Britney Spears - Lucky (Official HD Video)

"Lucky" by Britney Spears
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"She's so lucky, she's a star
But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there's nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night?"

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Roxy Reyes
Roxy Reyes:
This song is the first thing I thought of when I heard her testimony. It literally made me cry to hear what she has been through. I'm praying for you 🙏❤ may you have your peace and happiness.
''Not Yet A Woman'' Britney became a pop goddess, a well-deserved title for a girl who can convey emotions without performing. Today, many of us are in our thirties or more... And we realize the incredible and at the same time inexplicable Britney's beauty. In all her old music videos, she was not only pretty! She was pure! Nothing is more beautiful than a pure soul, especially in a world where nothing makes sense anymore. For my part, Britney's songs are an infinite source of inspiration... Thank you Britney. Thank you for giving me so much strength 💖💖💖
I almost teared up openly in the local supermarket hearing this song today. This song used to be upbeat and happy when I was younger, but now it has finally hit me after not hearing this song in ages. I stand with you Britney and you are amazing. Don’t you ever forget that. ❤️❤️❤️
"If theres nothing missing in my life then why do these tears come at night"

Soul Lyrics 🗻
Soul Lyrics 🗻:
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored ... I swear😊❤❤
this song hits different in 2021
tom sil
tom sil:
Sou apaixonada pela Britney.Naquele auge dos 18 anos todo mundo amava essa menina. Lembro quando pedi para meu pai comprar o primeiro CD. Só tínhamos a mtv. Gostava de tudo mais era apaixonado pela Britney . A maior estrela que o mundo já teve .Um mito. Quem viveu sabe o que foi o fenômeno Britney. E até hoje se ala aparece em uma apresentação ofusca todos os outros artistas. A maior .
Melody QKK Benjamin
Melody QKK Benjamin:
Man,I remember singing this in my room when I was just a teen. Hits different now. <3 Still love her and this song.
S C:
I loved this song so much when it came out, and even as a child I could tell that it was about feeling sad even when others think you are happy, and now as an adult it's that much more powerful. I hope Britney leads a truly full and happy life.
Suellen Redede
Suellen Redede:
arraza Britney:)🤩😍
Rachel Music 93
Rachel Music 93:
We, as society have failed Britney for so many years, this is our moment to reivindicate with her #FreeBritney
Diana Bazan Velasquez
Diana Bazan Velasquez:
Tengo 26 años cuando tenía 4 o 5 añitos ya era fan de Britney me encantaba todas sus canciones y veía sus videos en el DVD, escuchar estas canciones me da nostalgia y recuerdo esa época
Samantha nicole
Samantha nicole:
This song is prophetic this came out in 2000 & 8 years later britney sould have her freedom taken away experiencing this very song the lyrics ring true to her 13 years enslaved in a abusive conservatorship. She is the strongest woman she kept going & kept fighting no matter what. We love you britney
Katie Schofield
Katie Schofield:
This song has always been so close to my heart. I grew up in Park City, Utah and I felt like “Lucky” for years. Thank you Britney for all your amazing work. I’ll always and forever be your biggest fan! Keep your chin up! And I pray for you and the loss of your child in your miscarriage 💖
El Pana Deriva 7
El Pana Deriva 7:
Es un clásico de clásicos de las canciones de carrera de Britney , y son algunas de mis canciones favoritas de Britney ❤
Darren Sok
Darren Sok:
This hits sooooo different after today's hearing. Lucky is and has always been Britney herself.
I remember I did a choreographed dance to this in school with three other girls. We're still friends 20 years later. Every time I hear this song, I think of them.
johanna sevilla
johanna sevilla:
muy bello, siempre me gusto este video de ella
Lisa M
Lisa M:
This performance still gives me goosebumps, the passion in her acting 😭
This is the first song I sang on stage. Forever grateful for her passion in every music she sang.
Cano Manuel Gonzaga
Cano Manuel Gonzaga:
She's the epitome of pop star. Her songs were massive hits and she was all over the radio and tv. Not even Ariana of today could compare.
Thina Dlamini
Thina Dlamini:
This song hits differently now that I'm older. 😢
Jaye Collins
Jaye Collins:
I have heard this song a number of times played on the radio at work, and never knew the lyrics until today. The lyrics were sad and compelling and the song prompted me to watch the music video to the end. Here i am on public transport with tears in my eyes beacuse of a 22 year old song. Well done.
Hino, um dos maiores sucessos do ano 2000. Dá até aquele gostinho de nostalgia
Cringe society
Cringe society:
I love this song....I maybe born after this song was released but I definitely can relate my emotions to it❤️❤️....good song....
This is a story about a girl named Britney.
Sergio Paz
Sergio Paz:
Britney I really admire you and when I have many problems (even depression) I remember that you were strong in the most difficult times. You deserve all the happiness in the world.
