Britney Spears Wins Right to Hire Own Lawyer | The View

Britney Spears scored a major legal victory on Wednesday when the court ruled that she can hire her own attorney, and she’s calling for her father to be investigated for conservatorship abuse — the co-hosts react.

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Jeanette Schock
Jeanette Schock:
The fact that he's paying his legal fees with HER money is appalling
Ashley Wildflower
Ashley Wildflower:
Her estate went from $260 million to $60 million during this whole conservatorship. Who’s bad with money now since she’s not the one spending it?
TJ Moore
TJ Moore:
Never thought the day would come but I absolutely agree with Meghan.
Justice F. All
Justice F. All:
Britney continues to display she’s a whole lot “Stronger” than people have given her credit for. She made it crystal clear that she wants to start making decisions for herself—and that she wants dad Jamie Spears as far away from her affairs as possible. "GO BRITNEY GO move forward!!"
Steven Kim
Steven Kim:
I cannot believe that she never had the right to hire her own lawyer to begin with. She had to WIN the right. Ugh.
Well, congrats and good news to her nonetheless.
For once I completely 💯% agree with Meghan. 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Amber Rowan
Amber Rowan:
Sunny’s face when giving us the legal updates at the end is classic! 🤣
You know you’re in the wrong when you’ve got most people agreeing with Meghan McCain for once.
gus gus
gus gus:
Finally, she's a grown arse woman. The whole thing sounded a little handmaid's talish to me.
Jacob Van Ness
Jacob Van Ness:
Honestly, loved what Meghan had to say. We really do need to allow her the grace to fully retire if she so chooses.
Alix Patino
Alix Patino:
In this case, Meghan is right. She can make money for her parents, but cannot make basic decisions about her life?
Prachi Gupta
Prachi Gupta:
It simply proves how after 2007 her dancing was so stiff, people really hated on her for the past 13 years saying she is lip syncing and hardly dancing but now finally things are coming to light! This women is incredibly strong, more power to her. @/freebritney hashtag is coming to an end this year! ❤️
Rae Evans
Rae Evans:
If Britney does need a conservator it should NEVER be anyone who has a vested interest in her finances! And even murderers are allowed legal representation.... if her father is found to have behaved inappropriately I hope he is made to pay her back.
So her “father” on one side of his greedy mouth says he’ll step down anytime she wants him to, then keeps yelling heck no on her demands too 🤣
Faith Hudson
Faith Hudson:
Good for Brittany....her family does not have her best interests at heart!!
I'll miss Meghan so much, I love how unapologetically she speaks her mind. To hear her say 3:16 so confidently and openly was *EVERYTHING* and it's so true. Her family needs to go to jail for this, it was a scam from day one and had this abuse not gone public Britney would've still been silenced to this day and the family completely compliant and OK with her suffering.
Victor Cornidez
Victor Cornidez:
This segment clip is hilarious. Joy going off about Matt Gaetz, then circulating back to Britney by saying “She’s a nice girl... I guess.” And because of Joy’s rant, Sunny has an additional legal note. More like a disclaimer lol.
Meg says she wants Britney Spears to have control of her body, but if Spears wanted to end her pregnancy, McCain, like too many on the right, would think she should not have control over her body.
Bee Well
Bee Well:
Why did every female host on The View refer to Britney Spears as a 'girl'. She is a 39-year old woman for goodness sake! Also, I was surprised that not one of the hosts brought up the very sexist nature of this conservatorship. Let's all face it, this would never happen to a full grown man.... 🙄
Thanks for a proper introduction Whoopi. Yes FREE Britney. She deserves to live as an adult.
I'm with Meg on this. Well said!!
Rilley Griffin
Rilley Griffin:
YES it’s insane she has to fight so hard for her own autonomy and money. jesus christ.
One of the few times that I totally agree wih Meghan.
Gina Dean
Gina Dean:
One of the rare times I totally agree with Meagan McCain, she is spot on with every point she made, and has the justified anger everyone should for Britney. I am 59 and calling for Freedom, please don’t stereotype her fan base, Whoopi. You all seemed pretty uninformed to be giving your opinion, outside of Meagan. Do your research ladies before you speak!
