Britney Spears speaks out against 'abusive' conservatorship

Britney Spears broke her silence in a court hearing on Wednesday regarding her court-ordered conservatorship that has been in place for nearly 13 years.
Spears requested to address Judge Brenda Penny to speak out about the arrangement. The singer attended the hearing virtually by phone and spoke for more than 20 minutes as she read from prepared notes.
"A lot has happened since two years ago...the last time I was in court," she began. "I haven't been back to court in a long time because I don't think I was heard on any level when I came to court the last time."
She said she felt she had been forced to perform, was given no privacy and was made to use birth control, take medication and attend therapy sessions against her will.
Spears said on Wednesday that she was put on lithium, despite her objections.
"Lithium is a very, very strong [medication] and completely different medication than what I've been on. You can go mentally impaired if you take too much, stay on it longer than five months," Spears said. "I felt drunk. I couldn't even stick up for myself. I couldn't even have a conversation with my mom or dad about anything. I told them I was scared and they had six different nurses come to my home to monitor me while I was on this medication that I didn't want to be on to begin with."

Lithium is commonly used to treat bipolar disorder, which often causes episodes of depression and mania -- a feeling of uncontrolled irritability or excitement. It can also be used to treat depression.
Spears criticized how her family, including her father Jamie Spears, has handled her conservatorship and responded to her concerns about her care.
"My family didn't do a goddam thing," she said. "Anything that happened to me had to be approved by my dad."
Spears' father had been the conservator of her estimated $60 million estate since 2008, along with attorney Andrew Wallet, following a series of personal issues that played out publicly for the singer. Following Wallet's resignation in 2019, Spears had been solely responsible for overseeing her finances until Judge Penny appointed Bessemer Trust in November 2020 to serve as co-conservator.
In response to her remarks, Vivian Thoreen, an attorney for Jamie Spears told CNN, "Mr. Spears loves his daughter and misses her very much."
Britney Spears said she has expressed her frustration about her medical care and management of her career to her dad but that she felt like he "loved" the control he had over her.
"I never had a say in my schedule. They always told me I had to do this," Spears said.
Spears also addressed why she has not brought up these issues on social media.
"I thought I might become happy because I've been in denial." she said. "I've been in shock. I am traumatized. You know, fake it til' you make it. But now I'm telling you the truth, OK. I'm not happy. I can't sleep. I'm so angry it's insane and i'm depressed."
Spears said that she wants to hire an attorney of her choosing, since her current counsel, Samuel Ingham III was court appointed in 2008.
She pleaded with judge to take her concerns seriously.

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100+ comentarios:

