Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris HD

Es una parte de la Pelicula "Way of the Dragon" (El regreso del Dragon ) .
El regreso del dragón o El furor del dragón (chino: 猛龍過江 - Eng long guojiang) (en inglés Way of the Dragon) fue la tercera película de Bruce Lee. Desarrollada en 1972 en ella trabaja junto a grandes expertos en artes marciales como Chuck Norris y Robert Wall, en sus antiguas películas, el reparto incluía actores con conocimientos de lucha, Bruce Lee destaca como guionista y director de la película, La película culmina con la llamada "Pelea del Siglo" en el Coliseo Romano entre Bruce Lee y Chuck Norris, karateka estadounidense siete veces campeón del mundo.

Tang Lung (Bruce Lee), un campesino chino, llega a Roma para ayudar a Chen Ching-Hua (Nora Miao) en la atención de un restaurant chino, sin embargo el establecimiento está siendo amenazado por la mafia local que pretende controlar su restaurante.

Al principio, a Tang le incomodan las costumbres europeas, Chen y sus compañeros del restaurante creen que Tang no es más que una persona rústica que no les servirá de ayuda, en su ingenuidad incluso ayuda a los mafiosos locales. Pero todos cambian pronto de opinión durante una de las visitas de los mafiosos, Tang se revela como un maestro de las artes marciales despachando a sus oponentes en cuestión de segundos. Tang enfrenta a la mafia chino-romana y amenaza al cabecilla, un chino amanerado de desistir de sus intentos de agresión.
Como consecuencia, comienzan una serie de violentos ataques contra el personal del restaurante que culminan con la llegada de un asesino estadounidense llamado Colt, protagonizado por Chuck Norris, quien reta a Tang a una lucha a muerte en el Coliseo Romano, en ese lugar se desarrolla el llamado combate del siglo donde en principio Colt parece tener ventaja técnica sobre el Kung Fu de Lung, finalmente usando técnicas de Jeet Kune Do Tang Lung vence fácilmente a Colt.

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Vaas HD
Vaas HD:
Chuck Norris looks like he belongs in a star wars movie
Everyone knows that Bruce Lee didn't die. He was taken to another dimension to represent Earth in Mortal Kombat.
La patada en círculo de Chuck norris es genial
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga:
Me and my old brother when mom is not home:
bruce lee se comió las 2 patadas letales en giro de chuck norris
Living Free
Living Free:
Why are there more Chuck Norris jokes than Bruce Lee? Because Bruce Lee is not a joke.
Dream Hunter
Dream Hunter:
Bruce Lee:👀
Chuck Norris:👀
Cat: *hajime*
Nowadays this scene would be done with tons of CGI and with the cam shaking so much you can't tell who is fighting who.
Gnome Look
Gnome Look:
Dicen que después de presenciar esa pelea, ahora ese gatito es conocido como Bills el Dios de la destrucción
Joao Andrade
Joao Andrade:
Plot Twist : They both fighting to death for that kitty love
Commissar Purity
Commissar Purity:
I'm surprised that this clash didn't destroy the universe
The cat was dubbed by Bruce Lee himself
Nazar Dubinsky
Nazar Dubinsky:
*This kitten is legend*
The Green Maniac
The Green Maniac:
Bruce Lee = MUI Goku 10%
Chuck Noris = SSJBE Vegeta Full Power
kvd linyii
kvd linyii:
When Chuck Norris does a push up he doesn't go up he pushes the earth down
JR Nomas
JR Nomas:
6:17 Ultra combo! Jajajaja
Lucky Cool Dude
Lucky Cool Dude:
2:58 - 2:59 I call that the 5 hard straight punch attack and throw from Chuck Norris
Daanish Manzoor
Daanish Manzoor:
6:07 Chuck Norris goes Super Saiyan
hamza hamza
hamza hamza:
This scene really make me cry.
Andrei M. G.
Andrei M. G.:

