BT Vancouver: Elisa Lam Case Closed

The Elisa Lam case is now closed. The Los Angeles coroner has ruled the Vancouver student's death, as an accidental drowning.

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Sock •-•
Sock •-•:
But how did she ,,accidentally“ drown?..
So you tell us she accidentally drowned and that's "solved"?
That's like throwing an egg in a pan for 3 seconds and calling it cooked.
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor:
How could she have lifted the lid and then shut it again all by herself?
Maryann Williams
Maryann Williams:
LAPD can’t figure out how she ended up on the roof, dead, in a water tank. So, they closed the case and said it was her Bipolar disorder that did her in. In other words, they just didn’t want to be bothered with the case anymore because they had no leads. Very sad.
Aaliyah Gadon
Aaliyah Gadon:
Lmao can we “re-open” this case?. I cannot believe that she accidentally drowned. The hotel must know something.
kyqkv core
kyqkv core:
my theory is that she was probably running away from a killer or an abuser.
Autumn F.
Autumn F.:
So your telling me that’s the only camera in the hotel? Sum ain’t right
Nicolas Bouhelier
Nicolas Bouhelier:
Elisa was bipolar, she felt herself being chased by a person, in her imagination, she ran, she took the stairs to climb to the roof of the hotel, she opened the tank hatch, she threw herself in, she undressed inside and drowned out of fatigue.

Sad ending.
Its Just Burgers
Its Just Burgers:
How the heck can she open that tank and accidentally drown. I feel like the case should not be closed and I feel sad because this girl didn't get any justice.
Sydney Clement
Sydney Clement:
Her death was no accident. She was acting strangely, and how on earth can someone lift up that water tank lid by themselves?
Victoria 1365
Victoria 1365:
There’s definitely something wrong,, “accidentally drowning”????. You’ve got to be kidding me. She wouldn’t even have been able to open and close the lid by herself let alone get up there. She was clearly scared of something. The way she’s acting in this footage plus her ending up in that tank equals up to accidentally drowning? This is complete bullshit.
Mackenzie Jade
Mackenzie Jade:
I honestly don’t think that being bipolar alone could cause something like this...
From the looks of this she looks afraid and scared and how would she 'accidentally' drown from something that's on a roof and can clearly tell if you go in you'll die. No way, no way she couldn't die by accidentally drowning.
Rinzler_ 72
Rinzler_ 72:
The original footage was edited, I believe that's all you have to know
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone:
- Why was she on the 14th floor?
- Where’s the footage of her going up to 14th floor?
- Why was the ladder and roof door not checked for fingerprints to determine which she used?
- Why didn’t they go in depth about the girls she was staying with, outlining she had odd behaviour so much so, that she had to move rooms?
That hotel was full of killers so it couldn’t have been a “accidental death” also how could she open and close the water tank by herself. The drop in there is deep she could open it and go in but close it no. You don’t just blame a death on a bipolar disorder
They said that there was a Chopper flying over head along with the body sniffing dogs . Why didn't the choppers see that the lid was open ?
ELKI !¡:
"Accidentally drown" not at all. The tanks were 2 meters high and she couldn't have closed the tank lid all by herself. Its either someone did it or the so called "elevator game spirit" did something to her.
This was an official statement, and the fact that it is, scares me to find out what the hell actually happened in this goddamn case.
elizabeth kemp
elizabeth kemp:
There’s no way her death was “accidental”
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs:
I don’t know what I would do if I saw Elisa in a hotel playing with the elevator. I would try to help her and would be freaked out a bit.
Aarcus Is Loading
Aarcus Is Loading:
She used her phone to prop up the door as it was the only way out of the tank the sides were slippery.

A resident who goes up to have a smoke finds the phone takes it leaves the hotel the next morning wipes it or pawns it and they wipe it in any case phones gone.. then the water starts to turn sour and people start looking.
Justin Chilcutt
Justin Chilcutt:
How would she even know where to go, someone did it.
Blake Fouquereaux
Blake Fouquereaux:
Chester Copperpot
Chester Copperpot:
Um excuse me, my water tastes like death. Do you have anything else?
the hotel has a lot of deaths listed on its name damnn
naga padmini
naga padmini:
its back now netflix is relasing a documentary now
Dan zee
Dan zee:
Luna Lee
Luna Lee:
I got goosebumps 😬
Lisa Scarrott
Lisa Scarrott:
I cried watching this a very few things upset me but this did so young and so pretty just starting out in life to and seeing the real world. My thoughts and condolences go to Elisa family and friends maybe the hotel could have done more. Like put alarms on all doors and took away the ladders they could have checked up on Elisa made sure she was ok a big mistake was when she was put inside her room by herself that was accident waiting to happen. The hotel manager should have rang her parents up and told them to pick her up looked out for her more. It's their job to look out for guests. I hope this doesn't ever happen again
Undertale Randomness シ
Undertale Randomness シ:
It wasn't accidental she did it fully on purpose. It was a suicide and there is plenty of evidence that confirms so.

