Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Are Engaged

Britney Spears is engaged! The singer revealed on Sunday that she and longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari are engaged after more than four years of dating. The pop singer shared a compilation of videos on Instagram showing off her diamond sparkler with her new fiancé. The ring was designed by Roman Malayev from New York City and he couldn’t be happier to be involved to make the one of a kind ring, according to NBC News.

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diane reid
diane reid:
hope Britney has all her money well protected from Sam and her new lawyer
Jay Velasco
Jay Velasco:
Their relationship really generates hope for those hopeless romantics out there. I'm so happy for them & I hope that their relationship lasts happily ever after.
Ironclad prenup Britney or you have yourself to blame.
Tara Von
Tara Von:
Everyone with their “concerned opinions”, should really keep them to themselves. She’s been with this guy for 5 years now, even though she’s had no rights to her own money, body pr freedom. He stuck it out because obviously he cares and loves her. Sam doesn’t need her money because he’s fully capable of making his own. Not sure why people keep saying this? He proposed to her right now because they are probably excited her father is stepping down from the conservatorship and she can now freely do as she pleases. Seeing as she couldn’t legally get married before. I think he tried to propose awhile back and when she told her family, they had her locked up in a facility. Let’s just support her wishes. People seem to forget, she married K Fed in what 2 months of knowing him? She’s been with Sam for 5 years. No comparison. Let her live her life and be happy.
Laura Baker
Laura Baker:
She kinda looks as if she is off of her meds....
I love Brit and I do wish her and her fiance the best just want her to be well.
Zamzam Khan
Zamzam Khan:
This is the first time i've seen Sam Asghari speaking for an interview. He seems like such a soft-spoken, well-mannered, well put-together, humble, down to earth, confident and self-assured person. I can see why Britney loves him and wants to be with him for the rest of her life. I wish Britney the best and i hope her desire to get married and have kids comes true. I can't wait to see the beautiful mixed babies these two beautiful people have. Sending prayers and positive vibes their way.
Very happy for the both of you! But please have him sign a prenup just in case! Don’t let love consume you! If he loves you enough he’ll do it! 🥺
wendy louise
wendy louise:
This is why she wanted to end the conservatorship.she wanted to get married and have another baby!
Laura P
Laura P:
He just better be nice to her. Too many shady things happen around her. I hope was he's genuine.
Coco Hermoso
Coco Hermoso:
From one opportunist to another here we go again…damn
Future Billionaire
Future Billionaire:
We'll continue to pray for Brittany we have to pray that she's protected from those who seek to harm her.
alicia roosekrans
alicia roosekrans:
Britney looks like a hotmess next to Sam. I hope he's not scamming her.
Original Coffee Lover
Original Coffee Lover:
I wish Brittney and Sam nothing but the best. Hopefully things will work out for her this time🍾🎉🥳💕
Wishing her the very best. May they be happy, in love and the best of friends. Happy news.
She deserves the world, I’m so happy for her 😭❤️‍🔥
Ipek Komurcu
Ipek Komurcu:
Yaay! I'm so happy for Britney! Sam looks like a decent sweet nice man. I hope they live happily ever after <3
Of course, they are engaged. I'm sure that is why her boyfriend was so against the conservatorship...he stands to gain from this marriage. This is definitely a come-up for the personal trainer.
Parduman Kassiedass
Parduman Kassiedass:
While I don't agree with this relationship, and engagement we can only wish her well. I am all about spreading positive vibes. P.K.
Cruzin Condo
Cruzin Condo:
Good luck Britney, wishing you all the best. 👀
Charles P
Charles P:
Just freaking wow, another match made in heaven.
Charlene Searles
Charlene Searles:
I hope this is legit n not him trying to get fame off Britney she needs happiness in her life not some nobody feeding off her fame n her $$$$
Relly Rel
Relly Rel:
Congratulations to them both!!!!! So happy for them! ♥️🙌🏼
Asherlee Downer
Asherlee Downer:
Congrats Britney May God continue to bless you derseve the world ❤️❤️❤️💯❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kay J
Kay J:
Now he will take her down the isle, knock her up FAST and then take all of her money, leaving her in tears! Poor Brit, if Kevin Federline didn't do enough damage to her life!
Putins Cat
Putins Cat:
Saleemah Winters
Saleemah Winters:
I always believed he was the reason behind her father drawing a wedge girl he wants the money there is clearly something still wrong with Brittany just being honest
wallace torrieri
wallace torrieri:
I hope he isnt another Kevin Federline.
Recommend a prenup, I think things will change if and when they do get married, I think Britney needs an older man in his early 40s
So freakin cute together. Happy for Both of them.
Kristina x
Kristina x:
Finally... I am so happy for them 🥰
Nicole Yap
Nicole Yap:
Britney Spears, if you are reading this I want to give you my advice. "Don't get married." Live together and enjoy each other. Look at Goldie Hawn. She never got married and she lives with her boyfriend for so many years. If you get married and things don't work out Sam will get half of everything that you worked so hard for. No need to get married. I wish you and Sam lots of love and happiness together. You are already living together, it's like you're married expect without the contract of marriage.
joyce rosier
joyce rosier:
Congrats !! GOD BLESS YOU AND FAMILY !!! ❤️✝️🙏
Honey Bee
Honey Bee:
Britney get marry and be happy. But DO get that prenup PLEASE. Don’t be gullible 3x
I have a feeling this is going to get expensive......
☀️Aqua Dollz☀️
☀️Aqua Dollz☀️:
Congratulations Britney!!!! ❤️❤️💖💖
Be Happy and start enjoying your life. Stay healthy and safe.
Lizy Latiff
Lizy Latiff:
Finally!!!! She deserves the world!!
Roxanne Harris
Roxanne Harris:
Best of luck. I am happy for them.
ca thy kennedy
ca thy kennedy:
Congrats to both of you 💕
Sophia Gable
Sophia Gable:
So happy for her!
Rhonda Lemley
Rhonda Lemley:
So why did he wait so long oh because she has her money back lol