That "H E H" never fails to be funny.
Above Unicorn YT
Above Unicorn YT:
El 99,9%: que pelea mas epica

Yo: me encanta el gatito del principio
Sicario Gamer
Sicario Gamer:
Taken from us 47 years today. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace Bruce, you’ve taught me so much about life
Volaoh 2.0
Volaoh 2.0:
Bruce's jeet kune do had some unreal footwork, truly a genius among martial artists
Jennie Bello
Jennie Bello:
When the two smart kids in class have different answers:
Winged Donuts
Winged Donuts:
All that crackling sounds like me getting up from the couch or bending to pick something up
7:07 hand dislocation with one slap
Wilson Tan
Wilson Tan:
When chuck norris goes to sleep every night ,he checks his closet for bruce lee
The cat is a paid actor
Ant Supporter 2
Ant Supporter 2:
“The first rule of becoming a ninja is to make loud, unnecessary sounds when you hit things.”
TFE niname
TFE niname:
LOL ... Bruce Lee just puts all his broken bones back into position after his previous fight with Jesse-Jane McParland
. here she is when she visirs a Chinese break bones and ego's
Lennox Loves JDM
Lennox Loves JDM:
1:11 cat just chilling its life in the background
Xander Phillips
Xander Phillips:
When my friend was young and he saw this, his dad told him they were fighting to see who gets to keep the cat.
Victor Ronaldo Alvarez
Victor Ronaldo Alvarez:
02:34 Pelean
funny first
funny first:
Fight starts from 2:40
6:17 i felt those punches in my screen whilst watching
Miki Pepik
Miki Pepik:
3:20 the dragon
eihti choo
eihti choo:
6:19 I like your cut g
6:16 Great
TFE niname
TFE niname:
When the Alience come and destroy all life on Earth, they take 2 people alive to their planet, Chuck Norris and Jesse-Jane McParland to show their fighting skills to the other Alience. When Chucck Norris shows his fighting skills, the Alience laugh out loud and shake their heads with pity.
When Jesse-Jane McParland then demonstrates her fighting skills, the Aliens start to applaud and make her the President of their Planet.
all that fake bone cracking had me laughing hard lmao
Zian Cabato
Zian Cabato:
The fight is Serious but the sound effects its like Tom and Jerry 😂😂😂
Random Bald Guy
Random Bald Guy:
This was impressive of Bruce Lee to take on Shaggy on his base form
Nico 360
Nico 360:
This part made me feel weird1:26
TFE niname
TFE niname:
This is a very bloody fight scene
nto The Badlands S1 Fight In The Forests
luke evans omaña
luke evans omaña:
Bruce lee looks like marshall law or forest law and violet
Mighty Squad
Mighty Squad:
The only reason Chuck Norris hasn't died yet is because he knows Bruce is waiting for him on the other side😂😂
Martin Schell
Martin Schell:
I recommend the amazing book available from Amazon, ‘Bruce Lee the nearly man: a 1964 to 1973 timeline’.
No. of people who thinks Bruce Lee is a Legend 💖🙌
Yusei Satou
Yusei Satou:
I'm kinda interested about what the paid promotion was about
This is the most epic fight in the history of the cinema
Stephen Español
Stephen Español:
The cat was a paid actor
Ruben Red
Ruben Red:
The cat ordered them to fight for his amusement
".....NOT gay sex!"
"Ahhh, ok, cos' that's what it sounded like!"
Angelo Tung
Angelo Tung:
Mom: why don’t you play with your neighbours
Mateus Gomes
Mateus Gomes:
O Bruce Lee foi uma lenda das artes marciais, o Chuck Norris até começou batendo em vantagem mas só até o Bruce descobrir o modo de luta do Chuck Norris que só levou porrada
Yu Hern Goh
Yu Hern Goh:
Of course only the great Roman Colosseum could sustain this great battle.
Skeleton Entertainment
Skeleton Entertainment:
I'm surprised they both managed to survive an encounter with eachother
Mr.Jack Manuel
Mr.Jack Manuel:
Bruce lee y Chuck Norris: * parpadean*
Editor: *Huesos cronando*
Muhammed Unal
Muhammed Unal:
2:34 devil cat
Bruce Lee’s warm up already killed me
isaac chaseling
isaac chaseling:
I love how random the cat is
TFE niname
TFE niname:
Chuck Norris had to choose between a fight with Bruce Lee or the still young girl Jesse-Jane McParland, and he chose a more lankier and less horrible and painful death. and went to fight Bruce Lee.
All this years and I thought this was really Bruce Lee real scream
Aaron Galman
Aaron Galman:
The cat is the refferi of this awesome battle
Tyson Q
Tyson Q:
did they seriously just dub a cat with a man screaming "meeeeooooowww!!"?
Playa R
Playa R:
That low kick at 5:26 is just perfect.
Bruce Lee the best 🙏
POV: the Gym Teacher is arguing with his Grandma
Anime Club
Anime Club:
I showed this to my cat now he is the king of all animals
Ian Acevedo
Ian Acevedo:
1:26 ¿vieron ese gato? Bueno ahora lo conocen como bills