And also The hotel lied because the door and the lid to the tank were both open. She got on top of the tank because there was even a ladder there too. The hotel lied by saying everything was closed off just so they didn't look bad.
Elise T
Elise T:
The hotel in which she died at has had a lot of terrible things happen there, people also think she was running from a famous killer who was staying at the hotel at the time.
Mia Patterson
Mia Patterson:
"accidental drowning"?! to get to the roof top you had to have a staff member key card to open the door. plus how can it be an accident, its not like she was planning on going for a swim in the water tank? smh
the hotel must be just trying to save themselves.
siimply fqye
siimply fqye:
How come she went from an elevator to a water tank explain please🕴🏻
Random Videos
Random Videos:
When the cops are lazy af and they don't want to REALLY investigate some Asian's death because they wouldn't be pressured into solving it, so they blame the victim's polar disorder illness for their death. smfh.
The herald Of Christ
The herald Of Christ:
To Elysa Lam's family, the case is NOT officially closed, in short coming weeks, perhaps even days, the world's most well armed, and trained militia, will engaged the LAPD and bring ALL parties responsible for her murder into the hands of Justice.

This words are trustworthy.
Ok but I have a reasonable question, why do the only have ONE footage? There should be a footage in the hallway, balcony or anywhere else really, its a hotel. Hotel staff definitely covered this up, even people are saying that the hotel has got another footage but decided to not publish it to public. Can you see how coincidental it is?
Sarah-Jane Johnson
Sarah-Jane Johnson:
She looks to be hypnotised to me and is under the control of whoever is holding the elevator open. I think she was compelled to do them things and also compelled to get in the tank by herself .. the murdered then either held her under or just sealed it and walked away leaving her to drown .... this is what I think after not being able to sleep after watching Cecil Hotel on Netflix 🙈
among Us
among Us:
okay i don’t understand this, why does the hotel only have footage of her in the elevator? i thought that there were security cameras everywhere in hotels? but anyways how could she ACCIDENTALLY do that when the only way she could’ve even got to the roof was by either breaking a window or using the fire escape which would set off and alarm. also the lid is 20 pounds and the ladder is 10 feet and she would have to get in, close the heavy lid and then undress herself bc the clothes were found in the water so this clearly was not “accidental” and they know smt that we don’t know.
West Oakland Bugsy
West Oakland Bugsy:
Tell me why the elevator wasn’t closing after she pushed the buttons ?
LW clxpz
LW clxpz:
It looks as though as the cctv has been messed with if you watch the full thing
demonsht G
demonsht G:
like tf she died from hypothermia, But it was ruled an ACCIDENT???
VictorVlogs 07
VictorVlogs 07:
How did she even know she could get in there first of all?
i want to know if there is Police heli or news chopper footage of them doing a flyby of the hotel which shows the tanks from 01/31/13 to 02/19/13. Also i wonder is there were other buildings in the area who had ccty camera that had visibility of cecil roof that night as there are taller buildings in the area.
Izabel Gomez
Izabel Gomez:
how tf is it accidental, how did she accidently pull a 30LB lid off, get into the water, and then pull the 30LB lid back on. its literally impossible
She didnt accidentally drown
The tanks lid was too heavy
There was a door with a lock and an alarm leading to the tanks

