Brooklyn Nets vs Milwaukee Bucks Full GAME 1 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The Nets strike first and take Game 1 from the Bucks 115-107!

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starboi klem
starboi klem:
Damn, nets have a surprisingly good chemistry
Pirate Hunter Zoro
Pirate Hunter Zoro:
Holy crap, The Nets lookin like a well oiled machine. Everyone on that team chipping in for the win. The definition of team work.
Johniel Judah Cenabre
Johniel Judah Cenabre:
Everybody said Nets have 3 ball hogs, just look at them passing the ball around.
Τάσος Πολυμενέας
Τάσος Πολυμενέας:
Mike James deserves a consistent spot in Nets post-season.
Since 2015 he knows exactly how to handle such pressure due to his high-level Europe journey.
Imagine being a piston fan and seeing Griffin balling like that. He fooled us all
even without Harden if they can't stop KD and irving hitting buckets at will, the rest of this series ain't going pretty.
Rootz Mana
Rootz Mana:
I totally forgot Harden is on the Nets’ team with the way they played in this game.
bob bob
bob bob:
The fact they did THAT without Harden is INSANE
Kat More
Kat More:
Passing, dribbling, shooting, good defense and great chemistry, that's the recipe to become a champs if they keep it that way

And plus without HARDEN dang!
Rahim Ahmed
Rahim Ahmed:
I never thought i would say this, but Kyrie played great defense man. His intensity was really awesome.
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
dang, Griffin play how he supposed to be, i didn't expect that.
Andrew Comments
Andrew Comments:
Griffin came to play ball. Man on a mission.
Blake griffin had a really good game. Without harden griffin needs to play like that the rest of the series and they need to play Tyler Johnson more
Land Strider
Land Strider:
What a performance lead by KD, Kyrie & Blake as well. Hopefully the Nets can keep up this style of play. Not looking too bright for a Harden return this series.
Paul napiri
Paul napiri:
3:57 look at the referee, guarding griffin and delaying him
Cheb Tihej
Cheb Tihej:
The Bucks will live and die by the three pointer in this series
0:47 kd literally got crossed by air
Damone Stephens
Damone Stephens:
Hopefully Hardens injury isn’t too serious and he comes back. Hope to seem Jeff Green back as well. But I loved this game.
My god Kyrie was hudge, he even played defense, uncle drew wwants a another ring so bad
Alex Turner
Alex Turner:
Heres hoping Spencer’s back at some point during this series then kyrie won’t have to play 45 minutes a night. But Mike James is cold what a pickup.
Jones Bugnosen
Jones Bugnosen:
Well yeah. Do still have questions with the team chemistry. Real players have it naturally. Love watching nets showing their best games. Good luck to both. Every game is good to watch.
Guy Hanoi
Guy Hanoi:
Great game for my favorite player of the Nets, Blake griffin.
Hoodie Boy
Hoodie Boy:
Yo blake is on fire broo🔥🔥
One One Four
One One Four:
This series matchup should be on ECF 🔥 damn! Any food would be great while watching this series.
Fredrich Alef
Fredrich Alef:
1:26 Durant lawak njir😭
Bucks will rebuild the whole Milwaukee with the amount of bricks they’re throwing
xXx xXhiighmenaceXx
xXx xXhiighmenaceXx:
Wow. Kyrie Irving looks really good out there..... with 7 other superstars
Antonio Venegas
Antonio Venegas:
KD makes it look like a walk in the park bruh!!
Punyemas •
Punyemas •:
0:47 damn some ghost broke KD's ankles 😂
Thanasis Zevg
Thanasis Zevg:
The nets have just too many good options for scoring... it's insane that they had the money to bring all this talent in
Nets in 5 baby!!!! Everybody talking shit bucks ain’t it imagine if harden was in the game what would of happen
Артём Исмаилов
Артём Исмаилов:
1:27 😁
Meal Ticket Raceway
Meal Ticket Raceway:
My favorite guy Dunking the ball is K.D. I miss when he swing them arms after he dunk. Good job everyone. As long as fake 23 not playing im good. Let the real ballers ball.
ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ
ᒍᗝᕼᑎᑎY ᗯᗩᒪKEᖇ:
Heck yeah let's go nets!
Ben Jones
Ben Jones:
The ball movement by the Nets is just too sweet & beautiful.
Johny Bravo
Johny Bravo:
Griffin knows his role hehe
Timmy Pangelinan
Timmy Pangelinan:
3:57 gotta give prompts for the ref giving Blake an off ball screen
Adrian Koh
Adrian Koh:
Kd playing hard and doing all the dirty work too by fighting for rebounds!
Arturo Lugo
Arturo Lugo:
Irving trae un nivel impresionante.
That was some of the most unselfish basketball I’ve seen in a while, if Brooklynn keeps playing like this they deserve the chip.
Kazi Sanadid
Kazi Sanadid:
Nets winning the chip 🏆
Cant wait for game 2!
Budi Hartoyo
Budi Hartoyo:
This could be Brooklyn's year...many of their stars deserve for The Ring.