Can you see that cat? Well today his name is beerus
Me:cracks only my fingers

Bruce Lee:cracks every part of his body
Kurt Cyrus Ursua
Kurt Cyrus Ursua:
Its a fight of Chou and Gusion (without daggers)
Ferhat Gürevin
Ferhat Gürevin:
Ashton Euds Sison
Ashton Euds Sison:
9:47 Notice How Lee Covered Up Chuck's Body By His Karate Outfit And Belt This Proves..

*Bruce Lee Fight's With Respect*
TFE niname
TFE niname:
When Chuck Norris goes to sleep he puts his JJ Golden Dragon slippers next to his bed to protect him
Lynn Xia
Lynn Xia:
I love it how Bruce Lee still shows respect after.
Plauto Vesaro
Plauto Vesaro:
3:25 enough playing, time to fight seriously
Ven Musik
Ven Musik:
The cracking bone sounds was too good makes you forget the fight. 🤣
Ghostshima Gaming
Ghostshima Gaming:
Cat: so how's 2020 treating you? ..
..............2020 5:12
Omosh Kizangila Mwenyewe
Omosh Kizangila Mwenyewe:
Legend has it that this cat on this scene grew up to be black panther 😂😂😂
Fidan Kominovski
Fidan Kominovski:
03:30 here we go
El Tio Koba
El Tio Koba:
El pequeño dragon, mi idiolo <3
me parecio que chok norris le tuvo miedo a brus li
Fyury Hoger
Fyury Hoger:
He aquí señores unas de las peleas más épicas v:
Rodrigo Bedin
Rodrigo Bedin:
Characters that can defeat Thanos.
Alfre Jimenez
Alfre Jimenez:
0:22 chest hair 😱
2:34 that cat gave me ptsd
Oguz Dogan
Oguz Dogan:
At the beginning of the fight the minimalls gave three times luck after that no more..!!
Urukosh !
Urukosh !:
0:32 Me after every sport exercise
The history: they’re fighting over that cat
Thank me later.
Top 10 momentos más épicos no solo del anime sino de todo el mundo 👌
0:41 - 1:32 That is some ASMR stuff
Ciaran Is The Best Waifu Ever so Shut the F0ck Up.
Ciaran Is The Best Waifu Ever so Shut the F0ck Up.:
Also Possibly Ryu and Ken's Inspirations
Chuck Norris:I am the toughest fighter anyone has ever seen

Bruce Lee: Hold my tea cup
M___as SA
M___as SA:
Sus golpes eran tan fuertes que partieron el cielo del fondo
Clyde Estella
Clyde Estella:
Bruce lee is the legendary fighter
Bruce Lee is my IDOLO
Lourdes maria
Lourdes maria:
6:25: É de borracha.
Exit Life
Exit Life:
The cat was the referee