Im so confused
Bruh really How does Elisa Lam Accidentally DROWN!
Nedac Gaming
Nedac Gaming:
Anthony Damian
Anthony Damian:
This was not an accident drown😔 may she Rest In Peace ❤️🙏🏻
Jibee Unzziin
Jibee Unzziin:
Maybe this is a paranormal activity, or playing the elavator game, why could she go on the tank if the lid is super heavy, and its impossible to climb up in the roof if she isnt a staff,
Johanna Aquino
Johanna Aquino:
If she accidentally drowned herself how would she close the tank
Who Are you?
Who Are you?:
Rest in peace!
JustCallMehLadyUniverse Oof
JustCallMehLadyUniverse Oof:
She had to play the elevator game and not get out correctly so a storage thing happened
Amber Whittaker
Amber Whittaker:
Right because getting into a water tank and closing the lid was an accident?
Juan W.
Juan W.:
Manic episode given she was under dosing the four psych meds she was on, no other illicit drugs found in toxicology report, no signs of struggle on her body, just an accidental death. Quit sensationalizing crap.
Bobby Talavera
Bobby Talavera:
Underneath the suspect's influence to control Lisa's will with anger and resentment which is the MO was used to make, Lisa see things aren't there the suspect, rush to get rid of the body in the water. Because the suspect was in a hurry, the suspect must have known Lisa enough to get close to her without consent. Now suspect will try again to stay close to the water sources check for any background information bank statements overlap recently or previous payment prison records inmates information check for overlap and check for previous threats made proceed with caution the suspect will shoot for a way out if feels trapped thank you
She must have played the elavator game
Atma Jiwa Kembara
Atma Jiwa Kembara:
Did anyone watched the netflix show yet?
Whatever the hotel says, they had a hand in this.
There’s No Way She Could Of Just “ Drowned “ She Looked Scared In The Elevator, I Think Someone Made This Look Like An “ Accident “ 🤦🏽‍♀️
Andreea V
Andreea V:
I dont think she was talking to someone..I think she was trying to feel something..
mãrŷåm xøxø
mãrŷåm xøxø:
Pls I’m having night mares of this
Bob Diddlebock
Bob Diddlebock:
Does anyone know who actually reported her missing?
she was on hard drugs and climb down the water tank.
Gorge Tv
Gorge Tv:
Se played the elevetor game
Fuck Off
Fuck Off:
How would that be accident ? Makes no sense bro .
Thatone K-popgurl
Thatone K-popgurl:
That’s it?!
ellie hobson
ellie hobson:
if you are one of the people that think she did this to herself then explain this
•how could she open the lid on her own when it took multiple firemen to do it
•why would she strip naked to ‘kill herself’
•how could she close the lid behind her if the tank was 3 meters deep of water and u cant even lift it on ur own even on surface
•why was the only footage of edited and removed bits from it
•bipolar is about ur mood it’s not schizophrenia so who was she getting terrified of on the lift
•cecil is the most dodgiest hotels in US how can u not believe this is more deeper than a suicide.
Ashlee M
Ashlee M:
Accidentally drowning? She couldn’t have been able to open that by herself with other stronger men with her. clearly the hotel is not saying anything about the videos or about what had happened because there is no way the elevator camera is the only one they have. She could’ve have been chased and something/someone had killed her but how in the world would she have been able to drown herself if you can see in the video she was in trouble or Ill
Chris S
Chris S:
I disagree with the ruling of an accidental drowning, because the steps necessary to get up to and into the water tank, point to premeditation, thus either suicide or murder. However, the testimony of people she encountered before her death say she was not depressed, nor suicidal. Nobody accidentally climbs to the roof of a building either by themselves or with help.

Additionally, many new facts about her case have emerged to point to foul play, such as no water was found in her stomach. That is odd for someone that was listed dead by alleged accidental drowning, and was said to have been in the water tank for roughly 3 weeks before she was found. Strongly suggests she was dead before entering the water tank. Plus, her clothes would not have accidentally came off by themselves either. The fact that a police detective said there is another video of Elisa lam with 2 men in the lobby of the hotel where she was later found dead is strange, why didn't they publish that video footage?! Plus, if the lid to the water tank was closed behind her there was no prospects of her escaping. She clearly planned to return home to see her family again. that does not strike me as the type of person to suddenly end it all. She talked about her future plans, and she did mention on her social media account she thought someone was following her. Seems she wasn't wrong! Especially because her cell phone was never recovered, and the fact the man that apparently found her body in the tank, suddenly left the Los Angels area. Plus a similar case to Elisa lam was reported in another State, perhaps Texas... I forget the exact location mentioned in the other article, but there are similarities for sure. Unfortunately, Americans are notorious for not sharing information with other jurisdictions about their case files.

Then you have the testimony of former female guests that mention creepy occurrences such as male members of the Cecil hotel staff unlocking doors of guests, or one girl was approached by one man offering to give her a tour of the Cecil hotel. She got a bad vibe from him and didn't agree to go on the tour of the Cecil, but it would not have been difficult for a staff member to have avoided video surveillance, and or tamper with the security videos.

