! 🍾🥂🥂
Rose M Bentley
Rose M Bentley:
I'm very happy for Britney. Love you Britney❤️
Lisa Stratton
Lisa Stratton:
Sincere question: was Brit speaking with an English accent on purpose? Just a reminder of when she started speaking like that before she went off the deep end. Again, JUST a question. I hope she’s happy and healthy.
She deserve to be happy ❤
fnf mobile also more
fnf mobile also more:
So happy for you guys.
Elizabeth Celestial
Elizabeth Celestial:
Thank God I’m so happy for her ! I think Sam really loves her too! I wish nothing but the best them! 🙏
Tammie wyles
Tammie wyles:
Congratulations to you both.. finally your time.. enjoy every minute and be happy 🍾🌸💗🎉🍾🌸💞
Cynthia Mara
Cynthia Mara:
Congratulations Britney and Sam wish u all the best !!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Margaret Margarita Oloroso
Margaret Margarita Oloroso:
wow I'm so happy with her❤👏😲... best wishes
Loist Robinson
Loist Robinson:
Love Britney! Congratulations!🎊🎉🥂❤🥂🎉🎊 hope finally you have luck in love and all your heart desires come true! 🤞🏾🥰❤
Amanda Hemstreet
Amanda Hemstreet:
Congratulations to you both 👏
Abbie Brown
Abbie Brown:
Congratulations Sam and Brittany 💕💕💕
Michelle A. Sandoval
Michelle A. Sandoval:
Congratulations Britt! 👏🎉 God bless and WE STILL WUV💗 YOU!!!
Tory Black
Tory Black:
Britney I love you, congratulations 🎉
Denise Angela
Denise Angela:
God bless them..that's awesome
They deserve a good life🙏
Michelle C
Michelle C:
Much Happiness to the happy couple! All the best to you.Cuddles from Canada 💋🇬🇧🇨🇦
LYN Will
LYN Will:
Congratulations to the both of them. I want her to be happy. She worked so hard to get her money back from her family.

Please please please tell me you have a prenup in place.
Alienninja 27
Alienninja 27:
she deserves happiness
Soo happy for her
Usomex Martin
Usomex Martin:
Happy for you Brittney👏🏽👏🏽 Go be Happy😊😊😊
👑 Legacy 👑
👑 Legacy 👑:
Get it Brit Gurl!!! 🎉 Congratulations, it's about time for happiness, go be happy with your fine man.
Joe The Lion
Joe The Lion:
He's 28, she's 40. I do hope this is not another romantic blunder 😮
Hello Hart
Hello Hart:
This is a mistake. We will be hearing about it about a year or so from now.
Congratulations!!!!!!!👏 🎊 💐 🥳
Wonderful Congrats wish you happiness and blessings to them and everyone ❤🦋😇
Congratulations Brit 💖
Kk geda
Kk geda:
God bless you Britney
Tea Kvazava
Tea Kvazava:
ბედნიერებას ვუსურვებ წყვილს!💖💖💖
Success by Design
Success by Design:
Congratulations Brittany ❤️✨✨🎉
Dana Mandy
Dana Mandy:
Britney Britney ❤️ Sams a nice guy congratulations 🥳
MI Five
MI Five:
Love you and love to you Brit :)
R.G. Rebecca
R.G. Rebecca:
He loves her. You can tell. I am sad about her kids not going to the wedding though. 😢
Everyone “is happy for her”. I guess. If she likes it, then I love it. Mentally Britney is still stuck in her 20’s, which makes sense since she’s married to a man that’s in his 20’s as well. Unfortunately, we have so many evidences to prove she’s still stuck in her 20’s mentality. I just hope she took the time to rationalize her decisions and actions. Hopefully, someone is at least advising her.
Maybe it’s just me, but I also think it’s telling that her sons did not go to her wedding as well. I just hope Kevin didn’t stop them. I sincerely hope that it was their decision not to go, but it’s still telling. Let’s just hope all goes well in her marriage. Best of luck to Brit and Sam.
