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You tell me you're in love with me
Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me
It's not that I don't want to stay
But every time you come too close I move away

I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me move slow
There's things about me you just have to know

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby, all I need is time

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Okta Widiasa
Okta Widiasa:
Fun fact: this song didn't pop up on your recomendation. Yall did search for this.
joy guillermo
joy guillermo:
"I'm the bully and she's my target, That's how we met"
I'm just listening to this song all day while studying, This is my favorite song of "He's into her"
Mariela Chacon
Mariela Chacon:
I wish this girl could see how she impacted this world.. Praying for you Brittney 🌹
CeS AbE:
People who came here only for Britney can like this comment.
Janella Yel
Janella Yel:
"Im the bully and she's my target, that's how we met"

(edit: Wow ha, andami naman ata nating wattpader HAHAHAHAHHAHA btw mabuhay TAGSEN!!)
Aw the nostalgia. I wanted to be her so bad when I was 15
Phat Fernandez
Phat Fernandez:
Yes, you are not the only one who is watching this during the quarantine.
Maxpein Zin Del Valle-Enrile
Maxpein Zin Del Valle-Enrile:
Who's here because of HE'S INTO HER?

-why guy's cry?
because HE'S INTO HER
Ma.Luissa Cuyco
Ma.Luissa Cuyco:
Dahil to sa Tagsen Potek, di ko na tinigilan, ganto rin ba kayo?

He's Into Her
Samantha Pillejera
Samantha Pillejera:
"I'm the bully and she's my target..... That's how we met." - Deib Lohr Enrile of He's Into Her.
Joevin Catubig
Joevin Catubig:
You tell me you're in love with me
Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me
It's not that I don't wanna stay
But every time you come too close I move away
I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know
Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time
I don't wanna be so shy
Every time that I'm alone I wonder why
Hope that you will wait for me
You'll see that you're the only one for me
I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know
Sometimes I run (sometimes)
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
All I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time
Just hang around and you'll see
There's nowhere I'd rather be
If you love me, trust in me
The way that I trust in you
Sometimes I run (sometimes)
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight (hold you tight)
Treat you right, be with you day and night (day and night)
Sometimes I run (sometimes)
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
All I really want is to hold you tight
Be with you day and night
Sometimes I run, (sometimes) sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Stewart Hatake
Stewart Hatake:
I come here again because I re-read the He's into Her wattpad story for the 4th times. And I imagined my own kind of Taguro dancing this.
Diana Kyazze
Diana Kyazze:
My earliest childhood memory is 0:01 seconds... The background is perfect.
Hamza Maruhom
Hamza Maruhom:
Am forever britney
I remember when o was so young i realy like britney and the body shape of britney like my body shape🤩🤩
Bayasaa Otgoo
Bayasaa Otgoo:
i dont know, why i hate britney songs when i was kid. now, i am 34 years old, her songs are so beautiful
Justin May
Justin May:
Who else has randomly been sucked into listening to old music?
Lakan Tikas
Lakan Tikas:
Maturity is when you're more interested to this kind of genre rather than modern raps full of lust messages 😁
John Alastair Barrion
John Alastair Barrion:
At the moment: Marathon of all britneys songs!
When she was Free, maybe those were the best moment in her life.
Mrs Andy
Mrs Andy:
This brings me right back to my childhood when we all wanted to be like Britney ✨ such a sweet song & memory
Darcy Blinch
Darcy Blinch:
this song is like a warm, comfortable hug
kitty kat
kitty kat:
not here because of "he's into here" or tiktok ! I grew up with Britney! she was big when I was around 15 year's old
Keziah Debbie Anib
Keziah Debbie Anib:
Omo team song of He's into Her story❤️❤️❤️
Rubi Orozco
Rubi Orozco:
I love this song more than I love myself. Is just that sounds so 90's and I love 90's, I tear up everytime I hear it because I wish I was born at that time🥺🥺🥺❤
Janelle Santos
Janelle Santos:
POV: He's Into Her bought you here
She gave her innocence,her beauty,her youth to the world and the world judged her increasingly...She still gives her best till today.
Vanessa Mercedes
Vanessa Mercedes:
She honestly had one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen in my life. Including celebrities and people I know.
**Views be like**