Rsk L
Rsk L:
LAWYERS are horrible in this country. So many should be disbarred, reprimanded...
Mike Garcia
Mike Garcia:
Wow I actually never thought I’d see eye to eye with Meghan on a topic. “None of the did enough, I hope she never speaks to any of them again” I agree with everything she said
Enrique Munoz
Enrique Munoz:
Unbelievable, just for breaking a car window!
Christina Carrasco
Christina Carrasco:
For once I agree with Meghan. Well said young lady. 🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s about time, the fact that she wasn’t allowed to hire her own attorney was the part about this conservatorship that was most bizarre. The thing of it is is conservatorships have their purpose, but in cases like hers there needs to be some kind of recourse in the event that the patient gets better. She’s clearly doing better psychologically speaking, so there’s no reason she can’t have an attorney of her choosing examine her case.
Need Of Spirituality
Need Of Spirituality:
Totally agree with Meghan! Very well said! Free Brittney!!!!!!
Ree Decker
Ree Decker:
It's appalling that getting her own lawyer is considered a "major" victory. She should have automatically been able to have her own from the beginning.
Her father has been pimping her out from the start. He needs to go far far away.
Kristen Kuruugaa
Kristen Kuruugaa:
Meghan said Britney should be in control of her body.

Okay now do all women….you are so close!
Astrology Diva Thayer
Astrology Diva Thayer:
Meghan RULES!!!! I agree with her 💯 Britney needs to live her life on her own terms.
I agree with Meghan. Give Britney her freedom back , its ridiculous so many people including her dad have taken advantage of her and kept her a slave to pay all their bills . She like everyone else has a right to live her life and make mistakes just like the rest of us.
Rhett George
Rhett George:
Oh my gosh- the first time I have ever agreed with Megan! But... everyone says the conservatorship is HARD to get out of... But WHY is it hard. Why can't a judge just look at the case and let her out? The daddy is trash.
2051 Security
2051 Security:
Congratulations Bitney. Small step towards your much needed freedom. Keep moving forward we are all here fighting and praying for you 🌹🌺
Maybe there needs to be a criminal investigation to find out how someone not severely impaired was put under a medical conservatorship? Unless there's some medical evidence we don't know about she appears to be able to care for herself. Criminal charges might be in order.
i like how sunny reads legal notes with shade 😂
Help me to understand why she was able to petition the court to hire her own lawyer but she couldn't petition the court to end the conservatorship. Something is wrong with this whole story.
Joan F-R
Joan F-R:
Why is her father still controlling her life and money?
Everyone has a certain about of emotional crazy in their lives.
She can handle her life now!!!
Harry Dietrich
Harry Dietrich:
Don’t agree with view on anything but do support Brintey on all her claims 💯 percent!!!
Ty Monique
Ty Monique:
Yes 🙌🏽 Go Britney!! Go Britney!!💖💖 My first concert I ever went to🥰💕 Love you Britney💞
*one of the first comments😉 that’s cool lol
Thank God! She has justice finally!🤑🤗
Sunny’s explanation of her legal team sounds promising for her abusive father from his position
J M:
Tiffani Floyd
Tiffani Floyd:
Let's go Britt!!!
Sheenal Deo
Sheenal Deo:
Never agreed with Megan… until this moment. Preach Megan. 👏🏽👏🏽
Diana Dowie
Diana Dowie:
I am happy for Spears.
Stephan James Mirando
Stephan James Mirando:
She should sue the state of California for allowing the legal framework for this type of civil rights abuse to go on.
Dylan St. Sebastian
Dylan St. Sebastian:
The one and only time I’ve ever agreed with Meghan. My thoughts exactly.
Joel Evans
Joel Evans:
Family members typically do not get paid when they are working with another family member on a conservatorship (aka Britney and her dad). Why he's being paid $16,000 a month plus $2,000 for an office with her money is crazy. It's time for an outside source to help her and no family. Lines get crossed when the family is involved and emotion. Please set this right for her.