Sara Schneider
Sara Schneider:
This song always made me sad when I first listened to it - it was apparent that she was a very lucky but lonely girl....I felt sad for her. It's crazy that 20 years later people are just seeing this. Doesn't make me special or anything but just thought it was so obvious how lonely she was - she also had other songs that were sad.
Layä Yukä Bí
Layä Yukä Bí:
This song brings back so many memories when I was a kid when things weren't as bad as they are now ... Such a beautiful voice Britney ❤️ I stand for you love..
Нико Димитрий Полетаев
Нико Димитрий Полетаев:
These songs unite us all around the world now that we're adults. So happy to see that every kid from before syare the same sentiments. Hi to all the people around the world same age as I am. Our childhood maybe different but our music is the same. ❤️
We’re so sorry Britney, we were too young to understand. BUT WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!!! #freebritney
I'm glad she is strong and endured all of the hardships she encountered in her life.
This is my fave Britney song since I was 12 and I always wondered if it was about her. Listening to it now gives me chills.
Drine Bastet
Drine Bastet:
AAAAAAAH anos depois tô aqui escutando Britney, pq na época eu era troolzona de mais pra aceitar escutar hahahaha
bagaje México
bagaje México:
su sonrisa me da tanta paz!!! simplemente ella es única ya sea en este 2022 o en el 99. marco nuestras vidas y generación , cada etapa y eso pocos artistas lo hacen. aun escucho canciones y lloro de felicidad!!
Милена Александровна
Милена Александровна:
"She's so lucky, she is a star, but she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart..." We love you, Britney. We grew up with your songs. The brightest star forever.
Canal do Lo cão
Canal do Lo cão:
Britney fez parte da minha adolescência. Saudações do Brasil sua linda!. 💖💖💖
I can't believe all the lyrics went over my head as a kid. I just thought it was one of the cathiest songs ever but now I can appreciateit for way more than that. I'm glad my almost one year old likes britney on car rides, she made me appreciate how many great songs britney made when I was 10 or so just being blinded by her beauty
Gilded_ Spark_
Gilded_ Spark_:
This song hits differently nowadays. Love you, Britney. I always support you ❤️💖
Jill Pierson
Jill Pierson:
I started listening to Britney in 1999. I was 6. In now 29 and listen to her old music still 😂
Katila Ferreira
Katila Ferreira:
The only song that truly describes her entire career and life.
Joseph G.
Joseph G.:
Watching this today and thinking about her current and past situations, made me tear up. Sheesh. We love you Britney ❤️
Kelly Morgan
Kelly Morgan:
This is such a master piece of a record . Like the message is amazing . Britney did amazing on this one :)
Amanda Bagley
Amanda Bagley:
I think I could live eternally if I could listen to Britney every day
Carlos A.
Carlos A.:
Sorry Britney, we were too young to undestand.
Jasmine H
Jasmine H:
Como eu amo essa mulher💕
Callie Jobe
Callie Jobe:
I was obsessed with this song when it came out as a kid. 💕
Kotaro Kashima
Kotaro Kashima:
This song always give me goosebumps
Ashley Elizabeth
Ashley Elizabeth:
i've always understood this songs meaning ; crazy no one else seems to have.
this was my favorite song as a child i love brit she's so strong
i Believe in your Galaxy
i Believe in your Galaxy:
This woman deserve all the happiness. I hate how people ruined and kept ruining her, but I admired how strong she was and that's empowering.
The Forsaken One
The Forsaken One:
I had this song on repeat all day back in 2000... I was hooked!
This song used to make me feel sad. I remember it used to be played on every radio station, even the r&b stations.
Watching this now I can't help but think we are lucky she's still with us. Hard to think how this all could have gone. Hell of a fighter!. We love you 💓
Tophats cosmetics
Tophats cosmetics:
As a kid, it was cute. As an adult this hits differently. 💖💔
Chris S
Chris S:
This definitely hits way different after today.
Li Jo
Li Jo:
Still one of my faves...this song is about her.
I can relate 🌹
Alejandra león
Alejandra león:
OMG está canción me llegó al alma, muchos nos sentimos identificados con la letra
Cassio Alteirosa
Cassio Alteirosa:
Absolutely perfect video performance. She is very talented.
Melanie V.
Melanie V.:
I feel like my generation was too young to understand her lyrics in this song. And we now are so truly deeply sorry & seriously just want to hug her. #ImSorryBrittney #FreeBrittney
Ed Lee
Ed Lee:
Amo a esta Britney...mas enfocada y disciplinada...ojala se repotencie y haga una gira mundial....saludos desde Venezuela ...
Lucky Gaye
Lucky Gaye:
Love this song so much and love that she named herself Lucky😩🙌🏾🥰
Dexther Dalican
Dexther Dalican:
This was my first favorite song when I was younger. I'd love to listen to this song again & again.
Paul Jonathan Peters
Paul Jonathan Peters:
It's a catchy tune and it's up there with "Born To Make You Happy". Love Britney!
This song makes me tear up every time I listen to it because she's singing about herself. Glad she is free now, go live your life BRIT BRIT!