60% - Ordinary People
40% - Jijieras
Damián Longoria
Damián Longoria:
This is the Britney I remember; kids today will never get to experience watching this video on mtv, being 10 and feeling completely in love with her 🥺🌟
Ewa Z
Ewa Z:
I want to go back to 2000's and be young again :(
Antwan Musician channel
Antwan Musician channel:
Grammy brittney spears should of won
1. Best new artist (2000( herself
2. Aoty(2000( bomt
3. Best pop vocal album(2000( bomt
4. Best pop solo performance (2000) sometimes
5. Best r8b performance (2000( ftbombh
6. Aoty(2001( opp i did
7. Best pop vocal album(2003( briyteny
8. Roty(2003( im a salve 4 u
9. Best pop vocal album(2005) in the zone
10. Aoty(2005) in the zone
11. Roty(2005( me again the mysic
12. Best pop vocal album(2006( my progriec
13. Best pop vocal album(2008( balcout
14. Aoty(2008( balck out
15. Best pop vocal albyn(2009( cirus
16. Best pop solo performance (2012
17. Best pop vocal album(2015( brittnye jean
18. Best pop vocal albym(2017( glory
Tamys soares
Tamys soares:
Aqui por causa da Camila e Edu kkk laços de família
Heath N
Heath N:
Britney was an icon for us Millenials. She was one of the first Millennials to break out and it felt like we arrived.
Aziz Darwish
Aziz Darwish:
0% Nudity
0% Bad word
100% Talent
Pablo Estrada
Pablo Estrada:
Who's listening this during quarantine???? :)
britney is literally my girl crush, i’m straight but she just hits different
Jenefer Duerme
Jenefer Duerme:
Who is still listening this beautiful woman this 2020
Emer O'Broin
Emer O'Broin:

3 months ago
Britney is in a conservatorship, which are intended for elderly people with dementia, since 2008. She has not controlled her own medical decisions, been able to drive her car without permission, get married or even pregnant, or vote in that time. She has been legally classified as unable to make decisions. Conservatorship of a person is intended for when someone is no longer able to feed, clothe or bathe themselves.

Yet, just months after being put under the arrangement, her handlers had her releasing an album and embarking on a world tour, The Circus Starring Britney Spears. She has been on multiple world-wide tours, performed a residency in Vegas for over 4 years (worth mentioning there was never a single cancelled show except when she injured her ankle dancing on stage), acted as judge on X factor, and has recorded & produced 4 musical albums while conserved.

Meanwhile, she can legally be denied a phone, internet access, to make calls or emails, or have any visitors without supervision and permission. The conservators can ensure she is watched by 24/7 security she doesn’t choose, and even her children can be only allowed to visit her so long as the conservators are happy with her behaviour.

She has protested this since the beginning when she was held on a 5150 and her father, who Britney says has always been an abusive alcoholic, filed for a temporary conservatorship on the basis that she has dementia. Yes, the same woman touring the world and generating millions of dollars of income every year is legally denied her most basic autonomy because a judge signed off on her father’s claim she has dementia.

The arrangement has since been made permanent & shows no signs of stopping. Judge Brenda Penny has upheld the arrangement while court appointed attorney Samuel Ingham and scummy business manager Lou Taylor have profited from the income generated. Most of the entities involved are under investigation for other abuses of powers and people.

Late 2018, Britney was coming off her 4+ year Vegas residency, looking and performing at an absolute peak. She allegedly started refusing some medications, and so her dad pulled support from her projects and forced her into a mental facility for 3 months against her wishes.

Impersonating Britney, a handler released a statement on her Instagram saying she herself chose to take some time off to help care for her father who was ill. Thats when a paralegal working with a law office overseeing Britney’s conservatorship leaked the truth, that she was forced into a mental health centre. The handlers had to pivot and tell the press her “cocktail of medications becoming ineffective”, they even went as far as to claim she was “near death”, so they had no choice but to commit her against her will. Instagram posts showing her in tip-top shape were deleted, presumably because they couldn’t push their false narriative of her being near death with her feed showing her to be an extraordinarily able-bodied performer with a sound mind.

Britney spoke out in court after being released, though the court has denied her basic human rights and any due process since this charade began long ago. Britney spoke about being forced medications, forced into the facility, and having her children used as pawns, she begged the judge for her freedoms to be reinstated. All her requests were denied.

Ever since Britney spoke up, she seems to have mentally declined at an alarming rate. She has not been seen with her children in many months. Britney now rocks back and forth while speaking in her Instagram videos, her pupils are noticeably dilated, and she behaves nothing like the woman that owned the world before she was put under these controls.

Let’s remember, she is not in charge of her own medical decisions. She does not control her own Instagram page. She has been gaslight, isolated, drugged, stripped of her wealth and children, for over twelve years.