So happy for britney ... she needed a break... congratulations
I have a bad feeling about him. Hope she’s happy though
Joyce Bright
Joyce Bright:
Sweet Bee
Sweet Bee:
I hope her husband doesn't down the road take her for all she's got. I hope someday she can reconcile with her family
J. kelly
J. kelly:
Wishing them all the best
Diego Serrano
Diego Serrano:
oh wow this woman hasn't aged a bit! this really took me back to 1999!
Good for her! Let her do whatever she wants!
Melissa May
Melissa May:
So happy for Britney!
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton:
Congratulations Britney Spears and Sam Asghari on their happiness now she is free and now she is happily married.
katherine joseph
katherine joseph:
As long as she's happy🙂🙂
Rose 🌹
Rose 🌹:
Congratulations to them both 🎉🥳 now I hope her hubby can keep her off the internet with her crazy self
Patience Mtetwa
Patience Mtetwa:
Wish britney a happily ever after, so many celebrities are just breaking up like love doesn't exist anymore
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane:
Congratulations to Brittney and her Handsome Groom !
Void_ Duck
Void_ Duck:
Nothing but the best!!!
Yes, a real cute fun wedding, as it’s supposed to be..... but the best „no damn kardashian and Spears family trash“ invited. Enjoyyyyy B&S 👰 🎩 and congratulations , celebrate like there’s no tomorrow 😃🍾🎉🎈
Joyce Johnston
Joyce Johnston:
Hi i hope this guy treats her right i really do she deserves to be happy hope it lasts peace be with them ✌️
Nikki O.
Nikki O.:
The couple's body language looks off to me, but they've known each other for a long time so I hope that means something positive...
She could be the next Family Feud host in honor of Dawson, Combs, Anderson and Harvey
Mel Mel
Mel Mel:
I got a bad feeling about this.
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie:
I hope she enjoys her life now. Her parents and sister should be ashamed of themselves for how they treated her. She has freedom and happiness with Sam.
Lele Murray
Lele Murray:
I love Britney but she’s definitely not sober. I know that look and dark eyeliner from anywhere. Drugs make us look 20 years older. I hope she gets sober and is happy.
There’s a girl on tiktoc that looks just like her maybe 10 years younger she has perfect body arms shape moves just like her
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh:
She deserve to be happy.
Morgan White
Morgan White:
I really hope it works out. I worry for her though, she just got her freedom. Hope he takes good care of her.
Mabel Lynn
Mabel Lynn:
Sam is shady. Has bad intentions.
Congrats Britney
Carole Barbulescu
Carole Barbulescu:
I hope that he will respect you. You have been through so much. Ex-husbands cashing on your fame. Your father trying to control your life. Britney, don't settle for what you think love is. Real love will find you. You'll probably be knee deep in shit on a rainy day. That's when your true love will find you.❤
Diana Smith
Diana Smith:
Britts husband is really gorgeous..she is a lucky lady...wishing them the best.
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams:
Congratulations to both of them! 💝🎉🥳
Hopefully her intruding first ex husband is under a 5150 hold. He's dangerous.
Happy Lucky
Happy Lucky:
Not inviting your family is never an easy choice...they must have really screwed up to spoil her trust... good for you Britney
yOuTuBe uSeR
yOuTuBe uSeR:
I don't think he's he's good for her. I feel like he's using her. I hope I'm wrong.
Dolce A
Dolce A:
Aww. Demi and Ashton 😔😔 I see it coming unfortunately 😕
anyway I'm not going to hold my breath for her marriage lasting so I'll update my comments when it happens
Reyjene Tapia
Reyjene Tapia:
Good everyone deserves to be happy
Karena Andreasen
Karena Andreasen:
She had an English accent talking 💕 funny
Naomi Rhoads
Naomi Rhoads:
Love Brittany…. weird relationship tho? Does Brit have a stylist? Sheesh 💨