13 years is not temporary. She is serving a sentence.
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
selling 10s of millions of albums, making 100s of millions from all those world tours, making another 100s of millions from commercials... She's only got $60 million? ARE YOU FECKING KIDDING ME?
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
The fact that she has an IUD that she legally cannot remove is terrifying. I'm not even sure how that's within the law,since she's an adult woman.
It’s pretty disturbing what they’ve done to her. Human trafficking has many faces....
Her dad is pathetic. Her ex has no issues with her being with their kids. Her father is a leach, plain and simple.
Richard Alevizos
Richard Alevizos:
The judge should be removed and punished for being corrupt.
She’s his daughter not his property.
N L:
Imagine her human rights being completely violated in a country of so-called “freedom and democracy”…🙄️
Kelly Abrego
Kelly Abrego:
She NEVER needed the conservatorship in the first place. It was used to control and exploit
Alisa Johns
Alisa Johns:
So basically her father didn’t want her to have children so the money wouldn’t stop.
Buster Smith
Buster Smith:
The judge that allowed this to happen for 13 years needs to be held accountable as well. Men just took her life from her and told her she couldn’t have babies int he name of money. This is disgusting
Terry Martinez
Terry Martinez:
Her Dad and the Judge are stealing her money. Lock Them Up !!!!!
Narissa Martin
Narissa Martin:
She’s almost 40! After being on all these meds and having IUD for years who knows if she can even have a baby now. They took away her rights! Took away her children! It is wrong! A lot of people have mental illness and have gotten help and have a healthy life with the right supportive people in their life! #freebritney
DB Cooper
DB Cooper:
Dad doesn't want his cash cow to get pregnant.
Cam Vawter
Cam Vawter:
This poor soul. Everyone took advantage of her during the most difficult time in her life. We have ALL been there. We have all had bad moments. She just had dozens of cameras following her every move, she couldn’t even use a public bathroom without 50 people waiting outside and recording it. Once she got her life back on track they should have given her, her life back. But it’s abuse.
Jay Reece
Jay Reece:
Her father and others have literally been syphoning money off of her for 13 years. Disgusting.
She’s is a grown woman and is doing fine. Give her control of her money.
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber:
And people feel wearing a mask is taking away their rights
Aminika Glasco
Aminika Glasco:
The fact that they can force her to get an IUD is very scary. Texas is making abortions illegal. The attack on women is disgusting. Handmaids Tale is getting too real.
Lavender Rose
Lavender Rose:
"She has to prove that she's competent and able" Dude the other panelist just told you about how within a year of the conservatorship Britney was doing the Las Vegas residency, and how she went before the judge and was coherent enough to explain why this is abuse. Sounds pretty competent to me, but why does she have to prove she's competent in order to not be abused?
Lakeshia Barnes
Lakeshia Barnes:
I agreed with Miss. Mamas! She had ONE breakdown! That’s what happens when you’re overworked, targeted, and bothered by the Pap. That’s not a mental illness! Her daddy used that against her, gave her meds that MADE her seen crazy! She never needed it!
Iris Sanders
Iris Sanders:
Her father does not want to end the conversativeship because he is paid a salary to control it....I wouldnt be surprised if he has went through alot of her money
I cannot imagine having an iud in me against my will. 😭
Wow, Mr.Jackson was so dismissive and disrespectful to the documentarian! She may not have a law degree but SHE exposed the truth that lawyers and doctors tried to hide to get a check. She’s not just “a fan” and that was reductive of her role and opinion
Many people have had much worse public meltdowns than Britney Spears did, and they never lost control over all aspects of their lives. This is criminal exploitation and needs to end now.
Joey Jackson sounds like he’s getting paid off and doesn’t understand her pain, I’m glad Samantha stood up to what he said. Can’t take him seriously especially when he says “moneys” lol
Alexia Landa
Alexia Landa:
This whole situation reminds me of that movie "I Care a Lot" on Netflix. Everyone around her including her ex husband are all in it together stealing her money. I dont know how many mental breakdowns I've had in my life from stress and I can't imagine my family trapping me and stealing my money. If anything she needs therapy for trust issues now bc it seems like everyone has betrayed her.
Vasilisa Sproull
Vasilisa Sproull:
Joe Jackson - i get it if you are not a fan, but this is a human being, she has been working and doing everything she was asked to against her will. She doesn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore! She is a human being and what her team has been doing should never be okay.
Bea Vizcarra
Bea Vizcarra:
I think Britney has shown the world that she is a responsible human being. Let her be
East Awesome
East Awesome:
Dad and those lawyers took all the money.

How is she only worth $60Million?
Adrienne Rinehart
Adrienne Rinehart:
The people who would not "allow" her to remove her iud are going straight to HELL! I'm so sick after learning how bad this really is!
This is a disgusting 'handmaidens tale'. Good luck Britney.
América González
América González:
“she needs to demonstrate that she can—“ excuse mME hasnt it been MORE that demonstrated that she is fully capable? With tours residency and other jobs shes been amazing at? She’s already done the so called demonstration. Atp they are just trying to keep her quiet with medication and thats real abuse.
Kimber H
Kimber H:
She has basically been legally trafficked for all these years.
Absolutely disgusting how her dad has made her make money for himself. He belongs in prison with all of those who helped him do that to his daughter!
What they have done is beyond beyond.
Aaron Averheart
Aaron Averheart:
Kobe cut his parents off for a good reason. Greed. Spears parents and killing her pockets for their own interests which is messed up. Free Britney
Sheryl McIver
Sheryl McIver:
Surreal that she’s been dealing with people who control her? She should be able to take control over her life. Good luck Brittany! God bless!
No one gets diagnosed for “sanity”.. it’s they other way around! You don’t have to prove your competence, they have to prove your incompetence! It makes no sense whatsoever. 13 years.. she’s been serving a sentence. It’s heartbreaking.
She’s an adult. This is disgusting what is happening to her.
Incompetent but making 30 million in Vegas?