The conservatorship is currently under investigation. Her doctor passed away days before he was due to give his report on her medical care. There have been no other findings presented to the courts from the investigation yet.

Britney is on hiatus from work as a protest against the arrangement. So, the handlers dug out all her old costumes and props, stuck them in an abandoned K-mart, and are charging $60 a head for people to walk through it. The transparent gimmick to milk Britney’s legacy for everything it’s worth with none of the proceeds going to Britney herself, is called Britney The Zone, located in Las Vegas.

Spread the word, public pressure is the only thing that can possibly help unwind this. Copy and paste this comment under every Britney video you watch.

Is Britney Ok?! No!!!
Myber Romero
Myber Romero:
Britney Spears is the princes of pop forever and ever.
This is so 90s... the melody, the colors, the atmosphere, dancing steps, pop pop pop. So cleaner than the music nowadays. I mean.. this is not a musical masterpiece, but I miss those atmospheres. Warm, relaxed, free.

Edit: 4571 likes? Just realized I'm famous... Just kidding 😉 good life everyone from Italy 🇮🇹
Antwan Musician channel
Antwan Musician channel:
Brittney spears no 1 and top 10 she deserves
1. Baby one more time( no 1 for 12 week(10xplarium
2. Somtime( no 1 for 5 weke(8xplatoum
3. Born to make you happy( no 1 for 4 wekr(3xplatoum
4. From the btoom of my broken heart( no 1 for 12 week(9xplatoum
5: Opp i did( no1 for 15 week(10xplarium
6. Luxky( no 1 for 11 wwke(7xplatiim
7. stornger( no 1 for 12 week(8xplatoum
8. im a salve 4 u( no 1 for 16 wwke(10xplarium
9. overpottect( no 1 for 9 wwke(4xplatoum
10. i love rock n roll( no 1 for 5 wwke(3xplatoum
11. me again the music (no 1 for 11 wwek(9xplatoum
12. toxic( no 1 for 9 wwke(5xplatiun
13. eveytine( no 1 for 11 wwke(8xplatoum
14. my progetive( no 1 for 10 wweke(9xplatoum
15. gimmme more( no 1 for 13 wwke(9xplatoum
16. womazier) no 1 for 16 wwek(8xplatoum
17. 3( no 1 for 8 wweek(5xplatiun
18. hold it again me( no 1 for 5 wwkek(3xplatoum
19. work bitch( no 1 for 10 week(9xplatoum
20. make me( no 1 for 5 wwek(8xplatoum
21. s8m) no 1 for 13 week(9xplatoum
22. dont( no 5 for 6 wwke(4xplatoum
23. overpottcet( no 2 for 10 wwek(5xplatiun
24. peruen( no 5 for 3 wekek(3xplatoum
25. mood ring) no 2 for 11 wwekek(5xplatiun
26. boys( no 5 for 3 wwke(2xplatium
27. do smothing( no 2 for 6 wwekek(4xplatoum
28: break the ice( no 2 for 5 wwkek(7xplatiim
29. cirus( no 3 for 5 wwkek(2xplatium
30. radar( no 3 for 6 wwkek(4xplatoum
31. til the world end( no 4 for 3 wwkek(4xplatoum
32. you drive me( no 5 for 6 wwkeke(4xplatoum
33. scream( no 3 for 10 wwkeke(5xplatiun
34. oh lala( no 5 for 6 wwkek(2xplatium
35. slumber party) no 2 for 18 wwkek(11xplatium
He's into her brought me here iloveyouu deibbb.
Gurleen Malhi
Gurleen Malhi:
She is so beautiful. I wish could have born in her era.
Coliee Phineee
Coliee Phineee:
So this was the theme song of He's Into Her
Naina - German Bollywood Dancer
Naina - German Bollywood Dancer:
YouTube is the closest thing we have to a time machine
Antwan Musician channel
Antwan Musician channel:
Icon award she should won
1. 2005( Raidon disney icon award
2. 2005( amas icon award
3. 2009( bbmas icon award
Yenni Wijaya
Yenni Wijaya:
I watched this because I'm a mademoiselle🤭
Janiah Xxx
Janiah Xxx:
I'm not here because of "He's into Her", lol i already knew this song since childhood.
Can we take a minute to appreciate the choreography? its amazing.
Jachelle Organista
Jachelle Organista:
zebian gani
zebian gani:
kesini grgr mmhuillet pas liat tumbnail nya fix inii lagunya.. daan ternyata lagunya enakeeeuu