Ale Gonzalez
Ale Gonzalez:
1:58 Kyrie vintage Kobe 😇😇
Son Dyson
Son Dyson:
Mike James. That is the guy I'm talking about. He really well filled in the role of James harden tonight. Good movement and shooting
Sanji Karma
Sanji Karma:
6:10 he adding an hitmarker sound effect on the sniper shoot xD
Deeski and Te’ Gang
Deeski and Te’ Gang:
I love how the refs let the game be physical playoff basketball & didn’t call tough fouls
Acshad Magee
Acshad Magee:
Brooooooo!! The nets ball movement is unparalleled!! It’s too damn good 😭😭😭
Rolando Tillit
Rolando Tillit:
Bro! you could feel the ball gain energy every time BK did those touch passes.
7:30 yikes watch these two plays, how you supposed to beat this team when they playing this good together. Then at any moment kd, kyrie or harden (lord willing) can just iso you for free.
Tommaso Marsiglia
Tommaso Marsiglia:
0:46 Kd breaking his own ankle lol
Kyrie had Middleton on lock. Looked like prime Marcus Smart with his defense
Heavy Boat
Heavy Boat:
Steve Nash being the Head Coach was a great idea!!! I meant Legendary Steve Nash ✊🏽💯
F B:
Blake accepting his role is very good...
Vicente Pallamare
Vicente Pallamare:
My man Mike James doing pretty good
Santiago Biker
Santiago Biker:
Blake played like bearded Blake from his all star season of 2018-2019 🔥 Keep this energy every game and he will be dangerous
nick son
nick son:
hitting 16/24 on the floor and still lose, i feel that
Great highlights, must have been quite a match ! :D
And as pointed out by others the Nets chemistry and ball movement is amazing ! :D Congrats to the coaching staff I guess (I'm so happy for my man Steve) and kudos to the stars for trusting their teammates and playing as a team ! :D
amrit timilsina
amrit timilsina:
Ball moment of Nets is insane. Pass after pass after pass. Waiting for 2nd game
7:32 that ball movement is beautiful 😻
That passing in the end by the Brooklyn was really good.
Kevin Joe Pelayo
Kevin Joe Pelayo:
Nets Ball Movement is so Brilliant Amazing😎✨
C D:
3:57 the ref was playing inside the court hahahaha
Dezsi Da God
Dezsi Da God:
Honestly I'm just happy for Blake Griffin 👍👍
Tone Yak
Tone Yak:
Nets with that ball movement
S K:
Ball movement by Nets reminds me of how the Spurs used to play
Anthony Gendriz
Anthony Gendriz:
Imagine if harden was there 😂😂😂😂
Harden be like we got this.. I’ll save it for the finals..
John Cambridge
John Cambridge:
The ball movement from nets is joy to watch. Love how Nash set that plays
Time Bandit 12
Time Bandit 12:
Straight up Harlem Globetrotters on some of these plays 🤣😂
Tube Mania
Tube Mania:
Nets playing with good chemistry. This series is gonna be epic.
Ohene Bar
Ohene Bar:
Wooow. Even without James Harden? Sheeez 🔥🔥🔥
3:57 Bucks got a sixth defender out there lol
Brooklyn Shawn
Brooklyn Shawn:
Do y’all see that ball movement nets are playing unselfish and kicking it to the open man don’t think anyone beating the nets
Joseph Gascon
Joseph Gascon:
7:33 nice play
CobuF itsawarzone
CobuF itsawarzone:
Our brother Kyrie was amazing. Jazak Allah ❤
3:59 Bucks vs refs confirm. That screen thoooo
3:33 that flop on KD lol bro KD got like 60 kg :D
Marc Sam Intog
Marc Sam Intog:
wow, everyone one the nets can score on their own
Royston Lee
Royston Lee:
Steve Nash had been drilling his teams to be shooter. 😁
Amazing, 0 defensive highlights.
Noah de la Rosa
Noah de la Rosa:
Mike James can be a great PG in the NBA
HOD House of Drex
HOD House of Drex:
What a game! Love the ball movement and team work! Go Nets!
Alex Tromp
Alex Tromp:
Blake griffin put his heart out tonight!!!
Aish asabe
Aish asabe:
Damn those passes, Brooklyn on the heat
What a beautiful teamplay by the Nets, damn im really enjoying watching this.
Owen LeanderHanna
Owen LeanderHanna:
Kyrie is just to damn good😂😂😂
Arif Ghibran
Arif Ghibran:
KD made PJ Tucker looking like he's 5"5 out there🤣🤣
Red Hunnid
Red Hunnid:
Bro it’s like it’s almost a bad thing coming out there playing aggressive against the Nets trying to set the tone. It’s like it makes the Nets even better and they have three 4th quarter clutch superstars so it’s like playing hard against them is only kicking in their clutch instincts it’s scary playing against these guys because we know how all three of them can get into that mode in the 4th quarter now there all on the same team. They have built enough chemistry and they know not just one person has to carry the burden of clutching up for the team so by the time you look at the score it’s a blowout before the game is over 😭😭😭
Irving mvp
Blake when having a good team "aight no more injury" xD
Benjamin ngu
Benjamin ngu:
Am in love with this team Brooklyn Nets, because my mentor carry is there
3:56 ??
Fargo BabyBoii Flame
Fargo BabyBoii Flame:
Brooookyln nets 🔥🔥🔥
3:57 the refs on the free throw line started to play the game lol!
It's amazing that people actually believed Griffin wasn't much of an upgrade. He dropped 18 like he should every now and then when one of the big three is down. At this pace they won't need Harden so much.
"Giannis being the most funny guy in the NBA..." oh my bad! wrong video (probably) lol
1:25 😅