Bruno Fernandes destroyed his teammates on WhatsApp after the Tottenham defeat | Oh My Goal

Bruno Fernandes lost it at his Manchester United’s teammates after their humiliating defeat against Tottenham. According to the Portuguese press, a Whatsapp audio message has been leaked showing Bruno Fernandes’ anger in the locker room.

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98 comentarios:

Road 35
Road 35:
Bruno wants to win here and he’s acting like the captain right now.
mario wahba
mario wahba:
I love the fact that when Bruno was mad they got a video of Maguire training
Firas Mahdi
Firas Mahdi:
When Jose mourinho came he had problems with pogba and Luke shaw, he was fired cuz he had "too much pressure on bright young stars" now these young stars are taking 300 k per week to conceed 6
Manuel Barros
Manuel Barros:
All these messages happened while Bruno was in Sporting. Such a fake video giving a bad idea about United and their current position, Oh my goal just wants blood.
Sebastian russo
Sebastian russo:
Video idea: The real reason why Özil doesn’t play at Arsenal
Francis Einstein
Francis Einstein:
After Bruno’s speech to his teammates, it think that why they won today’s game 4-1 against new castle
Bruno: What should I do? I have been embarrassed

Whats app: *You'll never walk alone*
Mohintan Athavan
Mohintan Athavan:
This is exacly why he should be captain
Video Idea: How is it possible for 50 people to be First every single video?
Junior Golden
Junior Golden:
This is fake. These are the exact same word he used to criticise Sporting when he was playing in the portuguese league.
If you understand portugues then you'll know
Nikhil Sarker
Nikhil Sarker:
apparently during the break bruno lashed out at his teammates so... they took him off the pitch 😅
kamogelo modiba
kamogelo modiba:
It makes me sad that Bruno has to do the managers and captains job, just shows the quality of Ole, Maguire and the whole team in general. 😔
Jaazib Shah
Jaazib Shah:
I thought this was one of those where Oh My Goal make up those WhatsApp Messages... if you know what I mean
Ester F
Ester F:
Idea: What the hell is happening to Shaqiri?
Lekhowy OG
Lekhowy OG:
Bruno for captain who's with me
Abdulqadir A Ahmed
Abdulqadir A Ahmed:
That is exactly what MU lacked since the Legendry Roy Kean
Anonymous Minion
Anonymous Minion:
Cow: moo
Dog: woof
Cat: meow
Idiots: first
Noah A
Noah A:
Bruno destroys his friends people think it’s crazy and me thinking funny 😂
titan king
titan king:
Stop spreading fake news that voice note was when he played for Sporting
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera:
Bruno and Rashford are those who suffered the most. One of them should be captain.
Bruno's mentality is similar to Ronaldo and Messi's.
Always want the team to live up to their level
THIS IS FAKE!!! This "Leaked Message" happened at Sporting. This has nothing to do with the 6-1 defeat.
Zach White
Zach White:
Your first?

Who asked?
Night King 48
Night King 48:
It makes sense! I wouldn’t be happy if I were him, good that he’s taking action and getting attention
That leaked recording has been around since he played for sporting lisbon look it up
TheMultigamer PT
TheMultigamer PT:
This whatsapp leak is from the time he was still in sporting
Apoorv Sinha
Apoorv Sinha:
This is fake... This audio was leaked 6 months earlier and he said this about his sporting Lisbon teammates
See the same messages from another video
Daniel Leite
Daniel Leite:
These audio messages are from his time at SPORTING, they have nothing to do with man UTD so if you're going to say something at least say it right Oh my goal.
João Correia
João Correia:
This channel is a joke... This happened when he was at Sporting, not now.
It’s sad, Bruno hasn’t even been at United that long and already cares more about the club then others, that’s why he joined...
ishan negi
ishan negi:
This was when he was at sporting. Don’t spread fake news. You have a lot of subscribers.
José Seabra
José Seabra:
This is wrong. Those messages were leaked when he played at sporting
a casual
a casual:
This was with sporting, not with man utd lmao. clickbait smh
Night King 48
Night King 48:
I understand where he’s coming from, it would be frustrating to be in his shoes. Let’s see how they do in the second half of their game against Newcastle that’s on right now (HT)
This is so fake that message was said ages ago
that´s cap , this is a audio from when he was at sporting
Guilherme Marques
Guilherme Marques:
This is a lie he said this about he Sporting team mates lols
SuperOOF boi
SuperOOF boi:
OMGoal: it's a shame that they aren't following Bruno's example.
My eyes: they are following his example. Making some great plays, but not scoring. They rely way too much on getting a penalty in the 10th minute of stoppage time.
idea: why portugese players play good at man utd
Man United Fan
Man United Fan:
Bruno for the captain how many people agry with me
Tropical_ Kill
Tropical_ Kill:
Bruno has been with united for a year and he has way more passion than homegrown Lingardinho
Vikash Kr.
Vikash Kr.:
He said these things when he was at Sporting. 😂😂
Random Person
Random Person:
"The Way He Expresses His Anger Might Be A Bit Too Much"