Marlon Souza
Marlon Souza:
Trilha sonora perfeita da vida dela.
Cuison Dory
Cuison Dory:
Hands up if your still listening ( July 2022 ) Britney spears songs never gets old.,sweet and innocent pop icon Love from-Philippines- 🇵🇭
Shenal Tharusha
Shenal Tharusha:
She is a Legend forever ♥️
Ilovegifts Ilovegifts
Ilovegifts Ilovegifts:
Perfeita! S2
Britney walked, so your faves could run. She was basically crucified by the media and y'all laughed about it, and now newer artists can defend themselves without being called "crazy" or being mocked. She deserves to be free and the world owes her an apology. #FreeBritney
I love it ❤️
Imagine Britney singing this at that time not realising THIS will be her reality in the years to come.
Peter Hallenbach
Peter Hallenbach:
Jeez... i heard such songs of her when i was young, because i got an crush on her. But over 20 years later i finally understand this song.... it hits different.
KayTee Travels
KayTee Travels:
June 2022 and I'm feeling so nostalgic .. LSS from Britney Spears' songs 💜🧡
I wouldn’t mind if Britney retired, she gave us over 20+ years of pure entertainment and of course timeless music... I just want her to be able to someday be free and live her life FOR HER. Shame on every single predator who took advantage of Her. #FREEBRITNEY
Silvio Antônio
Silvio Antônio:
Magnífica linda
Tang Zul
Tang Zul:
I am a man of 37 with a family and kid but this song brings me back to my school time when I was away from all my current life and things. I am happy to have a family but my time flies away , years change years , but Brit I love and will love u ❤
one of my favorite songs, l was huge fan of Britney Jean spears,of course, before her third album,l am still crazy about her first and second album, and l almost spent all my allowance to support her music and music are still best pop singer since 2000,without the internet!
I love how this song talks about britney and other celebs, how they want a normal life like some of their fans, when their fans want to be “perfect” and famous like them. Be grateful for the little things that are given to you<3
NO ONE can replicate Britney’s stardom.
Yes, Ariana Grande is popular nowadays but not to the level of what Britney achieved.
SHE WAS EVERYTHING. Truly legend and my favorite forever and always.
Davi Monroe Washigton From Rio de Janeiro
Davi Monroe Washigton From Rio de Janeiro:
#BritneySpear. I love this video clip. It makes me very happy!!! #BritneySpear. Eu amo este video clipe. Me faz muito feliz!!!
Mooti_vate Me
Mooti_vate Me:
Thank you for those child hood memories Brit! ❤️❤️❤️😍
Dario De Freitas
Dario De Freitas:
É nostálgica pura 🤗🇧🇷😎😀🇧🇷ela continua sendo a rainha do pop rock nacional brasileiro tem cérebro 🐃🐕🤣🤣
Flor Campo
Flor Campo:
Me da tanta nostalgia escuchar y saber que por fin es libre 😍♥️
The Di'Amore Family
The Di'Amore Family:
Randall Morning
Randall Morning:
2022 yr and i love her music because you can smile to ppl and fool them but at night tears come out
My childhood. ✨ Those tears won't come at night anymore.
Love this Woman…. So proud of her!
Thina Dlamini
Thina Dlamini:
This song hits differently now that I'm older. 😢
Megan Brehm
Megan Brehm:
I was “lucky” enough to meet Britney on her Oops tour when I was 12. She was the sweetest, most genuine person. She is one of the few stars who was never a diva. She deserves the world.
Bernadette Banares
Bernadette Banares:
Love you Britney ❤️
Heremia Teepa-Rawiri
Heremia Teepa-Rawiri:
I love her Hollywood dream girl look it’s beautiful 😍
Rebeca Madrid
Rebeca Madrid:
She was talking about herself. She was telling us what she was going through. Hope she's a lot better now ❤❤❤
Marie Michelle Quintos
Marie Michelle Quintos:
Listening to this song now makes me tear up. I'm 36 now and Britney was the 1st popstar I idolised when I was 14.
Marcos Augusto
Marcos Augusto:
Britney was singing about depression and mental health issues when it wasnt even a thing that people cared like nowadays. If this wasnt she asking for help, saying how she was feeling at the age of 18 while being one of the most famous humam being in the world at that time, I really dont know what it was. And she continued: Not a Girl, Overprotected, Everytime's music video and 2007 came. Britney only needed love, to be listened to and had people around who actually cared for her, and instead she was alone, going through a divorce, depression, being harassed by media and paparazzi, suffering from people's judgement and therefore losing her kids and not a single soul was there for her. Sad, really sad.
How I miss this good old days. I often listen to music from my generation life felt a lot more simple fun and ppl seemed more happy 😞
Sophia Nabi
Sophia Nabi:
I wish Britney spears a good life with lots of love and peace. 💕
Jaime Munoz
Jaime Munoz:
This song deserves 10 Grammy and an Oscar 🥹😝
The princess of my childhood deserves a happily ever after. Congratulations and best wishes, Britney and Sam! 🤴👸