This flies in the face of common sense.
Emily Trace
Emily Trace:
Joey Jackson really didn't do his research here and it shows. He's framing Samantha Stark as just a 'fan' in his pissy, defensive rebuttal. She directed a documentary about Britney, little guy. She knows exactly how paternalistic your attitude towards this abusive, controlling situation is and she knows way more than you do, clearly.
Acie Wha
Acie Wha:
Let’s put this into perspective shall we—
This never happened to Charlie Sheen _Robert Downey jr or many other men who were terribly addicted and had severe mental health issues.Who spiraled out of control infront of our eyes.
Marlee Rochester
Marlee Rochester:
She never had HER life. Its always belonged to someone else. I know how that feels. I hope she gets to finally live it her way. Reminds me of what they did to women who were independent in the day thought was mental illness. Lock them in the attic for 40 yrs. So wrong.
C B:
I can't stand the rhetoric of this CNN legal analyst gentleman on the panel, he's the kind of oppressive society that has Brittney locked up
Paul Parker
Paul Parker:
Are they gonna STOP saying they have to check if she’s competent INSTEAD OF INVESTIGATING THE ABUSE???
The Holocron
The Holocron:
it's been 13 years. she doesn't need to still "get better." and she shouldn't have to prove anything to anyone to be legally in charge of her own life. Jesus Christ
Zac Stone
Zac Stone:
Let her do her own thing.. she’s not senile let her be her. Looks like her pops is trying to keep his power over her
Catt VG
Catt VG:
The more I hear about it the more absurd this whole situation seems to me! She’s literally a slave… poor woman! Under the spotlight her entire life, being abused right in front of our eyes. And when she broke no one stood up for her! #freeBritney
Chelsea Volcjak
Chelsea Volcjak:
Vasilisa Sproull
Vasilisa Sproull:
The reason this has gone for so long is due to the people she is paying for. They don't want the money train to end, so they keep her in this trap. She is paying for layers on both sides. Her layer has been telling her to keep her mouth shut about it all. The longer they keep hee silent, the longer they stay on her pay roll. She hasn't been able to select her own attorney, so they one she has isn't looking out for her. He is looking out for the team. But they are all being paid by Britney. It's all disgusting and abusive. She doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. She has been working and paying everyone, this has to stop!
Janet Balk
Janet Balk:
They aren’t her team….they’re her “handlers” or “controllers.”
tom Lucero
tom Lucero:
He did it to get paid for taking care of her money, it all about him being able to do what he wants and that's to control the money and to control his daughter
Andres Medina
Andres Medina:
Britney deserves her life back. A lifetime of having to pay millions to others gives her the right to have her voice. Her family screwed her over big time. J JL B
Rob Bert
Rob Bert:
"Your honor, I'd like to bring out my first witness, the Leave Britney Alone guy from 2007"
Lorenzo Britton
Lorenzo Britton:
All falls bk on her Dad he could of easily given bk her life to her thru the courts but he hasn't which is a reflection of his own greed and motivation. He's gonna be held accountable in the end.
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth Gould:
they're afraid to free her bc they know they will be sued for everything they did to her...
Jozie M
Jozie M:
This is Coercive Control, she needs to know this & study it. Of course she had a break down look what they have done to her 🙄 😒.
Helena Elizabeth
Helena Elizabeth:
Mental health issues and/ or alleged drug use isn’t really an excuse for a conservatorship. It was about money, he said “a lot of assets at risk”. This is a person, not a bank. So many people do what she did and worse but have full control over their life
Buster Smith
Buster Smith:
That CNN panelist didn’t like being called out but he had a stupid take. Joey Jackson sounds like the type to take advantage of a woman.
Shelby Hanna
Shelby Hanna:
I hope she gets free and then puts everyone who abused her over the years get put in prison. This is so heartbreaking.
Amanda Duberry
Amanda Duberry:
I've always been heartbroken over what's happened to her. She never deserved any of this, and they need to let her go.
A Day In Mylife
A Day In Mylife:
That's so sad brittany deserves to be happy to be married and have another baby if she wants
Masters of the Universe
Masters of the Universe:
I really hope she sues her father and others once she’s done with this conservatory prison.
C M:
No it was never appropriate. People can be drug addicts without having their rights completely stripped. If that was the case ever trader on Wall Street would be in a conservatorship. This seems so sexist to me. This would never happen to a man in her position.
Daniel Cuffie
Daniel Cuffie:
So why isnt she somewhere with white walls and a straight jacket? OH! Thats right...her Dad just wants to control a 40yr old woman. Set this woman free. So many people are doing WAY WORSE and have free will.
Father is all about greed or she wouldn't have to go to court.
Michael Everett
Michael Everett:
I am heart heartbroken for her. She is a mother who needs to raise her boys and watch them grow up. She's trapped and there's nothing we her fans can do to save her. 💔#FreeBritney
Alberto Moscoso Jr.
Alberto Moscoso Jr.:
At nearly 40 years of age, it had to be exhausting for Britney to have such abusive parents. Time to cut them off.
OMG that male panelist is so petty... how unprofessional.
Jackie Q’s Asmr
Jackie Q’s Asmr:
I wish bad on him for doing this to her and wanting her money more than her as a daughter... this is a prison and we demand her to be free from it
Nishie Nish
Nishie Nish:
Lou M. Taylor must be shaking at the knees, once Britney gets her freedom she’s coming for you
This makes me so sad and ANGRY.
How much money did her father, mother and lawyers steal from her.
Lego K
Lego K:
It's not 'abusive' it's abusive
Edit: also if her mental health/competence wasn't there, why would he have forced her to perform
Miranda M
Miranda M:
This is so frustrating, it’s inconvenient for anyone in her circle to get her off the conservatorship. So no one will help her.
matias franco
matias franco:
I feel like with Samantha help and research Britney will finally be free ❤️
Smoke on the water
Smoke on the water:
Hope she manages to put a stop to the 13 year gravy train she's been forced to support by the courts for the last 13 years.
alejandro acuna
alejandro acuna:
Acie Wha
Acie Wha:
She said she doesn’t even own a bedroom door_ and that she can’t undress without supervision.
This is perverse!
This is also a huge disability rights issue, so let's keep this conversation going!!!
Cassey Ingalls
Cassey Ingalls:
But sure let’s not mention them drugging her and forcing her into rehab multiple times, which she paid for..
SuperGlamFam Vlogs
SuperGlamFam Vlogs:
She’s good enough to work, but not to have her freedom?!?! I hope she gets ownership of her life💕
The male lawyer assuming the judge is right and a woman who is clearly lucid is “incompetent” is just rich...medical and legal patriarchy
Wendy Sybers
Wendy Sybers:
This is so scary. Poor thing, I really hope they sue her lawyer.
Mary Chavez
Mary Chavez:
The father saying I love her most be like a knife in her heart ❤️ Love doesn’t hurt!!!
MO cajrx
MO cajrx:
Thank your “docu” guest for her patience with the other panel member. Many people have issues in their lives that they recover from in less than 13 years and live successfully.
Farm 2016
Farm 2016:
Brittney has been supporting others from the early 90s when disney got there hands on her, been a whirlwind of managed by others all her life. now at 40 its time to let her be.
Bazooka Llama Productions
Bazooka Llama Productions:
right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Marvin Marvin
Marvin Marvin:
She deserves to be heard
Fredric N
Fredric N:
Modern Day slavery!