edit : malu bgt di notice madam, ada yg typooo... aaaakkkk ai lopyu madam kiki, seharian muterin lagu mbak britni wkwk
G13 Jagonap, Ella
G13 Jagonap, Ella:
who's here november 11, 2020? just me? okay AHAHAHAHA LMAOOO
Yujim Arvi
Yujim Arvi:
During my childhood days my neighborhood often play this song, and I don't know the title not until I read HIH. Now I know haha❤️
Felice M
Felice M:
Hayoo jd rame sm mademoiselle 😍🤣
michelle t
michelle t:
Her dad is so evil, to claim she has dementia in order to get conservatory is legit criminal
Manuel de Jesús Graciano Bejaran
Manuel de Jesús Graciano Bejaran:
Endanza 2019 Génesis krystal Graciano bejaran y demi issa y babylove mercado y jenifer rincón Mercedes y osmaily Ortiz Abreu y jeremy Antonio caro y Wilson de los Santos y eury Echávarria petter y wilmer minyety Salomón y darél jose Pérez britney separs sometimes official vídeo hoy hacer que República Dominicana México internacional 2020 mañana britney separs sometimes dirección general de bellas artes escuela nacional de danza endanza
tri_ niiichan
tri_ niiichan:
I always remember TAGSEN whenever i hear this song <3
Toni Keaton
Toni Keaton:
I'm 36 now and this song still makes me smile! #90's
Candra Adi Putra
Candra Adi Putra:
this song released in 1999, feel old yet?
Crystal Fa
Crystal Fa:
I remember this from the last year of the 90
Luvies Love
Luvies Love:
Me: Napadpad dito dahil sa He's Into Her
Antwan Musician channel
Antwan Musician channel:
Her album succes that should of been like
1. Baby one more time( should of debut at no 1 with 778,000 sold in it first week and stay at no 1 on the hot 200 for 15 consecutive week and the top 10 for 80 consecutive week and stay on the hot 200 for 999 consecutive week( it should be 25xplatoum and sold 55 million worldwide
2. Opp i did( shoukd of debut at no 1 with 2 million and stay at no 1 on the hot 200 for 21 wwerk and the top 10 for 81 week and the hot 200 for 900 week( it should be 27xplatoum and sold 52 million worldwide
3. Brittney( shoukd of debut at no 1 with 1.9 million and stay at no 1 for 10 wweek and 59 wwek in the top 10 and 500 week on the hot 200. It should be 19xplatium and sold 35 million worldwide
4. In the zone( Debut at no 1 with 2.5 million and stay at no 1 for 22 week and the top 10 for 82 weerk and the hot 200 fot 555 weerk on the hot 200. It should be 20xplatium and sold 48 million worldwide
5. my progective( Debut at no 1 with 567,000- and stay at no 1 for 9 wwek and the top 10 for 40 werk and the hot 200 for 200 week( it should be 9xplatoum and sold 27 million worldwide
6: blackout ( debut at no 1 with 1 million and stay at no 1 for 15 wwek and thr top 10 for 61 wwek and the hot 200 for 300 week( it shoudk be 16xplatium and sold 32 million worldwide
7. cirus( debut at no 1 with 1.5 million and stay at no 1 for 10 week and the top 10 for 59 weeek and the hot 200 for 250 wwerk( it shoukd br 13xplatium and sold 30 million worldwide
8. female fatlel( debut at no 1 with 1.1 million and stya at no 1 for 12 week and thr top 10 for 50 wwek and the hot 200 for 200 wweej( it shoukd be 9xplatoum and sold 28 million worldwide
9. brittney jean( debut at no 1 with 999,000 and stay at no 1 for 11 wwek and the top 10 for 50 wwer and teh hot 200 for 250 weeek( it shoudk be 11xplatium and sold 25 million worldwide
10. glory( debut at no 1 with 1.7 million and stay at no 1 for 5 wweek and the top 10 for 59 wwek and should still be on the hot 200. It should be 10xplarium and sold 29 million worldwide
Shiela Halili
Shiela Halili:
TagSen ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
S D:
This song is like BSB's 'I Want It That Way' little sister, lol.
Aer Bender
Aer Bender:
Quarantaine days.... i miss these times when britney spears was so huge all over the world and her dancing skill was so untouchable , where backsreet boys was the biggest music boy group that time and NSYNC is 2nd.. where aaron carter was still a superstar and was fine like justine bieber these days.. missing those days..
John tran
John tran:
this song never get old it will alway be the Best
Fawn Mullis
Fawn Mullis:
This is my childhood. I wanted to be just like her. I’ve always looked up to her. 💗
equus quagga quagga
equus quagga quagga:
Don't you just wanna build a time machine and like PROTECT THIS GIRL FROM THE EVILS OF THE WORLD?
chisa tatum
chisa tatum:
This song is for you, steven harrold. From my heart to yours sincerely. Every word in this song is true about me to you. ❤
ILove KinderCards
ILove KinderCards:
80s with 90s and 2000s was the best time for music.
Trust Africa
Trust Africa:
She was supposed to be a female member of westlife or backstreet boys, I love this woman
Jeffrey Estayo Basanes
Jeffrey Estayo Basanes:
Everytime I hear this the childhood atmosphere just goes back.
Mychill Villaber
Mychill Villaber:
listening in January 2020, everyone?
Sam Reich
Sam Reich:
AT **57** I am still fond of Britney Spears.
🇧🇷 Música perfeita saudades melhor época da minha vida...❤️👏👏👏
Dianne Nicole Costales
Dianne Nicole Costales:
You’ll die if I tell you-Maxpein
Taguro taguro taguro ...tsk tsk tsk -Deib
Stop me-Zairnaih
Shut up-Lee
So fetch-Zaimin
I’m hungry-Maxrill
Muriel Sophie Tchos
Muriel Sophie Tchos:
Britney is incredibly beautiful and so talented. It is so sad that she faces all the bad things she is going through
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Spice Girls
S Club 7
Destiny's Child