MJ Fuller
MJ Fuller:
I completely agree with Megan
Jackrabbit Ears
Jackrabbit Ears:
Standing ovation on Megans response!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Megan is absolutely right.
Vickie Gunnells-Hodge
Vickie Gunnells-Hodge:
Congratulations #BritneySpears!
Wow Miserable McPain for once bringing the exact energy that I need for this situation!
Ciaran Sammon
Ciaran Sammon:
Agreeing with Meghan is so foreign to me but when she’s right, she’s right. #FreeBritney
nadia mccall
nadia mccall:
It's so sad and confusing because growing up, Britney was really very much a daddy's girl. They were so close (really closer than she was to her mom.) What happened over these years? I do think that like so many parents (including my own) the boundaries are SEVERELY messed up. I have experience with this so I can add that it doesn't mean we stop loving the parent who does this, or that we think they are completely bad in every way. But at a certain point you do realize that they should not have done what they did and allowed us to grow.
Mariah Carey has a chapter in her book about this and her family likely trying the same thing.
Finally! Go Brittany. Get your life back! Good job. Pulling for you all the way.
Christopher Cortez
Christopher Cortez:
Lord can they do their research BEFORE they speak on this. The viewers here are more than likely NOT millennials and are not as informed about Britney and her case. This doesn't help her. I'm actually offended as a die hard fan who has followed every move of Britney's since the beginning and especially since 2007 where we have had an eagle eye on her because we saw the injustice since then. There was no mention of the drugging, the children as pawns, and Britney's emotional testimony from yesterday.
Pauline Quick
Pauline Quick:
Britney hired one of Hollywood's best lawyer & who will represent her with her best interest in mind.
Stefan Snellgrove
Stefan Snellgrove:
Heck I didn’t hear about conservatorships until 2019-2020 when I first heard she was allegedly (way before she talked about it and people thought it was a conspiracy cause how crazy it sounds). I hope Britney gets her freedom and able to surround people who love her and not just their meal ticket cash cow
Nadine Kore
Nadine Kore:
What's at the heart of this conservatorship and why Britney lost it and shaved her head is the fact that they took her children sort of hostage and she had to do all this to keep them taken care of and keep seeing them. Now that they are 18, legally adults she can speak and oppose the conservatorship as they are no longer children at risk of being moved away from her and her never seeing them. You guys are press but you do not investigate ever you just report stuff w/o any analytics being done or realistic opinion being put in. it's sad and exhaustive to watch.
Josh Drummond
Josh Drummond:
I would like to say as a man that, I believe the most important issue in my view is that women can still be questioned about her sexuality. Men, are never asked about verginaty. I’m a gay man to be be honest, but I have a sister and obviously a mother and a father. It’s frustrating that women have no choice or voice.
Jannah Shah
Jannah Shah:
Sunny looks amazing every time! ❤💥

And yes #FREEBRITNEY!!!!
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker:
And then all of a sudden everybody remembers that one gal that was crying in the video to "leave Britney alone", and after all these years we realize that she wasn't wrong....
Dan Stewardson
Dan Stewardson:
I love Sarah! She always speaks sense!!
Doris 33
Doris 33:
Wow!! What Meghan said, was very powerful and I never thought I would agree with her, more! Well said Meg. 👏
If her father really has her best interests in mind, he would respect her wishes and back off! He doesn’t wanna let his meal ticket go! 🙄
Sadaf AH
Sadaf AH:
Is it just me or is Whoopi slurring her words. I hope she’s ok!
Joyce Anderson
Joyce Anderson:
HOW did the Dad get the guardianship in the FIRST place? That should be investigated! She was no where near needing THAT. A guardianship is for SEVERE cases! Unbelievable that it was ever approved!!
Meghan gives zero Fs on this topic but I kind of love it
Natural Kinky Curly―Marie
Natural Kinky Curly―Marie:
The Documentary started all of this thank Goodness. I'm glad it was released and made the Fans privy to what's really been going on with Brittany. Her Instagram Account posts are all weird, it's just a bunch of posts of her Dancing alone in front of the Camera. Showing signs that something is off with her and that someone else is controlling that account.