If anyone with a Bi-polar diagnosis should be under conservation, many successful painters, musicians etc would be locked in!
I hope that Britney brings enough attention to conservatorship that we make changes to how ALL such arrangements are handled, because we have a legal system to steal from elderly, and we needed a figure head we could relate to in order to see it
Mister X
Mister X:
Where are all of the 'Pro-Life' fanatics? Why aren't they outraged by a forced IUD?
Zippy Ustar
Zippy Ustar:
Why go back and talk about ten years ago? If she wants her life regardless if she runs amok or not it’s her choice or is she just a cash cow?
Jess Lovely
Jess Lovely:
No one is perfect and she is competent. A lot more than most people! Absolutely insane and infringes on OUR human rights.
Good for her. Everyone else seems to be enjoying the fruits of her labors. Why can’t she?
Amel L.
Amel L.:
What breaks my heart is that she cried for help publicly (shaving her head which is a sign of being abused) and yet she was the one being punished for it.. It's infuriating.
Good for you Britney! Stay strong!
That legal analyst guy is clearly pro Jamie Spears and doesnt believe Britney should be allowed her freedom. Annoyed the crap out of me listening to him become so defensive... "I'm no Britney Spears fan" um, obviously lol
gillian cn
gillian cn:
Finally y’all covered that
I feel like the dad played dirty legal tricks to keep this going. I don’t understand how this would be allowed to continue for so long otherwise. Although maybe there are things that happened that none of know about like that one man suggested. This whole situation just doesn’t add up. What Britney did was years ago and many celebrities have had mental breakdowns and their rights weren’t taken away.
dj dripfunk
dj dripfunk:
This is slavery. Shame. I hope she gets her due and sues her family!