Brandon Treadwell
Brandon Treadwell:
ooo I guessed it few days ago, I'm ESTATIC! 1st time hear Mr. Asghari, hear duet song coming???? :)
Mandy Weeks
Mandy Weeks:
Brit we love you no matter what you do 😊
Megan Crocker
Megan Crocker:
Iam so, happy for her!! Free Britney!!
wendy louise
wendy louise:
Now this guy is free to s cam her!
Congrats to Britney and Sam😍💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💍!!!!
Aden Shures
Aden Shures:
Haha, flipping the holy Alphabe^Beta grail bird for unlawful carnal knowledge you zer0+1Son=3^*~
Cee Cee Martini
Cee Cee Martini:
Her face looks much lighter and happier!!! Shes lookin like herself now that shes breakin free from them chains that were diminishing her....she always looks great but the past couple of years u could really see how down stressed and tired she look at her!!! Shes lookin relieved rested and less stressed!!! Love u BRIT!! WELCOME BACK BABY!! AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 😘❤🥰🤩🤩🎊🎉🎆😘💯💯💯
wendy louise
wendy louise:
She wasn't fighting to get out of conservator ship for any reason other than wanting to get married and have a baby.the other reasons were the focus so she could get it undone.if she was OK and thought she didn't need to have conservatorship she should've gone and had the medical checkups and done this the right way.
Denise Sherman
Denise Sherman:
Congrats Brit❤️❤️❤️❤️
isela cowen
isela cowen:
Agree now she has her 💰 back
Chef Sproat
Chef Sproat:
So brave showing her beard off to the world.
Scotty Mathieson
Scotty Mathieson:
I love Britney and her boy toy !!!! About time!!!! 5 years is very well established to be taking the next step !!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Mtg Mtg
Mtg Mtg:
Wow this is gonna last. 😏
Damara Jimenez Bustos
Damara Jimenez Bustos:
Si captan el interés verdad??, que birtney fue influenciada por el novio para demandar a su propio padre y ya que ella ni se cuida a sí misma, fácil cayó con un tipo que según la quiere pero su dinero nomas, los padres son quienes más nos conocen y quieren lo mejor para nosotros, ojalá ustedes fans no se hayan equivocado y se arrepientan de tanta campaña en contra del padre de esta muchacha.
Denise Paulsen
Denise Paulsen:
He’s 27. He’s just a kid comparatively. It would be best if the numbers were reversed or he be 47. Best of luck.
Nainesh Modi
Nainesh Modi:
Congrats to her 👍💓
Ana Christine Johnson
Ana Christine Johnson:
@britneyspears I love you baby 💍❣️#patientlywaiting #iHeartBritney
Anna Santa
Anna Santa:
i am really concerned.... seriously .... in one of the court filing the Probate Notes " What are the nature of the "services" provided by Sam Asghari totaling nearly USD $100,000 in disbursements . " meaning Sam had signed a document to be paid from a report of James P Spears conservator of the the state. RESPONSE " The "services " provided by Sam Asghari are the "professional fees" for the Conservatee ( meaning Britney Spears) personal chef at a rate of USD $ 500 and he would be paid for an average 5 times a day per week when he perform the "chef service" to Britney Spears.... this is alarming that meant he was paid to serve Britney acting like a chef .... this is in actual court filing, this Sam guy has been hired by money to "service " Britney. This is not true love, seriously..... I am so concerned for Britney.
These two don’t look compatible to me at all. He is drop dead gorgeous and so much younger, while she is - well, aging!!
Mamuko Ildi
Mamuko Ildi:
The greatest Man in history, had no servants, and yet they called Him Master. He had no degree, and yet they called Him Teacher. He had no medicine, and yet He was called the Healer. He had no armies, and yet kings feared him. He won no military battles, and yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, and yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a grave, and He is alive today. And His name is Jesus Christ in Greek, and in Hebrew Messiah Masía (Messiah)
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For you were made in my image.
Genesis 1:27
In me you live and move and have your being.
Acts 17:28
For you are my offspring.
Acts 17:28
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Rosemary Habib
Rosemary Habib:
Sam is the one for her.
Hes using her
Davide Cortese
Davide Cortese:
Per me lui è un bugiardo 🙈🙏spero che Britney Spears,Non ci ci cascherà di nuovo 🙏😘
Putins Cat
Putins Cat:
Britney: "I need my daddy to stop telling me what to do, so I can get married, have more kids, and buy my hubby a mansion." 5 years later, RIP Britney Spears.
Carlos Augusto
Carlos Augusto:
La Will
La Will:
Mario Lopez can go kick rocks for what he said about Britney and supporting her fake ass team. He supported her conservatorship. Also Sam guy never helped her for all those yrs or asked questions to a lawyer to get information about the conservatorship. Don’t marry that guy. I support Britney but not their relationship also he is getting paid. What boyfriend gets paid from a family.
Manelik Narvaez
Manelik Narvaez:
03 AI
03 AI:
Not even a little
Not even a little:
Hmmmmm. Conservatorship almost over and he has the ring on her finger? Bad timing? I think not. Lock the vault and keep her finances under the governance of the court because she does not have a good track record with the men in her life. I wish her well and hope she gets her act together
He is NOT good news, people are so dumb. He needs to stay away from her life ASAP!
Carmen Santana
Carmen Santana:
All he wants is her money 🤑💰................
Jazzie Sixty
Jazzie Sixty:
Linda Ciolkosz
Linda Ciolkosz:
We fear for Brittany now more than ever. Is she thinking clearly? Out from one cloister and into another. Love can make you dizzy & “rejoices in the truth”. SO MANY HAVE USED HER FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH GAIN. — Just hope she’s not being played by this guy, too, whose 12 years younger, Iranian descent (Muslim?), and has immediate family in Iran, still. Can there be a bridge between Iran & USA? We’d like to be happy for her engagement but are skeptical 🤨 . Truly, as it is nobody’s business, being a public figure in notoriety & fame; Brittany has to remind herself she’s a household name now, people will have opinions. Keep faith in love, & PRAY ITS REAL!
Renee B.
Renee B.:
If you say you’re a Britney Spears fan and you cannot be happy and support her happy relationships and you are not a Britney Spears fan. We need to sit down shut up and go away.