Roy Keane Joins The Chat.
Andrew Sealey
Andrew Sealey:
This happened when he was at sporting. Complete click bait.
Hero Max
Hero Max:
Best way to make ManUTD BETTER AGAIN:sell lingard and all other players who takes social media more seriously than their career and football
saajman hd
saajman hd:
Why is Bruno speaking he didn’t play particularly good that game 😂
yoooo bruno derserves more than man united
Chajin bombo
Chajin bombo:
True there bruno some are playing for the money not the badge
Fake, this tape was from when he was captain of sporting
You already know he’s talking about lingardinho🤣
Shashank Deepak
Shashank Deepak:
Imagune how angry hes gonna be after psg destroy them on wednesday
João Pedro
João Pedro:
That audio is not from the united game , that is from a sporting game where the team wasn´t doing to great and he snapped that´s why the audio is in portuguese.
Make a search about it and you can see that i´m right.
Ian Sanchez
Ian Sanchez:
Suraj Shetty
Suraj Shetty:
Wait for there next features
RB leizieg
Manchester is gone......
Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires:
This happened at sporting. Misleading video
celu lar
celu lar:
Hope pogba had this attitude, can someone tell me when was the last time that he had a good game? The World Cup final? Maybe
If United doesn’t win anything he might leave to a better team. Probably PSG.
Raaj pes gamer
Raaj pes gamer:
Thankfully it was empty stadium if the fans were there they would just remove there frustration on players 😂😂😂
It's me Oh!
It's me Oh!:
Just unsubscribed! Will be back when OMGoal starts uploading genuine content!
Good we need players like Bruno who is passion about winning not like other players stacking money and plays tik tok
Evan O Riordan
Evan O Riordan:
Bruno needs to know his place. He starts well and thinks he the boss. What he did to lindelof against sevilla was ridiculous
0:05 ...why everytime mourinho says he is happy...he looks depressed
micah rozgony
micah rozgony:
I was so mad when he moved to man utd bc we (Tottenham) could have used him as eriksen’s replacement and Man U is a shot hole. Maguire, Sanchez, Pogba. Man U has messed up so many careers recently.
Antal Siby
Antal Siby:
man united is not that good right now because we don't have roy keane
Hasher Gaming
Hasher Gaming:
Always there are problems in the Manchester united locker rooms
david yesse
david yesse:
Fun Facts: Oh My Goals is being late these days
What the hell happened to stoke city
Jari Hovi
Jari Hovi:
as i was watching this i got a notificiation of bruno missing a penalty hehehe
Deepak Saravanan
Deepak Saravanan:
Where there is anger there is affection and the determination to win....... And there is Bruno Fernandes
I swear Bruno needs to stay with his feet on the ground and look at what he can do
Sechaba Letlabika
Sechaba Letlabika:
That just shows Bruno wants to win unlike his other teammate Pogba who smiled after giving away the penalty
And that’s y you should’ve put him at captain in the first place 🥱
Esteban Candelario
Esteban Candelario:
Bruno needs to be the captain not maguire
there’s another video of the same thing he said from 6 months ago so idk how true this is for the 6-1 loss against tottenham
Honey McManey
Honey McManey:
He rejected Tottenham 😂😂,so take that Bruno!!!💪
Oscar birch
Oscar birch:
#2 minutes late club 😂👌
Bob Humfree
Bob Humfree:
He’s going to wolves a team that actually tries to win
itsall Gucci
itsall Gucci:
he reminds me of roy keane , we need that warrior spirit
Sakib Raihan
Sakib Raihan:
0:17 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
ØらΛ௱Λ ϦΛнΛн:
Bruno came last, but he think of the team first 👍🏻
joao morato
joao morato:
When bruno played his last matches for sporting and they were losing he kicked a door and broke it in half so he got some temper
Zack Z89
Zack Z89:
i need bruno to slap everyone faces at united 👍🏼😌😌😌
Alo Shikhu
Alo Shikhu:
We have already forgotten about that 7 2 Match
It's in the past MOVE ON?
MADUAKO Emmanuel Chimdindu
MADUAKO Emmanuel Chimdindu:
I love you Bruno😍 You should be ManU's new captain not Harry
Joao Afonso Maia
Joao Afonso Maia:
actually that audio was when he was on sporting Lisbon , i know that because it was leaked in that time
Joao Lima
Joao Lima:
That's how Bruno is, he always wants to win and want the team to have the same attitude. In his I think last season with sporting, were also leaked some WhatsApp voice recordings of him complaining about the lack of attitude from his teammates after a sequence of bad games... Bruno is "team capitan material" not just another player, his mentality and his hunger for more is contagious to the rest of the team... And Maguire as a capitan is a joke😂
Rodrigo Filipe
Rodrigo Filipe:
That audio is old, Bruno have said that when he was in Sporting, the information in this video is fake
Omar 97 memes
Omar 97 memes:
Mbappe and neymar vs lindelof and maguire 😂😂😂
nikki kinsella
nikki kinsella:
Who here when he missed a pen
António Lourenco Alves Santos
António Lourenco Alves Santos:
2:28 Raised in serie A oh please ffs oh my goal
Anna Regina
Anna Regina:
and his absolutely right! that was patetic. MU is a big club, deserve to get back to the big stages and trophies. And that need commitment, hard work, love for the club.
Shreekar Sharma
Shreekar Sharma:
They say the watsapp audio message was when he was playing for sporting not united 🤷‍♂️
Ayman Kafi
Ayman Kafi:
Can you not make it soo long jst get to the point like daily does of internet
Jon Roman
Jon Roman:
No talk about Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 1 😂
Mofidul Islam Shuvo
Mofidul Islam Shuvo:
1:18 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Haseeb games _multi
Haseeb games _multi:
Joy Godwin
Joy Godwin:
I really miss those Good Old Glory Days
Of Manchester United Seriously