I love Joy, but I think you can go back into the View archives and find her taking her fair share of pot shots at Britney when she was going through that rough time 12- 13 years ago.
Kristin Aldridge
Kristin Aldridge:
What bothers me is if her celebrity influences people and I worry for those under conservativships that don't have a movement behind them. Hopefully this helps others in her position.
Kojo Amonoo
Kojo Amonoo:
It's all so bizarre to me from the UK, how this idea of "conservatorship", works in a 21st century America.
Joy brings everything back to politics 😂
Yes Meghan! 100% right.
Ricardo Soca
Ricardo Soca:
Love the way Whoopi says 'conserve-a-ship' instead of conservatorship 😊
Shari Shari
Shari Shari:
Congratulations Britneyyyyyyyyyyyyy Beautiful thing!!!!!!! God bless her beautiful being!!!!!
John Egan
John Egan:
I agree with Megan. The mom didn't speak out or fight against this for 13 years. And it's just now that she's speaking out. Her mom failed her child!
sherry mac
sherry mac:
cant believe im saying this also but i totally agree with Megan!!!!
robert gabriel
robert gabriel:
for those who are agreeing with mccain - you still realize she's still being inconsistent here. She says Spears should disavow her family, but that is something she grilled Mary Trump about before when she wrote the book about her uncle and went on this show. McCain seemed to think and even said directly there was something completely distasteful about Mary writing that book about her family and disavowing them....
3A4T 10
3A4T 10:
Britney kids are 14 and 15, respectively. K-Fed better use the next 4 years to learn some job skills before the child support money runs dry. I can't imagine how much she's paying him per month and what he spends most of the money on.
Kevin Judd
Kevin Judd:
They are treating her the same way that micheal Jackson was treated. Controlled and improperly advised.
D Deeze
D Deeze:
Thank you Meghan - right on !
Anti Masonic
Anti Masonic:
Finally, pretty-looking Britney is on her way to controlling how she spends her own money. If you have $10 dollars in your pocket, you should be able to decide how you want to spend it.😛😛😛
Wow Meghan! Why wait till your leaving to start making good sense. I completely agree with everything she said 👏
It just so happens some celebrities have fans or total strangers who would care for them more than their own family. I always felt this way about Whitney Houston
Princesa Guerrero
Princesa Guerrero:
Meghan comment right on !!! AGREEE on every point ! #FreeBritney !!!!!!!!!!! Amen
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson:
It’s also astounding that you can make a correction on a story like this but y’all have yet to apologize for and correct the spreading the false story with Trump having protested removed from a church for a photo op when that wasn’t the case!
Allen Trice
Allen Trice:
I hope that Britney Spears will be okay for the lawyer! Or should I thought the ladies of the View know that! #FreeBritney! 💛💚💙💜💓👱
OMG, this is probably the only time that I have ever agreed with Meghan!
I'm kinda in shock right now.
Emily James
Emily James:
"Britney Spears Wins Right to Hire Own Lawyer" This in itself as a title is ridiculous. It shows the extent to which her life is controlled. That you have to go to court to choose your own lawyer, is an abuse of power from all levels involved. Regardless of what we think of her mental stability, 13 years of supposedly working to help her and have her best interest in mind, is not working if you still need to control everything. Shouldn't that time have been spent, working to help her get better and stronger but is seems that there is just a constant fight to gain more and more control over her.
Matt S
Matt S:
Politics has finally found common ground on something: Free Britney.
Iamsexy Andiknow
Iamsexy Andiknow:
I am not sure if I am crazy here but I am team Megan all the way.
I'm a huge fan. I believe her. But I also think it's possible I know 1% of what's going on and that the rest isn't my business. I have had huge struggles with mental health, and you can't run the counterfactual on this situation, let alone know what happened. It's possible the entire thing was a scam. It's also possible it save her life. Probably a lot of in between. I have no idea.
grandmaismyname 159
grandmaismyname 159:
I hope Brittany wins her case. Also, would someone inform Joy that this has nothing to do with Eric Trump.
Britney can make her own family and disavow her blood relatives moving forward : Jamie Speers will be judged harshly when the truth comes out.