Too many people focus too heavily on the medications she was taking, rather than the bizarre details related to her case.
Dominique Haines
Dominique Haines:
So she sealed the tank from inside..?
demonsht G
demonsht G:
how it go from “accidental drowning” to suicide?
Okay this is a majorrrrrrr facepalm, “ACCIDENTAL” HOW caN ThIS bE ACcidENtsL—
Hannah a
Hannah a:
this is just a joke there is no way this was accidental
Kok Leng Lim
Kok Leng Lim:
Maybe the guy thats following her kapched her throw her in the tank
Alli Baker Tattoo
Alli Baker Tattoo:
rawan al kadri
rawan al kadri:
even if she did kill herself, how did she close the lid of the tank? I don't buy it I think this is bull
Leo Dizon
Leo Dizon:
Nuts...thats it
Nico Farino
Nico Farino:
Oh yea sure she dicided one morning to take a nice dive into the water tank on a roof..... accidental? Lmao
Justin Chilcutt
Justin Chilcutt:
Why is she feeling around.
Kim Centofanti
Kim Centofanti:
Oh good lord
There is no way they have cctv cameras only in elevator
Austin Douglas
Austin Douglas:
She is high off something, depression makes u do crazy things but not this. This is some kind of hallucinogen
zuruhath Rasheed
zuruhath Rasheed:
I’m sorry accidental drowning an ACCIDENTAL DROWNING IN A CEMENT TANK? And if she drowned can some one plz explain HOW THE WATER TURNED BLACK!
QJ Verdun
QJ Verdun:
So what I don't understand is why in the hell is this the only elevator footage of her? This can't be the only footage they was able to come up with.
That is bullshit, that wasn't accidental at all dude!
J J:
But how did she get in the tank and put the lid on? And why would she want to get internet the tank? Something doesn't seem right.
Sandra Tebar
Sandra Tebar:
I don’t believe it, the employee who found her said the hatch to the tank was opened. How did the police didn’t see that, they had an helicopter using its lights to illuminate so the police could see, if it was opened, why didn’t the guys in the helicopter didn’t say anything to the guys looking?? “Hey guys, check the tanks one hatch is opened” Something still doesn’t adds up
Jamie Hayes
Jamie Hayes:
I love you
the boogie man
the boogie man:
this is 100% covered up man... how did she climb up there, get inside the tank, CLOSE the damn lid and strip off all her clothes while all that was an "accident". unless it was blackmail or some creepy voodoo sh!t that drives people crazy in the hotel, there's sm up
I say the reason she died is because of a game called "The Korean Elevator Game"
Someone was clearly pressing the elevator call button in the coridor, thats why the doors didn't shut for a long time. You can see their shoe in the video in the bottom left corner of the lift door. She COULD NOT have stopped the elevator doors from closing, she was in and out of the lift several times. She would have to hold the open door button or press the elevator call button herself to keep the lift from moving. Someone was outside the lift pressing the call button non-stop. When she exits the lift to the left, the person who is pressing the button leaves with her. Then the lift returns to normal operation.

There's a few possibilities after this, she was probably taken to a room where she was either killed or incapacitated on this floor. Her assailant then looked for somewhere to hide her body, I would say they went up the fire escape to have a look first. On the roof they found the water tanks, they would have climbed the ladder and seen the hatch allowing access to the tank. They then would have returned to get Elisa and carry her up the fire escape to evade detection and put her body in the tank. She may or may not have been alive at this point so she may have drowned.

The other possibility is that she was incapacitated right outside the elevator, the video footage may have shown her being dragged into the lift by her assailant, in any event the only question that would raise is which floor she was taken to. The fire escape theory would then be carried out from that floor.

If the video footage was tampered with then that raises a few questions, its not impossible that it was a hotel employee or a long term resident who knew the location of the video recording equipment and they messed with it after the event. Its not impossible that a short term resident would know where the video surveillance equipment was, its just unlikely. If the door to the security room was locked, this is meaningless as the lock could have been slipped or picked. I do think it's very unlikely that a member of staff would kill a guest at the hotel where they work.

What didn't happen is that Elisa climbed the fire escape to avoid detection for absolutely no reason then remove all her clothes, including her underwear, throw her clothes in the tank and climb into the tank and accidentally drown, that much is obvious to anyone.

She was clearly disturbed in the footage, looks like she was having some kind of manic episode, I don't think it's impossible that someone took advantage of this.
Alexandra Garvey
Alexandra Garvey:
Actual bull....
Oh! Eureka! ....pfft. Not solved
I'm not Minion
I'm not Minion:
No the case WAS OPENED
I believe there is someone there, she looks like she was hiding from her facial expressions and her movements. Why would she be looking that daily?
Y’all dumb for closing a case like that. Make it make sense. How can she open the water thing, and close it back herself😒
I believe she was being followed and they killed her
Rizallion 305
Rizallion 305:
I got curious about this she may talk to the girl at the 5th floor where you supposed not like guys you know? the elevator game.. she can't just climbed that big water tank what are you thinking a single lady to do that? I may be wrong or right it's hard to know you may see me in other Elisa Lam videos