The late 90s were simply perfect.
Annissa Delacruz
Annissa Delacruz:
I like this song when i read He's Into Her in wattpad now this is my favorite
Tress Braga
Tress Braga:
The wisdom of Britney Spears -- this song still applies to me at 40!
Rhyzel Laxamana
Rhyzel Laxamana:
Always here! He's into her ost.
edneia s
edneia s:
Back💜🌷alegria💖🌷talento💙🌷Love💛🌷paz💝beautiful❤excelente 💟saude💔unity💘🌷
Oh God! Sometimes im still listening Britney, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, etc..
Im 36 years old man and i miss those times. Its a miracle, how music can travel you back in time and bring back those deep feelings what you had that time.
Deib Lohr's heart knows how much he loves Max.
ღnutella chan꧂
ღnutella chan꧂:
Alguém?asindindo em 2020!?
I remember growing up black and my friends used to say I was weird for wanting to be her when I was younger 😩 ... I loved her so much
Susymara brandão
Susymara brandão:
Doce adolescência! Boas lembranças!
Bubble_ Tae
Bubble_ Tae:
Deib: Do you know why a guy cry for his girl?
Max: Why?
Deib: Because He's Into Her 💖
Deib: Do you know why I'm crying right now/
Max: Because you're happy
Deib: Because I'm into you 💖

3 years na ako nag wawattpad pero ito na ang the best na libro ko nabasa at hindi ako magsasawang basahin to paulit ulit 💖💕💕 TAGSEN 💖💕💕✊
💖💕💕 HE"S INTO HER 💖💕💕
Gustavo V
Gustavo V:
Beautiful memories!
BT21 Nunna
BT21 Nunna:
OMG!!! I'm crying!!!

Nostalgia time!!! ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽
Nicole Opiela
Nicole Opiela:
I gave 100 percent in bed always. My own first time.
Aliomar Alves de Oliveira
Aliomar Alves de Oliveira:
Realmente essa e linda ficou na historia .
Jerussa Doctora
Jerussa Doctora:
International Song Listener: "The song sound so good"
Filipino Wattpad Readers: "Omo, Taguro and Sensui, TagSen, Maxi, Max, Maxpein Zin Del Valle, Deib Lohr Enrile, Babe, My BabyBabe, He's into Her" ❤️❤️❤️
Almersam Online
Almersam Online:
Shes so beautifulllllllll. I wanna be born on 90's pleaseeee.
Nayane Morais
Nayane Morais:
Quem ta aqui por laços de família 🤚🏽
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay:
It's November 5th 2020. The election is a mess. Covid is making people crazy. Every year after this, I hope Somebody will cime find Britney, see my comment and be able to comment back to me and say hey, it got better! I hope this goes on for years and years. Talk to you all soon. 💙
Julio Augusto
Julio Augusto:
why does this song make me think of fireworks in new year's eve