If you think because you have supported her in anyway that you have a right to tell her who she can be with or what she should do you’re no better than Jamie .
Look_at _you_like_looking_at_myself
Look_at _you_like_looking_at_myself:
Jason Allen Alexander IS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF BRITNEYS CHILDREN !!!!!While Kevin was winter 2004-5 Party-ing ,winter 2005-6 "WRESLING" 2TIMES AT SAME TIME .IT was a great setup from very beginning , Why not marry Jason Alexander strait ?. I don't know.
Look_at _you_like_looking_at_myself
Look_at _you_like_looking_at_myself:
Jason Allen Alexander IS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF BRITNEYS CHILDREN !!!!!While Kevin was winter 2004-5 Party-ing ,winter 2005-6 "WRESLING" 2TIMES AT SAME TIME .IT was a great setup from very beginning , Why not marry Jason Alexander strait ?. I don't know.
I don’t know who’s more naive, Britney Spears or her die hard fans.
Prenuptial your cash flow is not for play play Britney
Funny though how sam waited until Britney's dad filed papers to end his conservatorship before he popped the question.
Draco Jensei
Draco Jensei:
Old News Thanks 2021
Marquesa Diablo
Marquesa Diablo:
So childish & cringeworthy how she’s showing off her ring that .. she’s 39 years old .. grow up ! she looks ridiculous and laughable acting like that .. anyways, hope she has a pre nup, the guy is much younger & good looking .. doubt he’ll be with her when she’s older !
محمد عمر
محمد عمر:
Iran bad .
Patricia Lawton
Patricia Lawton:
He screams shady.
Fran Stoker
Fran Stoker:
This is Sara corbello now maybe she'll stop half dressing
Panda Lover
Panda Lover:
He is 27 or 37 ??
Nose Candie
Nose Candie:
Reminds Me Of The Federline Situation When Her People Didnt Approve. The Door To Freedom Approaching for Independence and She Reaffirms She Still Hasn’t Learned Her Lesson. She Can’t Stand On Her Own Two Feet.

To Her This Is A Stunt. An Engagement Announcement Mimicking The Middle Finger For Her Handlers Only Shows She Doesn’t Value The Meaning of Marriage For The 3rd Time. Another Publicity Stunt To Play Victim When It Was Her Ignorance Of Not Realizing She Had Basic Human Rights after 13 Years.

Smh Just Disappear and Live in Peace. Hopefully She Can Do Something meaning for advocacy… but Y’all Knows She stays Lying
Kirby Griffiths
Kirby Griffiths:
Ironic that she’s engaged when the dad drops a conservatorship when her boyfriend was hired by her dad… he is handler… Like you have no idea, so sad for Britney..
Daniella Wade
Daniella Wade:
Camille archambault
Camille archambault:
Charles P
Charles P:
I'm just mentally exhausted. This is non-stop drama.
No Brittney this guy worst than the last deadbeat
Jazzie Sixty
Jazzie Sixty:
Britney acts like she isn't all together there still. Jamie got her eyes on him with her broke ass.